De Niro lands legal trouble after vulgar voicemail emerges

100 thoughts on “De Niro lands legal trouble after vulgar voicemail emerges

  1. Hit him where it counts .. the pockets and let him go live on skid row / this little wanna be gangster really thinks he’s tough and.ironically he really did shine shoes in the 60s

  2. Trump sued thousand of times and claims of sexual harassment before he was Potus somebody is forgetting something on purpose!

  3. Dinero "allegedly" helped Harvey Weinstein sexually assault young women at Dinero's Tribeca restaurant by giving him an "after hours" location and serving alcohol. This IS a serious crime.

    “The people preaching the loudest are usually hiding the most”

    -Tucker Carlson

  4. Hey socialist communist puke!
    Yeah I'm talking to you!
    Want to make something of it?
    The taxi driver wasn't just acting but being his own arrogant self.
    What a smuck!

  5. robert de niro— you know what he did to bridget fonda in jackie brown it like i am glade the young lady wasn't close to him when he went off . now i love his last scene in that movie . if you haven't watched it please watch JACKIE BROWN

  6. These comments are a joke. Must be kids making them. Deniro is a legend none of you will ever get to. Now because he talks to his shitty assistant in a shitty way you guys are getting butt hurt about it but saying that HE'S the sensitive liberal. Might want to check your own card. Lol. Many of you walked around quoting his movies and lines for decades but now you want to crap on him just to be a troll and feel a part of something. Get a life loser.

  7. In Gods name why is this Juan clown still on air? Everything that comes out his mouth sound so childish, stupid and always anti Trump even my dog started baking today!

  8. Why is he always ranting???? He seems like a very unhappy man .. lol .. I guess money really can't buy you happiness after all

  9. I had a boss EXACTLY like that who was the owner/lawyer at the law firm I worked at. Turns out, even if you scream at someone and degrade someone for years to the point of a nervous breakdown, it's not at all illegal! Haha
    Found that out the hard way.
    Unless you can prove that they are treating you that way because of your gender or disability or sexual orientation, etc.
    Moral of the story: no job is worth working for a person that behaves like Gordon Ramsay.
    Oh and Robert Deniro is a piece of garbage hypocrite just like so many other male liberals.

  10. This done actor thinks his a mobster. What a joke 😂 he's turned out to be. Go have another drink and PLEASE no more shitty movies.

  11. The thing is a fkn sloppy fkn pig..Satan's Servant..halfwit wanna be Italian…sick old prick..

  12. Those who support the Democratic party can say any thing evil against us and it's called free speech, but when we respond back with the truth then it's hate speech and they seek to silence us. Robert de Nero needs to eat some soap that might help to clean up his hate speech.

  13. Celebrities don't ever have to face the consequences of their behavior…even after the get everything handed to them they still at like entitled twits..

  14. Wow, so when Juan is wrong their crazy but when they agree with Juan, Juan is all douchy about it. So, the only real delusional person there is Juan.

  15. Well well , now the anti American has to explain why he abuse this girl . I hope she make him regret it . MAGA 2020.

  16. I'm so happy I'm doing the futter whackin!.. hope she whacks him.. and Juan shut the hell up you useless piece of liberal crap.
    I used to watch this show.. no moe… not til Juan is gone.

  17. De Niro has been exhibiting strange behaviors of late related to a sitting President. If he lives in California or another 'red flag' state perhaps he needs to be checked to see if he owns any firearms and if so be investigated? Wishful thinking, I know, because of his serious case of TDS he is most welcome in those progressive states.

  18. This "actor" cannot clearly define what it is about Trump he despises, generally it is a rant that is to expletive deleted as oxygen is to living biological beings on earth. De Ziro.s narrative is boorish and vulgar, he has made comments about the sitting POTUS that were both degrading and menacing, secret service action worthy in my eyes. His complete lack of class makes Trump's look like the paragon of professional practice, etiquette and ethical behavior, Trumps supporters will concede that's saying something.
    The most effective, committed to his promises and results oriented POTUS in my lifetime…..and that as well is saying something, TRUMP 2020

  19. I always said it : He looks mentally ill (especially when he laughs) and he is mentally ill. This old circus clown actually thinks that he’s a TOUGH guy ! He’s really a scared little rabbit 🐇

  20. Ignore the White Elephant in the Room,,,an Adams Apple As Big as an Elephant on [her],, Deniro wanted To Play with and was Snubbed by [IT]

  21. De Ziro sounds like he is stuck in his character in Casino , & Goodfellas !! His problem is that he needs some comeuppance by being slapped so fck'ng hard that he drools & pisses himself …. then being stood over with one foot on his crotch and being made to apologize until it's convincing & believable that it IS WITH absolute sincerity !!
    Have A Nice Day & Don't Be Ugly !! 😎

  22. the dems are the ones with the skeletons and to cover up there own misery they virtual signal the loudest. But I still love Robert De Niro he cool

  23. This what makes people Laugh when you have a Hollywood Actor like De Niro Hating some one. This actor should be ashamed of hating anyone when his own private life is a shame.What is thre perfect about you De Niro that you can hate the President so much?

  24. I just watched "The Irishman". I was hesitant due to DeNiro's political rants against Trump. I thought I could look past that and enjoy a Scorcese film about the Philadelphia area I grew up in.. In a word, the film sucked. All I could see was that angry liberal asshole's face.. his range of emotion did not change through the whole film.. he wore that down turned I hate Trump mouth through the whole film. Besides that they did an awful job on the GGI trying to make than bent, angry liberal asshat into a young man. It was comical to see the old man body trying to kick someone down on the street with a younger CGI face. DeNiro you suck.

  25. Bobby Bobby listen Bobby——— take your BP medication & put your feet up. You’re too old to get So wired , over nada. It’s all going to work out the WAY It’s supposed to, because The WAY is inREAL control. BReathhhh

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