100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the Tulsi and Hillary battle for America

  1. Many political positions Ms. Gabbard holds I disagree with but I respect the fact that she refuses to back down to anybody when she is in the right. That is leadership.

  2. Russian ally is what the democrats fear the most, Russia has been spying on our government for my hole life. Since Russia has received the gift of the ark of Gibraltar, any war with Russia will be fought on horseback.


  4. I'm a republican in iowa and tulsi gabbert is the only democrat i would vote for and not regret. Did i mention shes right about a lot of things. She's also totally beautiful.

  5. I think Tulsi is working with Hillary on this to peel off conservative votes. Nothing just happens with these people, there is always a plan.

  6. Trump is priceless. "Hillary Clinton, if you've heard of her". . . .Wish we could have him (Trump) for more than the next 4 years.

  7. Wolf in disguise: Tulsi is Hillary's 3rd party vote splitter; just as Ross Perot was to Bill, in 1992, so he could beat Bush Sr. Splitting the votes, into 3rds, is Clinton’s only hope to beat POTUS Trump! They're trying to lull voters back to sleep! Don't be deceived; this is an old political trick! Please, copy, paste, share & retweet!

  8. lol…"You're overplaying the bots, you control the whole media" Watters destroying Williams street cred every show, it's hilarious

  9. It's equally infuriating as entertaining to watch Juan's brain trying to come up with something that doesn't make him look disingenuous & bubbling with hysteria, do you even Synapse bro?

  10. Funny how after Hillary throwing accusations, msnbc focuses on whether tulsi denies it rather than Hillary throwing accusations with no facts or proof 🤔🤔🤔 can’t use logic to figure out why the media continues to put Hillary on a pedestal despite being incredibly unlikeable and the candidate that managed to lose to the guy they hate more than anything.

  11. she is a coward she will not stand up for what is wright if she has to pick between the dems and what is wright she will pick the dems look at her with sean

  12. Is Joy Boringhar , the only living breathing Hillary supporter left on this planet ? Poor Juan , no one cares what you say … no one wants you to finish . Sigh 😔 Juan , take your paycheck and smile and listen .

  13. Sadly, not even this will open her eyes to how corrupt and dishonest the democrat party is. Not to mention uneducated, but thinking they are intelligent.

  14. Tulsi Gabbard is poised to harm Democrats AND Republicans. Juan only acknowledged the Left, then called her a plant by the Right. He's such a lizard. Never makes a defensible point. ALWAYS plays Devil's advocate. That means he works for the Devil, then.

  15. HILLARY CLINTON brings nothing but toxicity to anything and everything shes involved with .she is absolutely 100% an enemy to all USA CITIZENS as well as the world ( SELF SERVING)

  16. My 💰 in one Tulsi especially in light of the upcoming investigation reports. I’m the meantime Tulsi needs to watch her back.

  17. I wonder what the Russians think about all this mania?? They're probably laughing their asses off because our political system is a total mess and they didn't have to lift a finger to make it happen.

  18. They expect her to deny a baseless charge because they have no class. Tulsi, who is a classy lady, knows better than to dignify a lie with a comment.

  19. When does someone tell Tulsi that the treatment shes receiving is EXACTLY what the left has done to Trump?! They spread lies and she has fallen for them all where Trump is concerned!

  20. I can't stand listening to the odd gentlemen on the 5 to the right of Jesse I know it's Politically Incorrect to get rid of him and that's the only reason you keep that imbecile there…. but when he is completely irrelevant to the show and has no clue what he's talking about maybe it's time to just get rid of him…

  21. Ya know, if Gabbard came over to the Republican side she'd get a lot of votes from us. I'd vote for her. She seems way too normal and smart to be a demtard.

  22. Joy behar is THE caricature of the most common look among the lifelong dateless/friendless leftouts that are now taking revenge on the rest of us.

  23. If Gabbard was really downing Hildabeast do you really think she would not have been Arkancided by now, like all previous detractors, proves that Gabbard is a Dumb/Dem plant and not to be trusted

  24. As an Sweed (also Tucker is in the Heritig of Sweden) my only Comment will BE !!! This Tulsi has Joined the BAD PARTY !!!

  25. Didn’t Hilary lose the presidential election to a candidate with no political experience? And didn’t she retreat from the public eye in disgrace ?

  26. 1:50 Joy year in and year out, never ceases to stick her own rotten foot in her mouth, Tulsi, for many years, risked life and limb in the Middle east wars, and these useless presstitutes want to insinuate that Tulsi is a Russian asset, Thank you Joy and MSNBC for flushing your credibility further down the toilet. I like Tulsi, and respect her, but I did, and will be voting for Pres Trump. Oh! and also, it was Bill and Hillary that were taking tons of money from Russia, and paying Russians via Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS for the lying fake "pee pee" dossier.

  27. Tulsi Gabard is a charlatan. She wants to steal away the Military vote from TRUMP. Go away Tulsi. Your fake attack you and Hillary planned has failed.

  28. Come on ..the Tulsi ,Hillary battle reminds me of the Obama blame game toward Bush who played the patsy for him. They now show they are BFFs
    Tulsi admitted if she didnt advance to the General election she would side with Democrats all the way. Shes against their socialism now, but will back them if shes not elected. Shes so unsure about what she believes..its pathetic
    Shes just a sleeper cell

  29. Let's have a mud-wrestling live event the day before Super Tuesday between Apostate Tulsi and Crooked Hillary. I'll bet even Juan would watch.

  30. Wow do some research idiots. Jill Stein said 6 months ago that she will not be running for nomination of green party in 2020, someone else prob is

  31. Well maybe she Ohta switch parties come to the right instead of over there to the left where everything‘s f up🇱🇷

  32. Well maybe she Ohta switch parties come to the right instead of over there to the left where everything‘s f up🇱🇷

  33. Well maybe she Ohta switch parties come to the right instead of over there to the left where everything‘s f up🇱🇷

  34. Don't be fooled. Killery and Gabberd have a plan. Put the bad witch against the good witch in your face. This is the DNC trying to be sneaky.

    Have NO doubt the good witch is still a witch. See her platform: globalist, is the least of her gifts. Look into it.

    Remember their mission is to beat Trump at ALL costs. They need to avoid military tribunals. See No Name and GHWB.

  35. Lets remember John Podesta helped to finance Gabbard's campaign for congress in 2012, and who was chief of staff for Bill Clinton..John Podesta. It's all a shame to raise Gabbard's profile!!!

  36. I don't think that republicans support Tulsi politically. They support her as a veteran who is being smeared. They support her opposition to Hillary's scurrilous attacks on her. They support her as a person not as a politician. And I think that's fair.

  37. Trump is "playing dumb" here because Tulsi Gabbard will be President Trump's pick for Vice President in the next election.

  38. Cashier: "Here's your change ma'am"
    Hillary: "You short-changed me 10 cents.. HEY THERES RUSSIAN ASSET OVER HERE EVERYONE!

  39. And again do you have that dumb old leftie clown on as a joke or something.
    Everything that comes out of his mouth is insanity.

  40. Joyless Blowhard,… Hillary blames everyone for what she is herself, evil ,murderous,malignant Globalist , communist. . Juan Clueless.

  41. someone called me a blue lesser spotted Mongolianise dwarf yesterday. I didn't deny it I just replied stfu you crazy unhinged freak. sort your mind out and get back with humankind again before it's too late!

  42. When I hear Joy speaking, it reminds me of a cat yacking up a hair ball.

    I love the twists and turns of this campaign year. You have the left clashing over different topics and can’t get on the same page.

    The Democratic debates have turned into a reject reality show. Hillary (the pro woman feminist) is attacking a successful female politician who’s also a war veteran and democrat…

    All the while… Trump, is business as usual. insert Zach Galifianakis laugh

  43. WHY in the world does the new's ,and other msnbc,cbs,cnn eveen recognize the PHEW/ VIEW. I have never of the few times of looking at the anti american looney bin view heard a sane comment from either of these fanatic's

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