Dean Ambrose DONE With WWE?! MAJOR Becky Lynch WWE Update! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte are
officially main eventing WrestleMania! Triple H puts his career on the line! And is this
finally the end of Dean Ambrose in WWE? Also, there’s been a big backstage update
on the future of Becky Lynch! It’s not a suspension for once.
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– as I review the 25th March, 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw. Michael Cole opened the show by revealing
WrestleMania 35 will be main evented – for the first time ever – by lady people. Ronda
Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte will close the biggest show of the year, in the crowning
achievement for WWE’s Women’s Evolution about a decade behind everyone else. And because
WWE have announced it, there’s no possible way they’ll change their minds several times
before then, and then again on the day itself. You were meant to start the show, Kofi Kingston
gauntlet. So to carry on the WrestleMania main event
storyline momentum just two episodes out we got… … a Beat the Clock challenge that Ronda
openly called stupid. After Rousey, Becky and Charlotte each tried
to take credit for getting the Mania main event, Ronda set the pace by beating Sarah
Logan in 1 minute 25 seconds. Charlotte couldn’t make Ruby Riott tap in
time. And despite being taken out by Charlotte at
the start, getting suspended, injured, reinstated, arrested, suspended again and then medically
cleared – it was a hell of an 80 seconds – Becky managed to roll up Liv Morgan beating Ronda’s
time. A fine little story of one-up-womanship between
the three opponents, and it was nice to see how Ronda’s competitiveness made her hang
around despite trashing the clock gimmick at the start, but this was the penultimate
Raw episode before WrestleMania, and this did not feel bigtime.
And dash any hopes for a hotter go-home segment next week, as it was announced that Ronda,
Charlotte and Becky would all be teaming up… to take on the Riott Squad – a team they all
just beat in a laughably quick amount of time. Finn Balor was booked to take on Bobby Lashley
and Lio Rush in another handicap match next. But because Rush wasn’t medically cleared,
those dastardly heels had a far more devious partner in mind… Jinder Mahal.
It went about as well as you would expect, with Finn pinning Mahal after a Coup De Grace.
At least it was over quickly. We then got the first of three Elias Does
New York segments, hyping his WrestleMania 35 musical appearance. They were actually
pretty funny, with his guitar case and busking money being stolen behind him at one point.
Elias is a great character for these sorts of pre-taped skits, and I wish they’d do
more stuff like this with him. Well known established tag team Aleister Black
and Ricochet beat The Revival in a non-title match next. No matter how fast or impressively
Black and Ricochet move, they’re on the Raw tag division treadmill – which means,
ultimately, they’re going nowhere. Drew McIntyre is an odd one. I always love
his matches, his look, the way he wrestles and his promo delivery, but he struggles to
actually maintain any heat from week-to-week. And given the last few weeks of beating up
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, the crowd should’ve been a lot hotter for him from the start.
Reigns accepted Drew’s WrestleMania challenge, and then beat him up for insulting his family
– until McIntyre hit him in the Smaller Dog with a low blow, and laid him out with a Claymore.
A wild Ambrose then appeared backstage – I thought you were gone – to set up the night’s
Last Man Standing main event with McIntyre. By this point in the show, babyfaces had won
every match so far. So when massively over hometown girl Sasha Banks took on Natalya
in a pretty decent match, Nia Jax and Tamania caused a double DQ.
Banks was an afterthought, but Beth Phoenix looked great laying out Tamina with a Glam
Slam. Sasha said backstage afterwards that her and Bayley would take them all on – SmackDown’s
IIconics included – at WrestleMania. And then in a lovely moment, WWE played the
video package for The Hart Foundation’s Bret Hart and Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart
going into this year’s Hall of Fame, cutting back to Natalya in the ring crying for her
recently-passed father. For the first time in its terrible history
so far, A Moment of Bliss was held in the actual ring rather than on the stage. It didn’t
help. Alexa was a babyface today, for those keeping track, when she welcomed Braun Strowman
to the ring to diffuse the situation with Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost and Michael
Che The crowd sounded bored as Che and Jost entered
each other in the WrestleMania Battle Royal, which Alexa made official after joking she
didn’t have the authority to make it happen. Which was a funny line, and you gotta laugh,
because if you don’t – you’ll drive yourself mad trying to figure out how authority figures
work in WWE. Speaking of authority figures – former acting
Raw General Manager Baron Corbin – everything’s your fault, Baron Corbin – came out next to
beat Apollo Crews in a few minutes. It’s too late for you, Crews… you’re now stuck…
in Baron Corbin’s… midcard vortex! Michael Cole said that after WrestleMania,
Seth Rollins wants to be known as the Beastslayer. Why wait? *cough* Ooooh Beastslayer.
I wasn’t that into Seth’s ‘Brock doesn’t inspire people’ and ‘WWE Universe’ content,
but the ever-reliable Paul Heyman added a much needed layer to the segment – falling
over when backing away from Rollins, letting Seth literally drop the mic on him after saying
he’ll burn down Suplex City. Because Brand Split LOL, the latest stop on
Kurt Angle’s Better People You Could’ve Faced At WrestleMania Retirement Tour was
SmackDown’s US Champion Samoa Joe. The two had an all-time great feud and series
of matches in TNA, but watching Angle here was kind of depressing, clunkily going through
and delivering moves. He still managed to pick up the win, though – guess how? Guess
how they beat Joe? Yeah, the same way they’ve booked him losing for the last several months
– a surprise roll-up and then Joe’s angry face. Triple H based his Batista reply promo around
a letter Dave’s legal team had sent, which Hunter struggled to get out of his jacket
because it’s just so sexily tight. Triple H joked the first few pages of the letter
were lyrics to the Spice Girls’ 1996 smash-hit Wannabe – GIMME WHAT I WANT! – but then went
into serious mode – agreeing to put his career on the line, because if he can’t beat Batista
he doesn’t deserve to be in the ring anyway. This was a fantastic promo. But unfortunately the show was almost over
when the main event began – cramming a Last Man Standing stipulation into just 8 minutes.
Ambrose and McIntyre ran through the big spots as best they could, with Drew eventually winning
with a Claymore. I actually quite enjoyed the big move structure of the match, but the
staircase Claymore two weeks ago was a far more effective way to write Dean off TV, and
ultimately the company – as going by reports, he’s not booked on WrestleMania and this
is the last time we’ll see him in WWE. This was a pretty nothing episode where very
little progressed in the way of story or drama, which would be just about passable at another
point in the year but this is the penultimate show before WrestleMania. This isn’t what
I want. It’s not what I want. So this week’s Raw is Poor. And now onto Luke with the news! Thanks Oli – great review. And congrats on
your five star classic against El Fakidor yesterday! Your burns have healed rather well
after being put through a flaming table, it must be said. WWE house shows are often very different to
the TV product, with wrestlers given more freedom to improvise and generally have a
bit of fun. Never has that been more evident than at a house show event over the weekend,
where before their match Elias offered Finn Balor the chance to sing a duet with him – covering
the terrific Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the Oscar winning A Star Is Born.
Although hesitant at first, Finn just couldn’t help himself, got his paws up, and sang the
Lady Gaga part of the song. Some of our older viewers might remember that
Elias once had a surname, working in NXT as Elias Samson. However he feel victim to Main
Roster-itus – a terrible affliction where as soon as you debut on the main roster you
lose part of your identity. Rusev lost his first name, Big E lost his surname, Andrade
lost his surname and a nickname. The list goes on and on, and it’s now found a new
victim. It was revealed yesterday that Mustafa Ali
is the latest WWE wrestler to lose part of their name, with now just listing
the Smackdown star as simply Ali – with the former 205 Live star also changing his Twitter
handle to @AliWWE. Ali is not the first person to lose part of
their name and he won’t be the last, so I guess we should keep an eye out for The
Charismatic Enigma, Jeff – the 17x WWE Champion, John – and the current Intercontinental Champion,
Bob. While there has been no reports on why this
name was changed, the newly shortened name Ali took to Twitter to say he will fight for
the people. Someone who won’t be fighting for the people
going forward however is Kurt Angle, who will be having his farewell match in WWE at WrestleMania
in just two weeks. It was announced last week that the final
match of Angle’s career will be against Baron Corbin, a match that received a fair
amount of backlash from fans. And according to Justin LeBar, that was the idea. He reported
that WWE wanted fans to be angry so they would then be grateful when the company presented
a bigger and better match. However it was conversely reported by both PWInsider and
the Wrestling Observer that Angle vs. Corbin is the match that will take place unless they
change their mind. Which could end up being the case, with WrestleVotes reporting late
last week that the match was being “reconsidered” saying, “WWE did not expect this type of
negative reaction, and thus, they don’t want such a negative feel to Kurt’s final
contest.” But if the match is going to be changed, it
will have to be on the go home show for WrestleMania, as WWE were still pushing Angle vs. Corbin
as the Mania match on last night’s Raw with no hints of it being changed. And according
to Rajah, as of this past weekend that was still the plan. Interestingly though, they
add that Kurt Angle and others backstage were lobbying for the match to be changed, reporting
that Angle in particular was pushing for a WrestleMania match with John Cena instead.
Rajah report though that it, “seems WWE thinks the negative response is great for
Corbin.” It’s been heavily reported for a few months
now that John Cena will have a match at WrestleMania, but no decision has been made on who he will
face. Someone who’s WrestleMania picture is a
lot clearer though is Becky Lynch, who will compete in the main event of the show against
Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship. And according to Ryan
Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, we’re going to see a lot of Becky moving forward. Satin is reporting that Becky Lynch was recently
offered a new mutli-year deal that includes a raise – and, “she’s expected to put
pen to paper soon.” Thank you for watching and a big thank you
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