100 thoughts on “Comey: ‘I was wrong’ to say FISA process was ‘followed’

  1. We watch you from the UK Mr Comey and we see that you are as deceitful as they come. Justice needs to be done. Vindication? You are not in reality.

  2. The broader mosaic is the Democrats do want, they play games on the people, they commit crimes and believe their above the law, as long as they stick to their guns as a group, very immature to think something would come out of this thing, and their still at it, maybe Pelosi should pray to God to make it stop.

  3. This interview with Comey reminds of the twilight zone episode. Comey just wants to play his Perry como record on his B day, and he gets turned into a jack in the box, and then to the corn field. Make it stop.

  4. The "lying and treason" is TRUE! We are STILL Waiting to see all of U CRIMINALS tossed in a prison cell and taught a lesson to ANYONE working in our Government as a reminder that NOBODY else will get away with crimes like this ever again…SEND A MESSAGE TO ALL THESE SCUMBAGS AND PROSECUTE AND IMPRISON FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE! LOCK EM UP AND TOSS THE KEY!

  5. No Comey your biased led corruption of an attempted coup of President Trump is and will be your downfall. Lawyer up traitor.

  6. Comey says at the end that the FBI made mistakes that were more consequential than Spygate. What is more consequential than the attempted overthrow of a president? Was it the assassinations of MLK, RFK, JFK?

  7. My reaction: James Comey is sociopath and pathological liar. He comes from a long line of FBI Directors that were pathological liars. Mueller lied us into the Iraq war. J. Edgar Hoover shook down politicians with sexual blackmail. Comey attempted the same when he broached the pee dossier to President Trump. Fortunately Trump has balls of steel and told Comey that he was trying to J. Edgar Hoover him.

  8. Comey is a lying dirtbag. He lacks ethics and honor. He belongs in prison for the remainder of his natural Life! Time to disband the FBI.

  9. Comey is just incompetent. That's the problem with so much and so many in our Government. If Clinton was elected all this corruption and lying would still be going on.

  10. These criminal corrupt leftists think they can just "Talk there way out of anything". Comey is a mealy mouth weasel, trying to weasel his way outta this. Meanwhile how many of you remember the 60,000 Hillary emails that he had supposedly "reviewed in just 24 hours" which is an impossible task, but then he turns around and pretends Hillary did nothing wrong. This is a federal law enforcement agency acting entirely biased in an election, and they have no business even being involved in it at all. "Contrived need for an investigation into a political enemy". (Appointed to lead the FBI by Obama)

  11. Right, he's not kept informed of the investigation into the President-elect and then President of The United States! That's just small pittance for the minions far beneath him! What a complete liar!!

  12. When he says "I was wrong" he means either "I lied knowingly and was in on the scheme" or "I unknowingly misspoke and I'm a blithering idiot to not have known what was transpiring as director of the FBI".

    You can't distance yourself after the fact, you were complicit or blithely looked the other way

  13. James Comey is the most incredible (and by "incredible" I mean this in the most literal sense of the word: abject lack of any credibility) WEASEL ever foist upon the American experience.
    He deserves prison.

  14. I wish I could belt this parasites teeth out, Comey is the lowest of the low! He couldn't lie straight in bed if he tried! He broke every law and rule possible and every sane human knows that.

  15. He is trying to get out of it, trying to make out he doesn't understand. Alot of dem witnesses are ex Russian, and have all lied. As the director you are not informed! He was in charge. Don't they have to put the evidence to him to tell him the position they are in, in the investigation? Blaming all the people below him is no excuse. Action should be taken against him andall who lied.

  16. Would you care if the cops falsified documents against your neighbor? 95% of the people in this comment section wouldn't give a crap.


  18. What's funny is when he reopened the Clinton emails all the Demonrats were screaming for his head on a platter but after Trump fired him they were screaming Trump fired him because he was investigating him! Comey, Clinton, Shumer Killary's lawyers who ignored a federal supeona and bleached and smashed her phones and computers into tiny little bits should ALL be in prison! If ANYONE of us did that we would be thrown under the jail.

  19. John Durham is not releasing a report anymore. He has opened a "criminal investigation" which means he is locking people up. Based on John Durham's reputation he don't play games. I think he is coming for Comey, and Brennan!

  20. Ladies and gentleman you have just witnessed how Comey and the rest of the "3" letter organizations "Gaslight" the public! Pay very close attention it'll only worsen in the 2020 election! This is the former head of the FBI for crying out loud!!!

  21. You got to love them for trying, bless their black hearts, well i feel like i am at least 4 layers under him , why do you think he is using an old CIA trick about layers, it never worked anyhow. i bet your mother in law is disappointed in you jimmy, she thought you were a good guy , blew that right champ, it don't get much worse than this jimmy, game over

  22. Don't be so hasty to dismiss suicide, it is after all an option, it beats being locked up with clapper and brennan, and obama or you could rat now their is something you could live with, ratting, change your name to jimmy the rat, i do think you owe us the truth about ufos and big foot, cause you know it right, or are you planning something, you sly dog, oh ya what did you do with the money? don't say you didn't get any of the 8 trillion dollars that is missing, where is that water board

  23. James Comey is so dumb,he take Chris Wrays name twice,When James Comey was the Director who signed the FISA documents Thrice,not Chris Wrays,now due this the FISA Judge does not trust the FBI,Lisa Page wants an apology when she was banging Peter Struck both married, during office hours,and setting up an insurance policy,what about Carter Page

  24. This Bastard is going to walk because he will be allowed to claim he didn't know the details of the investigation as assigned…he will admit to a guilt of simply Rubber Stamping the forms that came before him, hardly a crime, just grounds for termination of position…but that is the way it was planned, wonder if the attorney ever considered that he would be the fall guy…probably figured like all the rest, that Hilary would win and the rest would be history…

  25. Did comey take lessons from slick willey? When his mouth open out comes lie after lie. Can you imagine what the prisoners do to him in the general population yard or in the bathrooms. He better bring lots of lube.

  26. 17 errors (17 times ya broke the law) , heh, heh, oops, yeah, yeah, no big deal, framing President Trump, it’s business, words mean something? 🥊 🥊 🥊,,,,,,,

  27. comey when confronted by his own false claims… 'well i think it depends upon. how wee see the w3rd?' lol. my english is different in everyway to your english. lol

  28. he really believes himself to be very compelling, but an act is an act. breathy speak dont work when you struggle to hide an insincere smirk.

  29. “If the mistakes were systemic, that would be real concerning”. Deflection in Argument–Part of Art of debate. Issue is not it is systematic or not, it is the issue in hand that is being discussed. Example, we are debating who killed Johnny in San Francisco? Answer, killing is not widespread or systematic in San Francisco!

  30. Leave it to career professionals? Like how u met with Obama, Biden and Clapper 2 days before Trump took over to discuss keeping him in the dark?

  31. You should be going to jail
    1. Used dossier PAID by DNC & HRC to get FISA they knew was false.
    A state dep employee debunked it cause it mentioned RUSSIA MIAMI CONSULATE which doesnt exist.

  32. Comey’s face gives him away: his tell is when he raises his eyebrow, (when he’s about to lie) He then lowers his brows, intently, when he goes into his memorized talking points. And raises the center of his brows when he is lying about something he feels may be completely unbelievable.

  33. This guy needs to be prosecuted. He knows what he did and he knows why he did it but above all he knew the truth and withheld the truth. His actions are unpardonable, he committed perjury and knew it, there is no mistake no oversight, he planned and carried out this whole bs and committed treason by using his position to enter a lie into the record that he never withdrew.

  34. What happens to traitors in America? FREE JULIAN ASSANGE and take a good look at your intelligence services. Police State.

  35. No Comey you were a flat out liar. Apologies does not give you a get out of jail free card. You on your own decided to help the trumpless pull a soft coup thinking the ppl are stupid, but what you really got wrong is THINKING, that we trusted ANY OFFICIAL IN THE MOB RULE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. Single handedly you took bologna stories to the cheerleaders for HRC and Obama, the MSM in order to push the ppl to agree with your deranged mind that you alone are the savior of the country. You worked for the most secretive administration, with most scandal and sell off of US assets and then tried to take out trump cause he was going to expose ALL OF YOU.

  36. Yeah ! Sadly the back up plan secret society……and letting individuals stay in a job that should have been remove pending their involvement and letting them be a big part of it…. Very sorry this is unexceptible and appears to be a manipulation to change the course to soften the true meaning of TREASON……..to many individuals who lives have been destroyed by this demeanor and careless attitudes ….now seeing the reality of it will shake the arrogant individuals who will be served the same but in the eyes of truth and justice.

  37. Chris Wallace is DEFINITELY the only REAL reporter at Fox News. The people who watch Fox News are SOOO miss lead, and most of them don't even know it. They are so in love with Trump it's sad. All because of what they here on Fox News. Thank you, Chris Wallace for being a REAL REPORTER for Fox News.

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