Botham Jean’s brother forgives, hugs convicted murderer Amber Guyger

100 thoughts on “Botham Jean’s brother forgives, hugs convicted murderer Amber Guyger

  1. So thankful for Jesus and the faith that these people has to put hate and bitterness aside to see a broken person and reach out in love and further the kingdom of God. This is what Jesus means to a broken world. Hope and Love

  2. Pain make people change and money make people rapacious and foolish. Guaranteed he got paid for hugging it out .

  3. That is beautiful! Brothers and sisters in Christ, lets pray. Lord Jesus, please bless the judge and the young man who lost his bother. Also, may Amber Guyger find You Jesus and accept You as her Lord and Savior. Also, please protect her in jail, and comfort her as she faces the many possible horrible things that could happen to her in jail. Please bless Amber with Your love and presence. May she read Your Word each and every day. Lord, may many come to know You and be saved as a result of this act of love and forgiveness that can only come from You by the working of the Holy Spirit that resides in that young man. Lord, please silence the scoffers. The brothers and sisters in Christ who have bitterness, indifference, racism, unforgiveness please break them of their sin and build them back up. Sternly discipline them. Please help them to forgive their neighbor as You forgave them. In Jesus Name we pray this, amen.

  4. For some reason, I feel like the only reason shes getting all this sorrow is because she's a woman. Imagine all the outrage if she was a dude.

  5. Was a model family until he turned it into a disgrace to a race.. Black folks have no business forgiven any enemy of whatever race killing a member of its family.

  6. This is my brother, The one our lord speaks of. he is kind in his words even when he is hurting. God bless You Jonathan.

  7. Don't commend this. For him to not stand up and ask for justice, doesn't make him a good person. I see someone who did something foolish. Forgiving her and hugging her was cowardly and he might as well of spit on his brothers grave to basically tell the jury to reduce her sentence.

  8. Uh all these “WOAAH YOU HAVE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME” and such. What does that even mean? Please. Elaborate

    Definition of Stockholm syndrome:

    Stockholm syndrome is a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity.

    And last time I’ve heard, no one here is being held captive against their will

  9. You are a beautiful young man Brandt, and only 18, Wow. You have done more to show the love of God, than all the woke church ever will. Your act of forgiveness and love has made me, and many others look into our own hearts to see if we reflect Christs love as you have done, Much love and many blessings to you.

  10. Someone murders your brother for no reason

  11. I think he hug her because he was afraid for his own life that he might end up dead like his brother, you dont know maybe they was threatening him, police are the biggest gang in the world!

  12. Wow. He is unbelievably strong. God bless him. I personally could never do this. Even if it was a mistake, I know I would never have it in me to forgive this woman. I think the biggest reason why for me is the fact that she did not carry out CPR to try and save this poor innocent man after knowing she was in the wrong apartment. She was so foolish….

  13. This is how us Christians needs to be to the world. To love as we have been loved. Botham, you are a amazing and strong person!

  14. The beauty is, this young man brought healing to everyone! Literally! He showed us that love can & should win hate/revenge! Thank God!

  15. what is still real in this world,white people R STUPID & DUMB!! why the white selfhate,she made a mistake right

  16. Amen brother ! Black or white or etc. the Lord wants us to for give others regardless who or what they have done. I mean Jesus gave up his life and suffered so we can be forgiven, even for our future sins. This case had no winners but you could see Jesus shining in the brother and the judge. God Bless you guys.🙏🐑🙏🏻♥️😇


  18. It's what separates a true Christian from the rest of the world…a love that makes no sense. One who forgives as this young man did, realizes of how much he has been forgiven of. Christ has removed his heart of stone and given him a heart of flesh. "Born Again"

    MATTHEW 5 43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 And if you greet only your brothers,[i] what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48 You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

  19. HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD spoke through this man's body. he wants the best for her which is to give her life to Christ. ANYONE who is a Christ follower that gives any inclination that the HOLY SPIRIT is WRONG in speaking through this man of God. have bold face unforgiveness issues and need to draw closers to the heart of God. I've never been through this but my mom has. Her brother started cleaning up his life and finally gave his life to Christ and someone went into his home and beat him in the head with a bat over and over,and she spoke and forgave. Legit.forgave. it's possible.
    Christians yet again….who put black community or politics or pride or unforgiveness first…..are not following the heart and will of God. Get it right. Hell is real. This man of God wants the best for her…what he means is he wants her to repent and be saved and not go to hell. Respect young brother.

  20. Being Christian isn't a reason to be a simp or a push over. You don't hug someone for being a killer with great acting skills.

  21. We are all going to be in a court room someday. The courtroom of heaven. And we're all gonna be scared for what we've done too. Not just murderers.

  22. Whether you like the hug or not it's kool to see a little bit of spontaneous liberties in a place as strict as a court room.

  23. Forgiveness is something that can help a person for moving on. However, I would never give a person like that a hug. I wanted to puke when he hugged her.

  24. Judge hugged her too ahahaha slave mentality… she is the victim in all of this when the fact is that she killed another person in cold blood, told a bs story, covered up evidence by her fellow officers, biased prosecutor, judge and whole court… wow no justice for the young man killed… Everyone forgot about him…Because of forgiveness n Jesus… Nicely played white folks and media!!

  25. He has a big heart, but if her family was in that chair and we reverse the roles, they would have begged for the electric chair. That's what Joshua got for testifying.

  26. I don't think Jail time for this X police officer will bring mr botham back.Amber will never be a police officer.but it looks like she feels lots of remorce for mr Botham.i feel bad about the passing of Mr Botham my he rest in peace for he is in heven.amber just panic at the last minute.

  27. This man might be the strongest person I have ever seen. He knows she did a terrible mistake and he will not see his brother ever again but still is able to love her as a human beeing and forgive her because his savior would do exactly that. Its very beautiful to see love and forgiveness in this times. God bless both of them.

  28. Forgive the little things, or you will never be able to forgive the big things. When you can forgive like this man, you will be truly free.

  29. A lot of people talk about love and showing it, but would that love be same if the shoes were on the other foot?????


  31. We all have inperfections – some bigger- and more than others – but in order for us to grow, be better, and get closer to perfect – even though we'll never truly get there – we need people around us who'll forgive us when we make a mistake. The motivation for living or improving is lost if everyone around you hates you for what you did, and that's not what God want's for you.

  32. That's called stupidy! "There's a difference between being humble and being stupid!" Seeing that the woman took someones life it's rediculous! "Don't incourage hate but dont love the killer of your brother eather!" Thats rediculous! Don't become a kiss up eather… "Who are you putting a show for?!" People don't care for that stupid stunt! "She's a murderer!" Thank her for killing your brother while your at it!

  33. They showed this clip in church this morning. Wanted to see this again. Very powerful, and God help heal and be with that family and the woman who is sentenced to prison.

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