Graham’s hilarious internal monologue stunt | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

What a lot of your fans like about the documentaries
are your voiceovers. You do those voiceovers kind of explaining what you were feeling at
the time. You know, I felt so and so were tiring of my questions so I decided to leave.
Do you know what i’m talking about? yeah, what about the voiceovers? You know what i’m
talking about, that thing that you do? I felt confused by Graham’s question, it occurred
to me that perhaps he was trying to lure me into one of his comedy bits. In an attempt
to disarm him, I decided to say nothing. Louis’ silence caught me off guard, I decided to
play it cool and drink some wine. This was getting awkward, was Graham simply embarrassed or was it true he does have a drinking problem. I wondered if my fellow guests felt as uncomfortable
as I did. I shared Louis’ discomfort, Graham seemed distracted and it was a long time since he asked me a question about my book. Why is everyone talking to themselves? Jeez! they’re really flogging this comedy bit, when is Graham going to introduce me!

23 thoughts on “Graham’s hilarious internal monologue stunt | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. Have never watched Graham’s Show without thoroughly enjoying it, with the exception of Madonna 🤦‍♀️

  2. 'why is everyone talking to themselves' 😂
    This reminds me of that bit in friends when Joey is humming in his head and then Pheobe is like in her head 'who's singing?' hahaha

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