Hey everyone welcome back with streaming Nerds and I am back with another video and guys in this video we’re gonna talk
about Mobdro application and guys this is literally one of the best live
TV applications out there and it has been in the market for many years and it
works it never fails it works they constantly update it and you click on it
and you will click on a channel and it just works and I’m gonna show you
everything about this application we’re gonna first check it out together we’re
gonna see its interface that categories and everything and after that I’m also
gonna show you how to install it on your Android devices Android phone, Android
box, Android tablet, Android TV, Android whatever Android you
have you can have this application and this application is just literally the
best application for live TV and then by any chance if you face any issues with
this application I’m also gonna show you how we can fix that so everything will
be covered in this video step-by-step so stay with me throughout this video and
guys before I go ahead and make sure you hit that subscribe button and also hit
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let’s get right into the tutorial so as you can see right now I’m on the home
screen off my Android box and now I’m gonna go ahead and go into my
applications apps and then I’m gonna go ahead and go into Mobdro right there
in the right corner clicking okay and there you go it opens up just like that
and then in here you can see at the top left corner you have a search function
you can search any live TV channel with it you know what I mean and then next to
that we have the hot this is the favorite section whatever you favorite
in this application will appear in there and then below it we have the
recent section so whatever you have watched you know recently pops up right
here and you can see I have watched this Italia Coliseum and all that and then I
also watch BBC and stuff like that and below it we have categories so the first
one is channels so all the channels are in this section so click on it all the
sections that are in this app will appear in this section and after that we
have the new section so all the news channels are right here and then we have
the shows, TV shows of course and then we have movies and then we have sports so
all the sports channels that you are looking for you know what I’m talking
about or right here and then music so music TV channels right here you know
what I’m talking about so out of that gaming so here basically in gaming we
have some live streaming YouTube channels that they show up in here and
some how-to stuff as well and then there is animal section in this section you
will see a lot of pet videos and a lot of other TV channels as well showing you
know that stuff and then there is deck then there’s podcasts and then there is
spiritual and then there is others stuff in which I’m not interested the others
and then below it we have the live section lots of live channels live
streams going on in here and below that we have the settings okay so settings
you can quit the application and that’s the proper way of creating an
application go on to the quit option click on it and quit to the home screen
or the applications just use that quit button and then we have the UI mode
that’s okay and this hardware decoding and then we have the hardware decoding
option and guys this is literally one of the best options they have provided
this application in case you are facing any issues like you’re only able to hear
the sound or you’re only able to see the video not the audio then you need to
use hardware decoding option click on it turn it off go back to that channel
video our facing issues and see if that helps okay so in case it’s off turn it
on in case it’s on turn it off and go back to the channel that you were facing
issues with and you will see that issue will be fixed so that’s where you need
to use hardware decoding and then we have language in case you want to change
the language to something else maybe German French or whatever and then we
have the sorting option so in case you want to sort the section sort the
channels you can do that right in this section so let me click on sorting and
show you so it is disabled right now and to the left side you can see it is
showing sort alphabetically so you can sort the section and the channel is
alphabetically if you want I think that is useful so parental filter is also
available and then we have clear search history in case you want to clear the
search history you don’t want others to know what the hell you are searching for
you know what channels you are looking for then you should probably clear the
search history okay so remember history in case you want to remember the history
of course you can use that option as so that’s about it on this live TV
application we covered all the sections we checked every option and now let me
show you how we can install this application and now I’m back on the home
screen of my Android box and now we need to open our browser so you can use any
browser Safari, Mozilla but I’m gonna use Chrome and my Chrome browser is on the
home screen but if yours is not go into your applications you will find your
browser there so I’m gonna click so I’m going to click OK on my remote and now
I’m inside my Chrome browser and now on the top address bar I’m gonna type in so click OK and then click ok
or just hit the go option here so this is the official website of mobdro
application okay and there we go we have the download option right here so I’m
gonna click on it and then you can see it gives us this pop-up window at the
bottom click on download and there you go it has been downloaded so I’m gonna
access my downloads from these three dots on the top right corner click on it
and then I’m gonna click on downloads and here is my mobdro application that
I download and now I’m gonna click on this and there you go
for your security your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from
this source so you need to make sure that unknown sources option is allowed
on your device ok so we’re gonna go into the settings option here and in here for
chrome we’re gonna turn on the unknown sources so at top you can see install
unknown apps and here is chrome and I have allowed it to install unknown apps
because this is an application that we downloaded from internet so it’s not
from Google Play Store so it will always give that warning you don’t need to
worry about that just allow unknown sources in your Android settings. In your
Android settings go into security settings and inside security settings
going to unknown sources and allow unknown sources for this application to
install because I’m using Android 8 or Android 9 on this device so it directly
takes me here but in your case it might not so go into your Android settings and
then into security settings then enable unknown sources so I have done that and
now I’m gonna go back one step and back in here and now I’m gonna click it again
and there you go it shows us the install option on the bottom right corner gotta
hit install and now it is installing we need to wait a little while and there
you go app installed and I’m gonna hit on done so that is done and now I’m
gonna hit the home option on my remote back onto my home screen and then go
into your apps and mobdro is right there and that’s how you install mobdro
application on your Android device and guys this application is
really really good for watching live TV this is an amazing application and I
want to show you how it looks like on your phone so mamobdro
this is on my phone and you can see all these sections popping up it might not
be clear but this is how the interface looks like and here are all the options
on this side okay and here are the recent on the table the live section and
then all the categories so this is how it looks on the Android phone so that’s
it for this video guys and in this video I showed you the interface of this
application and the different categories and I also showed you how to install it
on your Android devices and I also showed you that if you face any issues
in your mobdro application how you can fix that so that is everything and guys
please share this video with your friends on social media so that others
can also benefit from this video and I will be back with more amazing videos
until next time take care of yourself bye bye


  1. I have the latest version of the app and whenever I try playing all I keep getting is black screen and sound, no picture… What do I do? Any suggestions

  2. Mobdro worked fine for me till a few days ago, now I get no stream or the stream breaks down/freezes/stutters or audio goes out of sync, I deselected the hardware encoding option but it made no difference. Please help.

  3. It took me forever to discover your channel. I made sure that I subscribed and liked your video and in able notifications. Can you tell me what I need to watch current movies at the theater

  4. I followed the video and the home screen is different. It goes right to videos on youtube. can anyone tell me what to do?

  5. Thank you very much.I somehow lost my Modbro, & just by following your video here ,I got it back.I find it to be one of the best Download's available for my Android bow.

  6. Help I put Mobdro on my Sony smart bravia tv and it said no data connection. Anybody have any ideas what to do to get it? Its not unknown sources.

  7. It's says that you are using an unsupported version or an unsupported device. I really need help with this . I am trying to download it on my TV.

  8. Could not install. Said could not find domain name. Doing on Firestick 4.0 on HD TV. Want to get Fox News and Hulu and others are too expensive. Spent hours today researching and finding instructions. Frustrated!

  9. Mobdro stopped working for me. What is the latest version? 2.1.64? All I get is "Can't load data. Check your connection". Anyone else??

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