100 thoughts on “Hong Kong pro-democracy groups win in landslide, so what’s next?

  1. Hong Kong is so clueless just like Americans they think they're free it's nothing but a mindset because nobody on Earth is free unless you have millions or billions of dollars!

  2. Hong Kong gains nothing by electing the chief executive. They have never had complete democracy, nor has Beijing promised full democracy. They are a free and capitalist society and live far better then the average person globally. These terrorist students have used fear and violence to try and force political change. This is an internal Chinese problem and the world should stay out of these problems.

  3. Nancy needs to jump in and back up the pledge of support she just signed.I forgot,she only does things that help her.Thats how she gained 40 million dollars in office.

  4. As a reminder, Hong Kong is part of China, Hong Kong will comply with China constitution. What is next for Hong Kong? Rebels just play around themselves within 369 square miles city. China never promised democracy in Hong Kong, China was never built based on democracy, neither is Hong Kong.

  5. "Most peaceful way to fight for the Democracy" while showing vandalized streets and tyre puncture nails, you are genius.

  6. Falun Gong is a cult Falun Gong violates human rights. Distort the facts America is the biggest terrorism in the world. Persecution of peoples. Create a war disaster Go China. The Chinese nation refuels.

  7. So, if Puerto Rico, Hawaii, The Marina Islands, and American Samoa voted to kick the U.S. back to the mainland, that would be cool?

  8. we here in HK owe a great deal to our young people who stood up for there beliefs. Carrie Lamb is corrupt and has been for years everyone knows it, Hong Kong needs the support of the world and needs to get rid of evil Lam, Hong Kong is fighting for its life.

  9. Let the British deal with it. It’s their old colony. USA is not the policeman of the world. The Chinese chose communist government now they are getting what they wished for.

  10. Democracy will always win because it's in the best interest of the people to vote for fairness, transparency, and rule of just laws. someday I hope Democracy returns to the United States.

  11. When the chinese military invade Hong Kong, then everyone will say #PrayForHK and I will just say "I told you so" -Q

  12. The Chinese govt is going to have to fight for survival soon enough. The people are getting a taste for democracy there. They are going to want more than that oppressive regime

  13. What happen if US people protest in the street and ask China to take over US and get rid of democracy in the other way round? Bullshit right? Cos this is their internal problem. No matter what US said, this is just non of their business. Nothing they can do.

    For China, Taiwan, Hong Kong this is kind of their family issue. Like father and son.
    For US, British this is their neighbour family problem. One is internal, one is border.

  14. They say the same thing about Taiwan, and that’s where I see this going. Hong Kong becoming a functionally independent city-state on China’s border until China decides its time to crack down with military force.

  15. no sovereign state will allow the motherland to split. please go on ,dont not stop.one day, 1.4 billion people will be angry.this is the consequence of Hong Kong's failure to decolonize.

  16. tRump lives dictators and if he wins re-election, he will come out on the side of the Chinese. Then, he will craft a dirtbag trade agreement with China. He will tell his cultists that this is the greatest trade agreement in the history of the world.

  17. The election could also imply that a lot of HK citizens support protesters using barricade and burning MTR rather than police using too much force and tear gases to stop people. Luckily another Tiananmen incident has been avoided.


  19. everything proceeding as normal–Beijing issuing threats to Hong Kong already–they will NEVER allow any type of democracy there–probably will now start hearing about people disappearing from Hong Kong as the communist police make their illegal arrests.

    REMEMBER TIANANMEN SQUARE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to the mainland communist ruling government-it never happened…

  20. Funny how CNN is crying over whats happening in Hong Kong but in the US CNN screams for Dems control over the people…which is what Hong Kong is fighting against. I don't think CNN can see past one day or forsee what happens in government (and what has happened in history).

  21. Hong Kong has clearly rejected joining China. They voted overwhelmingly against pro-Bejing candidates. But China wants people they call terrorists (pro-democracy activists) to join them? That's absurd..
    The voting was peaceful as a meadow and they voted for the "terrorists" (protesters) by a huge margin.
    If a woman resists your advance, do you condemn her and keep advancing? China must move on even with a broken heart. Anything else is harassment.
    Hong Kong will become a fine neighbor, but China must first become a good neighbor.

  22. If Jamie Metzl is at the Atlantic Council then why on Earth should he be listened to on this subject? After all China and Hong Kong are both located in the South China Sea, a part of the Pacific Ocean, aren't they?

  23. I wish them good luck, but you know China is not going to set them free. If they weren't connected to China on land they could attempt to be like Taiwan if other countries gave them military support.

  24. There is a distinction between seeking Democracy and defying Sovereignty. China is already a capitalist country. Their problem from achieving good Democracy is population growth since 1940's and not enough resources.

  25. Millions of people in the world ( nearly most of Arabia) are fighting to get rid of US surpression and the US installed puppet dictators Even the American natives still have to fight for their rights.And they are pointing fingers?
    Nice try!

  26. 7:10 and India has used that same line "keep your hands out of your internal affairs" recently against China, lol, I do find it funny.

  27. Wang yi… Related to Wang ba Dan??? Wahaha but seriously democracy will eventually win in the end but under new world order where your own government will tap to its citizens' everyday life… Welcome to NWO 101

  28. Who cares about democracy anyway when all those so-called democratic corporations sell out for the China market therefore feeding the communist regime. All you fucks that say you hate China or fight China, look under the Made in (Stickers) of your products you fucking hypocrites. Go destroy them then and I will believe you really do dislike China and not suck up to their goods.

  29. they wont gain independence with peaceful protests… a dictatorship doesnt give up territory because the peasants ask nicely. would Hitler have given up France if they had peacefully protested? no, obviously not, and China wont either.

  30. Yes. Any election should follow the rules of one country two system. No doubt. Do if no such rules how you called victory.

  31. Chinese all know poverty is not communism in the past 20 years and that is why China open the door to the west and develop economy and human right in many area even they are not perfect. But the future is still going on. Hongkong should follow up instead of riots just for so called democracy. Poverty is not democracy.Look at Hongkong. How may poor residents without room and job.

  32. Meanwhile in American Universities students are begging for tyranny, rejecting freedom and begging for more over bearing government.

  33. So what’s next? Guns for everyone who wants one for random shootings. Elect orange pathological liar criminal as leader. Police really need to step up with real violence just like USA. Democracy!! Yeah! Democracy!!

  34. Congrats on the small victory Hong Kong! Take little steps and you will prevail! The world is looking at you! Looking up to the spirit and courage of the hong kong people!

  35. Freeing Hong Kong is like freeing California…it's not gonna work out in their favor, as Hong Kong is totally reliant on China. In addition to electricity, water, and food, pretty much every job in Hong Kong is dependent on some aspect of the Mainland. Every finance job is reliant on moving money into the mainland. Every job in shipping and trade is reliant on moving goods out of the mainland.

  36. I wonder if the Chinese government will crack down on HK or will it resolve this peacefully? Given their reliance of international trade, they can't use tactics like they used in the 90's, but they aren't likely to allow an independent government form in their territory. This is going to get interesting.

  37. The US not only just came out in support but also took a steps to try to ensure it stays a special zone in China under the British-China Hong Kong handover agreement which specifically says it stays autonomous until 2047

  38. Meanwhile – Hong Kong celebrating thanksgiving – thousands show up in unity
    Waving thousands of american flags 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Showing love for President Trump and american people ❤️ public readings of the us constitution – singing our national anthem
    Chanting USAUsa Usa ( sounded like a Trump Rally ) 🇺🇸💕🤣 Trump 2020
    And cnn not reporting this

  39. What's next? China will increase the pressure. Democracy in China will not start in Hong Kong and it won't come anytime soon. As much as I applaud the courage of the people of Hong Kong, I am not a strong believer in a happy outcome of this.

  40. Listening to the Chinese officials was a wastage of time. Same old shit comes from their mouth every time. PROPAGANDA. FAKE INFO. ONE COUNTRY TWO(ONE) SYSTEM.
    The HK government couldn't solve the issue for 5 months.
    In western democratic countries, the president and the officials should have already swept away.
    Chinese officials, " WE INSIST TO SUPPORT THE HK GOV"

  41. Jamie Metzl is quite annoying. He says the same shit over and over again “stakes are high” and “it’s important that pro democracy protestors are not violent.” WHO THE FUCK SAID THEY WERE VIOLENT? It’s always the government that is violent, the police hiring thugs to beat down the protestors. It’s like the neo-con rally over here. Only 1 side is violent but you target the other side saying they shouldn’t be violent. Jamie is a troll.

  42. Stupid Chinese leaders keep repeated the same statement:" HK IS PART OF CHINA " anybody know that , but why the HK people disgust the Chinese government? Because they are inhuman , daaaa😷😷😷😢😢😢

  43. The South China Morning Post says:
    80 medics arrested including docs and nurses, 5,800 arrests, 2600 protesters hospitalized, 900 charged,1,200 complaints of police misconduct. Meanwhile Xi JinPing hasn't given an inch except to temporarily "kil" extradition and increase police violence.
    There must be enormous division in the police. Some do not want to be beating youngsters and denying democracy to all of Hong Kong. The police with heart must make it known to the protesters to divide the police internally into pro-anti democracy.

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