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Justin: Hi everybody. Justin with americanmuscle.com
here, and welcome to a special road trip edition of Hot Lap. Now in this episode, we’re going to take you
on a little AM field trip to visit our friends down at Kooks to show you where they make
their awesome products, but to most importantly get hooked up with their 2015 EcoBoost goodies
to increase our performance. Let’s check out some of this footage from Kooks. We’re on a little AM field trip. We’re with
our friends down at Kooks in North Carolina. My buddy, Chris. What’s going on, dude? Good
to see you again. Chris: How are you doing, Justin? Always a
pleasure. Justin: Absolutely. We’re really excited to
check the joint out, of course. But more importantly, we have our 2015 EcoBoost down here. We understand
you guys have been working on something for us. Chris: We have. We have it on a lift right
now. We’re doing an exclusive 3-inch downpipe for you. It’s going to have cats, off road
of course, the race system. And we’re going to go right into a 3-inch to 2-and-a-half-inch
dual exhaust system. Justin: First, I understand you guys hand
weld everything, so I’ve got to see where the magic happens. Chris: Let’s go in the shop and check it out.
What do you say? Justin: All right, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Now we’re kind of where all the magic happens,
right? This is the production area. Chris: This is the beginning of our production
department. So this is where we’ll take the initial prototypes. We’ll cut them down to
size. We’ll put them in our CNC benders. We can bend all the way up to four inch or as
small as half an inch. Justin: Wow. No kidding? Chris, I think as
luck would have it, you’re actually producing some Mustang exhausts here today. Chris: Right now, we’re actually doing some
3-inch X pipes and H pipes for the 2015s. Let’s go check it out. Justin: I’ve got to check it out, man, have
to. Chris: Let’s go man, here we go. Justin: All right, let’s do it. Chris: Where we’re standing right now is our
bending department. We get the lengths of the tubes that we need to cut. They cut it
on the roll cuts right there. They bring it to one of our manual benders. They set the
program. They put it in there. Boom, we’ve got tubes. Justin: That’s awesome. That is awesome. Andre
is actually ready to pump out some 2015 Mustang GT X pipes as we’re talking right now. Chris: Yeah, absolutely. Right here, yeah.
Actually, the fixture’s right next to us. We’re doing the X pipes, the H pipes. Justin: Pretty cool. Now, we’re in the final
stages of production. Chris: We’re in our welding and fabrication
area. Right here is where we actually build these parts on the fixture. We hand weld them.
As you can see, this is actually fresh off the press. Justin: This thing’s actually still warm.
It’s crazy. Chris: Yeah, absolutely. It’s hand MIG welded
each side. That was done on the fixture by our guys. Justin: I don’t think we can stress that enough.
Every single thing you guys produce is all hand welded. There’s a lot to be said for
that. That doesn’t happen too much anymore. Well, dude, this is awesome. It’s fun holding
these parts, but I’m dying to get this thing on the ’15. Chris: Let’s go make some horsepower. What
do you say? Justin: Now we’re talking. All right, let’s
do it. All right, guys, Nick and I are currently
installing the new Kooks competition series downpipe on our 2015 EcoBoost. It is a catless
system. You can grab it with the cat, of course, if you wanted to, but we’re looking for maximum
power. This goes 3-inch all the way from the turbo
back, splits off, Ys off into two 2-and-a-half inch exhaust pipes and a 3-inch oval race
muffler. I’m really excited to see how this thing’s going to sound, but more importantly
we’re really excited to see how much more power this thing’s going to give us. Full disclosure, guys. We have been hard at
work under the engine bay as well. We did a new intercooler system for the car, 4-inch
core, 2-and-a-half-inch cold side piping, 48 millimeter aftermarket blowout valve. So
this thing’s got some help. It should be making some good power. We’re going to get to the dyno. Paul’s actually
down here with us. He’s going to tune this thing up a little bit, and we’re going to
get it to the track afterwards and see what kind of numbers we can get. Guys, Paul just finished up with a couple
of dyno runs here. Their 2015 EcoBoost car definitely sounded healthy. Last time we showed you this thing, it was
making 283, 342 at the rear wheels. Well, now with the new Kooks exhaust and downpipe,
the car is now making 308, 379. That’s an increase of 25 horsepower, Paul, and 37 pound-feet
of torque at the rear wheels. You’ve got to love those numbers. Paul: Yeah. We’re really happy with the initial
results. It looks like we have gained some efficiency, which is really what we expected.
But once we get it back to our dyno, we can really take use of those additional bungs
that they put in there. Check the back pressure. Check the EGTs, and really dig deep into it
and see what benefits there are. Justin: Absolutely. Because right now you
basically didn’t make any changes whatsoever to the previous Bama V2 tuned in the car just
so you could really showcase what these parts were doing, right? Paul: That’s correct. The only change I made
was to account for the catless downpipe, but everything else is the exact same. It’s our
Bama race V2 tune, the same one we went to the track with and went 12.9s. Justin: Guys, I think pretty much all we have
to do now, right, is head back to the track. I mean last time we left it was a 12.98 at
103. We got a considerable bit more power and torque. You think it’s got something a
little lower in it? Paul: Yeah. I’m hoping for a low 12.9, maybe
12.8s. Again, it gives us an opportunity to really dial the tune in at the track. Justin: I’m going a little crazy. I’m thinking
12.5s. We’ve got to be optimistic. Paul: All right, let’s do it. Justin: All right. Last time at the track, we went a best of
12.9. We’re at an eighth-mile track. It’s all we can find down here. I mean can we still
compare these numbers and see how the car’s going to do? Paul: Yeah, we can see what the car’s doing
in the eighth mile, and then really just extrapolate the data for the back half of the track to
get a rough idea of what’s going on. Again, we’re here to test the parts. We do have that
front mount intercooler on the car with the up pipe kit. A lot of it is going to be collecting
some data and going from there. It went into over boost mode. It’s walking
that fine line of how much boost do we want to make versus what our tolerance is within
the computer to protect the motor. Man: I’m going to try to manually shift it.
It was shifting real short from first to second, so I’m going to manually shift this and see
what it does. Hopefully, if it’ll hold boost, it’ll haul ass. Justin: All right, Paul. So the car made its
first initial passes. It did pretty well. Then we let it cool down a little bit. You
made some tweaks. It went even faster. Paul: Yeah. Again, like I say all the time,
I love going back and looking at the data. I made a couple of tune adjustments really
focusing on the shift points, again also for the downpipe, and picked up almost another
tenth going 7.90s. The car ended up going 7.71 at 89 miles an
hour. Obviously, we were able to use that ET and mile and hour, go to an online calculator
and punch it in. It turns out to about a 12.1 ET. So overall, extremely happy with the results. Justin: That is hauling you know what. I think
even more impressive, guys, is the fact that this thing’s cutting 1.50 60-foots basically
stock suspension and a radial, right? Paul: Yeah, 1.59 60-foot on a 19-inch drag
radial, bone stock suspension, out of a little turbo 4 banger. That’s really impressive. Justin: Yeah, absolutely, and we can not thank
our friends over at Kooks enough. I mean they hooked us up with a killer 3-inch competition
downpipe, the cat back system. The car picked up over 25 wheel horsepower, over 30 pound-feet
of torque, no tune adjustments whatsoever. That’s just pretty much the parts doing what
they’re designed to do. Again, big shout out to our friends over at
Kooks. We had a great time. Thanks for the hospitality. We’ve enjoyed this nice, sunny
North Carolina weather, but now it’s time to head home. So guys, keep an eye out for more EcoBoost
videos coming your way very soon. Something tells me we are not done modding this car.
Again, subscribe to our YouTube channel, American Muscle Videos, and for all things Mustang,
keep it right here at americanmuscle.com. I’m sure by now you guys have heard the chatter
about these new Bama V2 tunes available currently for your ’05 to ’14 GT and your 2015 GT in
EcoBoost. Well, to find out what the deal is with these things, I talked to Paul from
the Bama performance team to find out what’s new with the V2. What’s up, everybody? Justin with americanmuscle.com
here with my buddy Paul from the Bama performance team. If you guys have been keeping an eye
on the site lately, you probably hear all this talk about these new Bama V2 custom tunes.
Well, we thought we’d shoot you a little video, kind of explain what’s going on, and who better
to explain than Paul right here. Paul, what is different with the V2 tunes? Paul: Pretty much everything. We went back.
We have a revised variable cam settings, all new drive by wire and electronic throttle
settings for improved throttle response and better drivability. The automatic guys get
all new shift maps and torque converter maps as well as all revised torque management,
again with a focus on not only power, but driveability. Justin: Why even make the change? Because
as far as I know, I mean everybody seemed to be digging the Bama tunes for the most
part. Why make the changes? Paul: A lot of it was just really listening
to the customer feedback. We’re always looking to evolve. We found that most of our customers
were actually just running the performance tune and a race tune. So what we ended up
doing was combining a lot of the elements of our street and performance tune to offer
the best drivability with maximum performance for our performance V2 tune. We found that our race guys just really wanted
something all out racing dedicated leaving nothing on the table, and that’s basically
what we did. No torque management. You know, maximum throttle response. The automatic guys
get super aggressive shift firmness, a revised shift schedule, and a torque converter schedule
as well. It’s really just about listening to the customer. Justin: Paul, you still have the same support
though, right? For the free tunes for life, the V2 does apply? Paul: That’s correct. If you’re a current
Free Tunes for Life member, whenever you go ahead and modify your vehicle next, you put
in a new tune request, we’re going to automatically send out the V2 tunes. Justin: Okay, there you have it, guys. Don’t
forget, you can pick up your Bama V2 custom tune for all ’05 to ’14 GTs right now. And
of course, the ’15 EcoBoost and GT cars as well. And future generations will be dropping
very shortly. Guys, for all things Bama and Mustangs, keep it right here at americanmuscle.com. All right, guys. Let’s kick off this episode’s
Mustang News with a brief recap of some of the awesomeness that came out of the Detroit
Auto Show a few weeks ago, namely the return of the Ford GT and the Ford Raptor, both now
sporting new EcoBoost 6 motors which did cause a lot of buzz and a lot of hate on the Interwebs. Of course, we can not forget the GT 350R which
Ford unrolled for the very first time in Detroit. And man, does this thing look awesome. Lord
only knows we can not wait to get our hands at least on a GT 350 or possibly an R here
at americanmuscle.com some time in the near future. More exciting news on the Mustang front, guys,
Now of course, the Bama performance team have been very much hard at work on the 2015 tunes,
but they’ve also been spending some time in development of this new Bama supercharger
which is set to hit americanmuscle.com very soon. Paul’s been doing some testing with
this thing on our 9-second Bama GT, and it put down just about 700 rear wheel horsepower,
which is awesome. We actually did some testing down in North
Carolina with this car. They only had an eighth-mile track down there. I guess that’s how they
roll in North Carolina, but we did get some very positive results. And as soon as we can
get this thing to a quarter mile, of course we’ll bring you guys along with us and we’ll
show you the results. Finally guys, wrapping up this episode’s Mustang
News. By now hopefully you’ve seen AM customer Mike Smith kicking off his 2015 GT build with
us here at americanmuscle.com with the help of an Airaid cold air intake, Flowmaster exhaust,
and a Bama performance tune. Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, catch yourself
up on our YouTube channel, American Muscle Videos. Needless to say, Mike was very impressed
with his first round of mods. Mike: This car with this tune and everything
that you guys have done to it, for me this is American muscle. This is what it’s about.
It’s about having fun and having the power when you want it. Justin: Word on the street is he’s already
getting pumped for his second round of mods coming up very soon, so be sure to stay tuned
for that. Hey, if you haven’t already done so, be sure
to check out americanmuscle.com. The site recently got a brand new facelift, and I for
one think it looks awesome. Give us your feedback. Let us know what you think. If you have been there, then chances are you’ve
seen some of the giveaways we’ve been running here through the month of February. The first
of which is a complete lighting and technology overhaul for your ’94 to ’14 Mustang from
industry leader Raxiom. The one lucky winner for their ’94 to ’14 Mustang will win lights
of his or her choice in addition to a Raxiom navigation system which is pretty bad ass.
Of course, you have to enter to win, so click below if you’re watching this on YouTube.
Everywhere else, just follow the link listed at the bottom of the screen. The second contest we’re running the entire
month of February is a complete drive shaft shop overhaul for all my 2015 owners out there.
We’re giving away basically the exact same setup we’re using on our 9-second Bama GT
which includes brand new drive shaft shop upgrades for your half shafts and even a one
piece drive shaft from the driveshaft shop. Say that five times fast. Guys, again, you have to enter to win. Again,
click the link below if you’re watching on YouTube. Everywhere else, there’s going to
be a link that pops up. Just follow that link and enter. You have the entire month of February,
so jump on those ASAP. All right, guys, that’s going to wrap up this
special edition of Hot Lap with our field trip here. We had a great time. We hope you
enjoyed it. Again, let us know what you think. Bring us the feedback. If you liked seeing
the tour of the facilities, if you liked seeing how your headers and exhaust systems are made,
drop us a line, let us know. We’ll try to keep bringing it to you. In the meantime, thanks for watching. I’m
Justin, of course. And for all things Mustang, keep it right here on americanmuscle.com.

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    The Ford Motor Company owns rights to build and use the MZR generation of engines under their Duratec brand name for global service in its vehicles since 2003.

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