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Or Brendan Tarrant flew under the radar for almost two years now police in New Zealand and Australia are looking through his background
they’re desperate to work out if they could have prevented the deadly attack a
little boy who became a
Self-proclaimed mass murderer brenton Terrans journey from innocence to evil was a radical evolution. No one saw coming
Both here in Australia and in New Zealand, he was not known to authorities here
This person was not known to any of us hadn’t been reported to any of us as I’m advised on
Nobody’s radar anywhere his biggest crime before yesterday breaking road rules
He was known for amano traffic matters, but Tarrant grew up in Grafton in this neat weatherboard home
He went to the local high school and became a fitness fanatic just like his marathon running father
Charting his spiral into evil the death of his father from asbestos cancer in
2010 could have been the slow fuse which ignited yesterday’s explosion of hatred
21 years old he inherited money and set off overseas first stop New Zealand and then on to Southeast Asia
China North Korea and Pakistan
But it was he’s travelling through Europe in April 2017 at a time when there been a spate of terrorist attacks
Transformed this self-described regular white man into a white
supremacist in his rambling explanation for committing mass murder
Terrence said it was there I decided to do something it was there I decided to take action
to commit to force to commit to violence his
Inspiration was and as Brevik the far-right terrorist who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011
Taran wrote he received his blessing for the attack and just like his hero
He delivered his own white power salute as he faced court today in Christchurch
And as that was happening four hours drive away in Dunedin police along with the bomb squad were searching his home
That was his base where he trained and prepared for the attack just never saw coming
He was so quiet and just kept to himself
Polite whenever we had short conversations, but other than that, we we had no idea the planning began
It seems in November 2017 when he obtained a New Zealand gun license the following month
He started building up his arsenal of weapons five guns, including two
semi-automatic rifles
Police are now tracking Tarrance recent movements including a trip last
November to Bulgaria and a visit to a town where Kalashnikov rifles are made
Meanwhile back in Grafton Tarrant’s mother and sister are assisting police. They came forward yesterday
after witnessing the horror on television people know them and love them and
Yeah, so hard to go out to the people in Christchurch
But our heart will also go out to the family here in Grafton a town now forever linked with one of New Zealand’s
darkest days
Damien Ryan 9 News a
Simple prayer for peace a
Shaken Muslim community saw evening prayers at the Campbell mosque turned towards condemnation
Political and religious leaders in a room where the terror was deeply personal
The most senior police in our state met with australia’s imam council a picture of defiance against a backdrop of
Vulnerability it’s created a heightened sense of concern amongst Australian Muslims and in many ways
It feels like it’s happened at home the police commissioner stressing. There is no information to suggest any threats here
But still they aren’t taking any chances on copycats all reprisals
what we can’t afford to happen is the crime that
Happened the terrorist incident that happened in New Zealand in crow Church has an impact on public safety in New South Wales
It mosques across our suburbs. There was no anger
We stand with all people of all colors and ethnicities and creeds as well
Just an empty feeling of waste and hopelessness
Election campaigning has been suspended both state leaders agreeing today
Politics is irrelevant
I want to reassure all of the community that you are safe
You’re cared for and you’re protected if extremism is allowed to propagate
Then then none of us are safe. That is why we must reject it. So strongly and reject it
They did marching against racism in Melbourne
Tonight the Silver Fern will light up the Opera House like
Landmarks around the country this time the red white and blue was not France or the UK
But our neighbours the Muslim community in Sydney and Australia needs to know that
the wider Australian community is with them and under the Anzac bridge named after a bond forged in war a
bronze New Zealand soldier
Proving in the worst of times there’s no separating the two flags of the southern cross
Live now to Chris O’Keefe in la Kemba Chris the Muslim community we know is understandably shattered. But how are they starting the healing?
well, Deb it started today and this shrine here at the Loch Ember mosque shows the healing has begun a lady arrived earlier and put
49 roses down one for every single victim of this horrible
Terrorist attack and I think it’s telling to that also the indigenous
Flag is here at the on the wall of the mosque and I spoke to the local member of this area
Who is a Muslim himself Deven? He said moving forward is not about religion. It’s how our community sees itself
Incredible tales of bravery are emerging from
Christchurch as we learn more about the victims of the terror attack and those who tried to end it so
People’s dad the outdoor mosque and Sophie a number of people have been there today paying their respects
They have bred and they’re still here tonight locals right now
We’re picking up some of the floral tributes and moving them further down the road closer to the mosque where the most lives were lost
Christchurch right now is a city that is hurting but it’s also a city with enormous strength and tonight
You will hear from the heroes who stared evil in the face and fought back
This is abdul rahim and today he was having a little walk in the park
but carrying terrible sounds in his head I can still hear the
ringing in my ears
And I can just I was speaking to you a consistent
Like see the board is laying when we were coming out from the hiding, but she the board is laying on the driveway
On the site leading to the carpark he had been in Al Noor mosque
Many people owe their lives to him caught in a moment of terror, but thinking fast
10 shots
Machine gun he ran to a door at the side of the mosque and forced it open at least
40 people followed some managed to climb over a wall into the neighboring backyard. They make one jump
I tried two times and then yeah, I just started. No, I cannot jump so I just sat down behind the car and
Just and there are other people who couldn’t jump as well another 10 or 12 people
so I just told them to just sit down behind the kind just
Avoid being seen today Abdul is mourning his friends. I’m from Fiji so I know to Fiji
men who died
Osman Ahmed has just been released from hospital glad to be alive. I was luckily underneath all the people that has been
passed away, he’d be knocked to the ground that saved him injured in a crash because if you taught me that has been
Because he was shooting on the floor as well shooting someone else crushed his daughter also survived
Honest thing just grateful because I really can’t feel anything else. I’m just happy that he’s alive and well
Hadji de oude Nabi born in Afghanistan
Thought New Zealand was safe and beautiful
His family now left with only photographs to remember a man who went to the Al Noor mosque
religiously every week every week without fail
Hadji you inherited with the name Hadji if you go make pilgrimage to micker
so whatever your name is Hadji is at the beginning his son Omer torn between anger and
Grief he’s 71 year old father was murdered while praying loss rages
Just not complete his other son. Yama was lucky not to get caught in the massacre
running a bit ten-minute like
today it was me and my daughter with me and
I’ll make it to the prey and then when I thought being filled
With the sons will remember their father as a kind and generous man helping other immigrants
He gave them free clothing games and things he went out of his way to help them
They wouldn’t ask for a seat back, you know
There was no shortage of courage as the shooting erupted
Naeem Rashid tried to wrestle the gun from the attacker but was killed his 21 year old son also
fatally shot
Mohammed yama was also praying in the Al Noor mosque having the closest of escapes after bravely
confronting the gunman and
Then he got one step he go – a short for me and the bullet he coded this way
He started the shop and three people there
Worshippers tried to escape Mohammed fled onto the street he rang for ambulances
I’ll call the numbers again. I hear – and was not enough here many damaged. We need another 10 or 20
Impossible some people were brave without realizing it like Ross McGinnis who leaves me al-noor
Youngman was the in this car. I
Said we just stood these basically stood each other while he was reloading his gun
So he was sitting in the passenger seat
I think trying to put a magazine back in and his rifle when I’m taking this is a bit strange. He was falling
In like SWAT gear
probably helmet hood bitch the whole works and
European guy
And I thought oh, he must be a cop Ross soon realized his mistake
He was certainly
On a mission and then I thought this guy’s a hitman
Mohammed Oishi if was inside a
Worship had died right beside him your scrambled some went to the front some went to the back some stayed in the middle
so I’m just crouching you’re just
yelling a friend helped him hide innocent people did for
Nothing what I hate that has for a hate that we don’t even know why you hate us
In the past earthquakes have trained this city to have courage and there’s been courage again, but this time
Christchurch will have to overcome a feeling of puzzled anger in
Christchurch Sophie Walsh 9 News

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