Is Hayden Christensen Coming Back for Star Wars Episode 9? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Is Hayden Christensen coming back
for Star Wars: Episode 9?
With “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”
less than two months out,
it is not hyperbole to say
that expectations are high
for the 9th and final chapter
in the Skywalker saga.
And it has many wondering if
it will stick the landing.
And it’s not just the sequel
trilogy that this is riding on,
but potentially the prequels as well.
– Hello there.
– Ever since director J.J. Abrams
said that the Rise of Skywalker
would tie together all of the trilogies,
diehard fans have been wondering
could this mean that
Episodes I through III
might finally get some big screen respect?
If you’ve been living under a rock
for the last 40 years of Star Wars,
Episodes I through III haven’t always
had the best reputation
with OG Star Wars fans,
especially right after their release.
– It’s embarrassing.
– However, this hatred has cooled
somewhat over the past few years,
and the films have seen a
resurgence, with audiences
embracing the films and
their more campy moments,
as well as having fun with prequel memes.
And with the children who grew up
with them as their Star Wars,
plus additional content
like the animated series,
The Clone Wars, providing greater context,
it’s fair to say that some
fans even like them more
than the original trilogy.
– I agree, bad idea.
– And while the sequel
trilogy has paid homage
to the original trilogy many times,
the prequels have, so
far, been largely ignored
other than a brief mention of a clone army
or when Luke explains the Fall of the Jedi
and the rise of Darth Sidious.
But Abrams’ comments as well as
the appearance of a B1 battle droid in the
Rise of Skywalker’s most recent trailer,
has fans hyped that they may see
more references to the prequels.
And beyond Palpatine’s return in the film,
one of the best ways to
pay homage to the past
would be for the return
of one Anakin Skywalker,
AKA Hayden Christensen.
– This is where the fun begins.
– And thanks to a few photos of the actor
hitting social media this week,
it appears fans might be
getting what they want.
So, let’s look at all the evidence
to see if Hayden might be returning
to the galaxy far, far
away for Episode IX.
On Tuesday, Christensen was snapped
by Disney Brand Ambassador @SasakiTime
and later shared by Star
Wars while taking a tour
of Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
He posed in front of the Millennium Falcon
and was later snapped inside the cockpit.
In a third photo, we see him gift
a crafted blue light saber to a young fan,
and while we have some reservations
about letting Anakin near younglings,
(light saber hums)
it’s still a touching photo.
Speaking of younglings,
he’s made hospital visits to young fans
with fellow Star Wars alum, Ian McDiarmid,
who plays Sheev Palpatine
and is set to return in Episode IX.
Hayden also appeared at this
year’s Star Wars Celebration,
where we learned the first information
about the Rise of Skywalker,
and he was set to appear
at a Star Wars panel
with McDiarmid at the FanX Convention,
which Disney canceled at the last second,
reportedly for fear of spoilers.
And while this could have been
fear of spoilers from McDiarmid,
this also set fan
speculation into overdrive.
So basically, what does this all mean?
Well, it seems that over
the past couple of years,
Hayden appears to be embracing the role
that he’s kind of stepped
away from after fan backlash.
But is all of this a pretext
for him showing up in Episode IX?
Let’s run down the possibilities.
First option, no.
This means nothing about the films.
This is just Hayden Christensen
connecting with fans
because the character is a part of him,
and his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker
has made him a part of the
greater Star Wars tapestry.
Second option, confirmed for Episode IX.
This is definitely set
up on the part of Disney
to get fans excited to see him again.
And with all of the
comments about Episode IX
bringing together all of the films,
plus the subtle hints we are
already seeing in the trailer,
it wouldn’t be a big stretch to see
Anakin Skywalker return for the film,
most likely as a Force Ghost alongside
Luke Skywalker and maybe even Obi-Wan.
Based on Kylo’s obsession
with Darth Vader,
maybe Anakin is the
one to turn him around.
Third option, confirmed
for the Obi-Wan spinoff.
Yes, Disney wants fans
to be hyped for Anakin,
but not for Episode IX.
With the announcement
of an Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+,
Hayden could don some Jedi
robes to film some flashbacks
for that series when it
goes into production.
Fourth option, publicity stunt.
This is all a bid to get
people to buy the new
Thrawn Trilogy of novels from Timothy Zahn
and visit Galaxy’s Edge
since in the books,
Anakin Skywalker travels to Batuu,
the planet that houses
the Black Spire Outpost at Galaxy’s Edge.
We have to admit that this one
might be a bit of a stretch.
Honestly, if we had to make a bet
based on all of these possibilities,
we think the most likely option
is that Anakin Skywalker will show up
as a Force Ghost in Episode IX.
I mean, come on, the whole thing
is being called The Skywalker Saga.
His name is literally in the title.
Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see
when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
hits theaters on December 20th.
But what do you folks think?
Do you think Anakin Skywalker
will be in Episode IX?
Is it possible he could be in
the Obi-Wan series instead?
And what other Force Ghosts could we see?
Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, Kit Fisto?
Let’s discuss.
Thanks for watching.
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100 thoughts on “Is Hayden Christensen Coming Back for Star Wars Episode 9? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

  1. I was a fan of how the prequels (and Clone Wars) were more character driven, and how they told the police story as the Old Republic tore apart.

  2. I will be in the movie and while my Grandson Ben & Rey are taking care of the Knights of Ren, I'll be finishing off Palpatine for good. It's just what the Chosen One's gotta do.

  3. Lol I wonder if Hayden went to the room where the kids build there lightsaber and said this is where I slaughtered them like animals… that's why u cant say younglings because of me😂

  4. We ask this every movie. It gets a YouTube channel clicks – but if you haven’t recognized Anakin in the sequel trilogy yet, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to the mythology. You won’t see a Hayden force ghost, but they might do something trippy to let you know who Rey and Ben are … or see a recording of him

  5. I was just a child when I saw the prequels and men. I just love it, was magical, funny and somehow different from the other movies at the time. So YES, I love the prequels, and NO didn’t like jar-jar fucking binks. Also the best think about star wars, at least for me, was the series “Clone Wars”, with Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Anakin-Darth Maul, Dooku, Ventress. It had a lot of drama, action, funny moments and lightsaber duels.

  6. Does no one remember the shot in TLJ of Kylo marching in with flametroopers that looked almost exactly Anakin with the clone troopers in RotS?

  7. What if Anakans mom was the true sith knowing how anakan would react to her “death” and now years later in this final film she is rising to power. That’s why it’s the “Rise of skywalker” biggest plot twist ever.. “kylo I’m your great great grandmother” dramatic music

  8. If this is really going to tie off the Skywalker Saga then it would make sense to bring back Hayden to close out the story.

  9. A few pics at galaxy edge and a Droid in the background of the new trailer has everyone jumping the shark . Calm down Fox Mulder there's no government conspiracy to put him in the movies or shows . It's more likely Disney just doing publicity for the rise of skywalker. I guess if Samuel L Jackson shows at galaxy edge people will think he's in the movie too.

  10. Uh, not sure where you got your information from, but it was never just "OG" Star Wars fans who hated the prequels.

  11. Heydontactagain can't be a Force ghost, because you don't get younger just because you're dead. Sebastian Shaw died back in '94, so it'll be best just to leave Force ghost Vader out of it.

  12. I know I am wasting breath, here, but the way people talk on the internet never ceases to amaze me.
    If you have several options, several hypotheses, one of them can't be "confirmed".
    If something is confirmed, it isn't an option.
    If something is an option, it isn't confirmed.
    It's basic English.
    And please don't say it's used "ironically", because that opens a whole new can of worms.

  13. Loooooolllllooooool dont say stupid things…..

    Hayden Christensen Celebrates Daughter Birthday at Star Wars Park – US News—–

  14. Anakin/Vader Timeline, as soon as people start to understand The the Skywalker Saga is the Anakin/Vader timeline. only then can you fix Star Wars. If the fake-out of Sidious coming is a lie. and it's actually, Anakin /Vader who they are tracking down. WOW. now you have a chance. The whole fan Base will reemerge. like cockroaches

  15. If Anakin is what turns Kylo around and aides in the Emperor's destruction, then the chosen one mythology will not be ruined. It will take something like this. Anything else is crapping on all the previous movies.

  16. What if Anakin comes back to life, he might've figured out what Palpatine told him about his Master. This is after all what drew Anakin to the Dark Side!

  17. Force Ghost Hayden and Ewan would definitely be amazing but not sure if JJ and KK wants too much masculinity in the film..

  18. It’s time. Like you said, the film is titled Rise of SKYWALKER. Who is the one Skywalker the whole Saga has revolved around from… well, the beginning? Anakin. Whose grandson is Kylo, one of the main characters of the Sequel Trilogy? Anakin’s. Who does Kylo look up to? Anakin, his grandfather. Who’s the one Skywalker yet to appear in the Sequel Trilogy? You guessed it…. ANAKIN.

    Bonus: Who is the returning Big Bad in Episode IX if not the one who turned Anakin to the Dark Side? Well, Palpatine. We need Anakin to turn up at the moment he’s needed and help destroy Palpatine for good. He’s the one who will FINALLY bring the balance to the Force.

    He’d better make a grand appearence in this final Episode. For the death of me I can’t think of anything more fitting. Do it.

  19. IF he does they will screw it up.. but Anakin killing Palpatine is the golden ticket… they won’t … totally inept… $$$$$$ bye bye

  20. TLJ divided the fan base. This movie is sure to mend it. Cuz it’s either gonna end without Anakin and Obi Wan, which we’ll all scream bullshit. Or it will, and we’ll all love it.

  21. Question though: If Anakin came back as Hayden, who would recognize him (Star Wars characters that is)? He became Vader at the same time Luke and Leia were born, and Luke didn't see his face until he was an old man (yet was somehow suppose to recognized him as a young force ghost). Leia only ever saw him as Vader, and unless there is an in a galaxy far far away, it is unlikely that Kylo would recognize him without the Vader helmet.

    It makes way more sense to have him in the Obi Wan show in flashbacks where Obi actually knows him. Either that, or the whole show is about Obi Wan and Anakin/Vader taking place after Episode 3 when Luke and Leia are still children and Vader is sensing Luke is alive giving credence to the "I sense something; a presence I have not felt since . . . " line. "Since" being the events of the Obi Wan show when he tries to track down Luke and Obi has to stop him.

  22. For me this is the last movie that I will be watching. I do not care or want to see anymore after this one. Disney has no newness to any of these new sequel triology. It is too bad that George Lucas sold his company to Disney.

  23. I norman is correct that if Anakin does come back in Episode 9 it will be weird to see a young Anakin while Luke is old. I really hope there will be no more star wars after this one. Without George Lucas there is no star wars.

  24. i am pleased this has made my Star Wars year the story line could be amazing as he could still be piss&* what Palpatine did to him.. i would be piss&*

  25. Episode one: good
    Episode two: kinda bad
    Episode three: extremely well made, emotional, well choreographed, well paced, action packed, well written, visually appealing, and overall amazing film(with bad dialogue)

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