Iran Foreign Minister Speaks Out About Escalating Tension With U.S. Potential War | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Iran Foreign Minister Speaks Out About Escalating Tension With U.S. Potential War | NBC Nightly News

  1. it's weird that Lester Holt can interview Iran but the President of the united states can only Tweet at them.

  2. Watch out your nose is growing……again and again…..and again! The only deal was for them, not for the rest of us.

  3. Lester Holt the "most trusted journalist." Scarier assertion than 'Big Brother is Watching You.'

  4. If the West left these countries alone Non of this would be happening. Sooo greedy for oil and world domination!

  5. The IRGC 'Navy' were on-scene before ships on the horizon (<12nm away) could sail to the sight of the smoke plumes.  They then chased off these other ships, despite the fact that their small speed PCI boats could do little to fight the fire, having no water cannons.

    Boarding the ships, the 'evacuated' the crews and any evidence of the attack.

    All this despite the fact that the CLOSEST shoreline to the Kokuka Courageous was over 25nm away and the Front Altair was more like 35-40nm.  A half hour's run at 50 knots.

    You don't sortie bandit boats far out into the Gulf of Oman, 'just to be there'.

    Knowing what was going on with sanctions, the Iranians would have been playing it cleaner and straighter than anyone.  If they had no guilty conscience.

    A 2ft square, pyramidal, object sticking out of the side of the hull is not innocent.

    Iran's ability to step up enrichment beyond agreed levels, 'within hours', BY ITSELF is a certain indicator that the treaty is not worth the paper it's written on.  Any centrifuge cascade which can take enrichment beyond fuel grade levels should not even in be in-country since it is the TECHNOLOGY BASE which is indicative of enrichment capability, not the specifics of the site monitors.  If they have no legal reason to own high efficiency centrifuges (because their nuclear power program is being supplied from outside sources) then ANY capability, if discovered, is proof of wrong doing.

    Japan may well be playing along with this game, since U.S. trade sanctions will hit them too if they engage in petro buying with a censured state.

    What needs to be determined is where the limpets were attached in the sail plan that the crews of the struck ships did not see them.  And why the crews insisted there were 'flying objects' involved.

    The reality of the world is this:  The Chinese want to bring oil and gas from both the Russian Tenghiz field in the Caspian and the Iranian South Pars fields, into their One Belt/One Road system so that they have an internal, non-embargoable, petro trading system.  And the Iranians are looking to enable this switch to a methane economy by supplying petrogas from their ENORMOUS South Pars deposits via the specially constructed 'Peace Pipeline'.

    The U.S. cannot afford to have it's petrodollar hegemony challenged as sales of all petroleum products in dollars, 'guaranteed' by super tanker transport through potentially submarine infested waters, is what guarantees the value of our economy.  Trading in RMB or Euro or even gold and barter, would instantly threaten to collapse our overeased GRC status and allow it to be replaced by other, stronger, currencies as the sudden rise in interest rates would, by itself, make our debt payments unmanageable.

    The easiest way to stop the flow is B-21 strikes on the well heads and the pipeline pumping stations, and the best way to deter that is to make sure that the U.S. armed forces know that any strike on Iran's economic resources will lead to reciprocal attacks on places like Ras Tanura, Yanbu, Petro Rabigh and Jumaiyah.  If things got really bad, they might even hit the transfer stations at Riyadh and if they were going down for the count, Tel Aviv might also be struck.

    With city killer yields guaranteed to truly mess with the Western petro trading system at the physical infrastructure levels.  And end Israel, outright.

    They would not dare do this if they only had conventional warheads.  We would not dare use conventionals, if they had nuclear tips.  And since the CIA sponsored AQ Khan to sell not just cascades but warhead technology around half the Muslim world and we STILL, to this day, do not know his full customer list; it is frankly all too believable that Iran could go nuclear.  Even as it is frankly ludicrous to believe they don't want to.

    The Iranians humiliated the U.S. in 1979 by seizing our embassy and holding our people hostage for the better part of a year.  America retaliated by causing Iraq to wage an eight year war which killed or crippled somewhere around 800,000 Iranians.  Iran is a member of the SCO and the AIIB.  Her loyalties and motives are obvious as her vengeance against the U.S. is going to be economic and executed through the actions of other, peer level, nuclear states whom she enables to energy independence of the petrodollar.

    But to pull this off requires nukes to safeguard her nascent petrogas interior (to Asia) trading network.  And as long as she has national control over her uranium enrichment capacity, those nukes are never more than a few months away.

    Americans need to decide whether the Imperial Lifstyle of a tribute based economy controlled by the 'Infinitely Scaleable' USD value, able to buy what it wants at any deficit level, is something you can do without.  To the extend that we are returned to 1930s levels of poverty and potential foreign calls upon our incredible debt ratio as buyouts of real property, businesses, and resource assets by foreign controlled multinationals.

    If you want to be 'pure but poor and foreign owned' you let this slide.  If you want to be able to watch a movie on your IPhone, grab a latte at Starbucks whenever you like and generally enjoy a middle class lifestyle, you need to SERIOUSLY think about being a hardnosed bully.  If not yourself, then at least through those whom you hire to execute and enforce your foreign policy.

  6. "Once you start accepting illegal demands…", so their supporting worldwide terrorist activities
    and being asked to trim their ballistic missile development, is 'illegal'? Ok, we heard it, nuke them.

  7. MSM trying to stir up war again, they really are evil, sending men and women to die over ratings!!!

    Come on people who really listens to this drivel anymore, who cares about them.

  8. I USED to be a very straight forward, trusting person. Then, unfortunately, I got married to a very convoluted (but outwardly upstanding) person. I finally got control of the situation by realizing every single thing she said was a lie. Suddenly, she became without camoflage, and I saw clearly how to dispose of her; which I Did quickly. Javad Zarif, see the open emptiness of his dark eyes, see the tight little smile?? That is a LIAR. He is foreign minister BECAUSE he is such a convincing LIAR. Everything he says is the opposite.

  9. It seems like the sanction been so helpful for him to gain several extra pounds and trim his beard to make him not to look like his godfather and family. Just lets cut the BS and tel us why president Carter brought these guys to Iran and why many other US presidents been supporting them and playing Micky Mouse game with Iranian? this is no more than an old poppet show…..

  10. Mike Pompeo is a very generous person giving him to stay in the limited area in the US. Is it possible for Iranians who live abroad to see their parents only and only for ONE day without moving to other areas? The answer is No. See Fariba Adelkhah's situation and other prisoners. They just wanted to see their parents and know they are in jails. Mollah should go for sure, very soon, please. This is the voice of many Iranian people who live inside and outside of the GREAT IRAN.

  11. Mr Trump,
    You reap what you sow.
    Iran honoured the deal.
    it was confirmed multiple times by independent observers that they gave up their enriched Uranium and didn't enrich past the allowed point.
    Iran and Obama administration  reached an agreement on a deal called JCPOA.
    Trump grudging Obama dismantled the deal .
    If according to Mr Trump Iran had not held to the "Spirit of the Nuclear Deal", then work should have been towards rectifying that, not playing into the the hands of war thirsty people and countries.
    it is only now that Iran showed , any agreement or deal with the USA is not worth the ink on the paper.

  12. "Death to America", Mr. Zarif supports the only country in the world that openly chants death to another country

  13. USA is a terrorist country with flashy weapons. Only few in USA know that Israel through Wall Street and corporations completely control Washington. There is no democracy in USA, it’s a plutocracy( few rich) deciding for Americans to go to war or not all based on money and greed. While the American streets are filled with homeless.

  14. I am disgusted by my president’s attitudes. We in America are listening to the people of Iran, but our government does not listen to us.

    من نگرش های رئیس جمهور من را ناراحت کرده ام. ما در آمریکا به مردم ایران گوش می دهیم، اما دولت ما به ما گوش نمی دهد.

  15. He does not represent neither grand leader nor people of Iran. Why he gets a chance to speak when in Iran there is no freedom of speach?

  16. A bloody nation, which exits 243 years and 222 of those years, they have been at war and invaded 84 countries worldwide, no word is needed to understand what agenda this horrible jewish regime has.

  17. I AM SO TIRED OF YOU IRAN LET ME KNOW ONE US CITIZEN OR NATIONAL BORN REGARDLESS OF PERFORMANCE HAD GONE INJURED UNDER YOUR LIMITS SO YOU ARE GONNA SEE IT IF I DON'T PUT YOU EVERY SINGLE IRANIAN ON A LINE IN THE HAGUE STARTING FOR YOU AUTHORITIES, YOU UNPROTECT YOUR PEOPLE AND ENJOY EXPOSED OTHERS, MEANWHILE YOU LADY IN A SUIT GO AND TELL THE MAN THE MOST NOT LOOKING AFTERWORD ON EARTH. CHRIST. STAY AWAY IRAN YOU HAVE LOST CONTROL OF YOURSELF, White team, known as britain and US please apply no talk to them and not going expose meaning staying home as intelligence is being in silence and not speaking to them, before someone actually gets this disappointing with Iran that are gonna get all of them Silent on. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Good. Now leave my face and go to do something good with your lifes instead of thinking you have more than you get. AND ARREST THE WEAPON HOLDER IF HE IS IRANIAN, THAT IS TO YOU IRANIANS. Christ Bless you US, Bye.

  18. We don't have to police the Middle East. Pick another country, say, Australia. Does the government of Australia feel the need to police the Middle East? Of course not. Then why is it our problem? Israel is not part of the U.S.. We don't get our energy from the M.E.. Why get involved? We make ourselves a target by being the world's policeman, and we don't get paid.

  19. This is a pick and choose clip of the actual Interview by NBC news – these are highlights from what FM Zarief said that are not shown in this clip from Aljazeera News:
    Iran hit back at US President Donald Trump's call for new nuclear negotiations that encompass its ballistic missiles programme, accusing Washington of bringing the Middle East to the brink of "explosion" by selling arms to allies in the Gulf.

    Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister, made the comments in a wide-ranging interview that aired on NBC News on Monday.
    He said Iran would only sit down with the United States if it lifted punishing economic sanctions it has imposed on Tehran and rejoined the 2015 nuclear deal it abandoned last year.
    Trump pulled the US out of the landmark multilateral accord saying he wanted to negotiate a new deal that also addressed Iran's ballistic missiles programme and support for armed groups in the region.

    Zarif, who is in New York City on a visit to the United Nations, told NBC it was the US and its allies – Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – who were to blame for turmoil in the Middle East. "If you want to discuss ballistic missiles, then we need to discuss the amount of weapons sold to our region," he said.
    "Last year, Iran spent $16bn altogether on its military, we have an 82 million population. UAE with a million population spent $22bn. Saudi Arabia – with less than half of [Iran's] population – spent $67bn, most of them are American [arms].

    "These are American weaponry that is going into our region, making our region ready to explode. So if they want to talk about our missiles, they need first to stop selling all these weapons including missiles to our region."

    'Door wide open'

    'Not significant': EU urges Iran to reverse nuclear deal breaches (2:26)

    When NBC journalist Lester Holt further pressed Zarif on the issue, referring to Iran's support for armed groups in the region, the minister brought up the Saudi-led interventions in Yemen and Bahrain.

    "Let me ask you – who's bombing Yemen? Who's invading Bahrain? Who kept the prime minister of another country a prisoner," Zarif asked.
    "Are we involved at all in North Africa? … Why do you have chaos in Libya? Is Iran involved in Libya? … in Sudan? … in Algeria? Why do we have all this turmoil? I believe if you want to look at the right place for those who have malign activity in our region, the US needs to look at its own allies, not at Iran."
    Zarif, who has been hit by tight travel restrictions while in New York, reiterated Iran did not want a war with the US and urged Trump to lift the crippling measures against Tehran to begin talks.
    "Once those sanctions are lifted, then … the door for negotiations is wide open," Zarif said. "It is the United States that left the bargaining table. And they're always welcome to return."
    In the year since the US exited the nuclear deal – a move opposed by the pact's remaining signatories – Washington has tightened sanctions on Iran, including on its oil and banking sectors.
    In May, Washington also sent warships, bombers and thousands of additional troops to the Gulf, citing unspecified threats from Iran. Tensions have since soared, with the US calling off air raids against Iran at the last minute after Tehran downed a US spy plane that it said encroached on its airspace in June, a claim Washington denies.
    'Circumvent pressure'
    When asked if Trump's decision to halt air raids amounted to a diplomatic overture, Zarif said: "It's not an overture if you decide not to commit another act of aggression against a country that is capable of defending itself."

    Will there be another war in the Gulf?
    Vowing to continue resisting "aggression", Zarif said Iranians will "find a way to circumvent the pressure through relying on their own resources, on their own capabilities, and on their own talent".

    The Islamic Republic, which has been under a variety of sanctions since its founding in 1979, invested in its ballistic missiles and nuclear programmes because of those sanctions, he added. But he warned: "Of course when there is tension, there is tension for everybody. Nobody is immune in a tense environment."
    The new US sanctions have plunged the Iranian economy into crisis, and caused a shortage in critical medicines, Zarif said, a move he said has put Iranian people under "huge humanitarian pressure".
    "They are terrorising our people. They are targeting ordinary Iranian civilians. That's worse than war," he added.

  20. MSM can’t stop clamoring for war, which benefits their corporate sponsors and the military industrial complex. NBC and Lester Holt are truly the enemies of the people…

  21. War pushed by government and the media. If they want this war so bad than shouldn't they lead by example?

  22. could you imagine being a U.S. based news station and trusting a foreign country's word instead of our own president

  23. At the 0:19 mark there is and American flag painted on the side of the building that looks like it was painted to resemble bombs. The text on the painting reads "Down with the U.S.". Why are we even asking the question about war?

  24. No self-respecting government, like Iran or North Korea, will negotiate while the US is waging economic war on them by imposing sanctions. And of course, the US knows this and that's why it won't lift the sanctions. The US goal is to force regime change and install a puppet government in Iran that will kowtow to US interests. In the process, the US is trying to inflict maximum death and suffering on the Iranian populace. Soon, the US will be sending in its proxy army, ISIS. And some ignorant Americans still wonder why the Iranians hate us so much.

  25. The US violated the nuclear deal, but said it 'withdrew' or 'pulled out' or 'walked away.' Iran withdrew from the deal, but the US said it violated it. This is in-your-face disinformation, and most of the ignorant American public will swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

  26. Look like media pushes for war, US waged 4 wars already, want some more? can`t win those 4, US will be completely destroyed iran has nuclear missiles from n.k. Get ready nazi regime

  27. My family and I were always democrat but with omar tlaib, and pelosi we will be voting for Mr Trump. Democrats are so far left and haven't accomplished a single thing positive that we cannot possibly put them in. Get ready cuz 2020 is going to be a wild ride

  28. Iran is a shia country who has Christian Jews and other religions freedom. Saudi Arabia government is Sunni wahabi Salafi idiolgy sect cancer. Osma bin Laden was Saudi Sunni wahabi Salafi cancer alqaida ISI alshabab alnusra freedom fighters white helmets all practice Sunni wahabi Salafi idiolgy sect cancer manufactured by Saudi Arabia government and US isreal Saudi are best friends.

  29. @1:43 just check this video its all started in 1953 all they want is free oil.

  30. The enriched uranium nuclear assets of Iran will be BOMBED. The EURO collapses Ezekiel 7: 19 Revelation 18: 17.

  31. Hammad Ghazi doctor from Romania- Cluj fanatic supporter of terrorist Bashar al Assad from Syria




  35. If Iran continues is posture against U.S an allied interests in the region. Then Iran will be held as the responsible party for forging war.

  36. Yeah, From my point of view, some of these sanctions seem to be setup to punish the citizens of the nation we disagree with on a political spectrum.

  37. US considers other countries like cartoons for collecting onions they only believe in their legacy do or die lol.

  38. This is how Mr. Javad Zarif got to be the FM. Javad Zarif is from a very religious and wealthy family in Iran. His father, wanted to send him to a religious school in the city of Qom in Iran (Feyziyya School) at age 16 but his mother intervened and instead, they sent him to Drew school in San Francisco, California. Once he entered San Francisco on a student visa he joined the Islamic Association of Iranian Students, which basically was a pro Khomeini and a anti Shah association which was under Mostafa Chamran and Ebrahim Yasdi. The activities of the this association was to organize anti Shah demonstrations, protest, conspire against the shah's government and enlisting new students to do activities against the Shah. Javad's main activities since entering San Francisco, instead of studying, was to distribute anti Shah, flyers and leaflets on the universities's campuses like UC Berkeley and organize anti Shah demonstrations through out large cities in the U.S.. On February 12, 1979, Javad Zarif and nine other students stormed the Iranian consulate that was located in the Embarcadero Building in San Francisco which was closed due to the revolution in Iran. They broke its door and occupied the consulate. Few days later Mehdi Hayeri Boroujerdi the first Islamic Regime's ambassador to the United States after the revolution, appoints Javad Zarif to be in charge of the consulate in San Francisco till it closed due to broken diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and the Islamic regime. This is when he was only 18 years old. Then for a few years he disappears. Then during the presidency of Ahmadi Nejad, he reappears and becomes his adviser in the U.S. .He also helps to setup and organize the NIAC an Iranian group to lobby for the Islamic Regime in the United States. He later becomes the representative of the Islamic Regime in the United Nations. And, finally during Rohani he becomes the Islamic Regime's foreign minister. As far as his education or degrees that he claims he holds I have no solid information what is his level of education or what kind of degrees he holds! When the Shah was in NYC for his cancer treatment, Javad Zarif, organized demonstrations and was the leader of the movement, under the hospital room that Shah was being treated with a blow horn, and load speakers were demanding the Shah to be returned to Iran and face prosecution!!!

  39. Why not just upload whole interview because your website is trash and it freezes and it's just trash

  40. I so wish Trump give a entry to Iran, for a win win for all, Trump and I understand why on both Trump and Obama, it not good for what i been reading about, I so hope that this dose not cause a war over this.
    It's time to heal all, war is no win to anyone at anytime on this.
    The Iran Minster has kind heart of some what of integaty, the USA don't want to have any move by Iran in any country, Iran people, normal people my heart go's out, please Trump start to talking. Iran work on the gate entry, no more hurting of all Iran people,

  41. We are persian, that everywhere known as kindness, please please please please please dont get into war on us, please cancel sanctions on iran, we have very good and INNOCENT people. We love peace. Sorry for my bad english

  42. Oh good…More refugees flood into European countries, China will become more powerful economy and military wise. America will be weak even if they win the war. More taxpayers money from around the world to clean up the mess. For fucksake.

  43. ONCE YOU START TO ACCEPT ILLEGAL DEMONS THERE IS NO END TO IT , 😮 wow wow so heavy words, oh my gosh, this man knows what he is doing exactly, he is real politician . ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  44. United States stands firm and not care when down to these dead man's that was under Obama's platform. If Iran they will be face with fury of the power of United States and we will stand and stand by our allies Israel's 100% if war hast to be the last option our president Donald Trump will not take any past negotiations of the previous administration of Obama.

  45. No Iranian has voted for this foreign minister why is this guy speaking for the country of Iran. The entire regime is corrupt and no one wants them! should just step down and leave the people alone!

  46. Smooth operator right here folks this is what a diplomat is supposed to be about, good luck keeping the peace Mr zarif Allahu Akbar.

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