Gowdy: Out of 250 Republicans, Adam Schiff only converted one

100 thoughts on “Gowdy: Out of 250 Republicans, Adam Schiff only converted one

  1. That's sad , after all that testimony , only 1 had the conviction to do the right thing ? This is why we lost the house !

  2. Not ‘converted’, only one had the balls and temerity to stand for truth, honesty, justice & what’s right. He’s an ‘independent’ rather than a weak ‘sheep’. Well done Romney, much respect to you sir.

  3. Romney is in a hurry to be a god! He can't wait for his planet so he is jealous of Trump having a country to rule and isn't even mormon!

  4. Coeducational is awesome. This is a no nonsense man with this country’s best interest at hand. He would make a good president. I would undoubtedly vote for him.

  5. Schiff never converted Romney. Romney obviously didn't pay any attention during the trial. That fact didn't even matter because he was going to vote against the President from the outset.

  6. What evidence? Looks shady but there is no evidence of any wrong doing. Daddy Biden was acting as a representative for the USA-unlike Trump who was acting on his own behalf.

  7. Romney is always JUDAS the scariout . He wanted secretary of state from Trump , he refused and that's why the Hatred started. Loser 😠 . Landslide win 20 20 blessings 🙏

  8. I don't think Romney was converted by shift. Shift isn't that persuasive. Romney had it out for Trump from the beginning.

  9. Follow the money. 1.8 billion dollars sent to ukraine by the obama administration just disappeared into thin air. All this happening when coke hunting biden working over there.
    Along with chainsaw mafia dude.
    This has been investigated? I dont think so.

  10. Don't forget folks that Trump* was impeached by the government body that now counts, the Congress. That will stay with him forever and ever. The fact that the Trump senators were so terrified of Trump* that they were fearful of losing their jobs by finding him guilty is of little consequence now.
    They have embarrassed and debased themselves in front their country and the world. I can imagine hundred of historians already hard at work on their laptops describing McConnell, Graham, Jordan, Gowdy, Collins (D&S) etc and their role in the cover up. Tainted and corrupted by Trump* and Murdoch's Fox News they will be part of the new wave of best selling books.
    The asterix at the end of Trump's* name is to refer to the footnotes in those history books to show that he was impeached.

  11. “When a tree is polled, it will sprout new shoots nearer its roots. A soul that is ruined in the bud will frequently return to the springtime of its beginnings and its promise-filled childhood, as though it could discover new hopes there and retie the broken threads of life. The shoots grow rapidly and eagerly, but it is only a sham life that will never be a genuine tree.”
    ― Hermann Hesse, Beneath the Wheel

  12. Democrats never do anything and that's why we can't fact check them..It is also policy to investigate corruption before handing out free money. sir you drive even 1 mile over the speed limit you are a criminal! There are families drivin and families walking across streets! You will suffer for being a hypocrite! Look up the day of the "witnesses" testifying it was like "beavis and butthead" just because they said it happened don't doesn't guarantee it did. If you crossexamine the witnesses the story would Be fell apart!

  13. Trey Gowdy is the Smartest Man in the world….. His voice is hypnotizing and his Intelligence is fascinating. And "Nasty Nancy[Pelosi]" is a prime candidate for a Portrait on "single layer rolls of toilet paper"

  14. Since not one witnesses was called ,and only Mitt Romney, [who had nothing to lose] stood up and did the honorable thing I do not call that a Trial. Just heard Lieutenant Colonel Vindman and his brother were just escorted out of the Building and fired by king trump. All those Republican Senators were shaking in their boots, have no Honor and need their jobs for one reason or another. Gave Scumbag Limbaugh the Medal of Honor for what?? And pardoned Eddie Gallagher a brutal Murderer. So this is where we are. Not for Long

  15. Odd how you don't notice Trump being childish. Roll back and watch how you as much as gave Snyder a pardon for poisoning Flint. Wow, republicans are fundamentally dishonest.

  16. Only one did not stand to place a hand upon the Bible and swear an oath to the American people. Only one did not lie and betray.the People and the Republic. Lady justice does not pick favorites.
    The Forever Impeached Traitor Trump and the Republicans will not be forgotten for their Treason.
    Wear your shackles with pride.

  17. Communist Pro Trump State Run tv FOX. The place where you get only favorable news of Kim Jong Trump. They will tell you only what you want to hear. And never tell you what you can't handle. They'll spin and spin and spin for you. Now remember folks! Stay Loyal! Or else. You will be punished if you stray and actually hear the real truth about Communist dictator Kim Jong Trump. North Korea, China and Russia would be so proud to have you all!

  18. Trey Gowdy is a smart guy and I really like him, but he's wrong here. Malfeasance is not an impeachable offense. In fact, including malfeasance among the impeachable offenses was considered during the Constitutional Convention and abandoned due to the fear that it might be used as a political weapon.

  19. So now that Fox news has twisted left where are you going to go? Better get out soon before you lose your power take your buddies with you.

  20. just perhaps Trey their cowardice trumped their patriotism and duty to the constitution. I'm sure when you were a prosecutor you'd have allowed the defense to block all your witnesses. hypocrite

  21. Trey seems rarely wrong to me, but he mis-characterized this. No conversion, Mittens is a spiteful establishment-owned Rino.

  22. Schiff failed as a screenwriter, he failed as a congressman; his monologue lies are getting more outrageous – all he will be left with is psychotic chaos – like his colleague the Speaker on her monologues during her press reviews and adressing/non-addresing Pence before the SONA

  23. I'll go along with every thing but the conversion part. Schiff did not convert anybody! Matt has always been on the democrats side. Just another politician that is trying to get his so called fair share dollars!

  24. Romney wants to be part of the SWAMP so bad. I bet Romney forgot how slammed he got while running against Obama lol. You won’t hear to much after a while from or about old ROMNEY.. He ENDED his Political Career by doing that., THE PEOPLE OF UTAH DESERVE BETTER.

  25. Mitt Romney's Personal Advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, Was On The Board Of Burisma, At The Same Time, As Joe Biden's Son, Hunter Biden…

  26. Mitt Romney's Personal Advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, Was On The Board Of Burisma, At The Same Time, As Joe Biden's Son, Hunter Biden…

  27. Talk about Hypocrisy of the Hypocrites. Hannity YOU ARE THE BIGGEST of them all STOP NAME CALLING.
    Stop fact bending !!! Many outlets have shown YOUR lies to the Trump accolytes. What does HE do for you.. anyway … and you shared your lawyer with Trump croney lawyer, Michael Cohen.. what a co-incidence.
    Tale Tucker Carlson down the lie filled rabbit hole with you.
    PS. As Trump refused to acknowledge Pelosi at all.. of COURSE she ripped his speech.. it too was packed full of untruths.. "America beat poverty" Health insurance rescued from "Socialism" We NEED to 'socialize' medecine.
    Why is USA the ONLY western nation still backing 'suck profits out of sick people"? Here's why, they can't fight back!"
    And have you ANY IDEA how much Super Pac money went to Trump by big pharma and heath care??

  28. Abraham Lincoln, Remarks at Springfield, Illinois (November 20, 1860) :
    “let us neither express,
    nor cherish,
    'any harsh feeling towards any citizen'
    who, by his vote,
    'has differed with us'.
    Let us at all times remember that
    'all American citizens are brothers'
    of a common country,
    'should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling' .”

  29. "Insider attack in Afghanistan kills two American soldiers and Afghan serviceman" By Abdul Qadir Sediqi and Idrees Ali  Reuters•February 9, 2020 … RIP. Sergeant 1st Class Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28, of Las Cruces, New Mexico; Sergeant 1st Class Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, of San Antonio, Texas. Paid Ultimate price. Respect. Honor. Sacrifice.
    To keep us safe. Thank you…

  30. What people don’t realize
    Mitt Romney is a spoiled rich little boy he was NOT invited to (CPAC) Conservative Political Action Conference so he threw a tantrum to hurt the party not Trump personally
    So he voted against Trump as his tantrum to the party for Disinviting him where he felt entitled as A Senator of the Republican Party.
    He’s just a Spoiled little rich kid that did not get what he wanted.


  32. I support and admire Mr Gowdy. However, Romney wasn't converted or convinced. This was just an opportunity to Romney to backstab Trump.Romney has always been jealous of Trump and will continue bash Trump whenever possible.

  33. Mr Trey Smuglican didn't hear a testimony by another trumper that "everybody was in the loop"…a trumper that gave a million dollars to tRumps campaign. An insider not willing to fall on his sword for a fake liar? Hmmm! How many others have tied their career to the Trumptanic…it's only a matter of time!

  34. "out of 250 Republicans, schiff converted one" actually erroneous.
    mitt Rommel hoodwinked the good Utah majority Republicans, promising quid pro quo in the Senate. (And they BELIEVED! Him and Joe Smith?)

  35. We need to bring back an independent Un-American Activities Committee and censure a bunch of the socio / communist members of the Democrat Party.

  36. Gowdy makes a shocking point: Over 98% of the Republican senators are corrupt, spineless sycophants who care more for their political power than for protecting the American constitution and rule of law.

  37. All ya traitors…Old Glory and Star Spangled Banner is coming…move to Canada, you have treasonous relations up there…they'll love you and hug you…we won't here.

  38. Mitt Romney participated in Ukraine corruption-crime.

    His speech indicates, to me, he tried to persuade others to vote with him.

    The vote could have been 50-50, or even worse.

    He is dirt.

  39. Mitt is a Rino, he is a wolf in sheep skin. He calls himself a republican due to Utah's stand, however he is involved in Barisma, trafficking, and other DS delights.

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