EVERYTHING NEW from the Season 9 Battle pass – Fortnite Max Tier 100 Battlepass

Welcome back to season 9. Look at that sick backgrounds checking the atom shop there. I apologize
normally, I do these videos live and
Unfortunately, I did but the audio file got corrupted
So I’m going over this with commentary after the fact but check out that little background there with the new city
The new tilted I haven’t gotten to the map yet over the next couple days
We’re going over at all the changes
If you could though if you’re gonna get the battle pass use code marksman, I don’t promote my code very often
I very rarely do it cuz I just don’t like to
But that being said if you do plan to get it, I would appreciate it if you want to support what I do
That’s a great way to do it. Either way. Let’s get into battle pass
We’re gonna buy the first tears and the bonuses and they’ll buy everything else afterwards. I wish I didn’t have to
Because I really enjoy earning stuff as the season goes on but as a content creator and a streamer
It’s kind of like
It just doesn’t matter if I unlock something two months after somebody. It’s not new
It’s new for me, but it’s not new for the rest of the world pretty much so
That’s less skin, huh?
No, it isn’t. There’s no way that’s last one. But yeah, that’s why I gotta buy it. You know, I gotta buy it
It’s just that’s part of it
It’s not a last one. I forgot for a second
That’s a cool one, but it’s just a it’s it’s just a different version of leather earlier guys
Let’s see here. What do I do I go back to that’ll pass. We’re just gonna go through the front stuff, right?
I think we go over the beginning. I try to go through an order. That’s correct. There we go
Starting off we get our XP bonus there
You get I think a bonus
30% just for being high level from last season rocks is the first skin that you unlock and you have 11 different styles
There you can see it going through all of them. This one’s pretty good
I think this is one of the better skins actually for the season which kind of hurts me to say
I got it. That one looks like tracer
I just realized that from overwatch looks a lot like tracer I had going
Yeah, I’ll just wait I don’t have spoil anything. All right. So those are the this is Sentinel
That’s what that dark version was. You have a dark version of Sentinel that you can unlock
but it’s a
High level so you unlock Sentinel right off the bat Sentinel actually doesn’t change at all
But he does have a change symbol next to him so you can unlock different versions of him, unfortunately
It’s not based off of like
Multi-tiered system like that first one. Why is it it’s just
It’s just two different versions. I think so, that’s all there is to it neo tubes. That’s pretty cool though. It goes along with the
Background of the new city the new tilted towers the new everything. I apparently I don’t haven’t tested like it
I haven’t seen the map. I look forward to doing it. It’ll be cool. But
That’ll be for another video another time
You just uh, yeah. Yeah. Here you go
Always forget to turn the music on when I do this when I go through these battle passes cuz I never I music go on
But it’s always nice to hear the new music. I’m pretty sure this one is actually
orange justice
They call it justice and it’s an orange track
Although I thought they took the emote out of the game. Maybe they’re just using the music from it
I thought they took the emote out of the game because it conflicted with like copyrights or they were scared of the lawsuit
That was going on. You guys didn’t know about the lawsuits going on. That’s what you know, it’s been happening some emos are being
There people are seeking legal action for him
But I don’t know what happened to that. I could be wrong. Maybe it’s back in the game
It’s a V box there, which is good for our purchase lava is rising back
Background by far the best L team we’ve ever made turbo spin glider not that impressive
I feel like The Avengers
Glider was way cooler, or even a lot of the gliders that you’ve had recently are way cooler than that one
So, I mean, it’s not I just don’t feel like I’m as impressed the right. Oh dude, it’s a bad the banana wrap
This is like this is an interactive wrap that gets more ripe as the game goes on which is sweet
It’s just like the banana skin. Perfect
If the rocks background not doesn’t it doesn’t change. That’s some of them changed, but that one does not
Jonesy this is the default Jonesy character if T’s been in the freakin tunnel forever
Vibrant. No, it’s okay. That’s pretty cool
At the robotic cat the robotic pets. That’s what the pets are gonna look like in the future walk strut. This is perfect
This is that little symbol the bottom right means you can walk with it while you’re doing it so you can walk with the emo
While you’re doing it and you can wear the chicken the robot chicken. We’ve got our new frisbee robot discs. They’re pretty cool named
mediocre pickaxe nothing crazy about that
That little cluck strat with the Robot Chicken guarantee. We’re gonna be doing some videos with that just a similar to our banana conga
the two tilted I
Wrap was it the oh that’s positive new tilted
Purple version robotic at their Vega that was kind of cool. Yeah that version
I don’t know. The colors aren’t too crazy on that. It’s mediocre
Jonesy doesn’t have anything shows up he has challenges, but I don’t know what they are. We’ll check about after
That was not bad I kind of like Talan that’s kind of like some EDM trance stuff it reminds me of like Tron a
Banana, come on cut. They’re really loving these bananas the Vox microphone that ones that was that’s a clean pickaxe that’s clean
I like that one a lot. I haven’t used it
I haven’t tested that didn’t test the hit sound if it doesn’t make an annoying hit sound if not bad at all pink splatter
That’s the sickest freaking emote
the sign-spinner this is the best I think in this battle past the emotes and
The wraps are probably the best and you’ll see why this is the Tron disc. They even have a Tron disc see like that
Freakin sick. I love throwables. They’re very fun to use
My character looks pretty cool
They give you some really sick skins with them if they wanted to or with him. Mighty strike looks like a comet
Contrail, but it’s purple
Callear that is
Lame its lamé
They’re just not that cool ladders are not that cool
Look at that rap the storm rap see the rap and the emotes are the sickest part of this battle pass in my opinion
Dami pretty cool skin, that’s not a bad skin. It’s not a great skin. It’s mediocre
I’d say it’s you know, I’d say it’s a it’s a good one, but nothing special
in a plasma trail
Which doesn’t look to be working unless plasma is also invisible in which case it’s working perfectly
neo world new world
Sounds okay. This one’s okay. I think that one was better. That one’s better lay back shuffle
Pretty good emote pretty good mediocre. I wouldn’t say again outstanding nowhere near as good as the sign-spinner
Powers, that’s sick. That is sick
I’d be lame if it didn’t have the little thing going down it but that nothing is sick
There’s Sentinel dark which is by far the coolest probably skin of the entire battle pass and then vendetta. This is the tier 100 skin
It’s it’s I’m not impressed
Then the fire makes it kind of cool then give his ugly brown color. I don’t know. Why font that
the only cool version I think is the yellow flames this one orange flames or
The green flames the green blue flame. The green blue is pretty sweet
But that’s like so minor I feel like the drift skin like blew this out of the water
Blew it out of the water like not even not even close not even didn’t even come close
This is like they always struggle with 200 skins. Look at this skin in comparison. This is dream
this is a blue skin that you could buy for 800 bucks this skin and the back bling and
the freaking glider that you can use that are
Nuts it looks sick as hell. This would make a much better tier
100 skin
And that other one it’d be much better. I don’t think it’s even close
Honestly, you have four bites now in the new season as well
I I’m not gonna pretend I know what the hell these things are. I have not really figured that out yet. So, I’m sorry
But we’ll continue with that over the the course of the season
Look at all the characters you can earn stuff for so Sentinel here. You can also earn some new wings
You can also earn this pretty sweet emote. I like that emote. That’s nice
You can earn this girl’s double axes. You can earn these double axes. The double axe has actually become your pickaxe, which is weird, but
Yeah apparel. You can do it. Now this guy also has it Jonesy and he has the banana peel Cape the Nana cape
He had to get rid of his old friend, but it became his favorite cape
This skin is pretty nice
I think they should do more that start let Stratos skin and fur know that’s something from the shop don’t about that
but uh Vega I
Don’t know mediocre nothing crazy, it’s okay. It’s okay Demi also nothing too crazy
Mediocre that Stratus skin is pretty sweet. They could do a lot more at that
That would be absolutely baller, but that wraps it up. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed
Hope I went over everything
you could possibly could have looked for in the battle pass if
You enjoyed it leave like if I was able I’m actually look at this real quick
I forgot I show off the new camo, but if you enjoyed the video leave a like if you want to subscribe very cool
If you want to use my supporter critic Road, very cool. If not, it’s all good. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your night
I will see you guys next time. I hope you look forward to videos over the next couple days
Involving the new stuff in the season a lot of new stuff and including the pomp being vaulted which blows my mind
They vaulted the pot
They vaulted the pump shotgun
It’s been a staple since the game released and it’s had some changes to it, but that’s always been their
tried-and-true trusty old pump instead now
We have the TAC shotty in this new semi-auto shotgun that they’re trying to create
And I understand they said there’s a reason behind it. They said it was because
26% of the eliminations happening within the normal playlists were coming from the pump shotgun which was way higher than
Anything else in the game?
But still, I mean it’s a shot. That’s just part of the game. I feel like
Either way, we’ll go over those changes the next couple days. I hope you enjoyed
Thank you again for watching and I will see you next time, bye-bye

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