Ben 10 UPGRADE in Smythe’s Latest Invention! | Ben 10 Toys | Cartoon Network

Steam’s my my good, man, you’re a genius Once my scorpion stinger is done. I’ll finally be able to defeat Ben 10 once and fool Things have been way too quiet around here, maybe Steam’s Michael’s be up to no good I know I’ll sneak into his lab so I can spy on him Almost done that Ben Tim won’t know what hit him Why it is a spider, let’s see if I can get closer and look up what old Smythe is up to Over me the Omnitrix has timed out Well well well Ben 10 what a nice surprise I just finished my best contraption yet, and I had no one to test it out on, but now you’re here How nice of you to drop in? That’s one nasty looking needle spike, I didn’t know you liked sewing you must have some really big holes in your pajamas You’re silly chinks won’t help you now Ben my scorpion sting will make sure you get the point Scorpion stinger you look more like a jiggling jellyfish to me. Don’t worry Ben. This won’t hurt a bit Well it will once. I poked you with it Yes, we’re back and prisoners time for steam smart to get a taste of his own medicine. It’s hero time You’re right smite this thing is pretty cool. Let’s try it out Ah Ah Quit poking me you stupid piece of junk ouch my heinie Ha now I know why you spent so much time making all these silly gadgets and gizmos. There’s so much fun Oh Great job smite your scorpion stinger is perfect at poking keep that horrible thing away from me I Think someone spent too much time indoors playing with their toys. Let’s go get you some fresh air Well I’m glad we spent some time together smart I was starting to think he didn’t like me You

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