Fox News FAWNS Over Trump’s Impeachment Letter

>>Following Donald Trump’s angry, ranting
letter toward Nancy Pelosi over the impeachment investigation, a number of right wingers on
television and in the media defended Trump and the letter itself, saying that it was
excellent, it was perfect. And what you’re about to see, I promise you
is not an SNL act, this is real life. This is what they claim they really believe.>>The President today wrote a beautiful letter,
a terrific letter.>>To a powerful, scathing beat down.>>And he did so today with a scathing letter
to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.>>I hope everybody has a chance to read that
letter.>>That historic marker.>>It’s hard hitting.>>That standard he put down.>>I mean, the letter is hard hitting, but
the letter is pretty darn on point.>>It was comprehensive.>>Everybody should go read that letter. It is a mess. It is, it is the Gettysburg Address of Smear
Job false accusations.>>In point of fact it was elegant.>>What a response it’s historical document.>>The president really pointed out of flaws
and the arguments.>>I loved every word of his letter.>>I think the President was absolutely right.>>I’m glad that he wrote it.>>I’m glad that he did it.>>What the President did was lay out the
procedural flaws in the house process.>>The President is teaching Republicans hoe
to fight.>>I think it was well-written, and it was
definitely worth it.>>You come at him with a club but he’s gonna
come at you with something bigger and harder.>>It put her and the Radical Dems who have
atacked this President mercilessly for over three years precisely where they should be.>>President Trump went on to utterly destroy
the Pelosi and the Democrats and the shift show and the nutty nebular shift show.>>The ignorance is institutionalized amongst
the the party of hate.>>The President also shredding Pelosi’s second
claim->>They read this letter and they immediately
pounced, watch.>>Another wonderful JR-rated compilation. For the woman, I don’t know what her name
is, who said that it was beautifully written, here’s one line, my favorite line from the
six-page letter. It is a terrible thing you are doing, but
you will have to live with it, not I! Like it’s just nonsense.>>It’s just six pages of complete and utter
nonsense, I’d be shocked if they actually read it, right? They’re just primed and ready to defend it
no matter what.>>The name of that woman was Amy Tarkanian. She’s the one who said I loved every word
of this letter. Look, I’m gonna be fair to Laura Ingram. She said it was scathing, and it was hard
hitting. Those are true. It was scathing, and it was that was Donald
Trump’s way of fighting back over the top super aggressive. So she said it was on point, obviously we
disagree on that, but it’s okay to call the letter tough or hard hitting, but calling
it beautiful.>>Elegant, elegant. Come on.>>Yeah.>>Come on. Terrific, comprehensive historic marker. Like, seriously? And look, I don’t know how to categorize guys
like Lou Dobbs. First thought is Sith Lord. All he needs is a little hood over him, cuz
he’s got the red eyes.>>Yeah, yeah.>>So he’s already like three-quarters of
the way towards being a Sith Lord.>>No, I’ve been asking myself how is it possible
for someone to defend Trump, even with this flood of evidence proving that he’s a bad
guy who doesn’t actually respect our constitution or democracy. And I think it’s because he’s high. Like his eyes are so bloodshot, he’s sedated. He’s on something.>>Yeah, I don’t know. He went to the house where they told him to
get out but he didn’t. And he had a lobotomy, I don’t know. But like his he lost his mind? But like, it’s one thing to defend Donald
Trump, like I said, Lauren grimacing, scathing, and that’s that shows how to fight for Republicans,
etc. I get it. I don’t agree, but I get it. But to call it elegant and beautiful and masterpiece,
now you kind of have to lose your mind. And what I’m trying to figure out is it did
he lose his control of his mind, or is he just like yeah man, who cares? No Holds Barred, let’s just lie let’s let’s
just take everything and turn it on its head so we can get in power and make sure that
minorities don’t run this country. Whatever dude, let’s just go and what should
we call it? Maybe they like they have like a running gag
in the production room, they’re like, what do you what do you have about like pretty
nice? Like I not good enough. Let’s go with beautiful.>>I mean that’s a word that he uses a lot,
right? It was a beautiful call. It was a perfect call. It’s, a lot of the language that he uses when
he’s defending himself, so I wouldn’t be surprised.>>Yeah. And then apparently it was like the Gettysburg
Address. Four score and two clowns ago. Okay, so, no but guys, last thing and this
is important. It’s funny cuz it’s so absurd, but it’s real
life and they’re in power. So our country has now become so divided that
a certain percentage of it just does not believe in reality anymore. They see insane letters where Donald Trump
is yelling at the top of his lungs as the Speaker of the House, charging her with an
attempted coup. And saying that she’s the one that’s somehow
abused her office when he’s the one charged with abuses. But I mean all the insane things that he writes
in there, and they look at it, and they think no, that’s a beautiful poetic Gettysburg address-like
letter. They really believe it. So the Fox News guys, I don’t know if they
believe it or they’re just getting paid for it, but their audience totally believes it.>>Yep.>>It’s at least a third of the country. A third of the country is walking around like
zombies, believing things that are not remotely true. How do we interact? We don’t speak the same language anymore. They just refuse to believe in facts so, man,
that’s a real giant problem for this country.

100 thoughts on “Fox News FAWNS Over Trump’s Impeachment Letter

  1. Wow! I can't believe this level of ass licking that goes on at Fox and, apparently, so shamelessly! How much clown make-up to cover the red-cheeks of those who do have a tad bit of dignity left?

  2. Can you all see the brown on their noses and white residue around their mouths? Jesus so mind blowing the stupidity of those ass clowns!

  3. Fox is not a news network..It's nothing but a GOP propaganda network run by highly paid talking heads with hefty contracts.
    Fox is not made to help the public
    but rather the GOP party.
    Is this really a democracy when those talking heads speaks for one political groups only..?

  4. Laura Ingraham is a total loser. But all of these people are not professional people. Trump is not professional. What class of people do you call these Trump followers?

  5. Trump is rich Biff from the sports almanac in the big office building in the back to the future movie the alternate 1985 scene

  6. Does any hard working,red blooded American truely believe that Trump in 1yr. Or 5 yrs. Is going to do anything for you or any other than himself

  7. Caution there are many American whom do not watch FOX but get news from other right wing sources which will argue for the dingleberry at the drop of a maggot hat

  8. Does every one understand Fox News only has a entertainment License. They can lie all they want. Fox News does not have a News media license.

  9. That comparison is disrespectful to Sith Lords. Palpatine was a masterful politician who made decades long plans that essentially succeeded. Vader was a skilled, ruthless warrior who was always on the front lines of battle leading the charge. None of which describes anyone in the GOP.

  10. One of the most interesting things to do is go back and look at how the same rightwingers talked about Trump prior to him winning and now. 180° reversals for most all Hannity really the only one who was totally on board from the get go. If you listen to their disregarding comments about Trump in 2015-16 its even more hilarious to see how weak and boot lickingly servile these people actually are.

  11. Why in God's Radioactively Green And Thus Dying Earth did YouTyrant send me a notification for THIS?!!! The Young Turks?!!!! Really? I prefer TRUTH over social engineering spin. Given the forced silencing of Truth on here and the obvious peddling of channels with as much real news as a toddler's scribblings, please stop being so obvious with your agenda, YouTyrant.

  12. Trump must've promised and/or paid them well to turbo charge the kissing of his ass with the infamous delusional talk fox news is known for fox news is word play for fucks news

  13. If trump isn't paying fox news to be his character witness its the fox News reporter's fear talking their usual wishful thinking delusions i guess they think if they repeat kissing Trump's ass enough they'd hypnotize the democrats to drop the case

  14. The letter was meant to rile up his loony base. It may have been addressed to the Speaker of the House but it really was not for Nancy but all of his Russian puppets.

  15. I don’t understand how people believe all this bullshit, from foxnews. I’m so sick of it, Jesus. What is wrong with them!?

  16. Philosophically speaking, I suppose one could say that Belief is one definition of Truth—as in, if you Believe something, it is True.

  17. I'm watching from Canada and after watching so much of this back and forth over the last year or two, I have a question:

    Why do the people who always seem to be soaked in bile, red faced, worked up to 11 and lead by the angriest man with a Twitter account constantly accuse the other side of being the most hateful ?

  18. You want to know how people can defend Donald Trump because he's a bad guy? I got a simple answer for you. Because they are bad people!

  19. The most entertaining thing about the letter is the way it alternates from tolerably-decent technical writing to third-grade level.
    There's a story to be told there. I hope we get to hear it someday.

  20. Remember the Republicans cannot read anything longer than a short sentence.  Something like a twit.  Therefor, the fact that one of them managed to dictate a six page letter, it is for them a work of art!  Let's face it, who of us understands modern art?   Lol

  21. that letter was sent to Pelosi.. so.. therefore… why don't they take that as documented PROOF, of Trump "LYING TO CONGRESS"❓

  22. That loser Dobbs inadvertently summarized it: "The ignorance is institutionalized amongst the party of hate". Self-own of the year.

  23. No, it's not "hard hitting". For something to be hard hitting it actually has to actually hit something. Screaming incoherently is the equivalent of shooting without aiming.

  24. Roflmfao, Faux propaganda is so stupid. For one, the letter was the ramblings of a lunatic, and he definitely didn't write it.

  25. What's sad is the u.s in ww2 fought suffered and died fighting against hitlers right wing party and its here as the Republicans ideology

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