Andy Conroy on VR: What’s next for VR at the BBC?

R&D have spent five, ten years conjuring with
the possibilities of
what if our entire Broadcasting System was powered by the Internet?
Object Based Media: You take every piece of
your content,
you smash into bits, you ping it out over the internet
and then you reassemble it around you,
depending on the device you’re using, where you are, the time of day,
what you like, what you don’t like, what you’ve done before.
Incredible story telling potential and somewhere
down the line
I’m wondering what the connection is between this extraordinary thing that’s emerging –
360 video and VR – and that.
They seem to be a good fit. I suspect the stuff
we’re doing could help it
and improve the way in which it plays out.
But through it all we’re BBC R&D so there’s
a whole bunch of things about
the way in which we do things, about our principals.
So for example universality.
Clearly our goal is you tell a story once
and you make it widely available as you can.
So I think in this work as part of that continuous testing and trialing
we need to sort out how we’re
going to make the whole thing work out
five years now ten years from now.

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