Gohmert: The real corruption isn’t Hunter Biden, the question is Joe Biden

100 thoughts on “Gohmert: The real corruption isn’t Hunter Biden, the question is Joe Biden

  1. Nader do you think our mind set is so short that we forgot and you can bring this bunch of lies up again that's dead and so is this impeachment

  2. The correct title should say the real corruption is the man currently occupying the White House and his administration…sad!!!

  3. There’s only one side that’s OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. If the rediculous Report couldn’t find CLEAR EVIDENCE of ANYTHING WRONG!

  4. The REAL corruption is everything that comes out of Gomer's mouth. Only the TRUTH can fight corruption but you won't get any of that from a Republican. Trump won't testify under OATH. No guts. No defense.

  5. Demorrhoids have the runs and nadler is the biggest idiot of them all how can anyone vote for any bozo from the demorrhoids is beyond belief! Peel psi will lose her job that’s inevitable now people are sick of these idiots!

  6. All Soto’s concocted garbage!the story is that all these demorrhoids have no scruples they just dance to their masters musical play!

  7. When will the president start skipping the White House reporters. You know he is sick of trying to convince them to report the truth and stop feeding fake news.
    Plus they have ask every question a 1000 different ways. It time President Trump says “ASKED AND ANSWERED 1000 TIMES ALREADY”

  8. The real corruption, as all of the clear evidence and testimony has affirmed, is that of Donald J. Trump!
    The Republican's silly tries at denying, deflecting and distorting the truth about Trump's bribery and extortion attempts are pathetic.

  9. since when is anyone going to allow criminals to accuse an innocent man of wrongdoing when the evidence points to them committing the crimes? what would you do if you were being accused by a pedophile criminal minded Thug?

  10. the funny thing is that all these people that are resigning unexpectedly in claiming that it had anything to do with the transcript we've already read of the call President Trump had with the president of Ukraine, they forget the NSA is still active! they have it all every single call on your cell phone every single word typed every single place you visited every single person you spoken to! There Is No Escape From the worlds that you created creatures from hell

  11. Not a pip came out of Trump about Biden, or his son, or Ukraine for years, until the President decided the time was right to start this smear campaign, because Biden was climbing in the polls. Trying to bribe a foreign leader with congress-approved military aid to further his own domestic political ambitions by smearing his opponent by proxy is an impeachable offence. The founders were very concerned about this kind of foreign interference, and Trump is guilty.

  12. Organized crime uses false jobs and false businesses to launder money, cover their trail, etc. So Hunter Biden is booted from the military for his drug addiction, and then he goes on to get multiple lucrative jobs at the same time right? He works for an energy board in Ukraine, he helps manage a new hedge fund that takes 1.5 BILLION in Chinese Govt investment, and he works as a lobbiest. This all happened. So he's going to lobby the administration for stuff right? Who in the world can look at that situation and not see it for exactly what it is? This is like Tony Soprano putting the governer's drug addicted son as the president of his garbage company to prevent investigation… and paying the useless kid massive sums for the kid's family.

  13. If Nadler is presented a steak and baked potato dinner during the hearings, he will lose focus. So let's all pitch in and buy Jerry a steak dinner !

  14. The best was "The president stated he does not want ANY QUID PRO QUO!" . "Ok so why do are you the witness in this impeachment?" "Because it is my presumption he still wanted quid pro quo". LMFAO.. You demonshits are so pathetic it is sickening!

  15. Hey Jerry INVESTIGATE THE REAL CORRUPTION: 1. Hillary Clinton and the Classified Emails on Her Private Server. 2. The Pay for Play Money using SIX different Illegal Foundations established by Hillary to Hide the Pay for Play Money from Saudi Arabia and United Emirates and Russia for the URANIUM ONE. (Sale of 25% of all URANIUM Mined in the United States of America) . 3. How about Benghazi and the Lies and Cover-ups on How many Men Really Died? 4. Why Did the United States Provide money to ARM and TRAIN ISIS! 5. Where did All GADDAFI'S GOLD GO?? Did IT JUST VANISH? 5. Why was there no Investigation into Hillary Clinton's EMAILS found on ANTHONY WEINER'S Labtop? AND 6. HILLARY CLINTON'S Corruption of the CIA & FBI Agencies and the FAKE DOSSIER ?

  16. Can’t wait to find out what’s in all these Dem’s closets. “Calm before the storm….” 😉🎉🇺🇸

  17. Nadler will be erased from all history once he is hanged for treason along with Pelosi, Schiff and all other treasonous scum in our Republic. 🇺🇸

  18. The question is ALL of the criminals involved in this including the Bidens AND Obama and ALL of his crooked crew. Just where did Obama get his money from? Failed senator, failed president, …… multi-millionaire …… Just how does that work without corruption?

  19. That’s how the legal system works most of the time . Do you really suppose it’s a fair system ??? They will railroad an innocent person especially if he or she doesn’t know anyone or if they are uneducated . This system prays on its subjects .

  20. Omgosh!!! Nadler, you're a traitor, an embarrassment, you have nothing!!! You're corrupt, nobody LIKES you!!! Go away!!!

  21. The whistler blower is protected because of regulations that republicans made. Why would the whistle blower need to testify? If Trump is innocent, he can go testify. But based on all the lies he says everyday, he would get himself in deeper trouble.

  22. Demonrats have showed themselves to be despicable human beings…and their voters?? I could not imagine a man who would vote for liars…unfair liars…OK what about RINOs? RINOs run a dog and pony show pretending to be Patriots. If YOU believe that Trey Gowdy or Lindsey Graham or Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell are Patriots…then you have been duped by the dog and pony show. They are not Patriots and in fact work to lull Patriots into inaction. Placating RINOs are the true enemy now. ID these traitors and vote them out. MAGA must control the four corners…..IF …. if the USA is ever going to be free. MAGA is for all Americans who LOVE their brother Patriots. Join us and back Trump against all comers. MAGA !!~!!!~!!


  24. There isn't enough evidence to convict President Trump of a parking ticket, much less basis to impeach our lawfully elected President Trump who has the best performance records than the last 3 presidents combined. This impeachment process is phoney, and is nothing but a Democrat defensive posturing against the upcoming IG report.

  25. You democrats are out of line. You are 100% crazy, everyone of you idiot democrats. Go straight to hell where you all belong. You are a total disgrace to the american people. All of you need to resign and leave our country. You democrats are nothing more than a pack of liars and a do nothing group of idiots. Step down. What a waste of taxpayer monies. PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD NOT GO TO THIS SHAM IMPEACHMENT HEARING. IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A JOKE. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND PRESIDENT TRUMP. STAND STRONG, WE THE PEOPLE ARE WITH YOU.

  26. Gohmert you are an unintelligent fool, we see you as a buffoon just like Trump. We intelligent people laugh at your lies & stupidity.

  27. How can we stop this farce impeachment deal that Schiff and Pelosi made up. As Schiff has lied before Trump became our President….
    Seems Nadler hasn’t really cared that Schiff has lied and lied on things. Seems the dem Congress are blind on things, they just hate President Trump, the Whistleblower is makeup as to get the farce impeachment going. Seems Joe Biden needs to be questioned on why he fired the precursor who was investigating his son Hunter. Hmmm!

  28. Can you imagine what will be going on if Biden becomes president? How much quid pro quo will be going on with China and other countries? I worry about that, is that why Obama has not come out for him?

  29. This guy is one of the stupidest congressmen I think I've ever heard speak. And that's saying something considering the lack of brain power exhibited by several other members of congress. C'mon Texas, you can do better than this!

  30. We can see that “Foreign Aid” has been used as a cash cow for years by these corrupt politicians. We need to look at the republicans & democrats that retired in a hurry after we elected Donald Trump. Everyone of these politicians needs to have a thorough audit, plus the ones pushing impeachment !

  31. Why does the President need a witness?  The Schiff "WITNESSES"  witnessed NOTHING.  They're only witnesses in the legal jargon sense of the word.

  32. Anybody else but Clinton, Bidens, Obama, FBI, Justice Department, Pelosi, Schiff. They wouldn't have to be investigated, because they are Democrats and . . . Well you get the picture.

  33. The Democrats have 10 months to come up with something, anything to use against President Trump.
    They were devious enough to do all this. They were determined enough to come up with one thing after another. With the help of the corrupt press, they will come up with something again if this falls through. They had enough power to overlook Clinton, Biden, FBI, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, OBAMA.
    With the help of the dishonest and biased press, they will overlook anything the Demonrats do.
    Pray for President Trump 2020.
    How he has done this is beyond me. I guess the innocent don't sweat it.

  34. The corruption was not just Joe Biden but the corruption came from the president at the time which was Barack Obama and then his lackeys Hillary Clinton then Joe Biden.
    So Barack Obama invested taxpayers money on green deal Investments that all went bankrupt overnight the same Investments that were made to these companies from China we should say Asia because India was part of that as well to the Middle East and certain parts of Europe all these companies during the times of these Investments Joe Biden's Sons work there so ba makep investing money into companies where Biden Sons work that always Bank so then Barack Obama with the word of Joe Biden threatened the Ukrainian president at the time to fire the investigator was investigating the company's because it just so happened Joe Biden son worked in that company.

  35. Nadler is so pale — looks like he is ready to follow his ex-colleague Cummings. He was physically in Congress (sleeping) while his spirit is spying President Trump @ the White House. It looks like the democrats are experiencing the highest level of Trump Derangement Syndrome. SAD!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP: THIS IS A COUP ORGANIZED BY SOROS WITH HIS DEMOCRAT PUPPETS. TIME TO DECLARE ACT OF SEDITION. LET THE MILITARY HANDCUFFED THOSE SORE LOSERS, LAWLESS, LIERS & LEAKERS DEMONRATS!!!

  36. Jerry. Ask Jordan what the Facts are. They've already been Established, and They Will Always Remain the Same. You will be Held Accountable for your Lies. You Show Allot More Transparency than Your Sham Impeachment

  37. Gomer another GOP FOOL!!! Who votes for these idiots???????????? Wake the hell up America!!!!!!! Always deflecting!!!!! Impeach the POTUS!!!!!

  38. The bone spur coward cheated on his wife… lied on his tax returns… and stole from his charity… yeah sounds like he is fighting corruption… cracks me up to watch these contorting absolute apologist Trump Troubadours.

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