Hamas vows to turn Israeli communities into “ghost towns” – TV7 Israel News 05.11.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News braodcast to you from Jerusalem;
And in today’s top stories;
The Islamist Hamas organization warns Israel
that it will turn its cities into “ghost
towns,” while claiming that it attained
the capability to bomb the city of Tel Aviv,
which serves as Israel’s economic center,
with thousands of missiles for an extended
period of six months.
A scheduled meeting between Likud and Blue
and White negotiating teams was cancelled
yet again, increasing the likelihood of an
unprecedented third round of elections that
may be reluctantly forced on Israel.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced
the Islamic republic’s fourth step of reducing
its commitments under the 2015 nuclear agreement.
The Islamist Hamas organization warns Israel
that it will turn its cities into “ghost
towns,” while claiming that it attained
the capability to bomb the city of Tel Aviv,
which serves as Israel’s economic center,
with thousands of missiles for an extended
period of six months.
Speaking at a rally in Gaza city, Hamas leader
Yahya Sinwar boasted in his organization’s
military power, which he claims Jerusalem
“holds in great regard.”
Sinwar revealed that despite the ongoing Israeli
and Egyptian blockade, Hamas developed a tunnels-network
of “hundreds of kilometers,” built “hundreds
of command and control rooms above and below
ground” and increased its weapons stockpiles
with thousands of additional anti-tank missiles
and mortar shells – for the sole purpose
of attacking the Jewish State.
The Islamist leader further noted that Hamas
applies “many secret tools to counter attempts
made by Israeli intelligence to infiltrate
Gaza,” and in response to the threats voiced
by Israeli leaders, Sinwar insisted that Hamas
will “make them curse the day they were
In addition to his numerous threats, Sinwar
claimed that Hamas retains absolute control
over the Gaza Strip.
He did confess, however, that Hamas has been
coping with various forms of opposition within
the Palestinian enclave.
Meanwhile in Jerusalem;
A senior government official told TV7 that
Israel is nearing a point of no return, in
which it will be “reluctantly forced”
to launch a wide-scale ground operation in
the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
The official, who asked to remain anonymous
as he was not permitted to speak publicly,
explained that rogue terror groups operating
in the Palestinian enclave are relentlessly
acting to undermine the authority of Hamas,
which is likely to lose its hold over Gaza
in a next military conflagration.
That said, the official noted that Jerusalem
views the threats posed from the Gaza Strip
as a mere distraction.
Both Israel’s Defense establishment and
Political leadership understand that the most
dangerous threat to the Jewish State comes
from the Islamic Republic of Iran, which actively
aspires to entrench militarily on Israel’s
northern front, in both Lebanon and Syria,
as well as farther to the east in Iraq and
Turning now to Jerusalem’s continued political
A scheduled meeting between Likud and Blue
and White negotiating teams was cancelled
yet again, increasing the likelihood of an
unprecedented third round of elections that
may be reluctantly forced on Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud
and former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz’s
Blue and White traded accusations and insults
amid efforts on both sides to bolster their
perceived political advantages.
Sources in Blue and White told TV7 that “For
the time being, the conditions for another
meeting have not ripened,” efforts are underway
to schedule a meeting with the Likud’s team
for later in the week.
Similar statements were made to TV7 by Likud
officials, yet they indicated that ‘unless
Blue and White changes their position vis-à-vis
a broad unity government that will permit
the entire right-wing-religious bloc to join,
a meeting later this week will be redundant.’
Meanwhile, Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz
repeated his call this morning for a unity
government to be formed as soon as possible.
The former military chief underscored that
“Unity isn’t a bloc, in which everyone
thinks like a single person and acts in the
service of a single person – but rather
– unity exists when all of the parties set
aside their personal interests and operate
together on behalf of the country, on behalf
of country’s future, on behalf of all of
our future.”
Turning now to Israel’s northern neighbor,
Turkish and Russian troops in armored vehicles
began their second joint ground patrol in
northern Syria near the town of Kobani, under
a deal that has forced the Kurdish-led Syrian
Democratic Forces, and its most powerful YPG
militia, to withdraw from Turkey’s border
Security sources confirmed that the joint
patrol effectively covers a distance of 72
kilometers, which is a little under 45 miles,
at a depth of five kilometers from the Turkish
border, equal to a little over 3 miles.
Meanwhile in Ankara;
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said
that United States forces were still conducting
joint patrols with the Kurdish YPG militia
in Syria, in a border region that Ankara and
Washington had agreed to clear of the militant
Speaking to members of his AK party, the Turkish
head of state warned that unless Washington
and Moscow abide by their commitments, Ankara
will reevaluate its course of action.
“We know that on both sides, terrorists are
still present within the borders of the area
that we established as a safe zone.
They cannot deceive us by saying: ‘We removed
the terrorists from there.
These areas are cleared from terrorists’.
These areas have not been cleared from terrorists
President Erdogan was referring to U.S. forces
that are patrolling oil fields that are situated
in northeast Syria – some of which are located
within Ankara’s envisioned safe-zone.
In a report published by the Arab 24 Network,
a U.S. force was seen travelling alongside
YPG militants, in the strategic town of Rmelan
of Syria’s Hasakah province.
Asking the American ground force commander
on the operational plans of the U.S., he noted
that the answers to Washington’s intensions
will be made at some of the highest levels.
“So, for right now, we are just patrolling
I don’t have that answer for you.
I’m sure that that answer will be made at
some of the highest levels, and then I will
be able to answer it better later on.”
Turning now to Tehran, where;
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced
the Islamic republic’s fourth step of reducing
its commitments under the 2015 nuclear agreement.
Speaking to Iranian scientists in a speech
broadcast live this morning on state television,
the Iranian leader said that from tomorrow,
instructions were given to activate the sensitive
Fordow enrichment facility, by injecting gas
into 1,044 of its centrifuges.
“Today, at honorable presence of you, dear,
technologists, of technologic and innovative
companies, and of the innovation factory,
we would like to declare commencement of the
fourth step (of reducing Iran’s commitments
under the JCPOA).”
/ “We are taking this step from tomorrow and
I will give the order to the atomic energy
organization and instruct them to do so, we
will start gas injection at Fordow.
They might start making a fuss about it, asking
us why do you want to do this in Fordow.
We know all about it.”
In addition, Iran announced its intent to
launch a new array of 30 advanced IR-6 centrifuges,
which will provide the Islamic Republic with
a significantly shorter breakout time for
a nuclear weapon.
Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization chief Ali
Akbar Salehi unveiled Tehran’s plan – by
mockingly thanking the enemies of the Islamic
Republic for creating the opportunity for
Iran to attain the advanced technology.
; “We have to thank our enemies for creating
an opportunity for the Islamic Republic of
Iran, especially in the nuclear technology
industry, to show how we could obtain such
an achievement at making S8 machines in such
a short time.”
Despite these developments, European powers
continue to voice hope of reinstating the
2015 accord with Tehran.
“We are aware of Iran’s announcement to use
so called modern centrifuges and it’s not
that new.
Apparently, this is an implementation of what
was already announced in the beginning of
September, to no longer comply with the nuclear
accord in research and development.
We view this as unacceptable.
Ultimately, Iran is putting the entire nuclear
accord at risk and that’s why we expect Iran
to return to its JCPOA obligations.
Every additional step by Iran which distances
itself from the accord will endanger the accord
as a whole.”
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  1. I thank the Lord God for this channel. May God use this channel to reach those who love Israel to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and also change the hearts and minds of the unsaved, both Jew and Gentile, to see God's glorious salvation.

  2. May The Lord bless Israel with Benjamin Netanyahu remaining at the head of the government. Please Lord don't let the opposition win, over the best Prime Minister Israel has ever had. We must keep praying for the salvation of Israel, and the peace of Jerusalem, soon to be where Jesus Christ, rules the world, with a rod of iron. Please come Lord Jesus, come quickly. Thank you brother Jonathan, and God bless you and everything, and everybody, you hold dear. He's coming soon brother.

  3. I break Hamas words by the power and blood of Jesus Christ! Hamas is unrighteous even to their own, reported even to the UN for their abuses. That said, Gaza's well, it's gotta be cleaned out, period. Now they are threatening Tel Aviv? Which reminds me; did you guys see the pics of Nasrallah in his new pink bikini? It's going around the web, seen at Behold Israel's latest update! We must all commit to ever-greater diligence in covering Israel with prayer daily and teaching others to do the same! "1Sing praises to the LORD, who dwells in Zion; proclaim His deeds among the nations. 10Those who know Your name will trust in You, for You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You. 11Sing praises to the LORD, who dwells in Zion; proclaim His deeds among the nations. 12For the Avenger of bloodshed remembers; He does not ignore the cry of the afflicted.…"

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    Benny Gantz wanting his own way or nothing at all..

    I hope Israel can see this and Stand Up and By Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who Loves ISRAEL , all the Jewish People and is fighting for ISRAEL'S and The Jewish People Best Interest.

    Why isn't Israel Standing up and by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is a victim of false allegations, and people who are trying to destroy his career and Israel with all the Jewish people.

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