100 thoughts on “Dow plunges 800 points amid recession fears

  1. Obama inherited an economic mess. He turned it around , while fighting off the tea party. He got the economy going in the right direction. Trump’s economy is going along the same trajectory that Obama left him with. Trump hasn’t done much. The Federal Reserve has kept the economy going on the straight and narrow. Trump’s trade war will crash the economy.

  2. Wallstreet needs to chill !!!!! Way to sensitive these days ! Everytime someone takes a crap it drops 200 points !!!!!

  3. Looks like some people want to pressure Trump to stop imposing tariffs on China.
    Won't work.
    Trump will keep his tariffs on China.

  4. This is so lame. It's a standard 10% correction (which is really 9.7% in most cases). September will be a run up again, level off and you get your October downturn. Standard head and shoulder pattern on the charts.

  5. Trump must be glad about this. It seems like his policies are designed to get him beat in 2020,. Doesn't want the job and never did.

  6. Breaking News: As financial markets tumbled
    again Wednesday over concerns about a trade war with China and unrest in Hong
    Kong, White Nationalist President took to Twitter to request a one-on-one
    meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping (Strong Leader). The tweet appeared
    to be the latest effort by the White Nationalist to get a hold of jittery
    markets in which investors are concerned about the administration's
    relationship with China and an ongoing trade dispute that shows little sign of
    ending. “The tweets make the U.S. White Nationalist leader look rattled.” “It’s
    clear the most positive thing the white nationalist president can do is suggest
    he’s ready to wind down the trade wars.” It is a sad day, The Great Leader
    blinked first. It appears he is crawling on his knees to the Chinese communists
    for a lifeline.

  7. Could the Tariffs be a front to bring economic collapse so the Chinese and Russian governments can benefit from the gold prices being driven up in an economic collapse? Hasn't China and Russia been amassing Gold Bullion for the past 10 years since the U.S. is no longer on the gold standard? Could this be a front for all that? To bring down Western macro economics while aiding China And Russian rise in global economic power backed by gold? Aren't Gold price going up now? Last I looked 1.5K per ounce from 1.2 k months ago. That's pretty fast. Isn't the yield on the treasury notes at current pointing to a major U.S. recession? Did the Dow Jones Loose 800+ points today? Looks like it's all happening now?

  8. Thanks Trump!! "Great economy this is!" 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 The buck stops with him, But somehow, it wasn't his fault??? 🤔
    The king of finger pointing and making excuses. 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. I find it funny how TRUMP said China will pay for all the tariffs.. But he is delaying the tariffs cause of the holiday shopping .. Well to all those trumpsters who are still in denial. Trump is a dumbass cuz That's him saying prices do go up and the consumers end up paying for it…

    Trump has played chicken before and lost, filling bankruptcy on numerous occasion.. Unfortunately hes playing with something bigger he doesn't seem to understand. What a loser🤦‍♂️

  10. They shouldn't of let all them foreign governments buy in. Them folks have the power to get together and plan crashes. What did they expect for them to be polite. We're in for a Venezuela nightmare.

  11. The Trump house of cards is about to collapse! The US government is running $1 trillion deficits just to stimulate an economic growth of 2.1%. $1 trillion of artificially created excess demand that wouldn't otherwise exist! With US debt already over 100% GDP, imagine what will happen when the recession comes. The US is going to become Venezuela with iPhones; a banana republic without bananas! 🤣🤣

  12. I can’t wait to see with the little boy in the White House has to say about this, he will probably blame Hillary LOL.

  13. Trump promised to eliminate debt in 4 years; he increased it. He promised to win the easy trade war in China; he didn’t. He promised Mexico would pay for the wall; It won’t. His tax cuts were going to trickle down and spur the economy; they didn’t. What a great president.

  14. Well it would seem besides voter fraud we are going to get a lot of bad news,, possibly created by an enemy before 2020…I guess The President is going to have to roll up his sleeves again..

  15. We’re always heading for a recession the question is when. Chinese trade war has really sped the process. I wonder how the Trumpbros will put the blame on Libs lol

  16. Good ole Republican economics. Crash the economy get kicked out of office then blame the Democrats. Stupid voters forget stupid Republicans cause the recession and get reelected then enact the same b.s. policy's that caused the recession. As long as their buddy's get rich they don't care.


    His guard was told ot leave and stand down no guards.

    He was put off suicide watch 1 hour before.

    He had the book a secret book because he worked for the MASSOD of ISREAL to get all the dirt on politicians and kings were were into kindo puedo.

    CLinton on trip to puedo island 29 times

    Jeb Bezos of amaozn 1 time

    many many more

    and yes it was the Talmud Babylonians who control media who has the most ot lose. hint.

  18. Ya… Someone tell trump delusional supporters that this idiot was a terrible business man. That aside….. A recession was warned already a while ago by the same mane who warned us before Obama. Well ontop of screwing with the middle and lower class on taxes ect….. Screw the banks a d the market too. Why not… Screws with everything els.


  20. Hey Trumptards in the beginning you were enjoying Obama’s successful Presidency! This is now the guy gone bankrupt 6 times doing !
    enjoy 😉🍄

  21. A lot of this is caused by algorithms which sell whenever market drops a bit.
    The rest is caused by morons playing with investments based on silly news.

  22. Wow it took less than three years under trump to collapse: economic, trade and foreign relations. I wonder what the conman will have to say abut this. AND THEN HIS STUPID SUPPORTERS WILL BUY IT!

  23. Don the Con is doing a great job. Great job , we do not need to trade with China 🇨🇳. Don’t worry 😉 Trump is going to make the USA 🇺🇸 great again.

  24. who cares dont let anyone else control your money. when you loose money it doesn't just disappear into thin air it goes into someones pocket all carefully orchestrated by the crimminaly greedy

  25. Moves those jobs back to America and other countries. The hell with China. The USA created what is today China's economy and the USA can undo China's economy. That's what China gets for trying to take over Asia.

  26. The economy is great but these people are simply trying to crash the economy so Donald Trump won’t get reelected. We don’t believe the market value was really correct

  27. If you want to know if a recession is coming don't look at interest don't even listen to the fed monitor bank credit creation for consumption (cpi index) and bank credit creation for productive purposes

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  29. When you vote for someone who's companies have declared bankruptcy multiple times… you think you'd get the hint…. 'Merica…

  30. I'm going to say they didn't have enough information who said they had good informationdid y'all take any grammar or anything or have speak English questionable

  31. Another one bites the dust, and another one, and another one… You still got it Baby…Trump – you can trash a country/business with the best.

  32. The longer chump remains in office the worst things are going to get….he's not a leader…..negotiator nor businessman….he's a wannabe and will be booted from the WH willingly or by vote….either way….it's over y'all…..go get your guns & Bibles👋👋👋😂😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. Next they'll say he "meant to do that." Just the way they pumped him up over his epic business losses in the 90s. Trump is a fraud.

  34. And you keep hosting people that lie and say there is no recession . We are already feeling the recession everywhere you go business are slow. Tell people the truth you screwed up and few rich are stealing the money.

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