100 thoughts on “Ingraham: See Nancy fade

  1. Twisting her mouth and waving her hands like a roaring twenties dancer isn't good body language for a sober person.That's the way drunks act.

  2. They just elected THE ONE LIAR that they don't care about if she gets blown up to run the majority. Schaffer is the biggest liar that why they threw him up there for the impeachment farce.

  3. Anyone who thinks Biden should even be considered for any political position, let alone POTUS, should go watch a body language video by body language ghost on you tube, when he is swearing in new congressmen(?). It's a horrifyingly eye opening display of a Predator.

  4. Now we know, Democrats who contemplate voting to no to impeachment are threatened with no support and being replaced.
    Isn't anyone listening to Jeff Van Drew

  5. Laura you rule!!!   I saw the PERFECT poster yesterday:  "REMOVE TRUMP, EVEN IF IT TAKES 15 FLUSHES".   do us a favor though and bring the plunger.  cause our most perfect, most beautifulest, most biggestes orange turd might need buncha extra work. know wat imean?  God Bless you, gurl!  Shine on!

  6. As I said over and over
    Nancy should start doing vintage nightgown ads and other negligee.
    She can still pull it off with her mature figure… from a distance.
    She’s way too much of a airhead to be a good public servant.
    Just a dense really.
    Nancy get out of politics and get that nightgown on!

  7. Nancy Pelosi has the PRIVILEGE of being the only woman to hold the power of the Speaker of the House, and she ABUSES IT. I am so disgusted and upset that she is representing this country AND women. When I grow up I would be HONORED to serve the American people as the Speaker of the House. But she so clearly is bent against this country and The People.

  8. How is this a poor time for our country? The economy is increasing, unemployment is down, and trade with China is being reworked (which was and is badly needed).

    No Pelosi, your making things worse by saying its worse, WHEN IT IS NOT.

  9. Pelosi is showing her age during this impeachment sham. It isn’t going to happen, because the Senate will acquit or possibly throw out the whole case!

  10. Pelosi has some major problems with her impeachment crusade/charade. Democrats and their lapdogs in the liberal media began trying to find excuses for impeachment the day Trump was elected, and they have done so with a biased and obsessive zeal that borders on the maniacal. Thus far, the promised "bombshell" evidence of President Trumps' misdeeds more resemble wet firecrackers. No evidence of corruption, collusion, bribery, obstruction, or any of the other accusations have been found. Now, there are many things about President Trump that are obviously true. He is rude, obnoxious, abrasive, frequently insensitive, and certainly not politically correct or "Presidential" as we understand the term. Again, unfortunately for the Democrats, these character traits do not rise to the level of impeachable offenses. Perhaps the biggest problem facing the Democrats is that Trump is getting the job done. The economy is stronger than it has been in decades, unemployment is down, more steps are being taken to better protect our borders, several new and better trade deals are in place, and overall things are looking pretty good for America and Americans. One can only imagine how much better things could be if we all worked together instead of this incessant fighting.

  11. Dems are the bully in the school yard. There is one and only one solution for a bully and its not a debate and theres no debate about it.

  12. The old John McCain Neocon club in the Senate is as involved in Ukraine organized crime as Biden or Clinton and have as much to fear from House Trial Defence managers questioning Schiff's hither-to protected witnesses for impeachment and exposing the racket crimes, the false-accusations, the FBI and Justice Dept corruption and the coup conspiracy. Remember, Republican McCain is the one who supplied FBI Director Comey with the fraudulent Steele Dossier used, fraudulently, to obtain FISA warrants for Comey to spy on candidate Trump and later President Trump — Trump whom they feared as the anti-corruption president who promised voters he would drain the swamp and then proceed as though he intended to keep his promise.

  13. I don't hate anybody. I remember to get even !!😂😂😂😂😂😂. Typical woman with BITTERNESS !!! FULL OF HATRED! !!

  14. She blew up her party! She is really crazy and the liberal scum in the media boosting her up every step, and finally the public is finally catching on.

  15. If you notice, Nancy Pelosi always has illuminati/free mason symbols on her left breast of her pant suit jacket. I've noticed them on many occasions. The best place to hide things are in plain sight. She is a deep state NWO puppet for sure.

  16. I am certain their will be a place in hell for that crazy old bat nancy pelosi. Vote trump 2020. Vote donald trump jr. 2024. KAG. Drain the swamp.

  17. I wonder how CRIMINAL TRUMP and his SUPPORTERS feel if there was a reversal of fate. The white racist REPUBLICANS led by CRIMINAL TRUMP are hauled to AFRICA FORCIBLY AND ENSLAVED. I wonder how that feeling would be like. I wonder if TRUMP and his RACIST SUPPORTERS FEEL. The likes of MILLER, HANNITY, INGRAHAM, TUCKER, MOSCOW MITCH, HYPOCRITE GRAHAM, and many others.

  18. Poor old Nancy Baloni….with this impeachment farce, the Russian conspiracy theory, the Democritters have handed the White House in 2020, to the Don, on a silver platter! 🤩

  19. I think this fox news anchor is hilarious, shes saying pelosi is so old, look in the mirror lady you have more plastic surgery than joan rivers.

  20. Seth Myers is STILL trying to impress his boyfriend???!!! Seth, get over whatever his name is….you'll be back on your knees in no time, choking on a root, buddy!


  22. pelosi is nothing but a two faced big liar back stabbing fraud user abuser traitor disrepectful disgrace who needs to be fired arrested impeached and HANGED BY MILITARY TRIBUNAL for COMMITTING TREASON she thinks she runs the USA DO NOT THINK WE HAVE A PRESIDENT FOR THAT IN PRESIDENT TRUMP THE BEST PRESIDENT IN OVER 50 YEARS pelosi is so discusting a disrepectful disgrace to the office she's playing in

  23. that old witch…. she should be in a retirementhome.. shes to turn 80!!!.. she has NOTHING of importance to do for the future of america….

  24. Nancy Pelosi is not a Christian woman .!
    She can go to her catholic church all she wants !
    "But ,"She's not saved !
    She's done ! She will just become a terrible memory,and a Stain on American history !
    Nancy Pelosi is an ENEMY to GOD and to the AMERICAN PEOPLE!
    She is a plotting Liar .
    All LIARS , and it's not just for her! It's for any of us who lies ,can't get into heaven either .
    I didn't say it ,God did !
    It's in scripture!

  25. She abuses power and bullies minority republicans so much during house hearings. She and newson should be fired right away

  26. Women have arrived. They no longer have families, or husbands, or children that were raised with self respect or respect for others.. They no longer own homes and live i areas full of drugs and homelessness. This is a very sad time for our country. San Francisco is ahead of the rest of us though.

  27. The way her arms move in speeches, her preoccupation with self interest over truth, her lack of personality. . .could this be Pinocchio's mother?

  28. Pelosi is guilty of negligence, conspiracy, advocating the overthrow of the President, racketeering, bribery, forgery, fraud, corrupt practices, contempt of congress, making false statements, obstruction of congress, malice, conflict of interest, tampering with Federal evidence..

  29. this is caused by immagration your government are full of people from other country’s , if you come from another country you should never be allowed to joint politics.
    in australia we have been allowing this and we just find out that an elected Chinese mp is a Chinese spy what does that tell you

  30. I'm a woman, And I think Women, are Not Good in leadership. Sorry, but I've had women Bosses, and they were the Worst! BC, they move on EMOTION.

  31. I pray every night for the Good Lord to lead President Trump to continue to guide our country & prosecute the criminals.

  32. So sad that Pelosi's legacy was ruined by her support of the Impeachment trial of our great president. One of the biggest political errors in history. Thanks Nancy, Adam schiff, Schumer and all their minions for putting your political lives and life style over the will of the American People.

  33. matrix is glitching…….pelosi/ingram same person in a crazy time loop?
    makes more sense than the shite that either of them talk.

  34. Cummings, Lewis soon, and Pelosi's judgement is coming.

    Be patient American Patriots, her judgement, and that of her criminall son Paul is coming.

    The SWAMP is being drained, by God's judgement. God is using Trump to expose, and shed light on all the evil of the democRATS, the Deep State, the Hollywood CASTING COUCH, the Globalists, and the DEMONIC SATANIC liberal FAKE NEWS Media.

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