Coronavirus to infect 70% of humanity and become new seasonal disease: Expert

it’s generally believed that with the
coronavirus the worst is yet to come some predictions by global experts say
the virus will likely end up infecting most people in the world in that case it
could become a seasonal illness like the flu our Jonghyun reports public health
experts have been trying to gauge how bad the corona virus outbreak will get
and whether it will become a full-blown pandemic by calculating the pathogens
reproduction rate in according to a recent report by us-based investment
bank JP Morgan Chase South Korea’s corona virus epidemic has
not yet reached its peak taking the speed of secondary infections in China
into account the bank predicted that the epidemic could reach its climax in Korea
around March 20th and said there could be as many as 10,000 confirmed cases the
banks opposed a 3% of the 2.4 million people living in tegu had been exposed
to the virus tegu is where more than 80 percent of the total confirmed cases
have occurred in korea however the South Korean health authorities said it’s too
early to make such assumptions vice health minister Kim dong-hyuk said at a
briefing on Wednesday the more thorough statistical analysis needs to be done on
the spread of the virus meanwhile some say the virus will ultimately become
uncontainable in an article by the Atlantic Harvard epidemiologist mark
Lipsett said the corona virus will be a global pandemic with 40 to 70 percent of
the world’s population likely to be infected this year but it clarified that
by saying many of those people will have severe illnesses or even show symptoms
at all which is already reportedly the case for many people who have tested
positive for the corona virus in that way it could have similarities with
influenza which is often life-threatening to elderly people or
those with chronic health conditions but causes no symptoms at all in around 14%
of cases this is leading to an emerging consensus
that the outbreak will eventually morph into a new seasonal disease which the
Atlantic says could one day turn the cold and flu season into the cold and
flu and kovat 19 season Taedong Yin Arirang news

100 thoughts on “Coronavirus to infect 70% of humanity and become new seasonal disease: Expert

  1. Let me guess. The fancy 30 percent uneffected will be the political snakes who are running things into the ground on purpose?

  2. Why the hell is a mega bank making a scientific prediction? We're all cattle and they're running out of a use for us all.

  3. on my opinion the more cold weather a lot of people got affected…if you have sickness you need to release the toxin inside to your body, doing that you need to warm your body, have exercise so that when your sweating the toxins release, and uour bodg generates again…stay warm, drink more warm water eat healty foods, exercise make yourself sweat the virus gone…

  4. here in Philippines our government declared a banned travel from south korea to Philippines this MARCH 2020.. i feel so pity… what's really happening now in your country.. because of this deadly virus.

  5. And it's all because Dicks in China eat anything that moves, and doesn't, some of these assholes have known that they had the virus but decided hey what the he'll it won't kill cunts lets travel anyway.

  6. Things are gonna look pretty Grim for Asians, let me tell ya. And they thought we Black folks are the pariahs to be kept at a distance…? They are gonna see all their businesses / economic prosperity go bankrupt cause no one will want to eat from their restaurants or buy from their little green grocers anymore. I say, this cause Asians are likewise the face of Slum Landlords in Toronto Canada…they have no problems exploiting Black renters and violating housing, health and fire safety codes. This will haunt them too.

  7. Blablabla counting all the cases reported its still 0.0016% of the humanity. Regarding the fact that the world has a population of 7.5billion human

  8. THE ONLY practical way to stop COVID-19 are:

    1) Close ALL interstate & international borders (air, water & road) for about 24-30 days (which is the incubation period of the virus).

    2) EVERYBODY stay indoors for a 24-30 days quarantined period in house. ONLY people who are infected will be picked up to the hospital in a quarenteen ward/department & treated.

    3) Everybody so called "cured" from Covid-19 must be further quarantined for about 2-3 months in a special ward to monitor if they can further spread the disease (as otherwise it can lead to a foolish outbreak again as scientists have confirmed this can happen & if it does the person initially cured could end up in a deeper danger then they was when they were first exposed to Covid-19)!

    If the above is not 'enforced' by world governments NOW it may be too late later (unless a miracle cure & vaccination is out within a week or so!)

  9. Population will drop 2 to 3 percent per year for the virus and 10 percent for starving people who can't get enough food because of the sick people and empty shelves in closed stores, so end of the world as we know it within 7to10 years!!!

  10. predicted 40% to 70% will be infected, thats quite a difference lol! Why not keep it simple for the public & say at least 50% of the world? trivial talk, no mind.

  11. The AIDS virus is standing in the corner looking all 🥴…….. Herpes is 🤫…….. all because someone wanted to suck on some bat 🦇 meat. This world is going to shit, might as well enjoy it before we all die of something. Who knows, might choke on a hot dog at the ball park?

  12. Why doesn't Nasty Nancy, Schitf, Nonadlers, Schmucker wave their wands to cure the Corona virus !?!? Since they blame President Trump for everything, but have no actual solutions. 😠

  13. this stupid virus lie was planned many years ago , search you tube , the simpsons cat virus ' watch the video it describes exactly what is going on today , its a complete HOAX , do not believe a word they say about anyone dying or how it is spreading , the coronavirus is a feline virus patent in 2015 . the plan is to spread world wide panic and force vaccinations that will kill you within 3 days . they already have the military set up all over north america and they will use haarp to activate the ion dust that they have been spraying our skies with , that will cause rain clouds to form and they can make it rain for weeks at a time anywhere they aim the dish at . they have been using haarp for years to cause mass floods, and haarp is going to be the cause of the upcoming mass floods around the world , if you dont believe me , youtube search , fema floods 2020 , they are preparing for a worldwide holocaust . but it doesnt have to be that way if you wake up to the truth , keep your guns this is the event that they have spent 40 years trying to change gun laws for . this is agenda 21 and they must succeed in this genocide of the human race , but the only way they will succeed is if you let them . wake up !! all you need to know is all of those media stories are lies and they plan to exterminate billions before march 22 . keep your guns , do not obey military or police when the shit hits the fan , the are relying on you to panic and obey orders , do not go anywhere with anyone that you dont trust because they are sending you to be vaccinated at a fema location near you ,.. MILITIAS LISTEN UP!! . MARCH 8 Will be D-Day , D=Deploy , Trump & Trudeau will declare a state of federal emergency and the military will take over . GOOGLE FELINE CORONAVIRUS . FInd the reports that clearly state that it is HARMLESS TO HUMANS . Make a copy of that and keep it in your pocket and show it to anyone that tries to tell you its contagious

  14. Father god I pray that everybody will be protected by this sickness and I pray that everyone's family will be okay❤ ✝

  15. China is a world leader in their development. Even in the fashion industry they are number one. Today all world wearing beautiful face masks and some people are prettier than have been before.

  16. Thank you China, major contribution to the world and world history. Now every season there will be cold, flu and wuflu which will basically reduce the average life expectancy across the globe. CHAPEAUX!!

  17. We need to close all airports everywhere. Period. It is slowly but surely spreading everywhere. We should be very scared but the world leaders are not treating this virus at a critical enough level for successful containment. I for one, do not believe this was an accident transmitted through the market. It seems very deliberate considering the enormous city it was let upon and the beginning of spring festival where millions upon millions were headed to Wuhan from all over the world. Bad timing? Coincidence? These are questions we should be asking and demanding answers.

  18. It just shows how fragile we are as a species.

    Weve been heads down fighting amongst ourselves so long that we forgot that the human species of you and me have existed for approx 200 000 years.

    It took less than 50 years from the invention of the internet and less than 200 years of electricity for us to nearly be an interplanetary species and to be able to harness nuclear energy.

    How many times do you think we had soft resets which destroyed civ as we now it and only left us astrology and mathematics that we rediscovered thinking that our ancestors were idiots.

    How much maths do you think it took to build the largest pyramids?

    We ve had such a peaceful and unchallenged period by LUCK. Our planet is not a safe zone its a fiery living being roaring inside and is facing debris from all angles since everything in our galaxy is constantly moving very fast close to each other.

    i went on a tangeant but the point is that we as a species have AMNESIA!

    The Spanish flu (which originated from Kansas, USA), has killed 50 million people, during times when we didnt have 7 bil ppl on this planet. The death toll rivals WW2 and is swept under the rug. Many seasonal flus nowdays are remenants of old diseases, just that we have mutated to be able to fight most of them.

    Just reciting from the medieval times, smallpox killed 1/10th of the world population.

    We record a meaningful debris hitting earth every 100 years, look it up. Weve just been lucky for awhile and i think we are making the same mistakes as our ancestors.

    We need better ways to store our knowledge outside of fragile electronics and books which can easily vanish.

    In no time we will turn back to our oral traditions and be unable to connect and have electricity. What then?

    I say we scale up globalization and educate our kids to look at the skies. We are so close to discovering many secrets of time and matter. Our division will be the end of us. Just like in the movie the Arrival.

    Anyways, i love you all dont blame countries that are dealing with the virus bcuz they need love and help not your selfish rants that contribute in nothing but discord between our large and beautiful species.


  19. I don’t think it’s airborne, I think it’s a third eye disease. They’re just lying about it to get it to spread.

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  21. Just heard that a dog was tested positive in Hong Kong, now quarantined and they are wondering if it’s contagious! Colloidal silver is very good against viruses of all kinds so start buying it but better yet make it with a kit on Amazon.

  22. Mega virus= mega pharmaceutical kick backs. It’s all a fraud to gain capital. The virus isn’t a fraud the scientists who made it and spread it amongst the people are. This is population control. It’s funny how 17 billionaires had a dinner right before the outbreak happened. Knowledge is power.

  23. It has a 3% mortality rate if you do the math (although the reported numbers are probably still wrong). It's worse than the flu but not as bad as SARs or Ebola. Pretty damn contagious though. Anyone who survives will probably produce offspring that have a better immunity to it. Over time, the people that survive will learn to adjust to it like the cold and flu. Sad thing is, a lot of us will lose our parents, grand parents and family with compromised immune systems. That's what's so terrifying about this. I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried about the people I love. I have two friends living with HIV, so I guess I'll have to use their meds when things get bad.

  24. Great news!
    The earth and nature will certainly be happy if 70% of human population gets wiped out due to this covid 19 virus.

  25. Corona:"your time is over! Now its MY TURN TO RULE!"
    Common flu:"nooo! I don't believe it! You are lying!"
    Corona:"search in your hard! Its the truth!"
    Common flu:"NOOOO! "

  26. Ha ha! seasonal flu just got 200X Deadlier, no vaccine and we all gonna get it multiple times Bummer!
    I hear it makes you sterile, and makes your heart explode second time around.

  27. From Italy 😠
    Well China, since you are clearly recovering consider abolishing the costum of eating dogs all over the country including your countrymen from rural areas!!! Literally shocked after watching Yulin's videos published!!!

  28. literally overnight i find norway, algeria, nigeria, brazil, and new zealand with their first cases and the first presumed case of person-person transmission of the virus in the US

  29. What is there to stop? We haven't stopped the cold have we? Billions are infected with the cold virus and flu virus each year and hundreds of thousands die as a result of it. The fact that they keep showing us the numbers going up is trying to put fear in people. Do people even realize that 55 million humans die every year? More than half of that is not from old age but due to diseases like cancer, heart, respiratory, other ailments, and such? COVID 19 linked deaths only about 3000, all other diseases killing 35-40 million per year…. and nobody bats an eye….just saying….let's have some perspective people.

  30. Spanish Flu from CNN interviewed expert: It was horrible because health officials didn't tell the truth. ME: China coronavirus and the communist regime didn't tell the truth either. Only South Korea is telling the truth.

  31. With planes still flying across even internationally, carrying people who may be incubating Covid-19 without having ANY symptoms or even the knowledge that they are spreading the epidemic to become a pandemic across borders!!!

  32. A quick question to world governments:

    What exactly are the poor airport staff actually scanning for in passengers day in & day out!?… fever!!!???

    Newsflash: Scientists has already discovered that Covid-19 can be transmitted to others during the incubation period (24-27 days!!!) without even having any symptoms of the disease (including fever!!!)

    Some governments scratch their heads & try figuring out "how" the virus invaded a person with no travel history to Wuhan!!!

    Simple Answer: Many of the poor airport staff must have been infected by now spreading the virus to their local neighborhood, coffee shops, shopping centres etc people who may have no international travel history!!!

    How foolish of the world governments asking this dumb question who have still not enforced international lockdown!!

  33. If you have asthma like my wife, your in big trouble! This scares the shit out of me for her! I know how bad the flu effects her so I can only imagine how bad this can effect her!

  34. Event 201 as planned. Men are sterilized in mass numbers by covid19 which is men made in a lab in Wuhan. Thank you Bill and Melinda. 👏👏👏


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