Fox Judge gives Trump terrible news about his tax returns

The United States Court of Appeals for the
2nd Circuit – that’s right below the Supreme
Court – ruled that there’s no broad immunity
for the president for behavior that he engaged
in before he was in the White House.
This subpoena is for his tax returns and the
Trump Organization corporate records from
2015 and 2016.
It also ruled that since the subpoena’s
not to him, it’s to his accountants, it
doesn’t require him to do anything that
might be disruptive to his job as president.
All this is pretty much consistent with what
a trial judge ruled when the president sought
to throw out the subpoena.
What happens next will probably be an application
to a single justice of the Supreme Court to
stay, to stop the effect of this decision,
until the Court can decide—
Who is this justice?
That’ll be Justice Ginsburg because she
is assigned by geography to hear appeals from
federal courts coming from this circuit, the
second circuit.
Why, if I’m a US sitting president, why
am I not immune from prosecution?
Ah, great question.
This does not address prosecution.
This addresses investigation.
No one is immune from the government investigating
their behavior.
In this case, the behavior being investigating
occurred before he was president.
That’s what caused the court to say there’s
no immunity.
The court expressly did not rule – DID NOT
RULE – on whether a sitting president can
be prosecuted by a state court.
The answer to that is he probably cannot but
that’s a guess from me.
So they request from the accountants– I have
30 seconds here: Ginsburg does what and what
happens after that?
So if she stays the effect of the decision,
then the Court has all the time it wants to
decide whether or not to hear the appeal.
If she doesn’t stay the effect of the decision,
I would imagine the president would then appeal
to the entire court asking for a stay.
If no stay is issued, then the subpoena’s
going to be complied with.
Remember, it’s not a subpoena to him, he
can’t physically stop it.
So it’s November 2019—
How’s this play out time table-wise?
If the Supreme Court were to hear this, I
think they would hear it on an emergency basis,
meaning before Christmas.
This is Fox News’ senior judicial analyst
Andrew Napolitano delivering yet another blow
to the White House as he explains the implications
of Trump’s latest loss in the judicial system.
Trump had previously sued the Manhattan DA’s
office to block a subpoena it sent to his
accounting firm, Mazars USA, for 8 years of
his tax returns.
And in case you haven’t heard the argument
that Trump’s lawyers made in court, his
private attorney William Consovoy argued that
a sitting president has “absolute immunity
from criminal process of any kind,” that
he cannot be prosecuted or even investigated
while in office, even for shooting someone
on the streets of Manhattan.
And this assertion came in response to Trump’s
own statement from 2016, in which he said
that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue
and not lose any voters.
And so obviously, Trump’s lawyers decided
that they’d ACTUALLY try and argue this
defense, that Trump could indeed kill someone
in broad daylight and not only could he not
be prosecuted for murder, but that police
wouldn’t even be allowed to INVESTIGATE
This might be a good time to remind you that
Trump ran on a platform of “law and order.”
And I know you’re not gonna believe this,
but somehow this defense didn’t hold up.
US District Judge Victor Marrero not only
dismissed the lawsuit brought on by Trump
but called his assertion of temporary presidential
immunity “repugnant to the nation’s fundamental
structure and constitutional values.”
He went on to say that such a position “would
constitute an overreach of executive power.”
And I know what you’re thinking – Donald
Overreaching his executive power?
Trump’s team appealed that decision only
to find that the 2nd US Court of Appeals,
in a unanimous 3-0 ruling, upheld the district
court’s decision ordering Trump’s tax
returns to be released pursuant to the Manhattan
DA’s subpoena.
At this point, the ONLY institution that could
still stop Trump’s taxes from being released
is the Supreme Court.
And you have to admit that there’s some
poetic justice in Justice Ginsburg being responsible
for deciding whether or not to issue a stay
on the ruling, given that the White House
has been falling over itself the bury the
85-year-old liberal justice despite the fact
that she’s still very much alive.
The Trump administration reportedly began
preparing to replace Ginsburg after she simply
missed oral arguments one time at the beginning
of this year.
Imagine missing work on Monday and your boss
plans a candlelight vigil in your memory that
same day.
With all of that said, that’s not to say
that Justice Ginsburg won’t rule fairly
because, unlike the entirety of this administration,
there are still some vestiges of the federal
government that value, you know, our democracy.
And I know Republicans, in their desperation
to protect Trump from any and all accountability,
will claim that the release of his tax returns
is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt,
but there’s serious significance in allowing
the release of Trump’s tax returns.
In this specific instance, the Manhattan DA
is investigating Trump’s role in illegal
hush money payments for his affairs.
And keep in mind, while this might seem minor
compared to the REST of Trump’s crimes,
that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.
Michael Cohen is literally in prison for his
role in this scheme.
And not only did Cohen administer those hush
money payments, but Trump reimbursed him,
meaning Trump made undisclosed contributions
to his own campaign AND because the payments
were disguised as legal fees, Trump very likely
deducted them on his tax returns as a business
expense, which is tax fraud.
But the only way to find that out is, you
guessed it, by seeing his tax returns.
But beyond that, knowing where Trump’s financial
interests lie is also a matter of national
It might help explain things like, for example,
why he might’ve completely rolled over for
the Turks and allowed them unfettered access
to attack our allies, the Kurds, and whether
it just might have anything to do with the
fact that Trump owns property in Istanbul.
Knowing where Trump has financial interests
might be helpful so we have a little advance
notice when we’re suddenly going to let
the people guarding the ISIS prison cells
be subject to attack by a hostile foreign
And so now, our attention will now turn to
the Supreme Court, where the justices will
have to decide whether to shield a president
who believes that he has the right to commit
crimes uninhibited while he’s in office,
or if our laws and national security supersede
Trump’s superiority complex.

100 thoughts on “Fox Judge gives Trump terrible news about his tax returns

  1. Common we all know that this is going to end up in front of the full bench of the Supreme Court which is stacked with conservative judges.

  2. The question sensible people and those supporting Trump should ask themselves is "if he has nothing to hide, if everything is perfect" as he keeps saying, then is he refusing to release his tax returns. His supporters knows he was a criminal before he came into office and still continuing with his criminal behaviours even in office but they are prepared to continue supporting him. They are prepared to have a criminal and a mediocre as President and commander in chief. Unbelievable!

  3. trump is an idiot as is his lawyers…..who is paying all these court appeals, we know trump doesn't pay.bills…..great reporting Brian…..I hope Judge Ginsburg buries trump.

  4. Why is a President immune from criminal law? It makes sense that Presidents be immune from actions they take carrying out the responsibilities of the office, but not all criminality in general. So Trump could let loose a lion in the White House to hunt and eat tourists, and he would be immune from prosecution? Could we have Trump purges, where he just walks through the streets shooting random people he doesn't like? Time to go full Roman emperor I guess.

  5. Didn't Trump just a few days ago demand that Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg retire ? I wonder why, he's so evil !!!

  6. What happens if it turns out that Trump was coerced by the Turks who have records of Kushner's approval of the Khashoggi abduction?

  7. We have a lot of Democrats on this site.
    Head hunters all.
    Try prosecuting those who came before him first.
    Clinton, Obama, and pals.
    When they pay for their crimes, then turn to Trump.
    You cannot have one and not the other.

  8. This criminal has really challenged our constitution in an ugly way. When he's gone, we need to amend the constitution to make it clear that the president is ALWAYS accountable to the law.

  9. There is roughly a 0.000% chance that Trump's tax returns are released. Trump has proven time and time again that he is untouchable and can do whatever he wants. If he murdered one of his worshiper's children, that supporter would still support him.

  10. I like presidents who are not pathological liars and especially when they can be fact checked and proven wrong.

    I like presidents that can be respected and have integrity.

    I like presidents who respect our rule of laws and norms.

    I like presidents who respect the co-equal branches of government and don't think they have absolute power.

    I like presidents who work on behalf of all people and not just the RICH.

    I like presidents who are not criminals, liars and thieves and who pay their fair share of taxes.

    I like presidents who resign when the gig is up.

    Donald J. Trump
    Get over it and RESIGN!

  11. The American people have a right to know what has our president so afraid and so compromised that he will practically claim to be king in court to avoid anybody seeing it. And what might he do for somebody like a foreign power who gets their hands on that secret and threatens to expose to the public? I would be surprised if that hasn't already happened.

  12. WTF is in his tax returns that he's so desperate to keep them out of the public eye? There should be a rule that you cannot run for any political position if your taxes are not released. The voters should have full disclosure as the politicians work for the people!

  13. Nothing triggers the MAGA cult more than the truth. The Republican Party died years ago. That party would have never let this man do what he has done to our democracy and society. The MAGA cult now only serves one purpose. To help Trump get away with his corruption, and lies. At any cost. Trump can do no wrong in their eyes. It’s pathetic to watch, but we are now in the most important test of our democracy. History will look back at this idiot and either see him as a example of the consequences of abusing the office of the president, or the man that collapsed our democracy, and turned it into a dictatorship. Crazy times we are living in. For us young people it’s gonna be interesting to look back at this 20 years from now.

  14. Allowing Trump all this power when he is a corrupt president is how Hitler came to power.

    How are these Senators allowing this man Trump, a
    failed real estate mobster to get away with his corruption
    and not following the laws.

    ONE MAN!

    What the hell is going on.
    Somebody bigger must be behind this because Donald Trump is ONE PERSON.




  15. Maybe I'm abit naive but would it not have been more sensible for the government to look into his taxes before he's allowed to even be president?! Do the presidential candidates not get background checks?

  16. Fox and Friends logic: "Why isn't my president who is immune from criminal prosecution, getting his due process, despite blocking subpoenas?"

  17. Now is the point. If the Supreme Court decides, a president has absolute immunity, we are all f*cked.
    Then he can close the house, stop an election and kill everyone who bothers him.
    Then he can nuke any hurricane he wants.

  18. Remember when he said if he was elected he would hand over his tax returns? I wish i could see his and his families tax returns for 30 years

  19. What a tragic time in American history. I wouldn't be surprised if Trumps tenure instigated more stringent 'fit for purpose' background checks for future Presidential candidates. It's quite telling that he wouldn't pass background checks to own a Premier League football club yet had no problem being a Presidential candidate for the most powerful country on earth.

  20. Judge Napolitano one of the few honest good guys on Fox. These people on Fox greatly matter to sway even a few of Fox's brainwashed.

  21. I pray every night for the continued life of The Notorious RBG. She is all we have on that court of questionable justices of honor. Now, something is her hands alone. Ha! Bring on that gangsta in ya, Ruth!

  22. President Grant was arrested for speeding in his horse and buggy by a DC cop and had to be bailed out of jail. Presidents are not above the law.

  23. Hello earth they are setting you up and its already too late to do anything about it unless you are willing to shed blood and become extremely violent

  24. Honestly, I don't know what republicans are thinking standing up for this guy. People are now wanting more and more to vote them out as well. So much has come out since Trump came to office. I mean, seriously, they could lose the senate like they lost the house. It is so odd to see people with an absence of self-preservation.

  25. Sounds like this guy is much smarter than everyone in Trump's cult. Wow now there's a startling revelation, now I see why trump decided to run for presidency, he thinks with all the crimes he's committed he thinks being president will protect him, now we know why he chose to become "president."

  26. This wanna be dictator has his interests arranged in his own financial corrupt gain, among other dictators and other financial bribes and more foreign abuse.

  27. When you get funding from questionable Russian sources and from Iran's Revolutionary Guard in the case of the Trump Tower Baku, you get really paranoid about any investigation into your finances.

  28. I always thought you left kings and queens back here in england? Didn't know you wantd one over there too. I thought republicans were against royalty? Why are they fighting so desperately for trump to be one? There are only select people that enjoy complete and utter immunity from crimes, one of those is our Queen. She has diplomatic immunity but then on top of that which a lot of normal people can get in their jobs she also has a thing called monarchal immunity. She actually could stand in the center of london and use a machine gun to massacre 5000 people and nothing can happen, no prosecution or anything. The difference between trump and our queen is this. Trump has been president for around 3 years and has lied every day, has broken the law almost on a daily basis, is illegally enriching himself and his family and has embarressed his country continually over the time since being a candidate. Our queen has been our queen nearly as long as trump has been alive, she ascended to the throne when trump was seven. She has never llied to us or any other country. Whilst she is completely and utterly immune from any type of criminal or personal investigation, can not be charged nor investigated nor arrested. She does everything in her power to live by the same rules that every one of her subjetcs has to live by, except for needed a passport or a driving license. This being that all laws in our country have to have royal assent. Also since windsor castle had a big they have also all paid their taxes.

  29. How ridiculous that Trump literally thinks that he is not only above the law while president but that his entire life's work of conmanship should somehow now be beyond the reach of the law !? So he thinks that the president is immunized from his decades of financial fraud and tax evasion by the fact that he has subsequently tricked his way into the presidency.

  30. When’s it going to happen already… like geez.
    Trump has faced no punishment for anything so far. Seems like everyday we hear about him but nothings being done.

  31. There is an annoying clicking sound that seems to repeat throughout the video. I suspect it's from the background music. Please fix that in future vids, though. REALLY annoying.

  32. tRUMP whined and bytched for Obama to show his birth certificate and is now whining and bytching not to show his taxes

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  37. I hope the judge quickly declines the appeal so that justice can move forward otherwise this sob is going to escape. The people deserve the truth!

  38. Why can’t the dems just let him get on with his job .. drain the swamp and destroy the dems at the same time .. which is more important Trumps tax returns or Bidens Ukraine connection .. empty impeachment investigation or Clinton’s emails and uranium deal with Russia ? .? Justice for 1 should mean justice for all .. dems crimes are treason .. life in GOTMO or hanging ..

  39. 'Why, if I'm a sitting US president, why am I not immune from prosecution?' Maybe because the US isn't a dictatorship.

  40. @Brian Tyler Cohen: Shalom and thank you for the blinks, not single or double but triple. Gotta love the stamina!!

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