Cyberpunk 2077/Witcher 4 News & Rumors – Action figures, Future Games & More…

Greetings Earthlings!
Welcome to the MadQueen Show! I am your host the MadQueen. On today’s menu we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 / The Witcher news video for you, so a CD Projekt RED news video in general, and
today we have several things for you, you’ll find the time stamps for the different subjects
in the description. Let’s go for it. We’re going to start with the Witcher, because
thanks to the success of the series by Netflix, the Witcher 3 is on the top again, the Wild
Hunt is seeing its biggest concurrent player counts since 2016 and is currently the #3
Best Selling game on Steam in the United States, I’m sure the 70% discount offered on Steam
and GOG has also something to do with it, added to the spectacular sales of the port
for the Nintendo Switch yes, please, people, keep throwing money at their faces because
you know what it means: more budget for games. If you didn’t play the Witcher there is
a spectacular offer on GOG in a pack that includes the enhanced edition of the Witcher
1 and 2, the Game of the Year edition of the Witcher 3 which includes both expansions,
Thronebreaker, the Witcher adventure game, and the preorder of Cyberpunk 2077, and if
you already have one of those games you get a redeem code for it so you can give it away
to a friend, and I’m not paid to tell you this, I wish. Still a great offer. Talking about GOG, you’re going to love
me for letting you know the long-lost Blade Runner adventure game returned thanks to GOG,
you can find this Cyberpunk classic of classics there if you didn’t play it back in the
day, to understand why the praise from gamers and critics was universal, this may also soothe
you hype for Cyberpunk 2077, I’m seriously considering playing it again, really, this
game is awesome in ways I don’t have enough words to describe. While you’re on it, you can try the GOG
Galaxy 2.0. Open Beta, the platform to connect multiple
platforms that was created as a response to the greed of the Epic Games Store, it’s
only on beta so this is the perfect moment to try it and provide as much feedback as
possible so it’s corrected to be the platform that gamers want. And, again, I’m not paid to tell you all
this, but I wouldn’t mind receiving a redeem code to play Blade Runner on stream… ejem… Back to the Witcher, the success of the Witcher
series by Netflix is happening in spite of the polarized reviews on the show, as it seems
that many critics can’t tell the difference between Game of Thrones and the Witcher, and
they also tend to forget that viewers may have the capacity of forming their own opinions
about things, and viewers can also sometimes be better informed, if you want more information
on this subject you can watch the video that Last Known Meal did about it, as he’s experienced
in production and he’s been covering the series for a while, he’s better qualified
to talk about it, you’ll find a link to his video in the description. More Witcher: according to CD Projekt RED,
the studio and the writer of the Witcher saga Andrzej Sapkowski finally reached an agreement
on the rights of the characters, which, on the words of the President of CD Projekt Adam
Kiciński “marks a new stage in our continued relationship”, this opened the door to speculation
about the potential fourth game on the Witcher saga, rumor that has been floating around
for long, and this is good news indeed, on the other hand, it makes me wonder about the
quality of this potential 4th game: if you played the 3 Witchers you can see that the
progression from the first to the third has been spectacular so a 4th game can be crazy
if we add the experience they acquired developing Cyberpunk 2077. From the Witcher we go to Cyberpunk 2077:
the collectible toys company founded by the former Spiderman illustrator and creator of
Spawn Todd McFarlane, called McFarlane toys, let the name make clear who owns it, will
be in charge of creating action figures for the Cyberpunk 2077 characters, so far the
news revolve only around figures for V and Johnny Silverhand, and it is not known if
they will also develop other characters that have not been revealed yet. This is good news indeed, as McFarlane toys
is known amongst collectors for offering a good relation between quality and price because
high-quality action figures, trust me, they are not cheap, and in this case, we’re talking
about figures that go from 25 dollars to 40. These figures join the Geralt Rōnin Figure
and the Ciri and the Kitsune Figure that are already available on CD Projekt RED’s merchandising
store. Unstoppable power Unlimited access make the impossible happen
with Cobalt V9 By Agent Available in selected stores
6/9/2977 This news on merchandising revolving around
Cyberpunk 2077 adds to the rumor that the computer hardware manufacturer, subsidiary
of DELL, Alienware will commercialize laptops and peripherals related to Cyberpunk 2077,
although the base of the rumor seems pretty solid, please keep in mind that this is only
a rumor. Great if true, because Alienware is known
for its good quality and I need new headphones. Another juicy rumor started when the Lead
Quest designer of Cyberpunk 2077 Paweł Sasko tweeted that developers received a Cyberpunk
2077 comic book for Christmas, although it is thought that the content of this comic
book is something that we will see inside the game, it is not known if the printed version
is going to be available for the general public or if it’s only available to developers. Last but not least, in spite of the continuous
attacks on Cyberpunk 2077 and CD Projekt RED that we’ve seen since past E3 2019, the
visible success of CD Projekt in different fronts translated on the shares of the company reaching a historical peak at the end of this year. During the presentation of the financial results of the company for the 3rd Quarter, the vice president of CD Projekt and Chief Financial
Officer Piotr Nielubowicz explained Cyberpunk 2077 has entered into the final stage of creation,
their marketing campaign for the game is ramping up and they began internal and external testing
of the game and started to localize it into each language that will be supported. In the matter of supported localized languages,
I’d like to add myself to this petition to create a localized version of the game
for American Spanish, as currently only European Spanish has been announced, the reason for
asking this localized version is that in spite of both languages being the same in its core
there are very significant differences, for instance, the word we use in European Spanish
to “pick up things” in American Spanish it means fucking, so imagine how immersion-breaking
it is that the game is constantly telling you to have sex with your loot. And it sounds like one of my usual jokes but,
no, this is actually true. So I think people who plan on playing Cyberpunk
2077 and speak American Spanish will join me in respectfully requesting CD Projekt RED
to reconsider their decision and create a specific localization for these players to
avoid the localization to be immersion-breaking. For a complete breakdown on the info that
we could see in the financial results, again Last Known Meal is preparing a video on it,
so you can watch it because I don’t have more hands to cover everything and he does
an awesome job, link in the description, go watch him. And this is all that I have for you today,
if you’d like to see the news on Cyberpunk 2077 in real-time don’t forget to follow
on Twitter at @madqueenshow, I always post everything there first, before I make a video
about it, or even info that I don’t have time to make a video about, so Twitter is
a great source to be the first in learning the last. See you in next videos and stay being amazing.

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  1. I'm afraid my headphones are broken and I had to edit this with a crappy one, so my apologies if there are weird things with the sound, I will solve this as soon as possible 🙂

  2. I heard you Queen, on my way to Warsaw to start screaming at CDPR, don't you worry about the langauge, sorry for missing another stream.

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  4. lets be honest pro critics are done for… at this point if the mainstrem critis are praising the show, any show, only then would i get worried.

  5. I still wish GOG would get Freelancer. I have checked, re-checked, and checked again, over the past years and never seen it. I've seen the request topics, but never the game itself.
    I did play about 30 minutes of The Witcher 2, but it is a game/series that I just can't get into.
    Alienware is owned by Dell, and I have had one stance on Dell for the past I don't know how many years. Screw Dell!
    Immersion breaking? Maybe. Funny as hell? Definitely.

  6. omg >_<! yes please! I hope you can do american spanish. It's what I'm trying to learn now and I'd love to be able to play cyberpunk 2077 in american spanish

  7. I’m just hyped as a whole with all this news. I’m hopeful that Witcher 4 will revolve around Ciri or a another Witcher in the universe. Those figures look great as well and I can’t wait to see how the final products come out. I would ask this though, did you see about the Petition to make the platinum trophy “Your Breathtaking”?

  8. JAJAJA es es muy cierto haca en latino américa la palabra "coger" significa "follar" y si muchas veces cuando juegas juegos por primera ves que solo están doblados al español de Europa se siente algo raro así como otras palabras

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  10. Critics have also not been watching the witcher, literally watch the first two and last episodes, then write their review

  11. Lately every single sequel to beloved franchises has been utter trash so I'd rather NOT have a witcher 4 game.

  12. Me encanta ver este tipo de videos contigo! Y vaya, ojalá cd project red reconsidere el doblaje a español latino. Saludos! 😊😊😊

  13. As for localizations, personally I find lip movement not matching the words spoken a greater immersion breaker than any words with a strange meaning. Even if the game were localized into my native Swedish, I'd still play the English version. So I'd rather see money was spent on other things than translating the game into a bazillion languages.

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  16. 06:16 The comic book is available on Gamestop Italy as a bonus with the CE,

  17. The game will have Latin American Spanish localization, no Voice Over but everything will be localised to it, including your example.

  18. Didn't they specifically state that there would be no Witcher 4 and that Geralt's story was over. Maybe it could be Ciri's game this time or another character.

  19. Checked out your "About" and the build. Impressive. I did notice that you are using a "Spinner" for back up and Storage and M.2 for the boot. I have been using SSDs for my back up and Storage these days and an NVMe M.2 for my Boot. My Motherboard ( ASUS RoG Strix ) can handle three NVMe M.2 drives. I have played all three Witcher games multiple times, but for some reason only lukewarm on Cyberpunk 2077. Do you realize that 2077 was the year the bombs fell in the Fallout games?

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    And I think most of us would like to see a Blade Runner let's play on your channel.

  22. I think a 4th Witcher game that revolves around co-op, open world would be so much fun. Like literally take the Witcher 3 map with some special missions and stuff, a story, monster contracts, would be so fun! You could create your own Witcher and just hunt with your friends.

  23. Hell I'm surprised they didn't localize it for say Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Cuban dialects of Spanish. After all far more of the world population speaks and understands American Spanish in comparison.

  24. If the witcher 4 happens and is made to create your very own witcher I would love it if I could do something like cyberpunk 2077 and use monster parts as well to make my O.C.

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