Chicago Officer Investigated After Video Shows Him Body-Slamming Man | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Chicago Officer Investigated After Video Shows Him Body-Slamming Man | NBC Nightly News

  1. Well they call spitting on people assault so the action of assault was met with assault. y/n ? then change spitting to something else.

  2. he literally could have killed that intoxicated man and broken his skull wide open on that curb. Could be looked at like attempted murder.


  4. Theres a pattern of immoral, cultural values all police have become reputable to, and they are to be disgraced, by natural law, of being against the peoples psychological safety.

  5. Pokice say it don't tell the whole story???? I don't give a fu#* unless he pulled a gun or bomb there is no legal or reasonable reason for that, and should not be a lawful use of force. This stuff right here is the reason people are slowly loosing trust in police abroad in the US…… I will bet anything the cop got mad and frustrated bc the guy was drunk, high, or slow maybe even all three and thought you know what BODY SLAM and then laughed to his buddys about it later

  6. Yeah if this drunk was a black guy the mayor would be calling for the cops badge immediately and demanding he be charged with attempted murder

  7. Just another"God fearing black man" getting assaulted by a white cop. Wow!! Lol!!! I guess Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are loving this!!! And did I see the cops wearing maga hats?

  8. You find this disturbing? What about the shootings that happen, the gang violence that still happens? That's just what police are there to do. End the problem.

  9. See the cops can body slam you to death and if you defend yourself they will put bullets in you. And if you manage to survive youl be in death row. Land of the free. Like that poor guy who died after a NYC cop pushed him into a concrete slab on the floor while he was walking with headphones on, the cop misidentified him as a suspect in some petty crime and the cop is still working.

  10. Assaulting a police officer will definitely get you assaulted he's lucky he didn't get shot. What is great, one less person on welfare and food stamps

  11. Sorry but after hearing far too many times how police officers sort of rewrite the script in defense of something bad that they did I only believe what I see on video. For instance there was a viral video of the cops supposedly slamming a black 10 year old to the ground when I investigated and found the full video it turns out the kid was so unhappy that the cops were arresting his father that he was physically attacking the police I think there were a couple of rocks thrown by him the police did the soothing maneuver which is coming from the back and wrapping your arms to basically stop the kid from being able to move his arms and then very gently laid him to the ground it's too bad in today's America cuz I've been around since 1950 that everybody seems to have an agenda

  12. That should have been a leg sweep and fall on top not chance putting the man in a wheelchair for or even dead slammed on a curb could have killed him

  13. To those that comment the police in Chicago are like this the majority of the time. I can only imagine being in Law Enforcement in larger cities such as Chicago is the equivalent to being in an ongoing battle. Criminals of all types waiting to shoot someone, anyone, all for the purpose of "making a name" for themselves. Are the police on HIGH ALERT?! You bet!! And well they should be. So let's see, only ONE specific cited instance of four Chicago Police officers making a poor decision. I wonder how many HUNDREDS of instances this same day people were arrested, THAT WERE CRIMINALS DOING SOMETHING WRONG, that went to jail with little to no issue. This is what the media wants, spoon feeding us nothing but the minority of instances when things go wrong, let's see the other hundreds of times DAILY when things go right!! But they won't do that, GOOD doesn't sell.

    The man SPIT in the Officer's face!! Every action has a reaction, I would imagine this person will long remember the repercussions of his actions and not spit in an officer's face again. Now let's hope the Mayor isn't a coward and supports the men and women doing the job she will not.

  14. There's always a critical peace of information left out. Sad to see the officer didn't notice the curb , otherwise the guy would be fine aside from some cracked ribs. Bad situation.

  15. The media will bring our civilized country to it's heels if allowed!!! Their all about the $$$ratings and reporting on ANYTHING that might fuel their pathetic status amongst perpetuating violence…even at the expense of laws!!!

  16. In 2018, 399 white people were killed by police while 209 black people were killed by police. We lose more white people to police shootings every year. (for everyone who's crying racism)

  17. Omg the frail looking citizen hit his head like a rag doll.
    Was that the only thing the officer could do? Just cuff him.

  18. These ferals should have been disciplined when children. Now it's up to society. I support our uniformed personnel….

  19. Honeslty if that bum lick and spit on his face he should get slammed on his head and turn into a veggie anyone who says who cares what lead up to it he shouldn't have done that os just plan dumb

  20. I would say %70 of the police force is just disgusting. I'm just sad that police brutality became a Youtube genre and people are immune to it and not reacting aggressively anymore.

  21. What's wrong w that. Gota take someone down and he did. Dont spit on a cop or anyone. Who knows what kind of disease that dude had. Everyone questions cops but what about criminals. You wonder why chicago crime rates so high.

  22. They always always always edit out the context. So many L.E.O. haters in here, would you really want to live in a world without cops? Delusional.

  23. Excessive use of force, applied recklessly out of anger, due to mere insult and disgust. Why "mere"? Because insult and disgust are not life threatening. Slamming a person's skull forcefully against the edge of a curb is life threatening.

  24. I never know whether to give a thumbs up for good reporting, on such stories, or a thumbs down against the perpetrator/cop in the story.

  25. 21 year old punk, drinking beer in public resisting arrest threatening and spitting on the police !! WELL DONE OFFICER!!! Well done!!!!

  26. Perp got what was coming to him. Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

    Get that police officer the heavyweight title belt for that WWE body slam

  27. Threaten, lick, and spit in anyone's face you can expect to be thrown on the ground, what would you think will happen in you do that? Good way to catch a beating

  28. Do y'all ever wonder why when deadly actions like this from the police happens to be shown to us that the news never take to the streets and question the bystanders on what they witness on evening. It's like the news only feed us what they want us to know.

  29. It's all about EDUCATION, not RACISM. I guess it's the way your parent's raised us. The Officer was within all his right to be angry, I would've done the same thing.

  30. It's more of a health risk to be spitted on and die of germs than to be slammed on the concrete. I would've been terrified if a bum like that would had spitted and licked my face look at him a dirty germ infested unhealthy bum.

  31. From what little I do see, there is nothing that man could have done that would have justified that cop's actions. The proper response would have been to bend him down over the car and handcuff him, then maybe put a spit guard over his head. The man is not holding a weapon, he is not physically attacking the officer, he doesn't appear to be offering any resistance whatsoever. So tell me, what would justify body slamming him and bashing his head against the curb? The police, who are as usual investigating themselves, will determine as they always do that the officer did nothing wrong.

  32. Someone get him a lawyer! This mf police pos need to pay ! Police are the biggest criminal organization known to man

  33. His head hit the side walk like a melon. Ok. Ok. Maybe at one point these cops wanted to make the world a better safer place. But at some point they loose that and get this anger. This is why cops should have mandatory psychological exams every 3 months. They see a lot. So I do believe there are some good cops who go bad due to environment. Cause that was anger pure anger. Pinned up anger.

  34. He slammed the man with no helmet on his head into the curb. It happened here in Ada Oklahoma as well,… the son of a auto repair man named Donny, our automotive mechanic had his son permanently brain damaged over stealing tube Sox and tooth paste at wal-mart. Not sure if his son was addicted or challenged. But super gross. They never take people beating women the elderly or children this way, but they should start.

  35. Impossible that the guy licked an officer's face and spit in his eye. Officers start to attack the minute you move towards them. Chicago police have no restraint….it would have never got that far. Nice try tho. I tell people I can fly all the time to see if they are stupid enough to believe it


  37. This doesn’t show the entire situation of course. I don’t disagree what that officer did . The guy was drinking in public and made threats and licked and spit on an officer this all sounds like assult on the officer. That officer is right in my book . Stay strong officer!!

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