Eddie Gallagher on his case: ‘This is about ego and retaliation’

100 thoughts on “Eddie Gallagher on his case: ‘This is about ego and retaliation’

  1. Bernard is bad fuing news! He is the military industrial complexs pawn. This is a good story but bernard kericks involvement is NOT out of goodness. Its out of possible future war profits

  2. Wow, throwing the NAVSPECWARCOM ADM under the bus, good luck with that >_>

    And men from his own platoon testified against him, so the entire SEAL community does not have his back as he proclaims.

  3. DJT should fire the lot of the service heads. They're swamp creatures. In this specific case DJT must back this man to the hilt and remove those impeding DJT's ability to be Commander in Chief.

  4. Have i got this right (Just remember that I'm not American nor do i live there), He was charged and jailed for posing in a photo with a dead fighter? If so, REALLY.

  5. I'm not sure why anyone would want to take a picture with a dead body? Either way if Trump cleared the guy whether you agree with his actions or not that is where the buck is supposed to stop. The President of the United States is the supreme commander of the military.

  6. I cannot for the life of me see anything wrong posing with the dead body of the most vile animal like enemy currently in the world. These ISIS bitches are a 1000 times worse than the Japanese was during WW2 and liberals r offended by this. We have a suggestion for those who finds it offensive, go live in a country or area where these human scum like punks are in control, we bet your perception about this matter will change within 1/10th of a second, seriously??????

  7. Trump and his MAGA maggots love war criminals and yet they still can't figure out why the rest of the world despises them.

  8. That guy was a deep-state plant of the obama administration. They didn't allow soldiers or Chaplains to express their Christian faith.

  9. most of the admirals —
    and almost all those advanced by Obama —
    need to be retired… admirals should be in command
    of multiple ships or major bases — we seem to have
    more than twice as many as is good or needed

  10. If the military has a photo of every stupid thing a soldier has done most of the enlisted members would be guilty of something.

  11. Navy bosses do not understand the most basic concept of chain of command.

    They do not deserve to wear the uniform. Let them resign. If they don’t resign fire them.

  12. That American Hero can take as much selfies with a pile of jihadists corpses as far as im concerned. Hell lets make a full album.

  13. Dock in pay for those in the picture (no further) and firing of the people in charge persecuting these Seals for abuse of power.

  14. DONALD TRUMP IN 2020 President Trump standing behind the guys on the ground that do the work and not the prima donnas at the top.

  15. Look if these Navy IDIOTS WANT TO RESIGN , OPEN UP THE DOOR AND GIVE THEM A GOOD HARD KICK IN THE A$$ , as they GO ! These Navy Elite Officers who are prosecuting our fighters , They are Traitors to the our ARMED FORCES ! If they don't Resign then give them their walking papers , ASAP !! Our Military will be MUCH STRONG WITHOUT THEM ! THANK GOODNESS TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT AND IS STANDING UP FOR OUR HERO'S !!!!!

  16. This is so odd. This guy went to trial for breaking rules of conduct and ignoring chain of command

    But now his commanding officer is being accused of the same thing for trying to uphold military rules? I’m sorry Mr trump but your move here is odd and the way fox is defending this is also odd.

    F.U. ….I Bet these BUTT HURTS hate that POTUS backed the right thing
    He's the boss…

  18. Well it sure does show trump where the BAD people are and don't forget all the comms of who they talk to..
    Looks like Galleger has info

  19. Eddie is EXACTLY right. AFTER President Trump made a decision THEY did NOT like, THEY'RE COMMANDER IN CHIEF they went BACK to retaliate and TRY to save face!

  20. You won't win a war by being too bureaucratic and political. Let the soldiers do their jobs and don't hamstrung their will to win. Otherwise just recruit lawyers and politician to serve in the military.

  21. Eddie congratulations !!! My many thanks to our Commander in Chief and to those who played politics in uniform abused, shame on them …Justice for All !!!

  22. What a disgrace, the POTUS supporting a war criminal who thinks he's tough because he murdered an unarmed child. He'll get his, what goes around comes around, cunts.
    PS: the USA is being led by a coward and 40% of the population supports him, just proves how morally corrupt the USA is.
    See Rome.

  23. It's demoralizing. Not only does Pres. Trump needs to clean out the CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA etc., Pres. Trump needs to clean out the MILITARY!!! Thank you, Pres. Trump! Get rid of the Deep State!!!

  24. Where is his honor and duty to the Military Code Of Conduct. Seals are suppose to be the best of the best that means the best at everything they do which includes their conduct in battle which is a reflection on the entire armed forces. Posing with the corps of a fallen foe to celebrate and denigrate him is a war crime and a dishonor to every American. I support all the great service men and women that HONOR to protect and defend the USA and the Constitution . This was not honorable .

  25. We love the military thank you for stepping up for trump, clearly the swamp is in the pentagon too , the president needs to get the swamp out of another agency that's corrupt……wow these high ups are they loosing money maybe? 💰💰💰💰💰

  26. Cleaning out the swamp at all levels is what we want so if Green is a part of that, which it appears he is then I hope he does quit!

  27. So resign, nobody really cares. You answer to the President so leave Gallagher alone. The President is your commander so if you don't like it get out.

  28. They only started this because they were cut hurt and they only want your tank because trump got involved and they will continue to go against trump no matter what or who gets hurt

  29. The navy seals and most in the Navy thinks Eddie Gallagher should be disciplined. Trump's lack of respect for the military should not go unnoticed in 2020.

  30. it's all about Dems vs Republicans – they will be anti Trump because he is pro truth and honesty! thank you that Trump re-instated you! thank you Jesus!

  31. Sad when Spitefull old men in the Pentagon who have either never actually FOUGHT IN COMBAT or have LONG FORGOTTEN what it is actually like pull witch hunts like this.

  32. Gallagher is a traitor and a criminal and should be in prison the rest of his life along with Trump who tried to acquit him. Eddie should be in jail for his crimes. He doesn't deserve a trident. He's a traitor to the USA. It's not about retaliation, it's about WHAT IS RIGHT AND MORAL. If you think you can act like ISIS, then you should be TREATED LIKE ISIS! He should be put in prison, he doesn't deserve his freedom, he attacked the USA.

  33. Exactly⬆️Right&it was INDEED designed to lower recruitment &morale & embolden the enemy—i said THAT ⬆️ YEARS Ago

  34. The irony here is that Eddie is being endorsed by 9 Line Apparel. Eddie, didn’t you hold up an actual 9 Line for your injured EOD guy because you had pushed to platoon past where you were supposed to be, and you were afraid of getting into trouble?

  35. Eddie Gallagher, you are a murderer, a drug addict, a psychopath and a disgrace to the Navy and your country. You should be in jail.

  36. The U.S. can't claim the moral high ground with war criminals such as Eddie Gallagher in its ranks. The point is to DEFEAT ISIS, not emulate ISIS. Those of you calling Gallagher a hero don't seem to get that.

  37. According to Fox News and 90% of their supporters: NO US SOLDIER IS CAPABLE OF COMMITTING WAR CRIMES JUST BECAUSE HE IS JUST THAT A US SOLDIER. typical proud Americans with 0 knowledge of the world

  38. These are the soldiers that keep us safe!! Anyone that messes with these men are communist assholes like that secretary of the Navy!!

  39. Joined the Navy at 17, 71/75. Vietnam twice and I loved the Sea. I made GMG3 and worked my way up from E-1 in 2 years. I was offered E-5, choice of duty stations, choice of schools, and $15,000 for 6 years for a reup. UCMJ was too scary to live under, we just lost a war, and I knew Officers could do to you whatever they felt like. This story just makes my decision to leave the Navy after 4 and the War, the correct one. If your Chief is a good one, you live to tell sea stories, if your Chief is a bad one, you die or are ruined. Promote this man to Senior Chief and retire him. Men like him are a rare breed…….honor him. Vietnam Vet USN Plank Owner USS Shasta AE-33

  40. The lack of respect in this country is out of control. People don’t want to be in the military, nobody wants to be police Officers, all because the upper command allows these hero’s to be humiliated. Take a look at what happened in NY when police officers had water and other things thrown on them. There is no respect anymore, none.

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