Bill Hemmer set to lead breaking news coverage, 3 pm show

100 thoughts on “Bill Hemmer set to lead breaking news coverage, 3 pm show

  1. Investors Bail on Stock Market Rally, Fleeing Funds at Record Pace: Investors have pulled $135.5 billion from U.S. stock-focused mutual funds and exchange-traded funds so far this year, the biggest withdrawals on record, according to data provider Refinitiv Lipper, which tracked the data going back to 1992. Analysts say the trend highlights investors’ apprehension toward a stock market buffeted by the long-running U.S.-China trade war and lingering worries about a potential recession.
    Fed's liquidity problem hasn't yet gone away, and an abrupt shock may be looming: Even with hundreds of billions of dollars in new liquidity created out of thin air, it's too soon for the Fed to signal a clear coast for repo markets. On the one hand, through heavy liquidity dosages the Fed has doused the fire; but on the other hand, we do not know if that dosage was too much or too little. Fed fears the worst: In addition to daily and term repo operations, the Fed has purchased over $100 billion T-bills for its SOMA portfolio since October. These so-called 'not QE' asset purchases, along with the repo operations, have led to the Fed's balance-sheet growing at a faster clip than that experienced in the first twelve weeks of QE2 and QE3 (Chart 1). Luckily it's not QE though, right?

    3 major Medicare costs will jump in January: Original Medicare premiums and deductibles for 2020 will take a bigger bite out of Social Security payments. 2020 Medicare Part B standard monthly premium: $144.60 per month, which is an increase of $9.10 per month from 2019. That’s compared with an increase of only $1.50 per month one year prior. 2020 Medicare Part B annual deductible: $198 per year, an increase of $13. That’s compared with an increase of $2 one year prior. 2020 Medicare Part A annual inpatient hospital deductible: $1,408 per benefit period, an increase of $44. That’s compared with an increase of $24 one year prior. More bad news: The higher cost increases for 2020 will effectively negate much of the 1.6% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that will increase retirees’ monthly Social Security benefit payments in the new year. For the average retiree, the 2020 COLA translates to only an extra $24 a month.

  2. Will Sandra be given a new partner, or will she handle the show alone

    Sandra did so much to make the show what it is.

    She is a very gracious Lady. Where will we be seeing jer?

  3. Sandra is an annoying never Trumper who has been holding Bill back. I expect to see both of their careers heading in opposite directions soon.

  4. Question : Why does the GOP keep repeating that the Ukraine is the THIRD MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY in the world. How foolish is that statement. I've looked and looked and the best I can find is that they rank 120th in the world. One Hundred and twentieth. Where are the facts. The GOP never stop with the FAKE NEWS. How embarrassing! !!

  5. Wish him all the best but I doubt it will be that hard for him to do any worse than his predecesor (and Don Lemon's White half-brother) Shemp!

  6. I'm sad to see him leave the morning show he has been great to start my day with. Glad he will be around for a bit longer and really excited for him to get his own show. I wish nothing but the best for him and smitty.

  7. All the GOP can do is come up with pitiful arguments against the process, no facts because it is a clear case that Trump is GUILTY.

  8. After seeing his obvious disdain for President Reagan when he visited the Reagan Library, it looks like the 3PM slot is for just another lefty. This time without the sexual assault and the running down with an automobile a news colleague, so there's that.

  9. Bill Hemmer is endorsed to side by side new office and a closet shelf to make news broadcasting. Gets a new office and sitting newsroom since the date.
    Hey gals stop teasing him and he is crying. Does robots cry?🤭

  10. Bill Congratulations!!! I have been watching you since your CNN days am I glad you’re not there anymore. Best Wishes & Good Luck

  11. Trump is getting impeached because he just plain to stupid to keep the job. Once he is out of office, we might get some truth from that house. God Bless America, we will heal soon and be much stronger.

  12. Hemmer is slow. Just watched a show with the liberal was misquoting the Trump call several times saying "Can you do me a favor" Hemmer NEVER corrected the liberal with the correct statement "Can you do US a favor" Bill has got to wake up and make sure he knows what he is doing. We have enough fake news without Fox joining in the false fake news. Thank you fox for being honorable!

  13. Congratulations to bill hemmer on this prestigious honer of going to the 3:00 pm time from the americas newsroom(9 :00 am-12:00 pm) he certainly deserves this honer he will do good come January 20,2020 all the best to him

  14. Does Hemmer ever hold his friggen head up straight????
    The guy is like "Nipper" the RCA dog cocking his head as he hears his masters voice .
    If his head is not crooked , he's leaning to the side giving some stupid eyeball to the person he is interviewing .
    He has that news anchor mentality like he is the most analytical truth seeker on the planet……….NIPPER…

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