on digital radio 94.9 FM and on BBC
sounds this is London
this is BBC Radio London
London’s News at eleven I’m Matthew
on FM on Digital Radio and TV on BBC Sounds and on you Smart Speaker
This is BBC three counties radio
it’s 11 o’clock I’m Lee Apple
on 96.7 FM 104.2FM on Digital Radio on freeview channel 719 and on bbc sounds
This is BBC Radio Kent, And at 11am here is Lauren troop
get berkshire news and berkshire stories on demand at bbc dot co dot uk slash radio berkshire
BBC Radio Berkshire
BBC Radio Berkshire Its 11am
with the BBC news here Charlotte winfield
For Surrey and North East Hampshire
on FM ONLINE on Digital Radio and on Smart Speaker
This is BBC Surrey
it’s 11 o’clock I’m Steve Dale
on FM ONLINE on Digital Radio and Smart Speaker
This is BBC Sussex
in Brandon Bunge Oldbury
and New Market
on Digital Radio on FM and The BBC Sounds App
this is bbc radio suffolk
eleven o’clock this Monday
at the heart of Northern Lincolnshire
and East Yorkshire
on 95.9 FM digital radio and freeview channel 71 this is
BBC Radio HumberSide
on the 11 o’clock on radio smart speaker
and the BBC Sounds app this is BBC Hereford
and Worcester
loving Herefordshire and Worcestershire
for 30 years this is BBC hereford
and Worcester
on fm/am and on BBC sounds BBC radio
Guernsey the island station for news
BBC radio Guernsey news it’s 11 o’clock
I’m Edward row good morning
on 88.8 FM and the BBC sound app, the
island station this is BBC Radio Jersey
it’s 11 o’clock I’m Josephine Baker

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