Canceled Military Parade Is The Latest In Trump’s Presidential Power Fails | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Canceled Military Parade Is The Latest In Trump’s Presidential Power Fails | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Donald Trump is a 71-year old child and America's #FakePresident and #PowerFailureInChief
    He is the ideal #UsefulIdiot for his corrupt Kakistocracy, his Corporatist and Billionaire donors, his complicit Repoobligans in Congress, his White Nationalist base, and last but not least, Mother Russia.

  2. Donald Trump really amazed me, after knowing him all these years…
    1. He went from #PussyGrabbing to #PowerGrabbing when he turned 70.
    2. He went from #StrippingForPornStars to #StrippingSecurityClearances for instant gratification.
    3. He went from #PromisingDisruptor to #UsefulIdiot without realizing all the different agendas and conflicting outcomes that he is helping realize.

    — Sun Tzu, The Art of War (1, Laying Plans, 22)

  4. Once again, I know it's a default term and/or a stylesheet recommendation, but please don't call the thing "president." "Mister" will do.

  5. Veterans have to sue for their benefits, soldiers take part time jobs to make ends meet, and this fat orange draft dodger, this bucket head wants a parade. what a disgrace.

  6. I don't know which one is worse – the the four-eyed, brainless peeled egg or the cackling idiotic bimbo in the the crappy dark red dress…

  7. The politicians in D.C. didn't come up with the estimate the Pentagon did and the reason they made it so costly is because they don't have time for Trump's B.S.!

  8. Here you go Mr. President, I’ll march back an forth in front of the White House for you in a pair of camouflage boxers giving you the old one fingered salute. just say when…

  9. Trump is a rich spoiled pile of sewage. To him the US military is like a giant toy train set. He wants to play with it. We better let him have a parade or he’ll bomb Canada or Australia

  10. Remember this is the egomaniac who has his finger on the button. I hope that Jim Mattis has a failsafe derringer.

  11. They just passed the bill that gives the military 717 billion dollars in spending this military parade cost billions of dollars but and yet Healthcare comes around to a question we can't afford it but we could afford to spend money on unnecessary things now don't get me lying I'm all for defense spending but seriously

  12. Poor little Donny can't have his way with his military parade but what he don't realize he can still have it if he wants to all he needs is toy soldiers and tanks and he could pretend and uses imagination that the parades actually happening in DC but this parade will cost him a lot less money and save the taxpayers money

  13. Is the truth of the military parade Donald Trump wants to be a dictator and this is a dictator move military parades

  14. whats really ridiculous about all this is that #TreasonousTrump claims to put "America First" and he's going to a military parade from another country (?!?)

  15. In his private business, he would have brought in cheap foreign labor (and then "held them up" for payment – "very smart", on his books)

  16. A military parade is the stupidest idea yet…we spend 75% if our budget on the military already….how about schools,infrastructure and healthcare???

  17. His dumb ideas to waste money trying to strike his own ego just disgust me. I wish his whole nightmare term was over already!

  18. The time for a parade is when we finally get rid of this Commie Cheetolini – and the first float should be the big trump in a diaper balloon (I am sure the brits would love to loan us theirs) – and ever body in the crowd waving little trump balloons

  19. Trumps jealous he has no real power like rest of world leaders. Even n Korea can order parades even daily. All u.s military junkbis around worlds bases not enough in u.s for a parade. Clown is a joke to world leaders. He was elected so he could move embassy and do tariffs on world. Cos politicians can then claim its not us doing it. Its trump the clown. They're too ashamed to face Europe on tariffs so they used trump . now they don't need him.

  20. Could Trump be any more of a wannabe dictator? Seriously, this is comedy gold. This is going to be an epic movie. Baldwin HAS to play Trump, and I think an empty pack of chips wcould play Kellanne Conway, not sure about Sarah Sanders, I'm leaning towards a muppet

  21. Trump may very well be the son of Satan. Read 2 Corinthians 11:14. Trump is literally the opposite of Jesus Christ on earth. Trump is misogynistic and abusive towards women and Gold Star families, racist, an adulterer many times over, covetous of his daughter (affirmed that his daughter was a "piece of a–," glutinous, lazy, full of rage, multi-liar, con man, thief, envious, narcissistic, traitorous, desirous of people to worship him, demonic, vain, chaotic, white supremacist, and I could go on forever. John 8:44

  22. funny how all these idiots gather around and chat about trump. the guy is a billionaire. he definitely knows what he is doing and has more insight on anything than all these stooges put together.

  23. He doesn't even know why France has a parade. It's not a celebration to an end of the war, and he doesn't say what war. It's a celebration of the storming of the Bastille by French troops that was actually the start of the French revolution.

  24. How is this considered a failure? He wanted a parade but the costs were to high simple as that lol. You want to talk about failure check Obama and his 8 years in office

  25. All of the Repugnantcons are whining, like The Drumpf. The Senate and House are saying "How do you get a crying baby to quiet down? Give them what they want". There's no bread, let 'em eat cake…

  26. When BLOTUS demands that the NFL players stand for the flag what he is really saying is stand for President Trump.

  27. Only because of cost did people say no to his idiotic parade! In the end like everything else, Trump will do whatever conning he needs to get his idiotic parade!

  28. Yes, we need a parade on Pennsylvania Avenue when the White House has been liberated and restored to what it was built for.

  29. Just move the parade to another city. There has to be a city that wants it. Tourist boon! Bringing in thousands in revenue money. Another city with balls would charge a lot less!

  30. The parade was not going to happen all along. It’s a typical play for Trump to get the media puppets to talk about him.
    They keep falling for the same old routine. And he keeps getting free press.

  31. Tnx for the warning guys!
    I'm now starting a petition to show we do not want Trump in Europe on remembrance Day. This is for the fallen in all our wars it's not a "Soviet era style parade to show what hard men they were. I'm sorry this is your president apart from Trump I love the US I always wanted to live there when I was growing up. Still, This to shall pass. Keep your chin up guys. I can't see him being about much longer.

  32. He probably wants to get out of the country if the blue wave happens. A week after election day if Justice Democrats help take back the house and senate, Trump will not want be anywhere near D.C.. Trump will not have his parade to show his power or stroke his ego, and could see what 2020 could hold for him.

  33. So DC didn't want their streets torn up from a "parade" of vehicles that roads AREN'T made to support? Hmmm…really? Jeez…how stupid. Also, why would you put so many of our military in ONE place and advertise it? THAT'S seriously just painting targets. Does he even know that there's a reason we DON'T have all of our military in one place…EVER!!!????

  34. I do believe we need to put more shakles on our presidencies. Pardons, to a point, are okay. However, pulling access to your critics is something that can be fixed quite easily…but we need some congrossmen to step up and do their jobs of checks and balances. For God's sake, our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves.

  35. Believe me. When they handcuff this dotard to jail, there will be a biggest parade in the history of the United States

  36. Why is it that the biggest draft dodging cowards like reagan, awol bush and now president bone-spurs love are the same ones who idolize the military the most?
    Must be a gop coward thing.

  37. No for real can we talk about the $65,000 of hotdogs and pizza that was delivered to the White House in Obama's term for a private party or some kind of spirit cooking.

  38. That's the stupidest analysis I ever heard. The incredible Trump was shown that those monies could be better used elsewhere and he made the correct decision. Pathetic, frothing at the mouth liberals are always looking for ways to whine about Trump. How sad.

  39. Abuse of power is not really power, but more like bullying. It'll work for a little while, but this will in time backfire on the bully.

    People who have real power do not flaunt it regularly, but rather use it sparingly and only when really needed. They work on getting everyone together and leading by example to earn trust.

  40. China spends hundreds of billions of dollars every year on its military and parades. They have no qualms about spending big cash to show their supremacy

  41. Parades should be for the real patriotic which is Veterans who fought in the wars, those who serve and died for the United States of America. Name one thing that Donald Trump has sacrificed for the United States of America. One Thing? It's an insult to the Military to do what Trump wants to do for himself instead for U.S. Veterans who truly paid a price for U.S. Freedom.

  42. America is poor as peasants….lmfao…government shutdown just now….trading oil in non dollar….good bye you losers…your end is close…good riddance

  43. He thinks he is the king or the dictator I should say. The USA does not do this type of crap. The military is for security not to show off.

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