100 thoughts on “A race to run out of fuel in Ukraine | Top Gear – BBC

  1. This is silly. They could just do burn-outs in a parking lot somewhere, or literally take any length of roads until they run out of fuel. I don't understand it.

  2. Why did none of them think to roll down all their windows? The air flow into the car gets trapped by the closed boot, creating even more drag.

  3. Pripjat is the City and it has extremely low trace radiation, wear substantial clothing and You'll be fine, the Power Plant is Chernobyl, it's radiation is as of now only deadly after prolonged exposure and in the reactor itself [The Elephant's Foot] is deadly after 30 minutes of exposure [with safety gear]… unless You touch it, because it will burn You

  4. Flatter tires, smaller wheels(rims), AC completely on, all windows open, high rpms, extra weight, restrict air consumption to decrease performance, and finally sabotage fuses and traction controls and having the ebrake engaged

  5. 5:35 that's Halo: Reach music. Taken straight form the game. It's called "Fortress". proof: https://youtu.be/53_CUSmf8fQ?t=5633

  6. Did any1 notice that they used a part of the halo reach sound track at 5.34? Tell me if I'm going crazy https://youtu.be/VCizdO4c8aw

  7. Everyone living on the Earth today has radioactive particles from Chernobyl inside them, and will for the rest of their lives.
    Same goes with Fukushima.

  8. Surprised Clarkson didn't give Hammond a 'push' all the way to Chernobyl…just a little nudge… that's all.. shoves Hammond across the finish line

  9. The other (likely less legal) method is to keep it at the limiter a few gears up – nothing like the wind resistance at high speed to push up fuel consumption…

  10. Fukishima IS the worst nuclear disaster. Continues to leak and pollute the Pacific. Japan is requesting release of 1000's of tanks full of captured radioactive water into the Pacific. Radiation detected in California wine, olive oil, tuna etc etc.
    People dying of radiation poisoning in Japan are not recorded as such. Babies with deformities are eliminated.
    Japan did this after WW2 bombings and is doing the same now. Just wait for Olympics to hit there and truth to be pursued beyond govt circle jerking and radiation detection removal… like along Pacific Northwest coast in US and Canada.

  11. Hammond's second idea of stop start does the most to waste fuel of any vehicle, more than even sitting letting car run at full rpm. If he'd done that from the beginning he would have run out in 1/2 time. Most uneconomical time is starting & stopping. It takes more energy to move a weight from a dead stop than while moving.

    Running with hatchback open might increase drag but the hatch is still too aerodynamic and drag needs to be extremely high to really affect mileage enough. If you oppened the hood and propped it vertical it would be a better idea, cutting a hole for visual of course.

    Best safe idea? Put a hitch on car and tow a heavy trailer, it will reduce the efficiency of these cars. Do that with the start/stop and you'll run gas out in 25miles.

  12. To Hell with that challenge. Death by radiation is slow and painful. I wonder if the Grand Tour will send the lads to Fukashima next. Sorry no, not me.

  13. There’s a bit of a problem with this one. They all talk about being scared to go to Chernobyl, because of the radioactivity, but most of the radioactive material has been confined into the sarcophagus, and currently the town of Chernobyl itself is pretty much safe, there’s even tourists going there. The real problem is the power plant, not the town.

  14. At 1:02 I got scared because Chernobyl is the place where the nuclear accident happend in 1986 so I think everyone will have to where hazmats

    Edit 1:19 I knew It

  15. It's amazing how when this aired, here in the US at least, months later, the Euromaidan Revolution happened. Is there a coincidence wherever Top Gear with these three gents go, an uprising occurs months later?

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