Cruz on spying: This wasn’t Jason Bourne, this was ‘Beavis and Butt-head’

100 thoughts on “Cruz on spying: This wasn’t Jason Bourne, this was ‘Beavis and Butt-head’

  1. HMMMP HMMMPFYEAHAHAHA!! FIRED!! FIRED!!! Ok, on a semi-serious note, I'm getting awfully suspicious of YT's communist/socialist-like strategies. If we can't ban your video, we'll just make you place a hundred ads in it so one will play every ten seconds and maybe you''ll give up trying to watch content we deem as damaging to our progressive socialist agenda. If I were to watch a Trump bashing video from a lib channel, I'm pretty certain it wouldn't be riddled with this many interruptions/distracting "breaks" if any at all.

  2. ted—–the FBI confiscated 85 videos immediately after that cruise missile hit the PENTAGON—–proving there were many fbi agents in on the conspiracy

  3. Man I think we have all been under a false sense of justice! They have committed crimes against Humanity . They have undermined our President and subverted his Presidency to make it impossible for him to govern as the will of the people. They have spied with out evidence on innocent American people. Violated the peoples Constitutional rights from the President on down. They have made fun of and ridiculed the President and other main people. They have financially ruined people lives and their families. They have weaponized the very fabric and authority of law against the people and our President . They have lied and cheated and did it all deliberately.

  4. Thank you Mr Cruz.
    We need all intelligent and courageous men like you to get together and start throwing the crooks in jail.
    We are so sick of the government and if you good men can't fix this we are lost as a democracy

  5. The Dems prove the case for term limits. Our founding fathers, who they love to remind us about when it is convenient, never intended for their positions to be life-long deals.

  6. … sooo, beavis and butthead gotcha shook then? Sounds catty to me.

    I knew a Horwitz back in the day. In 2nd grade I was standing before the class trying to read/speak my assigment amd he's sitting in the back row eating his boogers – Pure truth and zero doublespeak.

  7. Very scary days. Democrats has shown that they are willing to use all the nation's mechanisms to create and incriminate even the PRESIDENT of the United States! Imagine what they would do to an everyday citizen?!

  8. Over a few beers, we concocted this fiction story, and through our contacts we
    Pedalled it ,through Our News Buddies,
    With no thought for the millions it could
    HV done for Less well off beings, and tied
    Up all channels for a period of three years,
    And none of us is in Jail.. Ain't it, a wonderful country…Ha ha. Shucks

  9. Why are NONE of these FBI Criminals behind Bars? They love to put Innocent people behind bars so Why are these Actual criminals Not In Jail? We Need to put them their ourselves?

  10. I don't trust Cruz ever since I learned his father killed JFK and that he had all those affairs. Plus is wife is super ugly. I'm for Trump ALL THE WAY. He speaks TRUTH and will fight for what is right! Putin is our FRIEND and I thank him every day for giving us TRUMP. Yay!!!

  11. Ted is pissed off. Abuse of power for political gain is actually found bought and paid for by the DNC and deception in a FISA application is exposed to take down a presidential candidate and serving president is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. What else have the DNC been up to?

  12. After the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings and now this contrived impeachment, the Democrats have proved conclusively that there is nothing they will not do for power. They are the greatest threat to our Republic today and hopefully the American public is beginning to understand that now.

  13. I typed in Cassandra Cruz and got this BS. YouTube! I just wanted to see a Muy Hermosa Mami, but no I get a video of a nonsense hurricane. 😔SMH

  14. How can Americans be dumb enough to trust the left wing justice department and press that turns a blind eye to this injustice.

  15. The deep state fabricated evidence to spy on Trump illegally and now they want to impeach him? Deep state operatives need to be sent to prison like the Watergate operatives were. People in high places need to be held accountable for this.

  16. Please search Amazon for books using "kids American history" to see how biased the results are. Nearly all books are about minorities. According to Amazon white men did nothing to influence the nation in a positive way.

  17. Republican Christians united to Impeach Trump. Send him back to Mar a Lago – that is where the depravity began….Before he completely destroys the Republican Party! Go Pense!

  18. Dear mr. Cruz i think you should be next with the title of Mr.president that sounds fitting of you .you have what it takes to wear that name.god bless you..

  19. I guess Hilary and the DNC is Above the Law. So Nobody went to Prison.
    Just a couple of FBI lost their jobs.
    I guess everybody is ok with that.

  20. yeah as a democrat myself im pretty aware of whats going on and i really feel mislead by netwoks i do watch… all of that just because a Republican friend of mine just said to me "Mark..just give fox news a try and watch it and after we can speak", i never felt more stupid and humiliated in my life, my view about politics just changed a lot after watching Fox for just 3 days..i really feel the truth is on their side, they speak with authority and transparency is just visible how much lying the left has been spreading…the last Don Lemon monologue about a funny meme about Trump, was a big flag for me, how in the world a network like CNN is making news because a meme? As a devoted democrat for years, and to be honest, im just confused on Who to vote 2020. This was like a click on my head and im pretty mad to be honest

  21. When Beavis and Butthead come up in Congress, I know I am going to see the destruction of the United States from within at the hands of alien people.

  22. I'm calling all my fellow American brothers and sisters to come together as one and let's put together a class action lawsuit against these crooked lying I don't even know what the really call them other than demons where they belong in prison for a very long time and they should never ever be able to hold public office again! I think we've been more than patient, but enough is enough! We need to look out for the future of our children and grandchildren and they won't have a future if we don't stand together and say enough is enough! I don't care about looking politically correct being polite to these idiots tell the truth shame the devil they need to be in prison! They lock children up in prison for selling a piece of crack but some want to pacify these grown idiots who think they can continue to lie to us make and break laws as they go along no we are fed up with this BS and we are not going to take it anymore and we should not take it anymore! Enough is enough Let's help our president drain the swamp! Let's blood the phone line of New Station Congress the offices the White House and let's not stop until we see something done about these criminals remember our tax dollars employ them!

  23. I just think if one of us had falsified documents and presented it to the court or even lied to the court it would not even take a good 30 minutes for you to be going off to serve your jail sentence so why should it be any different for these people I'm not understanding this we should be on fire as American people! We need to make sure that these people end up in prison where they belong!

  24. Cruz in 2024. Trump was an @$$ to him but Cruz was a grown up and decided to do what was right for the country, both Trump and Cruz have really improved in the past three years. People change, and I will be supporting Trump in 2020. I was wrong about Trump, and Cruz is amazing!

  25. What an absolutely gut wrenching abuse of power. An institution that is put in place to protect the American people, tarnishes their name by taking a political side and trying to use their power to control aspects of the government. We need a revision of the FBI, DOJ, and CIA

  26. We all know how corrupted the FBI, CIA, NSA, and many others were so corrupted under Clinton and Obama watch. At least the military still for the people and not for the corrupted governments officials. They should be more afraid now because they are behind President Trump and if this government continues on this path we demand the President Trump call in the military to round up and arrest all these traitors and treasonous people.

  27. There needs to be trials,convictions and JUSTICE. This was a coup attempt started by the Hillary Clinton sycophants,if not Hillary Clinton herself. I believe that our Republic hangs in the balance.

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