Gutfeld: Dems’ joke impeachment hearings are all feelings, no facts

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Dems’ joke impeachment hearings are all feelings, no facts

  1. No facts and all feelings – those feelings being – jealousy of his base's adoration for him and fear – of losing the Presidency, the House and even MORE Senate seats in 2020.

  2. Ive been fired and at the time i was hurt and mad but looking back i realized it was me an my ego. Plus I always found a better job

  3. I have a theory ! Schiff has prostrated himself on the alter of justice for the last 3 years to an arrogance that is beyond belief and also extremely careless !
    There is only one reason that makes sense of this behavior , he has been promised Millions by people unknown (yea right) to become Kamikaze .Schiff is not a rich man !! He has a pathetic record in Government , has achieved very little and has latched onto trump Impeachment as his way to leave Politics with some money in his pocket . He will push it till the nth degree until finally expelled by his electorate (not far away ) . KAMIKAZE!!!!!!!!!

  4. There're fundamental differences between asking people to INVESTIGATE vs FABRICATE evidence to frame somebody. Nothing wrong with the first. Yeah the holding back aids is a leverage; necessary when dealing with countries plagued by corruption.

    It reminds me of the so called Russian meddling in election. Well someone EXPOSED all the dirt on DNC; no fabrications of anything dems didn't do (see above). Isn't that called Transparency?

  5. Pelosi and Schiff the California lovers who got tired of screwing each other and moved on to screwing the entire country and the taxpayers are funding their own screwing.

  6. It’s so funny!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe he is able to think up all these obvious jokes and compile them into a neat little package that persuades idiots into being copraphages for their propaganda.

    Do you think Greg’s head would explode if he was exposed to different opinions?

  7. Fox for the most part makes 'politics' entertaining . NWO style
    It aint funny at all , we are in a fight for our lives and our childrens .
    aint a gd thing funny about it

  8. For those paying attention, impeachment hearings are best modern demonstration to the American public why founders included a Bill of Rights in the U. S. Constitution before it was ratified.

  9. Its a good thing these ambassadors dont have to get "real" jobs, not sure they would do too well… bureaucrats….jeez

  10. how many times did shiftless get beat up in school – its obvious that he has an emotional trigger when it comes to trump – he looks as he going to breakdown and start crying uncontrollably

  11. So please get this show on fox8 to compete against late night, tonight show, Jimmy Kimmel ,daily show and what ever else show they got. We need a local channels show like this on! It will have higher ratings then those combined. I quit watching them with there anti American, Anti Trump derangement rants. Have actors, artist and music that support Trump that are black balled from mainstream shows because of this. Great show Greg.

  12. I saw a segment where the media described all this man's medals like he is telling the truth because he has all these medals. I forgot his name it started with V. I know his face but I didn't have time to go look up his name, sorry.

  13. Tom Shilue has found his destiny. But, like the Obama impersonator, it's not a long-term job. Soon, Schifforbrains will be camping out on the Embarcadero, pooping on the sidewalk with the rest of the Californians.

  14. US Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified there was a quid pro quo that came from Rudy Giuliani who was expressing the desires of President Donald Trump.

  15. Do a skit of Shifty shift, in the basement of the house with puppets. One of trump the other of Ukrainian president. And use the words that he spoke, that were made up about Trump. Then have someone open the door behind him, and tell him sir they want you in the committee room. This should be like the scene in Spaceballs.

  16. Wow, I love hearing stupid Americans laugh at a stupid American. Nothing clever, just embarrassing for all involved and anyone watching. I thought this was fake at first. Sad. Good luck dumb dumbs.

  17. A majority of Americans think Trump violated the law. It doesn't matter whether that's a true assumption or not (arguably every President has to one degree or another but that's another discussion.) What matters is that this process has worked wonderfully for the Dems no matter the lack of proof presented this far.

  18. How can this injustice of a Saturday Night Live performance of the unseating of a elected President even be occurring in the house of representatives. The twisted evidence from the Demonrats has no factual substance of proof for impeachment.

  19. I'm sorry America but every other country is laughing at u for this bs. And yet I come from the country where we fire out prime minister on the reg 😂

  20. Just something about schiffs face that is so unlikeable and disingenuine. He has an agenda and it doesmt matter what the facts are he will spin everything in his parties favor to try and get trump back for making a mockery out of him. The dude is a snake.

  21. Seems to be working. lol mind control? just plain Manipulation? I laugh every time one of them tell me not to drink the cool aide. lol I know what happens when you drink cool aide mixed by brain wash professionals. Psychopaths are good at it. lol
    I just saw you use the middle finger to hold up your head. Schiff is putting his invisible whistle blowing finger on all our heads. lol

  22. He had no right to hold aid from Ukraine that was passed by a whole other branch of government. It’s funny y’all republicans tout love for America and patriotism and you have a president that regularly insults his people….disrespects and disregards the constitution. You have a Veteran Lieutenant giving heartfelt testimonies because wants to shed light on the truth and because he had first hand knowledge and all you republicans can do is insult his service. While your president pardons war criminals. Shameful.

  23. I tried watching the impeachment hearings. The witness that was testifying kept talking about how he head that Trump did this or how he knows people who believe that Trump did this.

    That's not evidence. That is just gossip.

  24. Meh. You are making fun of someone that should have a bullet put in their brain for the damage they are doing to our country. Not funny. the American people deserve better.


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