Breaking News: Mercedes Will Destroy Tesla’s Model X

rev up your engines
hey scotty do you think of the new Mercedes
electric car will it be more reliable
than gas Mercedes they have so many less
moving parts they don’t need a
transmission have electric motors direct
drive they don’t have an ignition system
fuel system they’re just an electric
motor they are much simpler vehicles if
they’re made correctly yeah they’re
pretty dependable cars there’s no
argument now I’m saying it has to be
built correctly because those things are
using high voltage 200 volt top and if
that’s not made right they can now start
on fire like some of those Tesla’s did
but if they’re made right yeah they can
be you know reliable cars now being a
Mercedes I’m sure the prices are gonna
be astronomical and you
see Volvo got bought by the Chinese then
they say they’re only gonna make hybrid
and electric cars in the future hey
those guys are gonna undercut the prices
of everybody else I wouldn’t buy an
electric car now anyways cuz I don’t
think the infrastructure is there but as
time goes on I imagine people are
probably gonna drive it around and a lot
of Chinese electric cars look at Tesla
he’s building the factory in China now
he built one the United States he’s had
problems with so what’s he doing now
is building a factory in China so he
can make them cheaper, Andrew says Scotty
you love your videos what do you think
of Evans waterless coolant I know guys
like Jay Leno put in some of their fancy
exotic cards and stuff if you wanted to
put the ovens waterless coolant in but
you’d have to get everything out of the
system absolutely everything all the
water all the old coolant that’s not
that easy to do and then you got to buy
this really expensive coolant and you
might say oh I never have to change it
again well use your noggin water pump
goes up it’s gonna leak out hose blows
it’s gonna leak up you’re always gonna
have to change it at some point in time
I actually contacted the company and
asked them for some samples to trial
they never even got back to me I don’t
see very professional or maybe they
don’t want as many tests and I don’t
know I just know they never got back to me
they’ll probably get back to
me now though, Pelican 1997 says my car
shakes when I brake on a highway going
over 60 no problem going under 60 what
could be wrong I’m assuming you’re
talking about your steering wheel
shaking now but your steering wheel
shaking that means your front rotors are
warped they get squeezed
the brake pads and if they’re warped the
brake pads are going like this only a
few thousands of an inch but at 60 miles
an hour their spinning like mad, so you
gotta change the rotors in the pads you
can’t change one or the other because
they’re both warped
if it’s not the steering wheel but the
whole car that means the rear rotors are
warped when the rear ones are warped
that doesn’t make your steering wheel
shake that makes the whole car shake
lopunny says I’ve been looking at restore
1977 MGB I’ve seen a lot of them on
Craigslist, is it something worth buying
truthfully there were only piles of junk
they had this horrible English
electronic ignition system didn’t work
well but they are cute cars I remember
back in the day people said why doesn’t
somebody figure out how to put Japanese
an engine and transmission in an English
sports car Mazda did them one up the
Mazda Miata which is a cute little
sports car all Japanese made and it of
course blew away the English little ones
like the mgb and the triumph that just fell
apart they were cute but they fell apart
if you want a toy and you can get that
thing cheap go ahead but it’s never
gonna be worth any kind of money they
made a whole bunch of them and I
remember a long time ago years ago there
were like old US Air Force bases that
were in England from World War two and
they were just full of those things that
they hadn’t sold for years just sitting
there outsold there were terrible cars,
Wilhemina three says I Scotty my husband
just bought a 81 Cadillac Eldorado and
he’s parking it in the garage I think he
was crazy to buy it what do you think,
I had a customer that did same thing with
an 82 El Dorado, his
was a convertible the convertibles are worth
a little bit of money
into the hardtop center but the
convertibles are and after three years
his wife finally said get that thing out
of the garage and he ended up towing it
away so onto somebody unless their
convertible all the vin numbers match
and are worth a reasonable amout of
money, they’re just endless money pits
you keep fixing some things something
else breaks you know they’re just kind
of like an albatross around your neck,
now if you got a garage you’re out in
the country you got a lot of land you
can store one at or a little barn to put
it in it, go right ahead but if you’re
like a normal city guy and you got a
garage that fits one or two cars and
it’s going to hog the garage your wife’s gonna
get mad
at you after a while, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Tesla's building the Shanghai factory to sell cars in China and Asia. It allows them to bypass the local tariffs and qualify for tax breaks. They won't be shipping them to the U.S.

  3. One of the important reasons for Tesla`s new factory in China is the tax on imported vehicles (taxed as a luxury items) and new Chinese requirements for fuel efficiency. The later pretty much forces all car manufacturers to offer EVs.

  4. In 2019 it will be much easier to buy a Tesla Model X anywhere in the world than a Mercedes EQC, Tesla has enough batteries, Mercedes don’t, the EQC won’t be destroying the Model X any time soon. They can always put a ICE engine in it , they got plenty of those, lol . And Tesla ‘s factory in China will be building vehicles for China , not the USA.

  5. Until Mercedes gets their own battery factory, they're only going to be able to make a few thousand EVs per year, which isn't going to challenge Tesla. Tesla makes hundreds of thousands of EVs per year.

  6. Do yourself a favor and just stop talking about electric cars in general. You don't know nothing about that. The EQC is a disaster for Mercedes. It has no chance against a Model X when it comes to technology. The EQC is a just a energy-eater. It's not even a real EV, it's just a bad conversion of a GLC. And much more important: They don't build batteries and they don't have a charging-network. They have nothing! They have build 50 of these and that's it. It's just ridiculous!

  7. Hi Scotty,
    I have a 2012 Fiat 500 (Middle East Specs) with Dual Logic Transmission. The onwers manual doesn't say anything about the type of transmission oil nor it's change frequency. I wanted to change the transmission oil but I am clueless as to which grade of oil? Please Help

  8. Hey Scotty, my 2018 Ram 1500 with 25k miles has a ticking noise when i started in the morning then it goes away, what can it be

  9. Person: I need to replace my day time running lights 1 every 2 months because they are always on and get blown


  10. With respect…this fellow is completely out of date. We absolutely love our electric car. When you own one you are left wondering why everyone else doesn't do the same. The main reason people don't is because people are not properly informed. For example: People don't even know how much it costs to charge the battery. (It costs us $1.75 to fully charge our battery.)

  11. How can you say this they havent even made the car yet!! Lol if they make the car and its better then okay but i hate how people bash tesla and say all these companies who havent even made an ev yet are better somehow

  12. The last I heard from this channel was that EVs are dead in the water. Scotty doesn't know what he's talking about on Tesla, the China factory is for the biggest market on Earth, Chinese market, it has nothing to do with 'problems with the Fremont plant'.

  13. No manufacturer is even close to producing something along the lines of what Tesla offers. Unless they are finally doing something similar to their battery tech, everyone is 5-7 years behind what Tesla has. Not even close.

  14. This world is big enough for Tesla, Mercedes, Toyota and lots of other car makers. That’s why we have so many different car makers from all over the world, for diversity. This is so stupid.

  15. Scotty, your wrong sometimes with reliability on car brands, you haven’t owned some of these car brands, you’ve just worked on them, I’ve got a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz with sunroof , it’s like the one you showed and it’s all original and I daily drive it for years now, and no problems, even with saturns, the older ones were great cars I had one with 335000 miles and it was in great shape

  16. Tesla has much further range than Mercedes Electric, has far far more advanced auto-pilot, & more advanced dual computer. & battery life will soon be 1 million miles. Yes, 1 million.

  17. Old British cars make for some bad days, but bad days make great stories, and great stories make you interesting at parties. 😉

  18. Every five years you have to swap out the batteries there approximately 25% of the purchase price of the car

  19. i think X has the same price,stronger(power) and higher autonomy. i am not sure,won`t be easy for the "star"

  20. Love your show but I also love your sunnies what is the brand and I wonder if I can buy them here in the land down under

  21. I use the Camry Hibrids for work.  Had a task the other day, the car got 4.3 litres per 100 Klicks,  that over 60MPG (Brit Gallon).  Not bad for a 2.5 litre.  My 2.4 lancer returns around 6.5 for the same trip.  I recently hired a normal 2.5 Camry. The fuel cost was $90. If a Hibrid, $53.  With electrical Vehs.  When they can regenerate their own power, with no, or hardly no external recharging, I might consider one.

  22. Mazda miata was designed in irvine calif. Can't find this on google but as I recall their design team in california was the only office of it's kind at the time. But after their success, ford and others tried to copy them by opening offices in irvine. Used to drive by all these offices every day on the 405. They were very reliable cars, including the auto transmissions.

  23. Speaking from personal experience, it doesn't just take an extra car in the garage to get your wife mad at you.

  24. The problem with electric cars is their batteries.

    I also assume they engineered the electric motors to wear out after several years.

  25. Breaking news! Scotty doesn't know EVs ! Mercedes is years behind Tesla in tech…. and they don't have batteries to put in them to produce any meaningful number of them, so no EQC won't destroy MX, that's news from 2 years ago. The infrastructure is there, charging stations are everywhere, check the supercharger map. Do you live in a cave? Also you don't need the infrastructure unless you're travelling, not buying a EV because of lack of infrastructure is very primitive thinking and highlights Scotty's lack of knowledge on EVs. Tesla is building EVs in china for the chinese EV market which is greater than all world EV markets. Come on Scotty, time to leave 1994 !!

  26. Scotty's great.. But he's not always right. FIrst, I don't like how he dissed the Toyota MR2 a couple of vids ago, it's one of my favorite cars! Had several of them, including a turbo. Sure it was years ago when they were newer, but the combo of Toyota reliability with big power (2/3rds of a 2JZ after all), and big fun, good looks to boot, was tough to beat (Several V8 muscles tried, they would concur lol!). Beat on my MR2 Turbo for 5 years with hardly any issues. Good times….

    Also, dunno why Scotty's got it out for Tesla. Perhaps because he feels threatened? He always does seem to hate on anything new.. But Tesla is the only American car company that really has the world's interest. Are they disposable smart phones on wheels? Yes.. Fine.. Then compare it to other premium disposables like BMW, or… Mercedes!

  27. Why would you think Mercedes would beat Tesla. Mercedes is one of the worst cars for repair costs. Just because you make a electric car all those problems disappear . Just look at Audi Etron recall .(Etron in French means SHITTY)and Jaguar Ipace Recall. It's not easy to make an EV when all you know is ICE. All Tesla make is EV's and they have been doing it longer than anybody. All these so called Tesla Killers are not even close to the technology in Motors or Batteries. Let alone Software. They are all years behind. Just ask Munro and Associates.

  28. ridiiculous. Tesla model x has a 3 year advantage. Mercedes, Jag and Audi have all had problems so far.
    recalls and issues with batteries. Infrastructure is already there. Every house has a dryer plug. its really all thats required.
    plug it in at night and its ready to go in the morning Can you fill your gas car up at home? Maybe try some education before you start talking about products you know nothing about the factory in china is so they can sell cars in china. You need to be doing that to have access tothe market its not to make them cheaper. again no education on products.

  29. Yeah right…a Mercedes electric, hmmm what could go wrong with that? If it follows the tradition of German engineering just think of the endless possibilities for failure and $$$$ down the drain.

  30. What are you? Calling for the destruction of an American company in favor of a foreign brand?
    Tesla is an American icon, generating tens of thousands of good paying American jobs and helping save the environment.

  31. Scotty, Wroooooong, he’s making the Teslas in China only FOR China, NOT for here. You’re listening to too much FUD on top of that, you’re creating it. The car market there is 4 times what it is in the US.

  32. Sounds like Scotty has been listening to the shorters trashing Tesla – meanwhile the Model 3 is crushing BMW and Mercedes mid-sized in Europe and China. This is how bad it's become for the legacy automakers – they are absolutely desperate to stop Tesla because they have no products that can compete (and no charging network). What does Ford make besides the F-150 and Mustang anymore? It took the internal combustion engine just 15 years to replace the horse in all major cities in the United States. Teslas been around for about 10 years. I see A LOT of new Model 3s with new-car temporary tags. On the other hand, it's a great time to by a BMW 3 series…probably lots of incentives.

  33. Shaking at higher speeds could also be body mount/subframe bushings or if you car has a warn searing box too. Most of the time it's the rotors and you might be able to get away with just getting them cut if you can.

  34. Scott Val Kilmer is a petrol head until he dies. He will die with oil stained TESTICLES. But Tesla is about to destroy the oil pigs in the middle east

  35. Out of balance tires and wheels make the car shake as well, in addition to a bad rim. Scotty have you been sniffing glue lately? I am worried about you man, you almost seem delusional, almost hysteric. I guess it must be running the car in the garage too long without ventilation. By the way Tesla is not having a problem with their factory. The only problem they are having is too much demand. Cheers.

  36. Tesla welcomes competition. Stimulating the legacy manufacturers to start producing EVs was a lot of the point of creating Tesla.

    I can't count how many "Tesla Killers" have been announced, shown and flopped (or turned out to be vapor). I really wish there were some more credible competition for Tesla. But at the moment it all tends to be loud hype accompanying (at most) compliance quantities of EVs.

    For an in-depth account of why legacy manufacturers aren't likely to knock out Tesla, read "The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail" by Clayton Christensen. EVs are a disruptive technology, and it'll be really difficult for ICE-based companies to switch over to them. It'll mean dropping much of their core competence in combustion drivetrains, and they'll also need to go big into the battery business (as Tesla has), or they won't have much profit opportunity with all the rest of the vehicles' components farmed out.

  37. Problem with EVERY Tesla competitor is they don't have anything remotely close to the nationwide "supercharger" network.

  38. Hey scotty, You should do a video walk through of a Tesla. Show people first hand why you hate them so much.

  39. This uninformed guy says ‘no ev infrastructure’, guess he has not looked at the Tesla website’s global Supercharger Network map. I’d be afraid to drive a MB ev out of Calif. Not so with a Tesla, LA to Maine is doable and by year end to Nova Scotia, across Canada. Crossing the US and going to any state can be done right now. Also across western, northern and Central Europe right now and going into eastern Euro and into Turkey and certain ME countries before too long. Also eastern and central China are covered, ditto areas in NZ, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea and eastern Mexico. Nothing comparable for other ev brands which cannot use Tesla stations, but Tesla has adapters that allow their models to use public standards stations globally.

  40. My steering wheel was shaking whenever i went over 70mph and it would get massively worse when i was braking, then it would get even worse than that when braking down hill at high speed. It wasnt the rotors tho. It was my CV joints. I replaced them and kept the rotors and everything is great.

  41. Occasionally I watch Scotty's vids to get a good laugh. His first video I watched talked about how Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles were the future and that BEVs were no good. Obviously an expert…

  42. Hi scott what happened to my 2009 mercedez benz c300 keep drained my battery. Just bought the battery 3 months ago.

  43. Mercedes is a has been, Tesla is the future everyone knows. Your old world bias anti American view doesn’t hold up anymore.

  44. “I wouldn’t buy an electric car because I don’t think the infrastructure is there”. If you drive a Tesla then there is an entire supercharging network and if you don’t then there are still DC fast chargers. Check plug share.

  45. Scotty you really should desist on rubbishing Tesla as it only serves to make you look like a luddite! (Look it up). As for competitors like Mercedes they are way behind on all fronts!

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