Hay Day Dairy News: December 2019 Update! ☃️🎁

Welcome to Dairy News: Winter Update. We have many new and exciting things
coming like the new Valley mode, a new way to refuel truck,
opportunities to get even more tokens, a lucky bonus and so much more. Stick around, grab a blanket, get cozy
and don’t forget to subscribe. DAIRY NEWS We have a new Valley mode
for you: the Sanctuary Valley. Greg’s sanctuary animals
are lost in the Valley, and he would love your help
to bring them home. How does it work? Instead of chickens,
the sanctuary animals will now be sitting on the road,
waiting for you to pick them up. Collect the animals and drive them
to the closest Valley sanctuary. There are many sanctuaries
in which to drop them off, no matter where you are in the Valley. A truck can fit
up to three sanctuary animals. And the more animals you drop off
in one go, the more tokens you get. But be careful! The sanctuary animals
can be a bit cheeky and run off, but they won’t go far. You’ll just have to pick them up again. Just like the chickens, you and your fellow farmers
need to collect enough animals to unlock the exclusive Valley shop. However, with these sanctuary animals,
you also get tokens when you drop them off
in the Valley sanctuaries. With this new mode, you’ll probably
be driving around a little bit more. We’ve added fuel stations
around the Valley for a chance to purchase extra fuel
every once in a while. And if you’re lucky, the fuel stations
may also give you free fuel. We wanted to give you a chance
to get more tokens and rewards, so you now have a piggy bank. In addition to the token rewards
you already know, building requests, social requests,
collecting chickens, all these things
would give you piggy tokens which are just regular tokens
stored in your piggy bank. The piggy bank is available
in every Valley Season. When the season ends,
you can use diamonds to open up your piggy bank
and use the piggy tokens collected. You can also choose
not to open the piggy bank and the piggy tokens will be transferred
over to the next Valley Season. Also, all your unused tokens
from your wallet will also be safely stored
in your piggy bank for the next season. The piggy tokens
ignore your wallet’s limit. So if you fill up
both your piggy bank and wallet, you may have the chance to afford
two rewards from the exclusive shop, like diamonds and
an exclusive Valley decoration. Want even more rewards? Introducing the lucky bonus! In your daily quest bar
you will see pigs rocking mustaches. Once you reach a mustachioed pig,
tap on it and the lucky bonus will open. This mini game consists of three rounds. Each round has a set of cards
which contain prizes and bombs. Here, take a look!
In the first round, there are six cards out of which,
one is a bomb. The cards will shuffle and you can tap cards to get
the corresponding prizes. But, beware. Getting a bomb will make you lose
all your prizes in that lucky bonus, even the ones from the previous rounds. If you get a bomb
and you don’t want to lose prizes, you can choose
to continue by using diamonds. Once you uncover
a certain number of prizes, you can choose
to move on to the next round and the next round will bring more
and better prizes, but also more bombs. For example, if you’re in the third round
and you get a bomb, you’ll lose your prizes
from rounds 1, 2 and 3. But like I said earlier, you can continue
taking your chances with diamonds. If you don’t want any more chances, you can end the game by tapping on “End bonus”
and collect all your prizes. Enough Valley talk. Let’s move on
to updates coming to your farm. The diamond shop has a new look. Find everything in one place
for easy access. We will also introduce Weekly Deals
and other cool offers. The XP star menu also has a new feature, a counter that shows
how many expansion and upgrade items you’ve purchased from the Roadside Shop,
during that day. Very handy! Celebrating the Holiday season,
Greg’s farm has a Holiday calendar. Find presents on Greg’s farm containing
new decos and other nice things. Don’t forget to check out Greg’s farm
every day until December 24th and you can still open all the presents
until January 4th. We hope this holiday will
bring you holiday cheer, especially with those cute sanctuary
animals in the Valley. And that’s all for now. Give us feedback
about this update in the comments and subscribe. Until next time, Happy Holidays! SUBSCRIBE!

100 thoughts on “Hay Day Dairy News: December 2019 Update! ☃️🎁

  1. Je ne suis pas enchantée par cette nouvelle version de la vallée: trop difficile pour avoir de l’essence, les aires pour le dépit des animaux sont trop éloignées et peu nombreuses, nous devons faire trop de route seulement pour déposer les animaux, pas assez de jetons lorsque nous allons aux bâtiments,….etc……

  2. Очень часто вылетает игра!!!! Уже где то 4 дня!!!! А алмазы мне вообще редко вылетают…жаль😔😔😔😔и все таки….Я ОЧЕНЬ ЛЮБЛЮ ЭТУ ИГРУ!!!!!!! КЛАСС!!!!!!!👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. What really makes me ill as I’ve already updated and I can’t even contact Support until I’ve updated which is stupid because my update has gone through and I’ve rebooted I’ve done everything they told me and I still can’t even get Support now makes me sick and I’ve been playing this game since day one

  4. Esta sumindo diamantes essa atualização ou tem muito problema ou estão querendo vender eliminando o que vc tem sacanagem pura

  5. เล่นเสร็จ​เขาฟาร์ม​เดิมไม่ได้คาบบช่วย​ แก้ให้หน่อย

  6. Essa nova atualização deu defeito na barra de amigos, não estou conseguindo acessar, toda vez que toco na barra fecha o jogo

  7. Legais as atualizaçoes..mas depois delas , a minha barra de ve amigos nao consigo abrir . quando clico la o jogo para . ta um saco essa semana e um desafio entrar no jogo.

  8. Com os meus colegas esta acontecemdo igual ..alguns ja desistalaram por falta de paciencia. Sem contar que agente fica prejudicada na corrida.

  9. We need a search bar in our inventory, I have so many items it takes me forever to find something to put in my shop when someone in group asks for something.

  10. Indonesia : Hay Day adalah permainan menyenangkan yang sangat saya sukai, tapi tolong jangan besar penyimpan nya… Pleasee 🙏🙏🙏

    English : Hay Day is a fun game that I really like, but please don't be big storage… Pleaseee🙏🙏🙏

  11. I'm really having problems now I can't type message to group, I can't go into valley , someone in my group said something about fixing glitches by going thru diamonds purchases but I can't get there 🤦‍♀️😜help please I want to play I love this game

  12. What’s wrong with hay day? After the last update some of my neighbors can’t go into any neighbors they trying reloading the game but it doesn’t help, any sugestiones please

  13. Ok I been reading the comments and I been having same problem with going fishing the game shuts off since I updated hay day if your reading please fix

  14. Is there a site where I can order that huge chicken pluche?! I love the chicken from the game and I am in love with the pluche from the video! ♡♡♡ love from Holland

  15. Sdh 3 tahun maen hay day.. gak bosan bosan. Tapi kenapa ya habis upgrade kemarin kebunku gak bisa pergi ke kebun greg. Tiap q klik gambar greg selalu keluar game dengan sendirinya tolong donk di benahi. Mhkcihh.

  16. А где теперь на долине искать тройное задание,ведь теперь куриц нет и его например я найти не могу

  17. I didn't like the new valley because it's hard
    And it takes long time to but the animals in the sanctuary .
    And I have a problem with derby it the same hard task in every time there is no a lot tasks.
    I am really like the gifts boxes .
    Also it so much hard to collect 500 of sun point 😭😭😭

    Finally I like your game your fan RA from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  18. En este derby de bingo no entendí nada, las tareas estaban muy confusas , no aparecian tareas con punto azul para poder hacer una linea del bingo, algo pasó que nada funcionó , además el juego tiene una falla , tienes que estar muy atento porque a veces según tú pusiste a producir y al final la caja está vacía , y no es el internet, quizás la actualización causó algún daño.
    Además estoy de acuerdo con los jugadores que opinan que el valle es aburrido , si que lo es !!!

  19. ارجو منكم حل مشكلة العملات لانه يتم إعطاء قطع من الالوان بعد تحميل الحيوانات ويكون هنالك نوع من القطع يعطا بكثره وليس هنالك ما استطيع التبديل به فبهاذا سيكون هذا اللون من قطع التبديل ثقل ولن استطيع الاستفاده من الهدايا وشكرا

  20. I don't like hay day and I left it because of the new update ,he is on the buyer to take 80 cools a day.please cancel this update ,God,you will lose alot of followers and friends ,ok ,we wait for that from you🌹🌹🌹

  21. I Reilly like these new features, people think it's just trying to get you to spend diamonds but it's easy to get diamonds in chests to, just this week I got over 50 diamonds in chests. I just play for fun. Can't wait for more updates!

  22. كل شي حلو الا شغلة وحدة بس الوادي مايفتح المساة الا لو جمعنا ٤٠٠ حيوان من خلال المزارعين و هالشي مايساعدنا لانه ما لكل يهتم للعب الصحيح ارجوا تقليل العدد للحصول علي الماساة بسهولة اكثر و شكرا

  23. Скоро к вам приду ! Я вас не забыла ! Мне нравится игра хоть и отстаю Я на 50 уровне .. много недостатков …

  24. ทำไมเวลาเล่นอยู่ชอบขึ้นมาว่าไม่เชื่อมต่อกูเริ่มเซ็งแล้วอยากด่าแม่งกูรำคาญโว้ย

  25. Eu não gostei dessa atualização, ficou muito mais difícil de jogar. Existe um modo de volta como era antes.
    Estou decepcionada com essa atualização.

  26. Если ты активен !) Приглашаем в наше супер соседство " дом веселья и уважения" . В клане 28-30 фермеров. Добрый пожаловать 🌷❤

  27. مشكله..في اللعبه..لا تضهر الزينات أثناء. تعديل الاتصميم. .أثناء إجراء مخطط جديد…ارجو حلها

  28. เข้าตกปลาไม่ได้ค่ะ เด้งออกตลอดเลย

  29. Hola. No me gusta pescar, me aburre, llevo tiempo pensando que ese abuelo que hay, podría pescar de forma automática cuando yo sé lo pida. Por favor tenedlo en cuenta para futuras actualizaciones

  30. Depois da atualização, minha máquina de fazer chapéu sumiu. Como eu a recupero? Estou sem poder participar direito, ficam me pedindo chapéu e não tenho como fazer! Por favor, me ajudem!

  31. Hola, la verdad es que ya muchos estamos cansados de sus manipulaciones con el juego y ovbio que siempre perderemos para así ustedes puedan hacer a la gente que compren sus diamantes, al final el juego es un puro negocio.

  32. Hay day está resultando manipulador, aburridor y creen que hay que dedicarles todo el tiempo a ellos y eso no puede ser ya que muchos tenemos vida y el juego es sólo una entretencion que al parecer no es con éste juego. El valle de ser entretenido paso a ser aburrido y cansador

  33. Se sigue trabando el juego, no puedo ver a los vecinos que necesitan ayuda, solicitudes etc. Hagan algo por favor, gracias

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