100 thoughts on “House Democrats raise prospect of new impeachment articles against President Trump

  1. 2019 Dems comes up with new articles of impeachment. Liberals say we have only 12 years left because of climate change.
    2099 Dems comes up with new articles of impeachment. Liberals say they are all (brain) dead, already, anyway.

  2. Liberals just fool around pretending that they do something serious! Isn't time for people to stop this wastte of money of taxpayers?

  3. WSJ – What a joke. We the people are nOT wondering why they will not allow witness. The Senate is not where this is introduced. The House should have ALL this done prior to sending their case to the Senate.

  4. Democraps are doing nothing but enraging the trump base, and independents over this impeachment scam. They will fail terribly in November. I’m betting on Trump in a landslide, Senate plus 2, and retake the house, it’s a great parlay. In 2016 I took home a bundle 👍, Trump not only is great for business, he paid off big for me on election night lol 😂 looking forward to 2020. God bless our President
    God bless America

  5. President Trump should suspend the DNC and postpone the election until all the coup conspirators are rooted out and locked up! Democracy demands it!

  6. I wonder if there is a law in place that would allow the supreme court to step in and actually bring this thing to a conclusion.

  7. Nancy is trying be Queen and this whitelighter is going cause all pain she needs to go and Trump needs stay
    Look at San Fran high health care cost got send kids to private school
    Need have 320 k a year live there or you broke

  8. Why do Fox news anchors feel they have to talk over their guests. So f-ing rude. And I would rather hear the guest. The anchor needs to shut the hell up and let them speak. Ugh!

  9. I told the court Judge I refuse to do jury duty as a citizen because I do not trust our legal system anymore. Since our Gov't Democratic party is weaponizing our legal system to rid of a President that we voted for, then why in the hell should I be obligated to the courts if they are not a fair system and a fair Gov't that I can believe in? The judge excused me.

  10. The house speaker does NOT get to tell the Senate how to run their part of their bs impeachment articles. If they wanted to hear from those witnesses they should have waited until the court ruled on the witnesses. Old nancy wanted to have Trump impeached before Christmas and they pulled that trigger it's their fault they acted prematurely.

  11. I wanna hear the witnesses ,blocking the testimony just makes him look guilty if witnesses will exonerate him then why block them?

  12. I guess they started with the weakest possible case with no evidence that they could try to jam through Americas alimentary canal. However truth is truth. Real facts when over Joe Biden's we have our own truth. And it won't matter soon. Once indictment start from the Durham investigation many of these people will be going to jail. You can't be a felon and be in Congress if you get caught. So they are trying to fire the sheriff instead. God Bless America God bless my president support your local sheriff. Your local sheriff controls your militia. Be ready Brothers listen to your Sheriff. If you don't believe that he is following the Constitution. Vote him out as soon as you can. The only gun control America needs is a pistol in purse of every woman.

  13. In order to have complete fairness. Every Senator that ran against Trump to get the nomination and failed should recuse themselves. Every Democrat such as Bernie Sanders liar watha Booker Harris Etc should all be excluded due to conflict of interest. For them to vote to impeach Trump would be an extreme abuse of power and would be an impeachable offense. That is absolute truth and we would all see that fact. Any fair man would say I have a dog in this fight I can't vote. He would get more respect from the people.

  14. Why would they need to introduce any new witnesses. Even their counsel, Goldman, said that he had doubts that any crime was committed

  15. I can't believe no one has figured out that Pence is the whistle-blower … duhhh Pence is the whistle-blower smh

  16. Yet another reason to not read the wall street journal! If evidence is so compelling why does it need reinforcing? Its a democrat stinkfest and nothing more.

  17. Now it's hacked Senate by Bloomberg
    He got dems in power in house
    So they will use this vote to get Trump out of office next election if he wins

  18. Keep not opinion only on comments. YOU CAN REACH OUT And relay To your friends the wrong side of how Socialist Democrats turn the Politics of Developments and Security of US with their ABUSE of Power and Authority and throwing blames to the President TRUMP of their Intolerable Conduct as LAW-Breaker INSTEAD of being LAW-MAKER.

  19. Well DAH? The Ditsy Dems are so full of HATE AND WRATH for POTUS; if in fact they ever did, or are even able of thinking clearly, it is GONE NOW!! They are LOST and grabbing at anything. Here it is for ALL to see; they are NOT following our Constitution throwing our Constitution into the DUMP AGAIN because they can't get their WAY WITH THE SENATE. BUNCH OF LITTLE BABIES RUNNING PARTS OF OUR COUNTRY…GREAT!! CHANGING THE RULES "AGAIN" to suit THEM AND ONLY THEM. MAKES ME FEEL ALL "WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE" HOW ABOUT YOU??? THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, OBVIOUSLY….WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SMELL THE SEWER DEMONRATS…….

  20. So what crime this time? Write up all the articles you want. Real crimes must back the articles. DC is not burning, it is sinking. Outsiders did not start a fire, the insiders got too big for their britches and the swamp land cannot hold their weight.

  21. SERIOUSLY have any of their so called WITNESSES TOLD THE TRUTH??? The only TRUTH they told was that they have NO PROOF OR INFORMATION FIRST HAND….. ;o) DAH, again the DEMS have been GRASPING AT STRAWS this entire time and they KEEP CHANGING THE RULES AS THEY GO….IDIOTS!!!

  22. You guys really need some guests with common sense that guy is ridiculous. If it's a long lengthy process then why where they trying to push it so fast? It's cuz they wanted it done before we could react well to late here we are bitches and it's not going your way.. don't give trump witnesses? What makes you think you get them ? Not after that dumbshits

  23. I'm so glad these relentless demons dont have real jobs to do for the American people!I mean they are waisting time and money.the people who voted for them should be proud.

  24. They should all be taken out an hung. I'm not speaking against my country, I am speaking for my love of this country. Congress (all members) have continued to allow an unconstitutional public law that is destroying this country, and affecting the global economic system. Our country was destroyed long before now. It sounds like readers are either a Democrat, or, a Republican which does not matter to me either way. However, no matter who was in the 106th Congress, a Democratic President, a.k.a. Bill Clinton signed into law, "PUBLIC LAW 106–229—JUNE 30, 2000". This unconstitutional law has destroyed the economic system and it is only a matter time before the SHTF. This public law, a.k.a. E-SIGN, has no law to support negotiable instruments, or secured transactions, because it (E-SIGN) excludes Article 3, Article 9, and many other articles of the Uniform Commercial Code. Go look for yourself. It is called UETA in most states. And due to this ignorance, the national debt rose multi-fold from 2000 to 2010, a much greater national debt than the debt from the previous 100 years, pre-2000. It has destroyed car loans, student loans, and so many more transactions that required the UCC for it to be legal, or lawful. We can blame each other all we want, but it is the people who should blame themselves for allowing this to happen. But, everybody loves money, and those credit cards are handy for debt, don't you think? The secondary market "intangible market" is unsustainable and it is only a matter of time before the dam breaks. When it does? Bye bye 401k's, pension plans, and anything else tied up in the intangible market. The "investors" will take a hit. I imagine the world will be a little bit upset with us, so let's all get along and be ready to help each other no matter how mean they may have been in the past because when the SHTF, we are all gong to need each other. Here is one more for you, have you recognized that the check 21 act is being overlooked for E-SIGN? Not to say that the check 21 act was lawful to begin with. Just how do you truncate a "written" promise to pay? Peace be with you.

  25. ____________– Really?

    The only reason shes not releasing them is because NOW she wants to take it to the 2020 elections , so that “impeachment “ is still under trumps name. Wich is what she wanted in the first place , but now that she knows once it goes to the senate they wont get what they want . The people will know Trump is clear and It wont stain his character for the 2020 election .

  26. OK John, make excuses for the DITSY DEMS…A Part of the PROCESS…SERIOUSLY??? This process STARTED BEFORE the 2016 ELECTION or do you think anyone else including yourself NOT REALIZED this? If this is the case, no matter what the DITSY SQUAD of DEMONRATS come up with going forward, they will KEEP CHANGING THE RULES, or trying to, TO SUIT THEMSELVES before this finally goes to trial in the SENATE. Bottom line; THEY ARE FINISHED. If they have NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND ANYTHING TRULY IMPEACHABLE AFTER almost 4 years of lying, cheating, stealing, killing our Constitution, making a mockery of the Government AND OUR COUNTRY, I personally do not think they have an even slim HOPE, IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, of winning anything but their convictions in the upcoming trials for TREASON!!!

  27. Oh and Murkowski has NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THE ENTIRE PROCESS/PRECEDURES that the DEMONRATS have demonstrated AND DONE with this complete FARCE of an IMPREACHMENT???? Oh yes, sorry, DEMONRATS have followed the US Constitution to the letter which she thinks HER PARTY has NOT DONE OR WILL NOT DO?? PLEASEEEE! Time for MURKOWSKI to CHANGE PARTIES…. BYE BYE, BABY!!! Where do they FIND these people??? NOW SCHUMER… WHY NOT WITNESSES (another fossil that will be leaving when the arrests come)??? WHY NOT WITNESSES IN EVERYTHING THE DEMONRATS HAVE DONE through these entire"PROCEDURES"??

  28. This guy said that Schumer is asking 'why not witnesses'. I guess the same could be asked of Schiff and Nadler, why were the Republicans not allowed to bring in witnesses other than the Democrat approved ones?

  29. They didn't give Trump due process, so don't ask the Senate for nothing you back stabber the right need to be careful of the Democrats.

  30. The Senate can do what they the demoracts need to shut up. We can have a trial or we can dismiss it. I would dismiss due Trump didn't get due process so throw it out,next time jerk give people due process invalid impeeachment.

  31. And the Clown Show will go one until Trump is gone. Nothing anyone can do about it. Dems need to be shipped off to China.

  32. Anyone notice the similarities to Olympus has fallen? With the exception of warfare, it is oddly similar. Mike pence even looks like the VP in that movie. Strange

  33. House performance so Fantastic that by popular demand they are doing an Encore of the Articles of Impeachment 'Song and Dance'.

  34. When is it ok for Government to make false charges against anyone without proof forever? One accusation after the next all proven to false or made up completely!this is going into cartoonish behavior from career Politicians who are hurting this Nation.Chinas huge navy has warships in the South Pacific and Russia has warships in and off the South Carolina's coastline this is an attack of Treason against the United States of America by only a few career Socialist Democrats and Republicans in powerful positions of authority abusing Power. all of America knows this is happening and feel powerless to stop a Coupe against this Republic by supporters of Globalism and one World Government(the new world order)

  35. If they do this, and try to lay more charges, nobody will take Democrats seriously ever again. The public will completely lose patience with them.

  36. Ha , Mueller was the worst witness ever . Bring it on , and play the tape of him being caught in his lies from the previous hearing . Dems are just sad

  37. I guess it's pretty clear. Too much is never enough for the Dems. The only way to stop this BS is to vote them out in 2020 and get the majority back in the house.

  38. Pelosi should know when to hold them, know when to fold them. We the People should put the entire House of Representatives on trial before their hatred causes anymore damage.

  39. Trump will be re-elected next year, we may as well see who we want to re-elect right along with him and who needs to go.

  40. Twelve facts for which there is

    president forced out anti-corruption champion ambassador Yovanovitch

    president´s hand-picked agents (Giuliani and the three amigos) began the scheme

    president conditioned a White House meeting on investigation of the Bidens and
    investigation of the 2016 election

    president wanted Ukraine to announce the investigations publicly

    president pressed president Zelinsky to do a political favor

    president illegally froze vital military aid to Ukraine for 48 days.

    president´s representatives ratcheted up pressure on the Ukrainian president

    president´s conditioning of military assistance and a White House meeting on
    announcement of investigations raised alarm

    president´s security assistance hold became public

    president´s scheme was exposed

    president then released the security assistance on September 11

    president´s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed security assistance was withheld
    and conditioned on investigation of the DNC server

  41. It amazes me how there are still people who are supporters of this witch-hunt. These Democrats have nothing can't even make up anything to impeach him with.

  42. Only reason why you klanklown like dumpster Trump is because he's allowing you to take off your hood sheets and put on the maga hat, no more hiding your real feeling about how you think this is white country, it's not if anything this is Indian country that the white people stole, now it's time to give it back

  43. The system needs to be torn down and reconstructed. What happen to we the people. The people have spoke and these swamp dwellers are telling us openly that we are to stupid to vote

  44. Someone help the USA. We have these crazy democratic zealots doing everything they can to remove our duly elected president. They have trashed all the rules and any kind of decorum in their pursuit. They have done nothing else but try to impeach the president we elected, since he was elected, about 3 years ago. They are making a mockery of us worldwide as a shining beacon of hope and democracy. They are undermining our government structure, authority, and rules. The only positive we’ve seen is all those “deep state” actors willing to do anything to get their and their financial interests ways have all exposed themselves for what they really are. Someone help US! Please! These zealots are crazy and ruining our country

  45. This delay by the dems and threat of more BS charges is just more evidence we will use against them when they are finally tried for treason for this soft coup attempt and sedition. They are rats on a sinking ship and know they have no chance of walking away from this so they will try to take down the whole country with them. Murkowski is NOT a republican, she is a disgrace and I'm seriously disappointed that Alaska would elect some who stands against everything alaskans are for and about.

  46. The best leaders of all time: 1. Putin so strong and such wonderful integrity. 2. Kim jun un so good to his people and his family. 3 trump, the chosen one. I'm so happy trump and putin are so close, I can't wait until trump and putin make that business deal and trump signs the executive order to merge our great empires and we can become the united states of Russia.

  47. McConnell's statement about 'coordinating with the White House' is an abomination of the checks and balances feature of our constitution. It is analogous to a judge in a criminal trial conspiring with the defense. I call for his termination of office and resignation. Isn't this a crime as well? Our constitution renders, presents and describes separation of powers.
    The Magna Carta (1215) which the constitution is based on "Magna Carta, it was argued, recognized and protected the liberty of individual Englishmen, made the King subject to the common law of the land, formed the origin of the trial by jury system, and acknowledged the ancient origins of Parliament: because of Magna Carta and this ancient constitution, an English monarch was …" It's tried and true.

  48. This is EXACTLY why the dummycrats want to take away OUR second amendment rights , they want total control of our country , they are afraid.we.will use those guns against the democrats tyranny ! This COUP must be stopped by ANY necessary means ! The democrats are not for the American people , they are for the democratic party and nothing else , the party of corruption and thievery ! They should all be tried for treason and banned from the government permanently !

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