100 thoughts on “Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Trump’s claim: Here’s the real information

  1. Obama has been away for more than 3 years now, so what prevented you from changing the supposed rule change he made, given that you have overturned almost everything Obama enacted.

  2. Interestingly, On March 2, the "Total tested" figure was removed from CDC's website.

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  4. Trump MAGA is now looking like MALA = Make America Last Again especially in coronavirus testing and transparency.

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  6. You want the guy who wrecked his own casino empire, the same guy who won't disclose his questionable tax returns – a guy who, whenever he states anything involving numbers and amounts, can't help but lie and state false made-up nonsense… you expect THAT guy, to be able to deal with real numbers all of a sudden? Good one😂

  7. I swear, they won't stop beating this dead heard. If you're listening to the President, any president on medical advice, you're probably an idiot, especially with Trump, which nobody would take his word on this, so I really don't get the point. Democrats want the truth with Trump, but if it was Obama they would be saying how he is being noble and inspiring calm and cool attitude although he's not a medical professional.

  8. The president will never take responsibility for anything. Time after time….lies . Cannot believe anything the narcissist says.

  9. It is just silly to attribute things to Trump's thought when they are better explained by Trump's stupidity.

  10. Big deal… If people are so worried about accuracy, do the math. We know how many cases there have been, and how many deaths there have been so far. Do the math every time the stats chance if you're so concerned about accuracy. The way these idiots blow the tiniest thing into riling up ignorant gullible imbeciles is so annoying. I almost thing the fake daily Explosive Impeachment Bombshells were better than this moronic idiocy.

  11. Testing for coronavirus should be free, but it's not always that simple.

    If you're worried you might have COVID-19, how does the coronavirus testing procedure actually work? And how much does it cost? The answer is: It's complicated, confusing, and a lot of people simply don't know the intricacies of the situation—including the financial burden a U.S. patient with suspected coronavirus might have to bear.

    But the fragmented nature of the American health system complicates the issue significantly. For instance, even though the coronavirus test itself is free, the associated hospital stay, doctors' visit, or quarantine may not be—and depending on the quality of one's insurance, a patient with a suspected case may face thousands of dollars in medical costs. An urgent care visit or hospital stay related to coronavirus may not be fully covered.

    March 3, 2020, 6:35 PM EST

  12. Mad dog Trump is born a LIAR,this 5 alphabets C H I N A is haunting crazy Trump's BRAIN…yeah CHINA;CHINA;CHINA CHINA;CHINA… my chinese communist Emperor Mr.Xi jinping is our Victorious communist warrior who win first and then go to TRADE-War with crazy Trump,,and we are winning…love my CHINA

  13. We knew it was a matter of time before blaming the "good President " would be bizarro Dump's fall back. Next…expect a lengthy hearing with Hillary testifying that science should matter and explaining pandemic origins did not come from the Clintons. Dump the Delusional.

  14. trump says coronavirus is a hoax, but it’s gonna be his “Pearl Harbor” and he knows
    it. Let's watch how he tries everything in his usual bag of trick to get out of
    this: lie, play the victim, deny, avoid taking responsibility, and even blame
    others (including soon the infected and deceased Americans). Once again, he
    places his pure self- interest over ours.

  15. Dourado Df Dourado:
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  16. CNN paid LIARS complaining that the FACTS are not being presented to the public, yet FACTS are being provided DAILY in press briefings by a TEAM of TOP health officials headed by the VP himself. This is IGNORED by FAKE NEWS and replaced with whatever anti-Trump propaganda their paid DRAM QUEENS can fabricate.

  17. If I were the person that used to work for Obama and Trump asked me to possibly head up this s*** show. I would have to refuse because I know that when things get bad, he'll just say that oh, it would have worked out better. But I put one of Obama's people in front of it. Or to address it and like Obama it didn't turn out so good. Read my words. That's what he will say. But if it turns out good. At least we know Obama still doing Trump's job for him.

  18. Who knew that Trump would lie on Obama. Who could imagine that. Believe what is running around in the head of the orange moron Or believe the World Health Organization and the CDC about the Coronavirus.

  19. complaining, complaining, complain…. What would you do? What would you say? Do you have any suggestion? All facts are transparent, you can find everything on CDC website and news if you are not just looking at haters' complain.
    I am sick of your guys just make a living on just complaining.

  20. Doesn't this kind of situation also Come as a form of national security threat. Being at the president allowed it to happen. And was responsible for it because he cuts so much funding to the CDC. World Health Organization and Medicare without putting any forms of protection made its place. That's not just negligence. That's intentional. I know you seriously don't think that Trump didn't have his Trump jr. Put all his money into those pharmaceutical companies that will be helping with the vaccine deployment of the Coronavirus While they were having that meeting. He's about to make so much money from the stocks.they don't care who gets sick. The more people that get sick the more people that need the treatment.

  21. Taking your health care, women's rights and worker's rights. Fraud. Tax evasion. Killing worker safety regs and environmental protection. Dead children in cages. Cutting drug treatment funding, medicare, medicaid, social security, and food stamp funding. Racism. Removing school lunch nutrition. Killing medical research funding. Undoing the Safe Workplaces Executive Order. Attacking the FMLA. Voter suppression. The asshole wanted to kill special Olympics for fuck's sake! These things are resulting in the deaths of Americans. Lack of health care alone kills more than 40,000 annually. All the people reading ask yourself if these things are good for our citizens or not. If you try to pretend that these policies are helping American people live better lives, then don't act surprised or ask why the nation is divided. These policies are the Republican party. Oh, and don't try to sell me any crap about being "pro Life" just because you're against abortion. If you vote for these policies, you've proven you don't give a shit about American lives.

  22. Truth is at this point in time we cannot know the real death rate. We only know the reported and tested cases which don't present a comprehensive number of how many are really carrying this virus. Therefore the death rate could be 3% or 2% or even 1% … we just don't know.

  23. We always say America is the best country in the world, but I guess somebody just pulled up our skirt To see our bloomers. well as you see other countries are doing way better than us in healthcare and in virus breakouts

  24. Shut up Trump yo uneducated bafoon. Your the stupidest idiot on the planet. Go golfing until November and let the Adults handle a crisis. You incompetent fuck.

  25. The stable genius’ hunch!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂☺️. Talk about an inferiority complex; he is green with envy 🤢 of President Obama!!

  26. When the president says RUN!! You can take a nap, you'll be fine. When the president says you'll be fine …RUN!!!!!!!!!

  27. Interesting how fox and all the media fail to tell everyone that Trimp de Shrimp brain & the Fascist in congress and the Senate have been gutting the CDC for the last three YEARS !!

  28. Interesting how fox and all the media fail to tell everyone that Trimp de Shrimp brain & the Fascist in congress and the Senate have been gutting the CDC for the last three YEARS !!

  29. Interesting how fox and all the media fail to tell everyone that Trimp de Shrimp brain & the Fascist in congress and the Senate have been gutting the CDC for the last three YEARS !!

  30. I know I saw a video of CNN condemning using this glorified flu as a political weapon. yet here they are again.

  31. Just look at all the morons on this thread of comments that would listen to "Dr. Trump" over an actual physician or expert in health services.

  32. This what we do does who support the president let them listen to his numbers and those of us in the real world listen to the expert's.

  33. If Trump and his cult don't think Covid19 a big deal, I'd like to suggest they go into a room filled with infected patients.
    Go ahead.
    We'll wait.




  35. You under test so you find less people with the virus. Less people testing positive, less people quarantined, better for the economy. Get ready America, one pandemic coming to a neighborhood near you!

  36. I want to hear from scientists, doctors, cdc. fda, nih, etc…. Not wrong info from someone that has a political agenda. tRump only cares about tRump getting re elected. Fact check everything that hole in tRumps face.

  37. Maybe someday, we will elect leaders who are capable of understanding the VALUE of ALLOWING the EXPERTS to DELIVER TRUE INFORMATION without HAVING to CONTORT THEIR PUBLIC STATEMENTS in order to SPARE the FEELINGS of the mind numbingly INSECURE and PETULANT Chief Executive. How much energy and time wasted? What about the virus don't we know, what CRITICAL information aren't the US citizenry being told, because it might affect global financial markets? HOW MANY INNOCENT LIVES WILL BE DESTROYED, all because this MORONIC WINDBAG can't be told that HIS HUNCH is WORTH LESS THAN NOTHING and to FINALLY SHUT HIS FOOL MOUTH?

  38. Well…if you are someone who believes every single word that comes out of Trump's mouth, this may end up being your come to Jesus moment. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and vote a mentally ill man out of office. What's going to happen when they announce, TRUMP DIAGNOSED WITH HOAX VIRUS" – He actually said HOAX virus when this first started and blamed the Dems…yeah try to connect the dots.

  39. Pence admitted today the government doesn't have nearly enough medical kits available to test the American public for coronavirus. This after weeks of telling us everything's under control. My question would be; if we've enough nukes to vaporize the planet, have the world's most expensive military, are home to more billionaires than any other country, have more cops on street corners and people in prisons than any other nation on Earth – what the hell's the problem with having enough testing kits to protect the population? Am I missing something here? Or is it simply a matter of fiscal priority and we're at the bottom of the list? If this virus turns into an epidemic within our country for no other reason than our supposed "leaders" got caught with their pants down, I can guarantee them heads will roll this coming election. 😡

  40. Trump, you've had more than enough time to undo any Obama era standards.
    You can't blame him anymore, this is on you.

  41. Again Donald dumpster never takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong under his administration!! Obama has nothing to do with this! did Trump forget he's the one that cut money originally from the CDC!!!????

  42. People say "sir" you know the best science, better than any other science and better than the hoaxing scientists. They are probably democrat scientists and never Trumpers.

  43. Is the overfed imbecile Trump capable of speaking without lying? He's actually trying to blame the previous administration for the coronavirus. When President Obama was pulling us away from a crippling recession, this two bit bunco artist was selling enrollments for his bogus Trump University/Clown College and making an ass of himself weekly as a bully with his own reality show. All Hail His MAGAjesty Oink Lardsquirts, President of the United Shaytes of Amaralago – who understands military tactics better than the Generals, has a better command of foreign policy than career diplomats, is more knowledgeable about macro-economics than Nobel Prize-winning economists, has a greater mastery of climate change than the scientific community, and now is a more reliable source regarding human health and epidemiology than medical experts. That's what you get with a Stable Genius who knows all the best words.   Anybody who continues to support this douchebag is an irredeemable CroMAGAtard stooge and part of the genetic cul de sac of Western civilization. If his father hadn't been a blackhearted slumlord and his grandfather a pimp, the Orange Bloatus would probably be a retired used car salesman and registered sex offender in some New Jersey brownfield suburb whose hobbies are participating in competitive eating contests and yelling at people to get off his lawn.

  44. Why should we trust a doctor who isn’t smart enough to realize cnn is a fake news source that just attacks the Republican Party 24/7

  45. look at this man he is your leader. Look in to his eyes in the clip about Obama.. He LIES with no dignity. This is just stunning. Look at his eyes when he spits these lies its crazy he does it in such a fashion its INSANE.

  46. Day by day, we are seeing a pathological liar's disease at work. I pray that this country will survive Trump and his brain dead supporters.

  47. Sane people believed Trump would get us all killed; no one thought it would be a virus.so much for analysts and experts. The Chinese are sending drones to tell people to wear masks and we've got our President and senior officials telling Americans the opposite. We are totally unprepared for this….this is delay and mitigation phase. Be prepared folks.

  48. If you are against President Trump and you want A new President how do you explain this. This is hard to explain. https://images.app.goo.gl/C2vV4fBZcQeVr8ww7

  49. In about 2 months when everyone has forgotten about all of this, the media and these "doctors" need to be held accountable.

  50. He needs to just step away from "handling the PR" on this emerging health crisis. Let those who know the facts give citizens the info they need to control the spread

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