BREAKING Everyone Is Talking About Ivanka Outfit At Saudi Arabia – News

Everyone Is Talking About Ivanka’s Outfit
At Saudi Arabia . This morning Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
arrive to attend the presentation of the Order of Abdulaziz al-Saud medal at the Saudi Royal
Court Ivanka Trump wore a long-sleeved printed Cédric
Charlier maxi dress that showed her ankles and her tan pumps as she held hands with her
husband Jared Kushner. While the choice of the first country to be
visited by Trump as America’s 45th president has been widely discussed in the media, a
question has arisen whether there is a chance to see the US president’s wife and daughter
covered in a traditionally strict Muslim attire. Women in Saudi Arabia, including foreign visitors,
are typically expected to wear a floor length dress – abaya, and a head scarf. However,
when asked whether the US first lady would have to dress accordingly, a Saudi Arabia
official said Riyadh “usually doesn’t demand” a specific dress-code, but rather
“accepts suggestions.” “We welcome any style in clothing,” Saudi
Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir told the media on Thursday. We are truly blessed to have our first daughter
Ivanka Trump at the white house. She is great role model for our young generation of today
that need it so bad! They need to learn manners, to be respectful, learn how to dress and act
in public.

100 thoughts on “BREAKING Everyone Is Talking About Ivanka Outfit At Saudi Arabia – News

  1. Nobody is actually talking about this. Seriously. I haven't heard a single word before seeing this vid.

  2. Finally, someone in the TRUMPANZEE administration did some homework. She was modestly dressed for where she was going. To bad her pops is a dumb ass.

  3. I am amazed that she and her husband are holding hands in a public royal occasion. This is not the cultural norm in a Muslim country at least it wasn't a few decades ago in Istanbul, when I was visiting.Perhaps the Saudi's are making a point of being tolerant and accepting and the Trump's requiring it.

  4. She is wearing a dress, same as all the men (saudi's) around her Only difference is they are wearing white. 😊

  5. Mr. Alvin monero you are devil and ignorant person u will go to hell how dare u insult our prophet shut up your tongue will cut soon

  6. she's dressed modestly, suitable for consvertive women of all three Abrahimc faiths. Islam has given humans choices, backward cultures have turned their own extremist traditions as Islamic.

  7. It turns out that we have no problem with our guests but some media have a problem with Saudi Arabia

  8. Trump wife, Lesbian Melania Trump.

  9. They are wooing President Trump. They accepted what the women did and didn't wear and gave him some interesting jewelry. For them it was worth it because they got what what they wanted-billions of dollars worth of American arms. It's like when the explorers brought beads and trinkets to the natives i
    n exchange for their land. What do you think? Is it an even exchange?

  10. I'm Saudi, most stuff said about Ivanka on twitter or the applications were "she's beautiful, beautiful modest clothes, elegant".. we weren't expecting hijab nope! and I personally respected her modesty and wisdom in wearing this long sleeved maxi dress! thank you Ivanka much love ❤️

  11. i pick the pretty one all day long. Trump is fine. Mr. T needs Christ to make it all work, though! Is Mr. T up to the task? He is ready.

  12. King Salman was feeling much better after a happy ending handjob from Ivanka. There was no update following Melania's late night visit, but there was a cardiologist on standby in the royal suite.

  13. Wow, how much prettier could Ivanka be? The answer in none more. Compare her to Bill and Hillary's mutt. If Bill really is the baby daddy ! 🙈🙈🙈

  14. forget the dress husband and wife are not supposed to hold hands in public as well in ssudia

  15. Corrupted President Donald Trump,behind all these speak who invaded Afghanistan & made Taliban,Who invaded IRAQ made Al Qaeda,who killed Libya Gaddafi it is CIA & France,UK, Now you are taking about Terrorism.What was your main agenda of your CampaIGN stop Muslim immigration,You coloured Muslim countries as Terrorist,Saudi Arabia invited you to sell arms & ammunition in exchange of oil,Who is ISRAEL ? How many Family persons of your family are married to Jewish People ? Saudi Arabia,Qatar US & allies are attking Syria & Yemen.why they are not Terrorist ? It is ISRAELI provocation to see whether IRAN is coming to help them ? Who is Training ISIS it is ISRAEL,where in Haifa,finance by Saudi Arabia.Don't Make us FOOL.Isreal also attacking Syria & Yemen.Why you attack Syria,Yemen ? In Every religion there are denominations,do you kill Christian Vs Christian,Saudi Arabia is a Wahabi Sects,why don't you prosecute 9/11 incident of Saudi Arabia ? Third Building was demolished by ISRAEL,they escape freely without any prosecution..,Do you find any Mass destruction,chemical weapon,or nuclear BOMB in IRAQ.9/11 conspiracy IRAQ was not why you killed Sadam Hussein ?

  16. she didn't were a scarf over her hair,for that any Saudi Arabian women would be stoned!And I don't mean smoke some hash!

  17. Trump came with gifts for the murderous ISIS middle man! Billions of dollars in destructive goods, to kill poor people of Yemen, to arm ISIS who will kill Iraqis,Syrians and whom ever they cross the path…mabe American soldiers! But ,such is life,who cares about blood with all that oil to be had ! There is no end to greed!

  18. So fucking what, Trump said in his speech, that we are not there to tell them what to do or how to do things, why we should follow up with their religious believes???

  19. Send her home to her baby sitter, you think she looks good, give me a break, good looking is Melania. Ivanka is a power hungry bitch just like Hillary Clinton

  20. is obvious .this gangs .trump corrupted familly rats don't respect cultures . the two should cover there heads.

  21. Trump deserves to be the leader of the whole world and we love him as we love his adorable family .But i didnt like the vicious looks of Saudi men to her .She is beautiful and elegant.Hahahahaha Americans dont need army to invade any arabic country i garanty you that American women can do the jobs better than any army because Arabs and gulf countries men are sex addicted by nature and they love to cheat over their women .I know them better than anyone.

  22. Don't be so bl##dy stupid……………….NOT everybody's interested in Ivanka the POSER……..

  23. Only the left Libertards are talking ,Normal People just say she looked Beautiful . Go back in your hole losers

  24. This didn't happen no one criticized the way they dressed and the news had never even brought this up. On the contrary, everyone said that they looked beautiful and that they dressed appropriately

  25. Fuck her outfit! How about the 100 million dollars Ivanka just got for her foundation from the saudi arabian government! Its ok for trump to accept money for their foundation but give a bunch of shit to hilary clinton for the same thing and call her a disgrace? Get rid of these money sucking vultures

  26. If women have to wear head scarves and complete coverage when visiting them. They should have to take them off over here. Tit for Tat.


  28. Saudis females liked her dress. And 0% people talked about she wearing a hijab or the First Lady. CNN and her weak kids channels making these up .

  29. Wahabism is the way to terrorism.
    World's largest terrorism are funded by Saudi qatar and all wahabi dominated countries.
    Wahabis are the worst human on earth. They are spreading wahabism in other countries through the preaching of wahabism in their madresa and wahabi mosque; so that both in future can transform into terror camp.
    The world should stop this wahabi movement.
    Wahabism means to spread terror, to kill innocent through bombing, and to rape women.
    Wahabis are the main enemy of Islam.
    Their is no democracy in wahabi dominated countries.
    And most human violating country is Saudi.
    But unfortunately America supports this wahabi dominated countries by supporting them.
    Isis and all the terror group are Wahabis most evil humans.
    Save humanity by the ban of wahabism.
    Terrorism will never end unless we defeat Saudi wahabi government.

  30. Saudi women do not need more example of good manners and how to conduct them self. They need freedom from the oppressive laws.

  31. I'm proud of these two women …they are getting respect from members of another country by standing up for OUR values

  32. Where are the 3 princesses and their dog that the dead king locked up and the inherited king, their brother, kept them locked up. Where are they??????? Free them.

  33. The fact of the matter is….."she" like ALL other visitors "show" respect to that country…except for the TRUMPS. "SHE" is part of the WH and "SHE" then represents the USA like all the others… embarrassing .

  34. I looked at this dress again. She needs a stylist. She's pretty but she dressing like Miss Crabtree from the Little Rascals

  35. BREAKING Everyone Is Talking About Ivanka Outfit At Saudi Arabia – News"
    Saudi leaders might have strong magic. Demonic but, real I guess. But, there is nothing to fear, the devil does those kinds of thing s every where.

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