Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interview


100 thoughts on “Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interview

  1. I don’t understand who is correct who to believe when there are on tv. If you can’t trust any one what are we to do. I am very confused who is running the the government . Do we have criminals running the government? Seem everyone has an agenda and it is not for the Americans people it is for themselves. No one is taking about making a better use of there time to spend on issues for the people they serve.There are other things happening beside the “get Donald Trump impeached”. If this keeps going on we have no future.

  2. Hey moron stop defending the Bidens. Democrats are as corrupt as can be. If Ukraine is so corrupt what in the world 🌍 are you wasting the American tax dollars? Stop covering each other Chris Hann you jerk

  3. Sadly there is a small, yet significant faction of the establishment acting as civil servants that have been clearly mandated with the downfall of Trump. If anything has become completely clear to most voting Americans, is that the establishment has infiltrated the government so very deep and on so many levels that the swamp is abundantly overflowing with them. I suspect that this political disease is also a huge part of the CIA as well and no one should be surprised by that. I do not believe that it is strictly partisan and limited to the DNC either, which should stand for "Dangerous Nasty Clinton's" and their multiple tentacle's of crime and corruption. It is the system itself that has put it's own needs and priority's over those of the citizens that if not for, this would not even matter at all. It is "we the people" and our majority that says what matter's and what does not, yet up and until Trump took office , none of that seemed to matter. They have proven this time and time again with this obsessive need to undermine what 63 million Americans voted for. Law enforcement's outrageous and illegal attempts to systematically stomp out people's civil rights with a comply or die mentality is also proof of this reality that is currently being forced upon the good citizens of America.

  4. Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan are the ONLY republicans I see that could stand a chance of taking up (WEATHERING) where president Trump leaves off in 2024!! Mike Pence is good…but the Democrats WILL dirty his name and reputation!! Wait and see!??

  5. Lisa Page you have no legs to stand on all your you were stupid enough to put it in Texas do your lover which I believe was a married man it says a lot about you but anyhow Next Step so upset think about it you was going to stop him from being the president one way or the other please do not blame the president of the United States of America Donald J Trump President Trump was being attacked by you and your lover and had thoughts documentation from you and your lover and others Nevada other people you made your bed sleep in it

  6. These knuckleheads were having texting conversations over their work phones doh! These people are so stupid, the arrogance of them both is so annoying. There are so many more texts the public has not even seen. In an update since she put out the news article supposedly she is getting therapy and blaming Trump because he talks about her at his rally's. Playing the victim here is absurd and incredibly ridiculous to believe.

  7. Those treaters should be in jail for the coup d’état they have been planning and not reacting like they were innocent.

  8. Russian spies are freely enter and exit the USA Territories Commonwealth and Allies… What the hell is going on here People.

  9. Strzok Lisa Page pure spies treasonous traitor imposter etc. Russian spies easily enter and exit the USA Territories Commonwealth and Allies ? Enemies are well informed and it's just a matter of time. This is not a matter of wait and see people. It's well prepared and it's spreading into the Pacific region people. What the hell is going on here people ? China is preparing military defense in the South pacific islands and it's not about world trade. Russia enters south pacific smoothly too all this happened during Obama's. Hillary Clinton on a special visit to the South Pacific too.

  10. We are glad Lisa page excercised her right to free speech, it have us the texts…it's their actions that showed us their prejudice for Trump and bias for HRC

  11. This is so absurd. We have their text messages, we know for a fact that they were taking action to stop Trump. We also have the Trump transcript of his phone call where there is nothing wrong with what is being said. The Left is saying Trump clearly was up to something in that call but these text messages are not a sign of any issues. The bias is absurd and we the people see it.

  12. Lisa Page is a common woman of low moral character; Strzok is what he looks like…a complete nut. It is scary that two such low level individuals could have worked for the FBI.

  13. Hey, dumbass what's a, fathom? Deepness of water. Mosh. Used fake scripture. Religious. No way, he'll get elected? That's disposition of, obstruction or deep terrorism tactics. Waimea Bay!

  14. Yeah, Terminator char is, used? CD-Simulators- TV tube clusters–Scout Sniper made live? They, have no federal caller ID! They have, their witchcraft alone.

  15. Lisa Page was screwing Peter Strzok that tells us everything about her judgement. This guy is a mental case she's drinking the same Kool-Aid.

  16. Strzok and Page conspired. Trump is being framed by a large set of evil people in and out of the Democrat Party. The party of traitors and evil.

  17. Trump doesn't wear glasses- HE'S GOT 2020. The Christian deplorables will insure it as well as ending the evil do nothing Democratic stronghold on our nation.

  18. Lisa page is a traitor to Americas , Democracy and the rule of law,lisa and strok will go down in history,like the man that shot president Lincoln in the head.

  19. Republicans are a bunch of nut suckers 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  20. She's just getting free press for the book that i assuredly coming to a bookstore near you. She'll find a way to cash in somehow.

  21. Lisa and Peter went up the hill to fetch a pail of impeachment and Lisa fell down on a peter which she was a cheater and so was Peter.

  22. It’s amazing how they can see the injustice here, but can’t see it when Americans get arrested by crooked police!

    Why can’t people see wrong with it does it pertain to them?

    Are there any people in the world that can Judge a situation without bias?

  23. 30,000 + FBI employees and not one stepped up and said we can't do this ? It's illegal . The democrats have weaponized the FBI . The democrats turned the IRS into a political weapon .

  24. People go to jail for lying to the FBI but if the FBI lies then nothing happens..What's the difference between Russia, China or America ??..

  25. CIA, CABALMEDIA SHOULD BE ON TRIAL TOO, because they have been in collusion with the Socialist anti-American, anti CONSTITUTIONAL SABOTAGE DONE BY OBAMA. OBAMA legalized propaganda with HR5736, and there has been NO TRUTH SINCE ! 18 USC 2385 tells the whole tale, "TRAITORS' Coup Fails, and CRIMINALS FACE PENDING CHARGES !

  26. I used to watch Trey Gowdy on Forensic Files, I thought he was a great Prosecutor, but like they said, "Everything Trump touch dies," this an example.

  27. The Republican Party is dead, it's now the Trumpublican Party. It's no more the Party of Lincoln, but the Party of Trump.

  28. The Democrats have opened a deep wound to Trump's ego, now Trump will take his wrath on his own Party. Trouble is a coming for the Republican Party.

  29. Unbelievable this scuzzy adulteress commits treason & she is complaining about President Trump mocking her??? !!! Really ???

  30. Mr. Gowdy…How can they have impeached our president after their own words prove what was done? Now shes going to lie about her own texts? Discusting.


  32. Gowdy is the face of a horrible and ugly Republican gang ! Thugs , ccriminals and arrogant drunks ! Everything that she said was true he is everthing that was said !! An other pastry faced nasal sounding slug !

  33. Why don't Trump, Hypocrite Graham, Gowdy, and the Republicans reinvestigate Benghazi for the eleventh time and see if the facts changed?

    We know that Criminal Trump and the Republicans like to waste the poor taxpayers'

    So go ahead and initiate Trump’s Modus Operandi and open up the investigation.
    Start the WITCHHUNT.

  34. Who is shifty calling the minorities are they that out of touch with reality ? Trump won by the majorities vote and growing.
    Trump is the 1st President besides Kennedy who is fullfilling His campaign promises.
    Impeachment Hoax 2020

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