100 thoughts on “CDC official warns Americans that coronavirus will spread

  1. I just ordered 2 n95 mask on Ebay and it was so hard to get a payment through because they were selling out fast even with the price gouging.

  2. What happened to president lying yesterday saying it was contained. Would it have anything to do with all the cuts he’s done impacting our being prepared for this. God be with us all! Pray for your president

  3. 2.5 B is insufficient when the budget for the entire CDC is seven billion?

    They could always ask for more, even…

  4. More anti-Trump bullshit 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 more fucking sensational trash and fear mongering because they’re scared Trump is going to get re-elected.

  5. “Uh oh! We made a fucky wucky! So ywou know how da cowona viwus was contained? Wewlllllll, we lied… da cowona viwus weally is very far spwead… we are sowwy… don’t be mad with us for wying :(((“

    I know jack shit about this virus all I’ve heard is that numbers are being lied about and officials are making them a ton lower than what they’re saying, don’t take this joke seriously, I know nothing of what I’m talking about. For all I know they’re telling the truth about the numbers, please don’t come in the comments saying how I’m a fucking idiot I personally do not give a single fuck

  6. Sorry, but I haven't kept up with the news for the last 6 weeks. I've been very busy working and finishing a project. Have they tried to blame the Coronavirus on President Trump yet lol? I'm sure CNN and their constituent will somehow manufacture some method to convince the talking heads masses. They are, after all, very easily persuaded.

  7. Its funny other truth channels r saying coronavirus is a hoax..but i believe its man made and man spread & possibly as a vacciene force on public ..not sure but something not rite..maybe corona comes from playin in poop..was that not a thing couple yrs ago??

  8. hmmmm . DR -REDFIELD ….. soon zombie apocalipse in a theatre near you !? ?!
    I feel safe with him knowing that we are already invaded but the governament of the united shit state and canada's official wanted it hush hush not to make anyone panic AND the guy running CDC last name pretty close to some bad guy in a capcom soap tale !!
    christ redfield old uncle robert has the answer XD

  9. Waaaaiiit just a minute jack!😒☹️wasn’t the Chinese people fighting against their government rioting and stuff then this “virus” just came out of nowhere and shut that whole revolution down 🤣y’all are not slick to those who actually have eyes to see 👀 there’s been a whole lot of uprisings in other countries too of people fighting back against their governments because of pure injustice and lies And corruptions. Wouldn’t be surprise if it’s man made and a biological war tactic to “regain the people’s trust “ by releasing this virus into different populations where these uprisings were happening basically a desperate move to control the simple sheep’s minds by making them think your their “hero” by making a cure that u already have to the virus that u made and released 🙃basically folks your gonna get the cure from the same people who made the poison

  10. Shame on you for printing un-verified claims about Trump "venting" privately. You're lying just to cause trouble. If you don't have evidence — STFU.

  11. I believe that China released this virus to stop protests and change in China . There has to be some kind of punishment for the way China has handled
    This outbreak as I don’t think you can prove they released it . China was going crazy with protests and then this virus stops all of it

  12. Somehow I think that this virus is a prototype of the real virus…. yet caused so many casualties already. Apocalypse?

  13. Donald Trump just needs to close the boards now! An only allow for import and exports. That would stop the virus from coming in to this country! It would hurt people’s jobs but it would stop a very very serious virus.

  14. Coronavirus: I'm coming for you!

    Me: I'll show you!

    Grabs a gun.

    I kill myself.

    Coronavirus: I guess he wasn't fucking around…..

  15. I just want to live but around every corner is a virus outbreak or a threat of war. I’m really scared for the future of us.

  16. Lmao its amazing howbit got here from overseas. I smell man made bio weapon. Just like the episode in TOM CLANCY JACK RYAN

  17. It's contained. Dow at Record High. It's not contained. Dow Crashes. It's contained. Dow at New Record High. It's not contained. Dow crashes. It's not contained…………….

  18. Dear American: there has probably the CVID 19 already spread in America last year. Your gov doesn’t test CVID just treats as seasonal flu. Already 15000 dead. You need to ask your government if that’s true ASAP. For your healthy.

  19. What a problem , 🙄🙄🙄with Trump, insisting that everything is “VERY,VERY, VERY GOOD….YEAH, VERY, VERY, VERY STUPID AND VERY, VERY, VERY LIAR…

  20. If it's like the flu, eventually you will get it. People with no symptoms or survive and feel fine become immune are all carriers. And they will spread it. Once you get a virus you carry many dormant viruses with you forever. Chicken pox is the first exposure to varicella-zoster, due to age causing immune system to weaken and another illness or exposure to active varicella-zoster you get shingles. Children never exposed to varicella-zoster around someone with singles will get chicken pox.
    It's one of those illnesses that will spread. Of course a vaccination will prevent those from feeling the worst effects of it should they eventually be infected.
    So, sit tight and wait for a vaccination. Otherwise not much you can do.
    Some viruses spread via blood to blood contact, others via air droplets.
    Flu is through the air. So there's nothing you can do to prevent it, short of a vaccine.

  21. $2.5 Billion to protect the entire nation from the virus…Barely even half of what they got for building a fictional wall and stopping a couple thousand Mexicans….
    That's your American government, folks.

  22. Instead of oh idk fucking talking about the virus how about we just focus on making the damn cure. I don’t wanna point any fingers but god damn you Chinese need to stop eating out of the ordinary food ok?

  23. Hope the Coronavirus in 🇵🇰🇵🇰 first strikes our Corrupt Justices leaders parliamentarians lawyers doctors politicians senators touts sychophants and they all succumb to a 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 death, while bleeding from all their orifices 👍😂🙏
    Their painful excruciating demise must be broadcasted live for the public.
    Bless you all, friends. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    The Oldman
    Former Pakistan Air Force 🇵🇰

  24. China was in the middle of fighting not only Hong Kongers, yet all the world who was on their side. China doesn't care about people. This is terrorism disguised as pandemic.

  25. Of course the Coronavirus will spread: the world's owners WANT that. It doesn't matter how careful a country may be about it. Wanna bet? Greetings from BRAZIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  26. Man every time I go to Walmart I always see both the customers and Walmart workers sneezing in their hands and then handling the merchandise…and the shoppers are a mixed bag in ethnicity origin and the workers too…hey but life goes on and life is a gamble.. Walmart is having a great sale on TVs…F the virus.. I'm buying 🤔🤕🤒

  27. Well! There a simple cure for that virus if you want to follow this simple method🙏🙏😇😇😇Boil at least 5 seeds of garlic and then drink it as a Tea..I guarantee you 🤟🤟🤓🤓you will feel better…just a simple tip guyz…God Bless Us All….

  28. Com o contínuo surto do novo coronavírus por toda a China, todo o país está adotando medidas extremas: as cidades e as comunidades locais estão fechadas, as reuniões públicas e o entretenimento pararam e, em muitos lugares, as pessoas só podem sair às compras uma vez a cada poucos dias.

    As pessoas estão se perguntando: quando essa praga terminará? Existe uma cura para isso?

    Os especialistas na área de saúde nos dizem que ainda não existe uma cura eficaz. Eles podem fornecer apoio para prolongar a vida do paciente, mas, eventualmente, é o próprio sistema imunológico do paciente que decide se ele pode sobreviver ao vírus.

    Na verdade, para os praticantes do Falun Dafa e para muitas pessoas que entendem, existe uma solução: o Falun Dafa!

    O Falun Dafa, também conhecido como Falun Gong, é uma prática antiga para aprimoramento da mente e do corpo. Ensina os valores universais Verdade, Compaixão e Tolerância e também possui cinco séries de exercícios suaves que podem ajudar a melhorar o bem-estar físico e mental.

    Nas histórias publicadas no Minghui.org, muitos praticantes do Falun Dafa relataram como a prática os ajudou a ganhar um corpo saudável e a encontrar paz interior. Algumas pessoas que não são praticantes também se beneficiaram recitando sinceramente as palavras “O Falun Dafa é bom! Verdade, Compaixão e Tolerância são boas!”.

    Estudo científico sobre os praticantes do Falun Dafa e uma pesquisa sobre sua saúde

    O artigo Lutando contra a epidemia: o incrível poder de acreditar que “O Falun Dafa é bom” forneceu algumas explicações sobre o poder por trás do Dafa. Dois pesquisadores mostraram que os exercícios do Falun Dafa aumentaram a atividade biológica das células dos praticantes.

  29. Welp seems as though the 4 horsemen have arrived. Everyone better start believing in a higher being and stop living so selfish. Mother earth is pissed and we created this, hope all goes well.

  30. The Government of India is a child
    And one of the worst people. If people say January will be wrong
    Animal. Not in the human body
    If there were people.
    Common in Delhi
    People didn't torture people
    Don't burn anyone's house.
    They have no religion.
    There's another devil.
    General Chat Chat LoungDonald Trump of America
    He is also a bad man of great size.
    Their God is my Lord, my Lord, the Creator of all things. Muslim does not persecute anyone's house or his house is not Muslim. God is with us.

    Allahu Akbar
    General Chat Chat Loung

  31. My fiend is a vision seer. he said two months ago that he had a vision. that 4 to 5 Billion people are more around the world will die from this virus. And he said that Scientist for the governments abroad had made this virus. So they can Control the population!! and he said that it didn’t come from any animal. This is a man made virus!!!! The governments had been planning this for awhile now.he said the first test was done in China & it worked.they new it would spread worldwide. And they have a cure for this virus!! Think about it…a mad scientist will not make a virus without having a cure for it first.. Its sad to know that some humans thrive on killing each other..rather than give each other kindness,love,friendship,knowledge, peace so all humans can make a better place to live…🤔😪💡🌎

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