Angular 4, React Native, vanilla JavaScript: #1.15 the latest News (the Good Parts of the Frontend)

Angular 3 is dead.
Long live Angular 4!
Let’s go talk about Angular version 4, React
Native and vanilla JavaScript free course.
I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development.
I propose to pay attention to another report
from the Chrome Dev Summit 2016 namely “Advanced
Service Worker ” by Jake Archibald.
He shares the future of the web application
model, with Foreign Fetch, Streams etc.
If you’re keen on mastering D3 library,
but you find an official documentation too
wordy then you might be interesting in “D3
in Depth” book.
It’s written by Peter Cook and aims to bridge
the gap between introductory tutorials/books
and the official documentation.
It consists of the following chapters: Selections,
Data joins, enter and exit functions, scale
functions and shapes.
It focuses on version 4 of D3.
I’m definitely going to use it.
Wes Bos ‏has added a free javascript course
“a 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge”.
It contains 30 tutorials.
These lessons rely heavily upon browser APIs,
most of which involve interaction with the
I personally find this course fascinating.The
code is available on GitHub
Andras Toth posted a next chapter into “Node.js
at Scale series”, namely “JavaScript Clean
Coding Best Practices ” on RisingStack blog.
In this blog post he covers the general clean
coding principles for naming and using variables
and functions, as well as some JavaScript
specific clean coding best practices.
JavaScript is becoming the dominant technology
on the web front and back sides, and even
finding its way into the IoT space.
Because of cats, performance should be on
the first place.
Therefore Benedikt Meurer published a comprehensive
investigation of the current state of benchmarks
namely “The truth about traditional JavaScript
Recently, Netanel Basal has posted an article
“JavaScript  – Observables Under The Hood”.
In this post he described the Observer pattern,
its implementation in JavaScript and how it
can be used in real life coding.
A month ago I mentioned (link 1.10) Angular
version 3.
Now forget what I said, it has been completely
Angular 3 is dead.
Long live Angular 4!
Juri Strumpflohner added his explanation on
AngularJS blog.
He proposed to call a new version “just Angular”,
without any title.
Angular team follows the Semantic Versioning
and presents a schedule for further releases.
Next big release is planned for March, 2017.
Wait for a moment, why it’s not a version
3, due to Router?
Hmmmm, it has version 3 already, isn’t it?
Perfect, now they just have to synchronize
all the versions for all the packages.
React framework became one giant leap for
the web development.
No wonder, that it’s spreading across the
other spheres.
React Native is a framework for building cross-platform
I propose to your attention “Getting Started
with React Native in 20 Minutes” by Scott
In this article he covered a lot of the basic
concepts of React Native.
You can find his post on Medium.
If you’re eager for this topic, you can learn
about this framework on React Native Express
dot com.
Inside you can find the following topics:
React, Components, Core components, Component
Libraries, Data Management and others.
There are also exercises for some practice.
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