Good news about climate change, from Eden Reforestation Projects | Eden Vlog #9

An increasing number of Eden Project
supporters want to know our specific
position on climate change
some of you are Game of Thrones fans and
you may recall the episode where Tyrion
Lannister is having this rather dramatic
discussion with Jon Snow
and Jon says how do I get people to
believe what I’m saying and Tyrion said
people’s minds aren’t made for problems
that Lodge White Walkers the night king
army of the Dead.
Perhaps today he would have added
“the possibility of catastrophic climate
change”. Is it real? Is it not real?
Is it urgent? Is it not urgent? And I’m here
today to hopefully open a respectful
dialogue and what Eden has seen and what
we can do to make a difference.
So if you’re asking me what does ETA’s
official position on climate change,
here it is:
Eden is planting millions of trees
every single year and every single one of
those trees by design absorb carbon from
the atmosphere and sequestered in the
trunk sequestered in the root system and
sequestered in the ground and if you
believe in climate change sequesteration
takes place if you don’t believe in
climate change if you’re one of the
naysayers guess what trees still just do
what they do they suck in co2 from the
atmosphere and they exhale oxygen it’s
kind of good and in addition to that we
provide employment for people to plant
trees so both ecological healing and
economic healing take place at the same
time I’ve had the opportunity to travel
the globe quite a bit in my life and
I’ll go back to my my childhood I grew
up in the Philippine Islands on the
island of Mindanao and coming back as an
adult and seeing 97% of the forests cut
down and hearing an impossibility that
they had gone roughly seven months
without any measurable rainfall was the
first alert 25 years ago
something’s wrong shortly thereafter I
found myself in Ethiopia and finding out
they had gone through prolonged
route followed by torrential rainfall
that had destroyed their farming and
literally destroyed their village and
resulted in the loss of 11 lives and
then working in Haiti working in
Indonesia working in Nepal working in
Moe’s beak the stories the same thing
every time you interview an elder what
was it like when you were a child and
what is it like now and they all say the
same thing much hotter not enough rain
followed by suddenly too much rain and
these patterns tell me something’s wrong
certainly at the regional level if not
the global level
Eden’s mission is very simple and very
clear we are here to provide employment
to the poorest to the poor and have them
grow plant and guard trees to maturity
until their regional environment is
healed regional environments are
absolutely being impacted by increased
heat the area’s getting hotter the trees
are gone the forests are gone too much
rain too little rain all these cycles
that are just out of control
as a direct result of the local forests
being destroyed so you have people who
were once sustainable farmers and
fishers now have dropped below that
sustainability level and are our mission
hire people to plant trees provides an
equaliser that allows for the local
economy and the local environment to
both begin to rise together as our dual
mission takes place
so there are a lot of advocacy groups
out there with climate changes one of
their primary missions the United
Nations for heaven’s sakes and the
European Union and all these giant
groups committed to to raising the alarm
they don’t seem to have a real world
solution and I don’t believe Aiden’s
mission is to get lost in that space we
want to stick with what we specifically
feel is our very clear mission objective
hire the poor to plant trees and in that
a real-world solution is offered so
consider this what if climate change is
a symptom and a symptom that is brought
on by human behavior and there’s a lot
of controversy there but one thing
that’s not tunt controversial is the
world’s forests are in trouble over 50%
of the world’s forests have been cut
down in the last 100 years one of the
solutions both achievable and cost
effective is to restore the world’s
forests and why not hire the poorest of
the poor to plant the trees and solve
two problems at once so you’re concerned
about climate change so you’re not
concerned about climate change our
approach has the same results either way
trees sequester carbon by inhaling if
you will carbon dioxide storing carbon
in the trunk and exhale in oxygen and in
our approach we hire the poorest of the
poor to make this photosynthesis biotic
experience occur at the rate of millions
of trees every single month so we have a
solution a real-world solution that
anyone and everyone can become part of
and that’s my hope that’ll come out of
our respectful discussion together
in the next vlog we’re gonna go a little
deeper and the whole subject of whether
or not climate change is real we’re
gonna look respectfully at both sides of
the discussion and actually take a look
at some science yay and learn together
but I also want to respond to questions
and thoughts that you might have so
please join in on the discussion comment
question hopefully no latent or overt
hostilities just let’s engage let’s
learn together so subscribe like and
let’s get the word out because the
solution is there

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