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Our next participant is Roop from B.com 1st year. Come let us hear it from her. Please welcome Roop. Oh God..She is so beautiful. Hello everyone! I am to tell.. a.. Importance of education.. 0h! gosh! English … Dude.. At least listen what she is saying.. This is not a matter of competition for me it is a matter of p..p prestige… Your student ma’am? Very good…very good English… Topic is….a…a…. indus….indusacion From Delhi to a birming..birmingm Birmingham! A..education has become a…business… Education not certificate…a…. Come of it madam… Step down… Let it be.. Go and apply for your visa madam and go to Canada…. No no… Not Canada…B.B.B.B. Birmingham.. Oh Hello! madam… Teaching us about education, you must finish your education first. Just a minute Roop….just a minute…. Ooooo……Our buddy is here…..
Thank You… Wohoooo…….Hoooooo… Wow.. I was sitting right at the backend was thinking that all this is going on is not that big a task….. But when you stand here you realize that even standing here is very difficult. This..Dice… Is also an amazing thing.. A person’s face is visible to everybody.. But no one can see those legs shivering of nervousness. I want to ask you all a question.. What is Roop’s fault..? Can anyone come on the stage and tell me … All of you are just sitting over there
and creating a fuss….Shouting… Hooting. All this is of no use,
unless you have the guts come on the stage even once. Is there anyone amongst you all.. Chum..You come on the stage. Come madam….
You may come up here on the stage.. You need courage to stand here.. And Roop has shown that courage. These applauses are for her emotions… These applauses are for her thinking… These applauses are for her guts…
for her courage. You sensational woman…..There is a lot of difference between our circumstances.. Oh..Wow..Wow. Eh ! What do you mean by Purja (A sensational woman) Tell him man! Simple….The one we respect we call him/her a purja. oh…ok…… One minute. Good Evening ma’am… Good evening! Ma’am I want to talk to you.. YES! Ma’am I really respect you.. Thank you.. and you are a very nice purja (Sensational women) What……?? Come, come let’s leave… You have such a heavy hand…. what do you eat ? what do you mean by that ? Why don’t you mind your own business. We are present here and you dare to tease ma’am…we are not dead yet…. Oh…I mean…You should respect your teacher…Like me… Sir….Sorry.. Let me get back to them first.. Ma’am you don’t mind please..let it be ma”am leave him.. They are kids you know…sometimes… Sir you please restrict yourself to your classes.. Come on ma’am..so what the classes are different..The institute is same at least…. You come with me…let me explain it to you…. Come.. Thank you Ammy… Come off it ya… There is no need to say thanks and all.. Just see our Punjabi professor.. Punjabi’s are always helpful… Ahan….I think he hits on her.. Oh! no no! he just talks his heart out… Talking your heart out….huh! I am going to do that for sure in the competition
being held the next month… Either i will shut all these loud mouths blabbering
or else I will change my name… Oh! no no! come off it… Don’t be so angry about it… This energy is ne.. ne … necessary… Necessaa.. Necessary for .. Body.. Bodily.. Growth.. Dude…! What is wrong with Sam… I think he is taking a lot of interest in Roop these days…. Oh that way ! Never Mind.. Roop…Yes…. Hi I am Sam… Who doesn’t know you. The whole college knows you… Ok listen…
I know you are preparing for your competition… Yes. So if you don’t mind…may I help you.? You really wish to help me… Of course ya! I will make sure that you win
the upcoming competition… Oh…wow… You know if you will help me… I surely would win the competition…I know… Yeah…of course…Then let’s just do it.. Wow… Sure…… Yeah sure…..Thank you so much Sam…. Ok then! Let’s go for it…. Ok.. Roop… Which is the most important thing in your life? Well…as of now…To win this competition… Ahan And…. In your life? My mom…I just can’t live without her.. ok. Roop… It’s the modern era…. And now since you have changed your style… People should change their attitude towards you.. Well I hope that it changes.. It will change for sure….. Ladies and gentlemen.. Please welcome the star of tonight.. Miss Roop… So when is the result of your exams being declared… Anytime soon bro… Oh don’t worry it will be good…. So swami ji…How is everything at home… All well ji… Our Punjabi cultural girl is now murmuring western songs. I beg your pardon… Never mind man you won’t understand it.. Con fidance… Ahan….. Confidence Confidence ij… No…confidence is… Confidence is something we all should have
and it makes us believe in ourselves. Wow ya.. wow.. You look so beautiful when you speak in english.. Punjabi Folk song being sung.. Oh man… I have forgotten the lyrics further… Swami.. Oh not you…What were the lyrics further ya. Roop is singing the folk song further.. Dude… I am telling you… You should buy this…
She looks more beautiful while talking in Punjabi. Another Punjabi folk song is being sung. Roop finishes the rest of the lyrics. Best of luck Roop.. Ohh… !! Sam.. Sam… Well, it seems your English teacher got annoyed and ran away. Now who will teach you English….. You…… Han…!! She does not talk in Punjabi and I used to fumble in English. Greetings.. Why do you fumble Mr. Bhullar, you just need some practice. Ma’am if someone teaches me with love I will beat the dust out of it. Dust? Dhood (Particles of dust) You are hopeless Mr. Bhullar! Why I am hopeless, It’s just because of you that I am trying to talk in English. Else my relations with English were just like India and Pakistan. And I have fallen flat for her waist line.. Yes!! Such a thick book you are reading, I guess you will clear the PCS exam this time. Let’s see ya.. Swami will get through the exam this time.. Even I feel so.. He deserves it as well, he will do it just wait and watch.. Hello Ammy! Greetings.. Greetings.. What are you doing here.. I have prepared a speech in English. Will you please listen to it. Where the hell have they gone.. What happened?? What sort of trouble is this.. Ammy… Ammy.. Huh.. Ammy Ammy In..n addition to using the in.n.. Inductive.. Sequence stylistic.c trch.. Techniques! Tech. Huh? What is this? No one is ready to help anyone these days.. Greetings.. Greetings.. I need a small favor from you all. I have prepared a speech for the competition.. And I want all of you to hear it and give me a genuine feedback. For sure, for sure.. Swami will give you the feedback.. And please let me know if there are any shortcomings.. Sure.. Sure..May I start? Listen carefully.. Ok! So my topic is, one should always try.. A.. I would Like to say.. That one should always try and one should never give up…. If you do not always try.. …Aaa..so if we don’t try.. How ill we get to know that we can do… Where are you rushing guys.. So…how..will we get to know that we can do this or we cannot.. So we get to know about… Oh ho oh ho.. wow.. wow.. Really you have liked my speech so much.. Oh wow.. Did you really like my speech that much.. Wow…What a great singer Mr. Manak is.. What! You were not listening to my speech till now.. What was that and what was this! Very Disgusting huh! Please don’t talk to me ever again..I am leaving right away.. Oh no no.. Roop.. listen listen Roop.. We don’t keep an eye on many girls. We think a lot before we talk.. We don’t keep an eye on many girls. We think a lot before we talk.. I saw your photo on Facebook yesterday, from that moment! My heart is beating faster. I saw your photo on Facebook yesterday, from that moment! My heart is beating faster. But it is pretty difficult to chat.. Girl.. Pretty difficult to chat.. Girl.. Don’t do too much of This That girl, This Desi guy is not very fluent with English. Don’t do too much of This That girl, This Desi guy is not very fluent with English. When I was studying in the school, at that time as well I lacked understanding in english, There city boys were smart mouths in all these things, still they used to envy us. We were having fights each and everyday. Having fights each and everyday.. Don’t do too much of This That girl, This Desi guy is not very fluent with English. Don’t do too much of This That girl, This Desi guy is not very fluent with English. My mother is looking for a good and a decent daughter in law. Every day she denies all these mod girls. She is looking for a Desi sober girl. The one who greets everyone.. She does not understand Good Night Girl.. She does not understand Goodnight.. Girl… Don’t do too much of This That girl, This Desi guy is not very fluent with English. Don’t do too much of This That girl, This Desi Guy is not very fluent with English. Guys look, a Desi gets an another Desi. You…Just a minute… Now go with him only, Go to your village and get settled there…. Meaning less villagers.. Desi Swag! Yes..We are Desi… What do you think you are… American? Who has given you the power to judge what is right and what is wrong? Don’t judge a book by its cover… And if the book is Punjabi… Don’t even think about judging it… Chuck that! let’s go. And listen! Enough of your English lectures. Next time if you try to misbehave with anyone than I will not spare you..i will slap you hard..! Just go now.. Ahan..!! You have a good command in English. If you Had helped me for my competition..I had bright chances to win it… You know what.? My Heart feels and speaks Punjabi only.. And I just listen to what my heart says.. Ok! Ok Roop listen ya… You speak really good Punjabi… If in tomorrow’s competition..You communicate in Punjabi! I am sure you will win all hearts… You are very right Ammy! But you know what.. Talking in Punjabi can only win hearts… but not the competition… ! It is important for us to understand the value of our dreams… Our attitude towards life is what makes us. So just be yourself and do whatever that makes you. Thank You! Hello everyone! Confidence… This is something we all should have…. This is something which gives us the strength to fulfill our dreams… This makes us believe in ourselves… So…Just do whatever you feel is right for you… Believe in yourself. And you might fall… You might make mistakes… But just learn from all the experiences.. Bad or Good.. and rise up…Don’t fear.. And you know this is one thing I am now full of… Thank You very much. Well that was an impressive speech… Now we have a wild card entry.. Please welcome Amrinder singh. First of all greetings to all of you from my end.. And I am very thankful to all of you… I have just heard and seen about the wild card entries in TV only… But today I made a wild card entry.. And I am very thankful to all of you… Some people sitting here would think that.. How come this Desi villager sort of a person.. Has taken the dice in an English competition… My near and dear ones.. Some of those who are close to my heart.. Would be ashamed of me and would be thinking that why is Ammy talking in Punjabi in an English competition. I am not here to preach anyone. I am just here to share a story with you. I am here to talk my heart out. And today I would not hide myself behind this dice. In fact, today my legs would not shiver of nervousness as well. And today my voice would not be wobbly as well… This story is of a mother and her small little kid…. The kid doesn’t know anything.. The mother teaches him how to speak…How to read and even how to write. She teaches him how to walk. That mother teacher her son about the world and its affairs…. And makes him a successful human being… Now the son has an elite social circle to be with. So one normal day. The mother goes to her son’s office to please her eyes seeing him working..To see his success. And then his colleagues stared debunking him…humiliating him telling that seeing his mother they came to know that he is a Desi villager kind of a man…. He feels ashamed of himself. And when he reaches home he tells his mother…Mom don’t come to my office … You should not come to my office… My colleagues laugh at me… Not only office you should not even come to my club… Not even in my parties… When I will be done and exhausted I will come myself to rest my head in your lap…I will meet you once I am back in the night… I will meet you everyday. But you don’t visit my places.. But you please don’t step out of the house… That very mother…Who taught him how to walk, how to talk. Explained the world and its affairs to him. Made a successful person out of him. And that son…Caged his mother in the four walls of the house.. Do you all know… Who is that mother..? It’s our Mother tongue Punjabi. Who taught us how to speak. How to walk… Explained the world to us.. And made a successful being out of us… And today, We have caged her in our houses. And the person who doesn’t love his own mother. I hate that person like anything… I am proud of my Mother tongue Punjabi… I am proud of my mother… And a few people. A few people think that one can only win hearts by talking on our Mother tongue Punjabi…. Not competitions…. May be because they never heard what their heart had to say… You should always listen to what your heart says…. And my heart…..Talks… Feels only Punjabi. The person who does not listen to his own heart…. Is a liar person and a fake person.. And if you are a successful Punjabi. So all of you make a promise with me today…. That we will never forget and leave behind our Mother tongue Punjabi. Because in our success lies the success of our Mother.. And in our success lies the success of our Mother tongue Punjabi. Thank You so much.

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  4. Kitni deep meaning baat bol gya veer ji
    Language koi vi sikho lekin jithe apni boli bolne vaste shram lagge bs smjo tussi maa di bezatti kr rhe ho.

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  6. Bahut vadia movie aa sir jihni tarif kra ohni Khat aa tarif iss movie li Umeed aa hor movies Tuhadia ave di Dekhan nu Milan Gud job and best of luck dear sir and congrats


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