China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

100 thoughts on “China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

  1. Soon the world will have Military drills without the U.S. wonder if Trump will figure it out. Whatever Trump’s strategy is it’s now was cause it didn’t work.

  2. As ever increasing military power the China expands and their influence because Africa increases there will be a tendency to expand the military grip on certain areas of the world giving them the capabilities of interfering with trade in the west and greater influence over the politicians to appease the Chinese on the other hand China and Russia her increasing influence across the world the answers is not military the film line thermal go see ations we do not want as a world to go back into the days of the Cold War but this would be worse with China and Russia would join together

  3. 1913 Federal Reserve privately owned trillions of debt slavery connections to World War 1 connections to League of Nations connections to Wilson President Wilson connections to the Rothschilds all wars are Bankers Wars play Both Sides
    Rothschild Mafia creating Wars.!!!

  4. Yeah yeah yeah the media is just trying to push the hate trump agenda by saying regular and commonly practiced war games and training excercise are a response to the way trump is putting america first instead of countries who hate us…

  5. To end the evil works of the financial elite in the West it is in the People of the world best interest that Russia, Iran and China stick together and stand up against the evil of the US and UK.

  6. China, Russia and Korea have been in partnership for a long time. This is why China is so bold about expanding communism, expanding their military bases in coastal areas in international waterways, and collecting gold for currency to back away from US banking.

  7. Lessons from Pearl harbor: dont get caught with your pants down! Obama pulled down Americas pants! We got to pull up our pants

  8. That’s what the democrats want, Russia (the only other major nuclear power) on the side of Iran not on the side of the United States. Russia and America together saved the world in WW1 and WW2 we need to be ally’s not enemies.

  9. Sooooo it's ok for the USA, England, So Korea, Canada, Australia to have joint exercises…but not any other country????? We are seeing Trump, the ANTICHRIST at work…end times people read your BIBLE!!

  10. Why is the news giving away all of our war strategies so when were finally at war our enemies know exactly what were gonna do in defense.

  11. Yahawashai is returning soon us Israelites that keep the commandments shall be spared as for the rest of you the Bible speaks of your destiny

  12. Iran dont have nothing but some bass fishing boats Russia carrier is down china carrier is trash 1980 tech planes cant even be fully loaded and launched…all they have is untested missile tech novbody ever seen in action..f35i been flying over s400 all day there paper tigers

  13. I honestly wish I cared. The sooner this country falls the sooner we can return to some sort of sanity. The sooner Europe can be free from US influence the better for the survival of the European people's

  14. There was also a joint Naval exercise of the coast of Cape Town by South African, Russian and Chinese Warship. We Salute the President of Russia for leading the Free World.

  15. Rebels in northern Syria?! Since when Al-Qaeda has changed it's identity Fox News?! …And do NOT forget Syria and Libya are in this mess due toe the US interventions with the filthy Saudi money. SHAME.

  16. send russia China and Iran some nucks war heads and tell them to have a nice day and I will have a bowl of corn flakes

  17. Just a display threat nothing more. None of these leaders want to spend the rest of their lives surviving in a bunker. No matter how lavish it is.

  18. China and Russia join Iran, they are the new axis of evil, it shows you how desperate they are, to show the world how big and bad, that they are, all three of these countries combined, can only put a fraction of the naval forces, that the US can, anywhere in the world, none of them have the experience, or the firepower that the US has, the fact that they need an axis, tells you all you need to know about them, the US needs no-one.

  19. Good I'm glad they protecting Iran what does our country do they say they come to bring democracies in the Middle East do you see any democracy in the Middle East since they invaded all these countries

  20. Why is fear projection so important to these demons,if it isn't the Middle East, North Korea, Russia or Obummer funded Iran then it's some other form of negative projection.

  21. Obama made deal's with all these clowns. Now we have a President that's making them pay there fair share and is standing up for America and it's people.

  22. America is ready. We don't get intimidated. We win wars and all 3 of those countries have soldiers who are required to join. America we have volunteer men.

  23. Of course they did they see the weakness our country is going through right now thanks to all our so called representatives and are gona be ready to do why they want when our represenatives finally fall completely because of their childish ignorance.

  24. A many will die because of what the democrats government workers did the blood will flow on this land again because of the abuse of power from government workers

  25. Russia, with the aircraft carrier that needs to be towed everywhere, China whose navy is not good enough to invade Taiwan, and Iran who’s navy is made by speedboats………the 5th fleet must be having a field day…..

  26. I support this the usa is overstepping its bounds in the name of israel and its about time it ends ill fight for my country’s enemies before i fight for israel and the oil companies lining the pockets of corrupt politicians

  27. For all those on the right we should be siding with russia we share alot of similar values we will meed help when the time comes when we are a minority in our own country and were gonna need help from somewhere and russias gonna be our best hope

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