100 thoughts on “Huckabee slams ‘insane’ Bernie for embracing Russia, Cuba over Israel

  1. God's promise to the seed of Abraham ,Isaac, and Jacob. Whoever blesses you, I will bless. Whooever curses you, I will curse. Trump, the most Ppro Israel president in history.

  2. Bernie the Jewish millionaire with three mansions has ALWAYS been a committed Communist. That’s never changed and never will. And this guy wants to control your country, every aspect of your lives and tax the 💩 out of you? Bernie will say anything to be nominated.

  3. Bernie is in a condition of hyper-altruism, which causes blindness to evils and only sees good. Anything can be good as nature has it there is always 2 sides to any subject. Every good can bring about an evil just as will as any evil can bring about a good. It's a matter of understanding the consequences of either.

  4. Knowledge as with vision requires an organ capable of seeing. Exercise your organ and see through the shallow political decent.

  5. Bernie will say it's racist for us to protect ourselves from other countries he will probably dissolve the military and let antifa take over.

  6. Ya but the problem with old outhouse bernie is his religion is all controlling big socialist government..That's why he won't support Israel..


  8. We are all born ignorant. But one has to work hard to remain stupid (Bernie supporters that is. Bernie is just an old hypocrite as every contemporary Leftist Agitator, enriching himself/herself along the process)..

  9. Amazing glaring Democrat hypocrisy accusing Trump of accepting Russian interference when their apparent nominee is turning out to be a communist. I don't know but it appears to be becoming a horrific disaster for the Democrats. I hear that like about 30% of the people who go to Trump's rallies are actually Democrats. What with news media so stacked against Trump it would not surprise me that Trump would refuse to debate with them at all this fall and subject himself to the Bloomberg treatment. The cemeteries of the world are filled with dead brave heroic men. The debates it appears has become an anchor around the necks of the Democrats who have participated. I don't think they have done themselves any favors by having so many debates. It exposes them for what they are and that is not good for Democrats. For them to win they have to hide their agenda. Looks to me like a train wreck looking for a place to happen. They cheated Trump in the last debates he was in. They gave Hillary the heads up on what questions would be asked. He has no reason to believe that they won't do it again. I don't think there is going to be a debate between the Democratic nominee and President Trump.. Why would he subject himself to such a humiliating event.

  10. Hey man the tear party wrangled a dead beat. Who destroyed 500 million in legacy. That was the glory of this. You screamed tear party till this moron said:make America great again. This is what he gave you. And he can't even look you in the eye while pumping you from behind. He put pence up on your backside. Now pence is pumping zeeka zeeeka zeeka zeeeka into you full on. You clinch up there buddy . These two aren't going to be done with the GOP for a while. After Trump drags all of you out into the light, I'm clanging champagne glasses.
    Encore! Encore mister Trump. Soon the whole Republican party will be hanging out in the light. For all to see every detail. Buddy I'm bringing my microscope.

  11. He asked you what makes BB racist. All you can say is he’s crazy. And you just left isreal. Obviously you’re an American sell out . Who was really behind nine 11 Israel and Saudi Arabia

  12. I'm building a time machine by inserting a flux capacitor into my toilet allowing it to travel back in time so that i can collect Mike Tyson in his prime and bring him back here to 2020. Why you ask? I'll tell you why. To punch bernie right in his ugly, wrinkly, commie face. That's why. I could go back in time to the gold rush and make myself rich….but no. I want iron mike to give bernie one his famous knockout punches. My toilet time machine is only capable of making one round trip.

  13. It's hard to believe that a lying slobbering sleez-ball like Bernie Sanders could ever be considered a presidential candidate in this country.

  14. Bernie Sanders is B S. A dangerous power-hungry Communist old fart who will turn the USA into a sh**hole. Why hasn’t he had that heart attack yet?

  15. Bernie is the modern Charles Manson. He blows smoke out of his butt and the young kids sniff it and think they are roses. He is crazier than mason was in his peak.

  16. Bernie Sanders is right, Netanyahu is a racist. He forces Palestinians to demolish their homes, steals their land, and it is very difficult for a Palestinian to get out of the west bank. Gaza is basically a concentration camp , shut off from the world, because of Israel. And as these comments are being made, Netanyahu is making plans to annex the west bank!!!!! His goal is to cleanse the ethnicity of the Palestinian people and it’s sick. Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  17. Why does Israel pretty much own & control so many PACS on BOTH SIDES? I got nothing against Israel but they need to get out & stay out of the US's politics.

  18. Shame of you Mr. Sanders! God never going to give you the pleasure of cause pain on America and Israel. Both countries are under God’s protection.

  19. "I truly do not like Bernie boy…. and I like everybody…he is full of anger and hates our wonderful country😡
    I will buy Bernie and his backup dancers "squad" a one way ticket to Cuba !!!!

  20. God, I am so fed up with the way the word "racist" is used by the left for everything. He doesn't have a clue what he is saying. As has been pointed by Huckabee, Israel is not racist.

  21. Bernie wants to prosecute and imprison the oil company executives and do away with them. He wants to do away with all private insurance and have the government takeover all healthcare. He also said he wants the government to takeover a private electric company out in California. Communists want takeovers of all private industry, and Bernie is the typical communist.

  22. Bernie is exactly what he looks like, a demented "Never going to see the White House" circus clown. Cuba is waiting for Bernie with open arms.

  23. Bernie Sanders should have his US citizenship revoked, buy a one way ticket to Venezuela, and see how long he tolerates living under a Communist regime that he loves so much.

  24. Attacking and bad-mouthing the only free democratic Western style nation in the region with their lies. And not a word about the Islamic hell-hole tyrannies that surrounds Israel. Yes, that's the rotten evil Left for you.

  25. I just don't understand why Crazy Commey Socialist Bernie isn't licked up in a mental institution!! And my dad fought in the war so he could be free to spout his lies!!

  26. Old Commie tool Bernie had a heart attack recently, right? I have never hoped for anyone to have bad things happen to them…until now. THAT old fool is DANGEROUS! He is fomenting much civil unrest, confusion and violence while he rakes in more and more money! THAT is evil! GOD HELP US!

  27. Trump stood on the world stage and sided with putin. Trump heaped praise on kim jung un and said he admired him . Bernie called putin out with the whole world watching. You tell me who loves communists dictators . Hipocrates all !!!

  28. a lot of speeches and talking and pointing …got to have this to win theses days….results….not speeches we hear them all day

  29. F the Z i o n i s t s when their soldiers put guns to little kids and bulldoze dead people you know which side is the wrong one

  30. You can thank Trump and Trump supporters for bringing you Bernie Sanders to the top. If you notice when this country leans too much one way it bounces right back too much the other way. So if you don’t like Sanders and you are a Trump supporters look in the mirror and blame yourself.

  31. "Like" if you wish President Trump had the same view on Israel….we can't keep giving 8 million dollars a day in AID…..Spend it back home in America!

  32. Please guys, if you value the American dream and the American way of life, let's keep this socialist out of the white house. We have to get out and vote. There is no guarantee that Trump will win in 2020. We have to get out and vote!

  33. In America, we tend to HATE THE EVER HATEFUL GUTS out of people who betray or want to betray our allies. Israel is more than that. Israel is our friend. So, guess how we feel about you, Bernie.

  34. Sanders.speeches​ are.​Stalin.​1936.​Speeches​ sanders.​Is.a.psicopath.​Millionaire.but.​The.voters.​Are.​Brainwhashed.​ Idiots.​Ignorant​s

  35. Meanwhile has Fox journalist waste your time talking about exactly what the Democrats want did the version away from the all the scandals the lies and crimes unpunished

  36. Hey democraps let a real scientist teach you about global not warming dye to co2 it actually makes things greener but really listen to real science you just let people say what they want and you believe one day democrap leaders well now communist leaders may ask you to drink a cup of koolaid from a big barrel at the old Jimmy Jones memorial housing development. Lol

  37. the communists have been controlling the schools for years and odummer, bush and clinton let them do it. they have primed the pump for this communist sleeper to take the top seat of the land and bring it to the ground. do not think this is a joke. bernie is a communist sleeper. look at the dates. think it is coincidence. COMMUNIST SLEEPER SANDER. he will take your guns your money everything he things is valuable and give it to the illegal immigrants who he is inviting in the door and he will also give the the vote so he will be in office and his party will be in office forever. this is the plan and has been the plan for a long time. they have brain washed your kids and anyone stupid enough to follow him. this is the end of the USA. welcome to THE NEW SOVIET STATES OF AMERICA. GET USE TO A HAMMER AND SICKLE ON YOUR FLAG because that will be changed next.

  38. Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. syn- socialism.

  39. Bernie criticizing presidents and prime minister's of each and every country. Bernie wants to be president of USA or president of World?

  40. Of cause Netanyahu is racist – his peace plan moves Palestinian from the Jordan Valley out onto the baron Negev Desert – it is ethnic cleansing – it doesn't get much more racist than that.

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