IoTeX News EP13

Hello, our Dear Community! Welcome to this week’s News Digest. Here are the latest updates for you. So this week, we have introduced a brand new
campaign for our community. It started on October 16th and it is still
ongoing. So the idea of the campaign is for you to
play around with executing smart contracts in our current Testnet and propose a name
for our Mainnet Preview. This is the next code release that is scheduled
to be launched this November. You are still able to participate in the campaign,
make sure the read the detailed step-by-step instructions in the blog. Starting on October 24th, the voting by the
community will begin. Our community will be selecting the names
that they like the most and one of them will be chosen to name our Mainnet Preview. Make sure to participate in this campaign,
as this is a perfect opportunity for you to test out the smart contracts and as well as
get some IOTX in your wallet. And next on, is just a reminder that our Brand
Ambassadors Program is still ongoing. We are still accepting applications, so if
you are interested and you would like to promote and help to grow our project globally, make
sure to apply, since we will be closing the application very soon. Lastly, we have just published a new blog
for our blockchain &IoT series. In which we talk more about the IoT landscape
and industry and the current bottlenecks, limitations that are present within it and
how blockchain can be a great solution to address them. So if you are interested in the blockchain
& IoT intersection, and want to learn more about it, make sure to give it a read. And that is it for this week. Thank you all so much for your support and
feedback! We will see you next time.

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