100 thoughts on “A Fox News guest called Greta Thunberg ‘mentally ill.’ The network just apologized.

  1. Ohh yeah! Our governments "CAN" legislate on climate!!!!!!!!….. Its so easy. Start by making cars that runs ½ mile on a gallon illegal, make it illegal to fly on "thanks giving" (live closer if that matters to you) and so on… you can start legislating sooooo much for the climate!!!! US is one of the worlds greatest pollutants. Just STOP plz!. – And to the clown affecting that she spreads fear. The fear she spreads are 100% legit, we need to act as if our house was on fire NOW, not in 10 years.

  2. Why are the apologizing? She is mentally ill. She has been diagnosed with all kinds of mental disorders. So that's definitely mentally ill.She also doesn't look like a girl, her head is too large for her body, she is super skinny and for age 16 has not developed at all. Could be a boy, age 12.

  3. I can't believe these idiots are representing the news. Do they not do any research or step foot outside their down damn doors?!?!?!

  4. Mentally ill or not (probably not), what does it have to do with her speech in the UN?
    Clearly, he has no idea how to argue her points, So he gets personal.
    He is a cheap person.
    Good Luck Gretha, we support you

  5. I like how they confuse combatting a false message with attacking a child. What a strategy to use a child who is supposedly question proof and can not be put under scrutiny. But it is ok to call the other a skinny boy and excercise condescendence on national television while telling him to grow up? Well, millions of children are watching your behaviour which is… appropriate?

  6. Idk, no one cares about your Leftist hypocritical critique anymore. Look how many downvotes we the people gave this 😂🤣👏

  7. Nothing wrong with the truth and nothing wrong with using her diagnosis that she uses all the time. Grow up, Knowles should not have apologized for speaking the truth.

  8. She is being exploited by her parents and the Left. Hilarious this guy says how dare you. Just like Greta was programmed to say. The Left has become so sick, and disgusting.

  9. I tend to lean left, but what he said was “a mentally ill Swedish child that is being exploited”

    That isn’t him insulting her for being mentally ill.

  10. Speaking the truth about anything, or anyone, is now tantamount to an "attack".?! The child IS actually mentally ill, she said so herself in her "Ted Talk".
    The old man needs a nap, he's losin his ever lovin mind.!!!… or wait, is he a liberal lefty maybe.?

  11. Women have proven their value in defending the environment, but men's racism that rejects equality does not want the good voice to fall from a woman, so all those who attacked her are men who reject the voice of women. women

  12. The reason she's leading the climate movement is because she happened to catch the medias attention. Real climate scientists aren't as lucky…

  13. She’s trying to implement fundamental change for society and the world. Her having a « mental Illness » should have nothing to do with that. I don’t care what side your on, what your beliefs or opinions are, but the point is that we all will not be able to survive if climate change isn’t dealt with. This is a crisis, not some lazy secondary school debate.

  14. So she's mature enough and has enough credibility to be put on the international stage and speak about climate change to politicians and government officials, but you can't call her mentally ill because she's a child? That's pretty inconsistent.

  15. lol she is a child with childdreams, all normal so far !! And yes our planet is screwed, and she is angry because of this,
    if you don t wan t to hear this then just turn of the TV.

  16. The leftist climate change supporters is just as bad as climate change deniers.

    I mean…why cant they be like, say, putin?

  17. Asperger is a Autism spectrum : is a range of mental disorders of the neurodevelopmental type. MENTAL DISORDER!!! If alcoolism is an illness…Asperger is an illness too!!!

  18. People with mental illness can clearly still make logical arguments, but there's nothing wrong with calling out mental illness when it's fogging a person's logic. Greta's arguments are riddled with fear tactics and shaming due to her own sense of self-importance and entitlement, probably driven by excessive neuroticism and growing-up a spoiled child. I hear no open-mindedness or compassion from her, but plenty of hatred and verbal abuse. Greta reminds me of a perfect model for an overly neurotic mother for an Alfred Hitchcock film.

  19. She is mentally ill . U can’t deny that . U can’t deny the fact that she is ignorant .
    Conservatives are assailed for speaking facts and truth .
    Lefts ignorance is very palpable.

  20. she is mentally ill. The Washington post is hopeless failing. How about that Dog meme. Did you get to the bottom of it? was it photoshoped. Gasp!

  21. Come on this greta and her colleague activists are in reality all quite clueless about the enviroment and green energy absolute hypocrits!! greta has actually caused a lot of people to realise the real agenda behind her speaches which is political not scientific so straightaway she should not get a platform to speak on if its political which it clearly is!!

  22. According to the periodic table the compound CO2 is to heavy to float in the sky and cause global warming. All that anyone has to do is add up the mass weight and compare to the other gasses to figure out that it falls to the ground.

  23. What's messed up is shes mentally Ill and her mom wrote a book on it?. Sounds like mommy and daddy are using her for money and fame. Some Democrat found a book and thought "bingo". She clearly didnt write her speech and probably dosent understand half of what she read. Smh.

  24. Imprisoned minds will never admit they're tragically wrong about anything. Most dont even know they're humans. And as humans, we are all naturally vegans.

  25. Having mental illness doesn’t write off anything you have to say. People with mental illnesses can be highly functioning, CEOs, teachers, spiritual leaders. It does NOT invalidate what they have to say and you would be very surprised if you knew who around you had mental illness.

  26. Why is she getting so much hate? People just aren’t taking her seriously. I can’t believe that GROWN ADULTS are attacking her and bullying her and being so immature (you know who you are)
    I’m not even a teenager. I make doll videos😂

  27. Enough is Enough. Why medias and leftist uses a mentally ill girl to shield themselves and attack… ?
    She is mentally ill. No argument needed. She even mentioned it.

  28. The point is: he used the fact that she suffers
    from Asperger’s syndrome to discredit her, to invalidate everything she's been
    doing. As if she hasn't got any reasons to be concerned. I guess all the places
    that I visited ravaged by climate change must have been a dream, some illusion
    created by my own mind. This is not about the left or the right, or any
    particular religion, it's about our responsibility to preserve what's left of
    our planet.

  29. he isn't wrong something is off with her she is so desoual she didn't come off with solutions just complaining at the UN she is really brainwashed her childhood wasnt ruined she doesnt live in third world country where kids have no food or t shirts she is very wrong and brain washed

  30. She is mentally ill I agree with that statement and what he meant by that was she is being exploited by the nefarious adults in her life. This is MK Ultra mind control at its finest

  31. Um hello she is obviously mentally Ill her body language suggests it and her words towards our world leaders are stupidly scripted. She complains she isnt in school when she could be. Also are we gonna ignore the fact that if a 16 year old child is absent from school for more then 10 days the child's parents could be fined up to 2500 dollars

  32. Also I have family members with bipolar disorder and her body language paints the picture perfectly clear she is suffering inside her mind.

  33. Listen to the clown faced guy with the bullet headed dome calling Michael Knowles "skinny boy"… What a dick.. That little girl IS being exploited by her parents and the left, and anyone with the iq of a lamp can see she is emotionally unstable.

  34. I guess the fact that her parents claim that she is mentally ill doesn't matter to baldy there… What kind of parents take their mentally ill child, scare the crap out of her, and turn her into a human shield for climate alarmism? Revolting. And that the Post would support it… makes it far worse. Shame, WP. Shame.

  35. In the words of Greta Thunberg 0:26 be 'mature enough to to tell it like it is'. New presenters everywhere all know it to be true. . . Nope! Now being skinny is an issue to a News presenter, Oh the Irony! Why is this not in the comedy Category

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