Isi Ka Naam Zindagi – Hindi Full Movie – Aamir Khan – Farha Naaz – 90’s Hit – (With Eng Subtitles)

“Everybody came with closed fists..” “Everybody came with closed fists..” “..but will return with empty hands” “Everybody came with closed fists..” “..but will return with empty hands” “None of our kith or kin..” “..will come with us.” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” “Someone is greedy after
name and some after wealth.” “Whatever you earn will have to
be left in this world only” “Everybody came with closed fists..” “..but will return with empty hands” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” “Leave all your false
desires and do your duties.” “You have to surely sleep
in the arms of death one day.” “Everybody came with closed fists..” “..but will return with empty hands” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” “This is what is called as life” Forgive me, my lord..
I had gone to the city. I could not enquire about
your welfare Did you sleep for
some time after your lunch? I don’t know, how my dad kept
a fool like you as an accountant. When I can’t sleep at night,
how can I sleep in the afternoon? Forgive me. If you don’t sleep
peacefully tonight, you can.. .. change my name. Even your
father couldn’t sleep at times. And only one magical
medicine could work for him. I won’t take any medicine.
-This is not edible medicine I have found a magical cure for
you. You just try it out. Please come, sir Please come, sir. Please come, sir. Relax and sit..
With brave heart. ..What are you blabbering? Now I close my mouth and
the curtain rises to show heaven “I am the night queen” “I am the night queen
and my youth is a torture.” “As soon as I come, ..” “..the assembly goes crazy.” “The assembly goes crazy.” “I am the night queen
and my youth is a torture.” “As soon as I come..” “..the assembly goes crazy.” “the assembly goes crazy.” “My beauty is so special that..” “..the world winks at me.” “Don’t know how many
have become crazy over me.” “His heart does not
burn and he is very happy.” “He has no worries in
life and is always enjoying.” “As soon as I come..” “..the assembly suddenly goes crazy.” “The assembly goes crazy.” “Whenever I turn around and
stretch myself romantically…” “..everyone says
that I am his lover.” “Whenever I meet such crazy lovers..” “.. my flowery mind blooms” “As soon as I come..” “..suddenly the
whole assembly becomes crazy.” “The assembly goes crazy.” Sir.. -Wicked fellow, is
this a cure to my sleeplessness.. ..or to spoil my sleep. A heavenly beauty,
it seems! Take her away from here. Or I will shoot her
-Ok, sir come out with me. Fool! -Please calm down, sir.
Calm down By showing anger, your
difficulties will increase more. Now you should take rest. Ramu’s wife was going to
her husband’s place. Munimji has sent her
to your for your blessings. Beautiful! Very beautiful! May your husband live long! Come.. I am just wondering,
what gift should I give you. Come, don’t be scared. I think that I.. I should fill your lap. What is this you are doing?
-I am keeping you happy. No.. Leave me.. Let me go. I have understood that.. won’t accept this easily. No.. No. No.. Lowly animal,
I have protected my respect.. embracing death. I curse you that you will stay alive.. ..but like a living corpse No. Hariya.. What happened, sir?
Do you want something. Nothing, is the carriage ready.
-Yes, it is time for you to go out. I struggle for sleep day… ..and servants are sleeping
in the journey. Insolent person! I was not sleeping, sir.
I just closed my eyes and.. ..thinking as to how fortunate
the people under you are. What do you mean?
-I mean, from the time you have.. ..started coming out in
the morning, the village people.. ..are fortunate to see
the provider of their food.. ..along with Sun God. Be quiet!
I hate this false flattery. I have never come here before Nothing special to see here, sir.
There is only one garden. Chotu, the Zamindar’s
vehicle and here. Is this that garden?
-Yes, master.. come. You fool.
-Sir. This is so beautiful. It looks as if a piece of
heaven has come down to this earth. It is adorable, peaceful and unique Please come, my Lord!
This is our great fortune Wow! – Come. Sir.
-Its surprising. What a garden?
There is greenery all around here. And this fragrance is wonderful. Such fragrance is
not there in our garden Whose garden is this?
-Let it be anyone’s. If you like it,
it has become yours. You are the landlord of this village.
Not only the land here.. ..but everything here
belongs to you if you like it. This is like the Ganges
of Rishikesh and clear pond Come. – Wow! The decision is made.
Besides this pond.. ..there will be a small
house with glass windows. We will have a whisky
party everyday. And there will be a
dance show in the evening. None to match those Delhi people
-No match to your foolishness too There is no dancer better than
Lucknavi in whole of Hindustan. You’re right. This is the place
where you’ll get peaceful sleep. Munimji, start the construction
work from tomorrow. Yes, I will. Listen, are
you the gardener of this garden? Not the gardener,
but I am the owner of this garden Did you hear this lie
hat too in front of you? For lying in front of landlord,
punishment is 10 lashes Lying is like killing
a cow that is a sin for me. Sir, I have never
lied in my whole life Does this place belong to
the father of a pauper like you? It belonged to your father. But he became happy
and wrote it in my father’s name. I still have the papers.. ..under lock and key. -Shut up! We have no time
for unnecessary talk. Munimji,
talk about the important matter. This beggar has extended his arms. I think it will get
filled with 500 rupees. I will give you full
one thousand rupees. When I like something,
I don’t want any problems in that. Lord, this garden
and fields are my life. I won’t sell this for any rate.
-Even your father will sell it. He died 12 years back
-Your life is a guest for 12 hours. Either come to the bungalow
tomorrow and take the money Or you vacate this place..
-And also this village. Listen carefully. Our family’s tradition
and interest has always been that.. ..whatever we
wish for has to surely happen. Bansiram.. Bansiram’s child!
-What is it? Who are you? I am Bansiram’s grandson. Who is it, Chotu? Are you only Bansiram? I have been brought up here
only from childhood and.. ..I know every death messenger
of the Landlord. Are you not boxer Bajrangi? -Yes Jai Siya Ram I have taken your Lord’s name.
Won’t you fall at my feet? Death is hovering over your
head and you are joking with me. Master’s orders are that you
should leave this place in 1 hour This is injustice & atrocity.
I am the owner of this whole land. Who will consider this as truth? The courts and the papers
prepared by the lawyers.. ..and big zamindar’s stamp on that. You’ve wasted a lot of my time.
Will you go away or not? I will surely have to go
or the landlord won’t let us live. But before you go, why don’t
you see those legal papers-Papers! Pack your things and
run from here.. quickly Okay. Wah! What a beautiful garden? Who can kill a devotee of Ram? Should I kill you?
– No. Get up.. Get up and stand. You gave me time for 1 hour.
Now I give you only one minute Run.. Bansi kaka, run quickly from here. You are panting and coming.
-I am coming from far away. Zamindar’s 50 men are coming
to kill you. You run away. Where do I run from my garden,
house and cattle and go where? Only if you’re alive, you have
these things. Now you run away. Look.. Oh God! Where are you, Chotu? Where is that old devil, Zamindar? He invites us to shoot
over his land but does not.. ..have the decency
to come and see us. Maybe he could not come
as he is a sick old man, sir. But he could have
sent us a message. He has organized a grand
dinner in your honor today evening We shall come to know the
reason at that time. I hope I get a leapord this time. I promised my wife, a leapord skin. What is it? Ok, you go. Sir, hunting has started.
-Let us go. There is an animal there. Don’t shoot, sir.
I am human, not an animal. I am Bansiram and
he is my grandson, Chotu. If you are a man,
what are you doing in these woods. I would have shot you.
-You know that sir could’ve shot you. That would have been better, sir.
Zamindar has sent ruffians.. ..behind me to torture and kill me. I would have died instantly
by a bullet and gone straight to.. ..heaven from this hell.
But what will happen to Chotu? What does he say? -He says.. Accept my greetings. Due to my illness, I could not
get up and welcome you all. Forgive me for that. Forgive.
– Forgive you.. I should teach you a
lesson that you never forget. You old stupid idiot.. Is he abusing in English? -Shut up! Tell him that if he ever steps
foot on that poor man’s land again,.. ..I shall ruin him. He says that if you go
to Bansiram’s fields again,.. ..sir will ruin you. Have drinks and dinner sir. Give it to your dogs and servants. Sir tells you to distribute
this food to your servants & dogs Chatterji, let us go. -Yes, sir On behalf of Her Majesty,
I can be very tough and for you.. the weather will be rough. Calm down, master. Listen to me. That white man has insulted
my ancestors. Move away. Calm down, master. What are you doing? Sir! Sir! Is anyone there? -Don’t come ahead. Sir. So much insult! Control yourself! Control yourself! What are you doing? Don’t follow me. Nobody.
– Sir! Beware, if someone comes behind me,
I will kill him. Don’t come ahead. It is not in our capacity
to bring master to control now. Do one thing. Call the junior
master from the city immediately Come, master The Court was going
to give judgment. We were getting land worth
lakhs at very cheap rates. Since you called, I had
to take adjournment to next date. I was compelled.
Junior master! -Shut up! What could I do? Dad! Dad, open the door. Dad! Dad! I am your son, Devraj. Open the door. You don’t worry. I will surely take
revenge for your insult. I will ruin that collector. Open the door, dad He has not opened the
door throughout the night. How will he open? He must
have started drinking as soon.. he came to his senses. No one should get such
a mad fellow as a father Dad! Dad! Dad, open the door. Dad, I beg to you
to open the door.. Dad.. Do one thing. Break this door. He is dead. How many times, I had explained
to you that you should.. ..leave your loose character
now that you have become old. But.. did not
listen to me at all. Father.. The one who could never
get sleep.. ..has slept today forever. How many years have gone by? How many climates have changed? But I’ve become the
ghost and wandering here Son Devraj,
till you seize Bansiram’s fields.. soul will not get peace.
My soul won’t be appeased Say ahead..-Gasita was pushed
out of the village by the Panchayat He used to get involved
in fights after drinking. Is there any other problem left? Only that old problem…
Bansiram’s garden. The same for which
my mad father died. For appeasing my father’s soul,
I will surely capture that land. “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “I am the handsome
youth of the village..” “..Is there any beautiful
girl to match me?” “I am the handsome
youth of the village..” “..Is there any beautiful
girl to match me?” “I will meet her eyes
and take away her senses..” “ I am special.” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “My earrings are sparkling
I am the sparkling Chumki.” “My earrings are sparkling
I am the sparkling Chumki.” “Many great men have
lost their senses seeing me.” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “So many came and so many
have gone but why you are so proud.” “What is there in you that
one should love and die for you?” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “One who has been eyed by
me cannot go anywhere else at all.” “Seeing my love,
Hir will forget even Ranja” “On one side this
whole village is there..” “..and I am alone on the other side.” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “My earrings are sparkling
I am the sparkling Chumki” “My earrings are sparkling
I am the sparkling Chumki.” “Many great men have
lost their senses seeing me.” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “I am not an innocent
sparrow of the village..” “..who can be caught
by throwing grains.” “I am like the lightning.
Who will dare to touch me?” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Every girl asks for a
boon from Lord Shankar today.” “I am a bachelor
& you are unmarried..” “..Then why are you getting angry?” “Pray for getting me
as you don’t have the..” “..festival of
“Shivratri” every day.” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “I am the handsome
youth of the village..” “..Is there any beautiful girl?” “I am the handsome
youth of the village..” “..Is there any beautiful
girl to match me?” “I will meet her and take
away her senses as I’m special” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” “Hail Lord Shiv!” O my..
-Is your name Chumki? Yes, it is not Laila. Why? Let go my hand. I have never seen you
in the village before. I am from the city.
I came to meet my uncle here. My father is a foreman in
a very big factory in the city. You have still not left my hand. I am catching a girl’s
hand for the first time. It is so fair and soft. How nice green bangles
will look on this? Isn’t it? Are you not the pauper grandson
of Bansiram? You’re very cunning Thank God that I came on time.
Otherwise by giving bangles.. ..and putting a little
vermillion on her forehead.. would have finished
her and also me -Uncle.. This drunkard is your uncle..
-You called me as drunkard.. ..I will hit you so much that.. God is great. This cunning fellow
will take you away. Uncle.. -You come with me Uncle, you won’t even
get a penny in my marriage. Why not? Your dad is my friend. So I gave my sister for 2000 Rs. But I will get 6000 rupees for you.
-Move away. What?
– Will get 6000 rupees, it seems! Come “Hail Lord Shiv!” Grandpa, have you got up
so early in the morning today? One who sleeps only gets up. I was waiting for
you for the whole night. See, grandpa, I am not a child
anymore. I’ve become a youth now. Where did you spend
your youthful night? There was Shivratri festival in
the night and I danced well and.. much that everybody
gave me hundred rupees. 100 Rs.
-Yes. Full hundred rupees! -Yes,
that is the earnings for one night. And I have also brought
your favourite sweet. Hot, hot Jilebi.
You have not eaten it for so long. Sweets! Water.. Water..
-I will just bring it. Have this, grandpa.. I have become so old but
still from childhood till today.. greed for Jilebi has not gone. Yes, and also greed for
this soil and the garden. Son, you fool,
this is our mother earth. It gives fruits, flowers
and grains to the whole world. You should serve this
as if it is your own mother. You struggled hard like a buffalo
day and night.. ..till I grew into an youth. What benefits
or savings do you have? What do you blabber? You went to the village once
& earned money but lost your brain You only have become old, grandpa. You toiled hard throughout.. ..your life but what
did you earn or save. Till today I have accepted
all your orders, but today.. ..only what I wish for will be done What do you wish for?
-I want to earn money, not.. ..100-200 rupees but
7000 rupees per month. Have you learnt magic and come? Not magic but Totka
that too from our Shera. Who, that rogue who makes liquor? He may be a rogue for others.
From today, he is my partner I have finalized
everything and see this. I have also got an
advance of 1000 rupees. But what is this for? For making a liquor
den in this soil You will make a liquor den here.
You thief, is this land your dad’s? It is not my dad’s but
it is my grandpa’s land. And you have no
other heir after me. You are nothing to me after today. If you start a liquor factory,
I will throw you into that. Take your Jilebi Hey, are you in your senses? Do you know how much we will get? You are old and have
no strength in you Show your thumb and
make an impression here. C’mon!
-Never! You have to put your
thumb impression just now. You are still breathing
but can’t say when it will stop. Then who will give
the thumb impression here. My ghost! It also won’t put it.
It will swallow you alive. Look, I did not want to force you. But you would not be agree like this.
– No. Will you put your thumb
impression or shall I send you up? He has killed me.. knifed me..
-Don’t shout.. Don’t shout..
He has killed me.. Save me. Save me. knifed me..
-Put your thumb or else.. He has killed me.. knifed me..
-Put your thumb or else.. I will kill you. Listen to me.
– What happened? Who got killed? -Who killed? Where is the corpse? -I
am the corpse and he is the knife The greenery you are seeing
today is the result of my.. ..hard-work and sweat
day and night for many years. I have brought this grandson
of mine from the age of 2 years And this rogue wants to kill
me and take my thumb impression. He wants to start
a liquor factory here. Loose character.. I didn’t bring
my gun or I would’ve shot you. Leave him, sir. Lord Ram sent
you at the right time & saved me But this injustice
-This is an atrocity. This is rape For rape,
there should be a girl, sir. Shut up, it just slipped
out of my mouth and.. talk like the lawyer.
Mad fellow! Sir.. You saved my life.
Do another favor for me. I don’t want this fellow here and
don’t even want to see his face. Ok, I will go away tomorrow morning No, just now -just now But..-Munim, just remove your
shoes and take it in your hands. No.. It is ok, I am going away now. Loose character. He was also after this land only. Old man, you will
die during this new Moon. I won’t even come to put
water of ganges in your mouth.. ..or to light your pyre -Quiet! Go away from here and
never come here again. Loose character.. Go away.. What did he do?..
-He did.. Loose character.. Bansiram. -Sir. You are a good man. But it is not right for.. to stay alone
like this in your age Hence, responsibility of looking
after you is mine from today. Sir, may you live
for hundred years. Oh God! Life seems to be in
danger at every step here There’s more crowd of men here
than the insects in our garden. Even the sheep and cattle
in our place go straight. Here, there is no place for anyone. Have you come for the
first time to the city, friend? Who talked? -I talked It is very important to
drink or life is left incomplete I slipped again. Thanks for the help.. What is your name? -Chotu. Chotu, will you do one work? Yes. Will you leave me till my house.
Looks as if I am over drunk today Jwalamukhi.. Open the door.
-Jwalamukhi! My daughter, gets angry
for everything, she hardly talks.. ..she just hits.., She won’t angry on you. No.
-Come, I am there behind you. Come. You.. -Yes.. Chumki, don’t you dare
to say anything to him. I brought him along -Why? I was stumbling and told him.. leave me till the house The funeral ground
was nearer than the house. Did you see? It is as if,
I am not her dad but some sin. Close the door I will do it
-Unnecessarily doing drama. You helped me,
but no word of thanks from her. Thank God. I am safe. It is ok, you just take rest. Hey, Chumki.. Chotu will also
eat here today.-To celebrate what? Have we opened a hotel here?
-You insolent! I will give a slap. You don’t get angry. I did not feel bad.
-Didn’t you feel bad! If I like any fragrance other
than flowers’, that is of food Fried ladies finger.
This is my weakness from childhood What is this?
Won’t I get breakfast? After taking bath,
I feel very hungry. I don’t care. Have I taken
the responsibility of feeding you? You fed me with so much
love in front of your dad With love! I would like to put
lots of salt & spice in your food What to do? Dad makes
you sit with him while he eats. You seem to have some
enmity from last birth with me. Why not? You just brought
my drunk dad to the house and.. ..forcibly became
the uninvited guest here. You got food and
place to live for free. Do you know the rent of
the two room house? 60 rupees It is ok. I will give you
all the money after I get a job. And I will pay you separately
for your efforts for making food. You will pay for my work.
Am I your servant? I’ll give you one slap! Who will not die for her?
She fights but has no sword. Okay. You call your mother,
grandma and everyone else. This is the punishment
for raising your hands on me. If you don’t want to break
your hands, ask for forgiveness.. ..with folded hands.
-Leave my hand first. You didn’t say sorry
-Ok, forgive me. Now you came on line See the red marks here. Let me see. Wah! how beautiful these
red marks look in your hands! As if a newly wed bride
has worn red bangles She is feeling shy
which means she is happy. Now open the box and give me food This is dad’s lunch which
will go to the factory. There must be something
to eat in the house. Nothing is there. The mango sweet is there
but my hands won’t reach there. Then what am I here for? God, you have heard me. What did you say?
-That food “Morabba”.. “Morabba” .”Morabba”.. Take this.. It is not sweet. -What? Isn’t it sweet? Now, it has become sweet. “Hey, queen Chumki” “Go away, king” “Nobody in this world can
be more beautiful than you.” “If I ask you for your heart,
will you give it or not.” “Nobody in this world can
be more beautiful than you.” “If I ask you for your heart,
will you give it or not.” “Say.. will you give it or not?” “Say.. will you give it or not?” “I already told you
that I won’t give it.” “From the time I saw you,
I worshipped your beauty” “From the time I saw you,
I worshipped your beauty” “From the time I saw you,
I worshipped your beauty” “From the time I saw you,
I worshipped your beauty” “I did not realize when
I lost my heart to you” “Whatever happens,
I have to explain this to you.” “What..?” “Now you cannot go away
from my heart in this life time.” “If I ask you for your heart,
will you give it or not.” “Say.. will you give it or not?” “Say.. will you give it or not?” “I already told you
that I won’t give it.” “If you don’t become mine, it’ll
become difficult for me to live.” “If you don’t become mine, it’ll
become difficult for me to live.” “If you don’t become mine, it’ll
become difficult for me to live.” “If you don’t become mine, it’ll
become difficult for me to live.” “It should not be that
you love someone else” “Then what will happen to my
condition? You listen to that too.” “What will you do?
-Either I will become mad” “or I will become a saint.” “If I ask you for your heart,
will you give it or not.” “Say.. will you give it or not?” “Say.. will you give it or not?” “I will never give it to you.” Bansi! Bansi! Bansi, how are you? Sir, I am sitting alone in this
lonely place like an handicapped Bansi, you have become old. Every man in this village
knows you and respects you. Why don’t you keep someone
you can trust with you? Sir, I already have nothing to eat.
What will I feed him? In spite of being the
owner of such a big land.. ..I have no money. Bansi.. ..will 400 rupees
be enough for you? Four hundred rupees,
will it drop from the sky? Munim, you are an accountant,
you only explain to him. -Ok, sir Bansiramji -Yes.. Our master has decided that
he will give you 400 rupees on.. ..the first of every month. Even my late father has
never seen so much money. What will you get by joking
with this poor man, Munim? Sir..
-Bansi.. till you’re alive,
this land and the garden is yours. Come on the 1st of every
month and take 400 Rs. Enjoy life
– Do whatever you want. The day you don’t live, sir will.. ..have the rights
over your land. -No. Try to understand, Bansi.
– No! If you die, this greenery will
become like a desert. Lawfully, this will has.. .. has been prepared declaring
that this garden will be known.. the Bansiram’s garden Master won’t allow this
garden to become a desert. And my revered father’s
soul will also get appeased. Will I get 400 rupees
on the first of every month? Take this month’s amount..
Give the legal document. -Yes.. Accountant!
-Yes. Yes, sir. Rs 400 only. Master does every work legally
with proper documentation. See, we have made the
legal property papers. Put your thumb impression here.
Come on. First keep the money inside Give your thumb Mr. Bansi! Here other too. Wait. Just wait. This is your copy.
I will keep the copy of master Keep it. This transaction has been
very cheap for the landlord -How? Long back, one astrologer
said that my dad will die at the.. ..age of 70 years on the
day of full moon and he died. And he said for me..
-What did he say? He said.. Bansi, tell us what.. Bansi, tell us what.. Bansi.. say it. He said that I will die
on a new moon day at the age of 80 I am already 80 year old- And yesterday was the new moon day Maybe he will take me
on the next new moon day. Well done, my son. Today, you have fulfilled
my incomplete wish Along with the land,
you have seized the garden too. That too for just
400 rupees a month. Now his old man won’t
live for long.. ..and his death
will give salvation to me. Hail! He is Thakur Krishna Raj Singh,
not 1600 but he had 6 wives. Come mother He is Thakur Dharmaraj Singh,
who used to gamble day & night When he died, out of 60 villages,
20 villages were gone due.. gambling but Draupadi
was saved as she died before only. This is the great personality,
Thakur Dhanraj singh.. You must have seen him.
He was your father-in-law.. My grandpa. He was a drunkard,
luxurious, rapist.. .. every sin of the
world was his religion. Shut up, Jai. I will shut up. But there
is only one way. Give me Rs. 40000 40000! -Then I will
never show my face to you. Truly.. I have to
become a film producer Now-a-days making
a film is very costly. To make a film
at a very low cost.. I am only the producer,
director, song.. ..writer as well as
the hero of that film. And mother, I’ve found a heroine
too, who will work only in this.. ..first film of mine and
then become your daughter-in-law. I have no money with me. Very bad! Don’t insult the
name of an ideal Indian mother. A mother fulfills all
the wishes of her children. Please give me 40000 rupees,
mother -Hey, Jai.. Why do you always trouble mother? Vijay, you are his elder brother.
Why don’t you advise him? Mother, this is the only
way to make him understand. Three to four slaps
from my heavy hands -See.. We are talking about business.
You don’t interfere in this. Shut up!
You keep asking for money always. Mother.. please give
me one thousand rupees. one thousand rupees. – I have lost
in gambling for the first time. This is a matter
of father’s prestige. I don’t have any money No. -I don’t have. Then even these bangles will do
-Leave my hand. I am telling you to leave
my hands -Loose character.. Cut her hands and it will
come out immediately. Take it No, father. The problem is that I don’t want to hear anything
my elder son. You two sons have
increased my fame a lot. But listen, you two.. this helpless lady
is also my wife… ..along with being the
mother of two useless children. And if you two trouble her again,
I won’t deal with you.. a father, but as a Landlord. And I’ll punish you. Don’t cry, Laxmi..
I am still alive. Does it look nice for you
two old guys to romance in front.. ..of young sons like us.
-Absolutely not. Shut up, mad fellows! Go away from here
or I will cut you. Chumki, where did you
roam with Chotu and come? I am Chotu, Babuji..
-Yes, you are really Chotu.. That means you are Chumki,
my dear daughter. My dear dad.. you seem to have drunk more
than one and half bottles today. No, I only had two bottles. Be quiet, dad.
You are not in your senses. Hey Chotu, let me tell you a joke. Do you know this?
No, you don’t know. When I drink too much,
my brain becomes an X-ray machine.. ..which tells me that
you like Chumki a lot. This is great. All the boys of this
locality roam behind Chumki But our Chumki does
not encourage anyone. For the first time,
she has liked someone today. She loves you.
-Who told you? Your father. My X-ray machine tells me.
Why, isn’t this true? Only Chumki can say this. -Tell me. She felt shy and ran away. My X-ray machine has proved
one thing that Chumki loves you But one request, Biradar. Tell me, father. You called me as father.
-Yes. Now you won’t refuse
what I say -Yes. Do one thing,
you elope with Chumki. -What? I mean, you marry her.
I give you my daughter. It is not that, but I
don’t know anything about you. I never had any comforts
in my dad’s house. I don’t know.. ..whether in my husband’s
place..-You will get so much.. ..happiness that you will
forget all your sorrows and.. will live like the queen. Listen.. My grandpa brought me up. The value of his fields,
house and garden put together.. almost 3 lakhs.
-Is it? Cheers. It is very tasty Vijay, it is very bad
to drink in the morning. My dear mother, this is
the royal habit of Zamindars. Anyway I drink from dad’s
money not anyone else’s. And your husband also drinks.
-But he does not lose his senses I can tell your mother that
her two sons are enemies from our.. ..last birth Don’t say that. Someday, he will surely reform The excessive motherly love
given by you have spoiled them. What sorrow have you
not borne to keep them happy? You have spoiled your
health and have become weak. You understand now that tail
of a dog can never become straight. Dad, if your sons are dogs,
what are their parents? Loose character. Blood! what have you done?
-Nothing.. But he has done the duty of a father. Don’t fear, mother! Blood is only 10%
and 90% is whisky. Forgive me, dad. I have finished
drinking your evening quota Get another bottle.
-Shut up! -Bye bye.. -Fool! Useless! Salutations,
uncle Salutations, aunt After acquiring the knowledge
of predicting the past, present.. ..future correctly,
my guru has felicitated me with.. .. the name of “Gyansagar”
(Ocean of knowledge) Till now none of my future
predictions have been false Can you tell by seeing one’s
hand about the date of his death? Not only date, I can predict
the exact time of his death. Then come with me.
-Where are you going? To the one who is torturing my life and looting 400 Rs. on the
first of every month. On every New Moon day,
he says he won’t see the next one. And today is the 30th
“Amavasya” (new moon) Which.. ..will finish
in the evening at 7:25:23 By God’s grace,
that old man should die today You come with me.
– Come. That old man will definately die. His life is in my hand. Bansiram.. Bansiram.. Bansiram.. don’t know..
where is he lying dead. Let your words be true
and today is “Amavasya? Munim. My wishes will be fulfilled only
when I see his corpse with my eyes. At his age, he can’t hear properly.
Go and search for him Bansi! Bansiram.. Bansiram.. Bansiram.. Has he died? His tongue has come out.
Looks like he is dead. Master.. Well done, my son. Well done. Today you have fulfilled my last wish. You capture his all property. It has happened.. It has happened.. Why you are shouting like
a mad dog? What has happened? Your wish is fulfilled and Bansi
has fulfilled your wish and has died. He is dead..-Did you
see with your own eyes? Yes, I widely opened my
eyes and saw and called him? But does any corpse speak, master? Where is he? -There in
front that too in the hot sun. Come.. Bansiram is dead.
Come and see, master. The corpse is lying there -Where? Bansi is dead. Bansiram is dead…
Bansiram is dead… Bansiram is dead…
Bansiram is dead… Wicked & mad fellow, you kept
snatching 400 Rs. every month from me. I’ve brought money today also.
Now take it, you corpse! Take it , you corpse! Was this the corpse
you saw with your wide eyes? Yes, master!
He was absolutely dead. But who took my notes..
Is it his ghost? Master, I am very scared of ghosts. Already, your dead dad’s ghost
roams here & there in this place. Shut up! You are the cause
for his distress. Tell me.. Why were you acting like dead? I was not acting, master Yesterday night,
I felt cold and got fever. I couldn’t sleep Hence as soon as the sun rose,
I came and lied down here. My whole body got warmed
up and I don’t know when I slept. See… Now even the fever has gone.
-But he did not die. Did you say something, master?
-Nothing.. See his hands. Give it… Show me your hands. Uncle, his fingers are
curved like the dog’s tail. Wah! His “age line”
is very long, uncle Don’t blabber.
Just tell me the date of his death. When I say that someone is
going to live long, he is happy. I will be happy only when
I know when this old man will die. I will try. We can find
this out through numerology. What is this?
-That is English astrology. You just tell me
one number below 108.. 420.
– I am not asking you number. Why are you teasing my..
“astrological knowledge”? After I predict his death date,
and if he does not die.. ..on that date,
then you commit suicide. What do you blabber?
-I mean I’ll commit suicide. Tell me a number below 108. Thirty four -Thirty four.. 34*2=68 68 + 100/35 – 14… It’s me 3 and 7 Do it fast? On the night of the 1st
in the month of March, his life is going to end as
per this numerology. Write this and keep, uncle. You did not tell
me the year -Year.. Uncle, you should not beat me.
– Why? Year is seven..
He will die only after 7 years. Damn you!
-No! Don’t worry, master. I also
have no belief in astrology now. On every New Moon day,
I pray to the death God to take me. So that the burden in my
master’s heart will become light Maybe even death God
cannot take your burden now. What was that inauspicious moment when I made an agreement
to give him 400 rupees every month And you are fulfilling
it till now and even today. Tell me. You are alone. Then,
what do you with this 400 rupees? I had become so weak that
I used to faint and fall down. Now I drink milk twice a day.
-Milk! And prepare Chapathis with
my own hands and eat once.. ..but made from pure ghee.
-What? Loose character,
eats with my money. Master, who else gives me
money except you in this village But for you, I might
have died long back. -Yes.. You are like God, master The money which is left,
I am putting in a pot and saving.. ..and hiding it under a pit
so that I can buy a Kashmiri shawl Kashmiri shawl! I have heard that
it is very costly. But if we cover ourselves with it,
we won’t feel cold at all Do you wish that I should go mad? Let your enemies go mad.
-You are my enemy See Bansi, you should
eat simple food at this age. This milk & pure ghee can’t
be digested and you’ll die, Bansi. I also wish to die &
you also wish my death, Master Munimji, I am feeling giddy. This heat is very strong..
-Yes, master. Come.. This man is too stubborn.
Didn’t you see? -Loose character Very Loose character! Stupid. At last, we have reached. See this.. This land and the garden
belongs to my grandpa See there..
My grandpa is sitting there. ..with his back resting
on the wall. Come.. Come. Bless me, grandpa Who are you?
-Chotu.. Who is that? Your grandson..
Have you forgotten me so fast? Go away from here.
I don’t have any grandson. I have no one in this world. He has gone mad in his old age. Have you forgotten that I wished
to start a liquor factory here? This is what I wanted
to hear from your mouth. Useless & greedy fellow! I made a great mistake
in my greed for money, grandpa Forgive me now.
I am completely reformed now. Come on, fall at grandpa’s feet. May you live long!
May your husband live forever! Without asking,
I got blessings for a long life. What? Is she your wife? How can she become that
without your blessings? Now that we got your blessings,
she will become my wife. Fraud.. rogue,
have you kidnapped this girl? You just said that
you have reformed. No, grandpa.
It is not his fault. My father is a drunkard.. ..and is always intoxicated. My mother died
in my childhood only. It became difficult for
me to even live in that house. I also know her father
very well -You keep quiet. Let her only talk. Talk now.. He came to live as guest
in our house for some days. Dad liked him and he told us
to go the village and get married. He must have been drunk
or will any man send his young.. ..daughter with a stranger. My father completely trusted him,
grandpa. I don’t trust him and
you also don’t believe him. He is very cunning What? -Yes. that is why he has brought
such a beautiful bride here. Daughter, do you know to
make a garland?-A flower garland! Yes..
-I know. Go and make two garlands and come There are lot of flowers
in the garden. -Ok. How this garden has become
in some days, grandpa? But you don’t fear..
Me & Chumki -Chumki! Her name, grandpa Both of us will toil day
and night and make this place.. the heaven,
like it was before. What is the use now?
This place is not mine now. What? -Yes, till I am alive,
I will remain the owner here. As soon as I die, Zamindar will
take over everything in this place Forcibly! -No, in a legal manner. I have put my thumb
impression on the agreement. He sends me 400 Rs.
on the first of every month. For the greed of 400 Rs.,
you have destroyed everything. Everything happened due to you,
useless fellow! You had left me here alone to die. I am still alive only due
to the money given by the Zamindar. I at least get to
eat food twice a day. I heard everything, grandpa. But now the Zamindar will
have to wait for many more years No, daughter! I will die very soon,
either today or tomorrow Please don’t speak like that. I will serve you well
and give you very healthy food. I will get lot of tonics
from the town and.. ..massage you with
a nice oil -Daughter! No one can challenge the death god Savitri had proved Death
God to be wrong long before. I will pray to God that even
my ten years of age is given to you Chumki, you are a great power Come here and sit. Sit here. There is no need for a Pandit
or rounds around the fire.. ..for both of you to get married. There is a small
temple at the back. I will take both of you
there and conduct your marriage. I have never had so much
happiness in my life, Lord Ram Fifteen, seventeen..
-Not seventeen.. but sixteen. Seventeen.. -No cheating,
grandpa & remember one thing. Please get up. Remember that I will make
you exercise daily like this.. ..and do your massage and
by making you drink good tonics.. ..I will make you
young again.. Yes.. And listen to this carefully.
You’ve to live for complete 100 yrs. What? A complete 100 years.. Ok.. 100 years. But who will walk everyday? Shall I tell.. My grandpa Grandpa. I am walking today. From tomorrow
your grandpa will walk for me. Yes!
-No! Nineteen.. -No.. sixteen. No.. sixteen. – Nineteen.. Oh God! -Eat it. Hold this! Hey catch hold of it. Come now.. It is enough. Move! To him. What are you doing? See, he is eating.
Bansiram, how are you? My lord, it is my fortune
to see you in the morning. Has your mad grandson
come back again? He is not alone but he
has brought a beautiful bride. This girl does not
look like a loose character You are still standing here.
Check Bansiram completely. Yes. Why this checkup?
I am completely all right. Why and how you are fine?
Doctor has come to find this out. All time he is eating. Grandpa, show your pulse.. There is no pulse at all.
-Pulse is there. Pulse is there. It is gone. It is pulse or a fish.
Where did it go? Yes, I caught it. It is a miracle. You should have been
a veterinary doctor. -Sir. See his heart.
Fool, why are you seeing his pulse? His heart must be beating. -Sure Baba, will you take a deep breath? My ears just escaped. What is this? His heart is
not beating but fluttering loudly. Strange. He is 80 years, but heart-beat
is like that of a 25 yr youth. It is an extraordinary case, sir.
-Shut up. He should have some disease
at the age of 80 years. He must have a disease..
You see it. Doctor.
-Yes. Test his blood, urine and stools.
Test everything.. ..I need the reports
tomorrow -Yes, sir Ok, you will get it. Baba, give your first
urine in the morning Urine! -Put that
in this bottle and close it. Here. Urine in this bottle..
Doctors give medicines in this. Don’t blabber.. do it In this,
gather your stools & close it. Shame.. what is that? I will take some blood. Who is objecting?
-Yes.. you take it. My Blood. There will be very less
blood in this old man’s body. You will take that also. Don’t fear,
only just 2 drops of blood No.. -What? -Remember the
400 Rupees given every month, Bansi Baba, give your hand.. -Remove it.. I am dying..
He is putting a knife.. Now keep your hands folded.. I took it.. Enough! Let us go. -Let us to.. Son Devraj, don’t test his blood. You kill him instead. I can’t
bear it anymore. Can’t bear it. You are lying in
bed from the evening.. What’s it? Are you ok? By putting your hand on
my forehead, you can’t find.. ..out the disease in my heart. I already had an attack..
God knows when the second. Why do you make me sad? You are my life partner. My heart is burning day & night You will also feel
some part of the pain. I am becoming very weak. I have started feeling that
my life is a burden to me.. ..due to that Bansiram God knows when that
old man will die. That old man will
not die from your abuses. He has a loose character &
his health is improving day by day. What are you saying? I saw it with my own eyes. And his grandson also
got married and came back. And his wife is like
a beautiful angel from moon. Did you see her? Yes, I could not
take my eyes off her. What? -When she was smiling in
front of me, should I close my eyes? Why, you should have
called her to the bungalow? This is the old
habit in your family. An heavenly Angel! You
be cursed and lose your husband. Enough ! Why are you
cursing that poor woman? Poor woman! You have never shown
such sympathy to me Look madam. You are eating well and happy.
You are more healthy than me I have no strength
even to argue with you After hearing your abuses,
I realized for the first time.. ..that you are also
a loose character What did you say?
Am I a loose character? I was the only one left
and today you’ve blemished my.. ..character too. Oh, Mother!
what should I do & where do I go? Doctor has come. Let him come. -Please come.. Salutations, Master.. Why is madam crying?-Nothing,
she remembered her mother Did you get the reports? Zamindar sir, you will be
amazed hearing about the reports. Is he going to die soon? No, I have never
seen a patient like him. All his urine, stool,
blood and heart tests are all clear All clear! Is there no
bad news or severe disease There is one.
There is Albumin in his stools Aluminum. -No, no albumin. But his sugar is so much that
he can faint anywhere at anytime. Then why does he not fall?
-Why does he not die? Zamindar sir, the engine
in our body is the heart. That is in top condition. All the hearts just beat,
but his heat.. ..flutters like the
sound of “Mahakal” -Is it? Can this fluttering of
heart be stopped somehow, doctor? Let it cost anything You mean murder.. Impossible. My duty is to cure people but
death & birth are in God’s hands It is also in Human hands. You may not know it, doctor Just get me my gun. Gun! Leave me and let go today.
Bye, zamindar sir Hello! Oh God! Chumki, we are
unnecessarily toiling hard. Why? Fields are ready
now and it is going to rain. Only work left is that
we have to plant grains. Have you forgotten the agreement
made by grandpa with Zamidar? These rains can suddenly
change into dryness. What are you saying? Fool, if suddenly grandpa becomes.. ..dear to God and
He takes him away.. Zamindar will seize..
the land immediately. He will throw us out. Then where will we
stay and what will we eat? You always think of bad things.
You’re a pessimist.. I have already told you that.. ..grandpa will live
for another 10 years. Not 10 years, I don’t want
to live even for 10 minutes What did you say? -I don’t
want to live for even 10 minutes Why? -That landlord who
is providing for us is becoming.. ..weaker day by day,
as I have not died. I am not able to bear his sorrow.
Hence, I want to die. Let your enemies die.
How will you die? Did I not tell you that
you have to live for 100 years. No, I want to die today itself.
-How can you die? I have to die.
-You won’t die.. You won’t die..
-I have to die today itself. Grandpa! Chotu! – Grandpa! Grandpa! – Grandpa! Salutations,
Zamindar and lady queen.. Orange means Vitamin
C which will keep him healthy. You keep feeding him orange. I will give an injection to that
Bansiram and come. He has had an attack
and he may die. You stand there only,
loose character Yes, sir I am waiting for that man’s death.. and you want
to go and save his life. No.. No I am also a patient.
Check my blood pressure. See it.. He won’t survive..
-A girl has come to see you. A girl!
-Go and bring her. Greetings.. Mr. Bansiram is
my grand father-in-law So, you are Chotu’s wife.
an angel from the moon Thank you Why have you come? To take the monthly allowance. Send Bansiram.
He will only get the money. This was not mentioned in
the agreement. -Be quiet, girl! That means,
Bansiram has died of his attack. And this girl has come
to snatch the last 400 rupees I could not even give him
the last injection.. -Quiet! Salutations, Lord.. Sir! Be quiet, doctor of horses! I advised her before only.. ..that our Junior Master is very.. ..strict legally and won’t give
money to anyone just like that. But she does not agree at all. Master, will I get the money today? Yes, you will get it…
You will surely get it Give it. Take this and die. One, two.. Did you see how bad the health
of Zamindar has become, Chumki? It is all due to me. Even then, I come to take
400 rupees without any shame. I feel like dying instantly.
-Shut up! Let your enemy die. Come. Loose character. Why is this old man
not dying at all? Why not? So what.. Come. “You can’t understand
me without coming near me.” “How long will my foolish
lover make me suffer like this?” “You can’t understand
me without coming near me.” “How long will my foolish
lover make me suffer like this?” “He keeps meeting
my eyes every moment..” “..and talks a lot
with me from a distance.” “He keeps meeting
my eyes every moment..” “..and talks a lot
with me from a distance.” “Don’t know when he will
give me the joy of love” “You can’t understand
me without coming near me.” “He is watering the garden
but my thirsty youth is yearning” “He is watering the garden
but my thirsty youth is yearning” “Please give me a
little nectar of love.” “You won’t understand
me without coming near me.” “I can’t remain without saying
it now as I need your replica now.” “I can’t remain without saying
it now as I need your replica now.” “Please fulfill my wish” “You can’t understand
me without coming near me.” “How long will my foolish
lover make me suffer like this?” Chumki, water properly. Grandpa always says that.. ..the plants and trees should
be tended just like children. Do you know how to
take care of children? Why do I need to know that? You will need to know
in the month of November. -Why? One plant has got planted
in my body too. -Yes.. What?.. You mean I am going
to become a father. Come here, Chumki. Grandpa.. listen to me. -No.. Wait, grandpa -No.. Chumki said that if I don’t
make three rounds of the garden.. ..she will not give
me Jilebi along with food. The news I am going to tell you
will make you faint in happiness. I am going to become a
dad and you a great grand dad. Foolish fellow,
is this any good news? Why? Chumki said that it
will be born in November. Will I survive to see.. .. that great grand child? Why won’t you live?
You have to live to bless my child. Hope Lord Ram fulfills your wishes. He’ll surely fulfill it.
But why are you standing here? Go.. and make your rounds.
-I will do it. I am so tired. But Chumki, how did this happen? It is your deed. Grandpa, have this milk. Move it. Oldy, you are sucking
my dad’s blood and drinking milk. Nothing works like the kicks Leave him.. Chotu..
-Hey! Legitimate sons do not
raise their hands on elders. If you have had your
mother’s milk, face me. Chotu.. you don’t know who he is. He is the son of our Zamindar. Is it? He is son of Zamindar.
-Yes! Salutations, master!
-Did you get it now? You dare to play with me. Chotu.. -Where are you going? Chotu jumps and hits out so well. Who has trained him, grandpa? Rogue, you dare hit my grandpa.
I won’t leave you alive. No! Junior Master, please forgive him. He is a young fool and has
done this due to his youthful fire. I ask for your forgiveness
on his behalf. I beg at your feet.
– Grandpa, get up. Junior master, she is my
daughter-in-law.. Chotu’s wife. Ok, I have forgiven you.
We don’t torture old men & women. But listen.. this garden
should be vacated within a week. Or it will be seized forcibly.
-Only one week! My daughter-in-law is pregnant now. As soon as the child is born,
we will leave this place & go. But when will this child be born?.. Child! In November..
-Yes. I understood! We can force you…
-Yes, we saw that. You be quiet.
-But we can’t do an atrocity. I give you time till November but
not even a day after that. – Ok, sir Listen, I tore the
agreement we had with you. You also put it in the fire. Ok, I’ll do that today November November? Means another six months. That means another
2400 rupees. -Yes You loose character, fool..
shameless.. What has happened to you? You have given birth to a loose
character son. More loss for me. Bansiram won’t die like this. My son and grandsons have
all turned out to be useless. Today is the day of Amavasya
(New Moon).. ..when the spirits have
great power at night. Bansiram won’t see tomorrow
morning’s sun after tonight. Chumki, have you gone mad. You are pregnant and
if you stumble somewhere at night.. ..there’ll be a problem. Listen.. why do you
trouble your old grandpa? I am already sweating too much. Aren’t you even scared
of the spirit of elder Zamindar? “Lord Ram…” “Lord Ram…” “Lord Ram…” Stop taking this inauspicious
name of “Lord Ram” “Lord Ram…” “Lord Ram…” Loose character
-Me.. You had great belief in your.. ..experience in making
a legal agreement. You had complete belief that
loose character.. what’s his name.. Bansiram..
-will die soon. Due to Your foolishness,
I agreed to pay.. ..him 400 rupees on first
of every month, donkey! Forgive me, sir. You are abusing
me without any mistake of mine I did not do this
mistake knowingly. Maybe unknowingly,
but when will that old man die. I have kept the milk,
drink it.. -Okay. Come Chumki
-Smoke afterwards Ok, I’ll drink it.
-We are going to the market. Listen, bring some
“black tambakoo” for me. Shut up, always asking for smoke She keeps scolding me always. Oh God! Jilebi.. Chumki knows
my greed for sweets. But.. ..she has kept only
two sweetmeats and gone. Snake God! By grace of God,
I have seen you. Salutations. God, help me. I have not touched
the milk with my tongue. I thought you had..
Grandpa, we forgot to take money. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Drink milk. Om Namah Shivaya..
Hail Shiv Shankar.. Hail Shiv Shankar.. Hail Shiv Shankar.. Hail Shiv Shankar.. Salutations, Snake God! Hail Shiv Shankar.. My life is saved and also
were fortunate to see Snake God. Is everything ready?
-Yes.. -Very good! Let me also check the sunlight! Perfect.. Lovely.. Go and call the heroine quickly.
-Yes, sir Move! Move! Why is the trolley here?
Bring it here.. Take it further..
..Enough! ..Enough! Master, are you ready?
-I am ready from the morning. Very good.. Move, Baba.
Let me perfect the shot. Is it ok, that is good.. Murlidhar.. the one you had.. Aha! Wonderful.. Beautiful.. Fantastic.. What a couple? Heroine is having breakfast, sir. I don’t need her now. Listen to this whole matter and go.
-Yes, sir What a hero and heroine I have got? Pack her up.. Ok, sir. – Out.. Start recording, master.. “Let me meet someone unknown
who looks very much known..” “..and heart says that
you make her yours ..” “..even if you completely
lose yourself.” “Let me meet someone unknown
who looks very much known..” “..and heart says that
you make him yours ..” “..even if you completely
lose yourself.” “If our beloved is joyful,
we can love openly” “If our beloved is joyful,
we can love openly” “The eyes met..” “And the hearts united..” “The eyes met and the hearts united,
come into my arms.” “The one who loves truly,
does not fear anyone.” “The one who loves truly,
does not fear anyone.” “Let anyone stop or interrupt..” “..the love continues to flourish.” “Let anyone stop or interrupt,
the love continues to flourish.” “Let me meet someone unknown
who looks very much known..” “..and heart says that
-you make her yours ..” “..even if you completely
lose yourself.” “If there is no love,
what will this world be?” “If there is no love,
what will this world be?” “Without any fraud,
no love story is possible.” “Without any fraud,
no love story is possible.” “He will be embedded in
me and can never leave my heart.” “He will be embedded in
me and can never leave my heart.” “Our love has got the
acceptance of our hearts.” “Our love has got the
acceptance of our hearts.” “Let me meet someone unknown
who looks very much known..” “..and heart says that
you make him yours ..” “..even if you completely
lose yourself.” “Let me meet someone unknown
who looks very much known..” “..and heart says that
you make her yours ..” “..even if you completely
lose yourself.” Where have my hero
and heroine gone? This is called bad luck. I could not complete
the film even in my dreams. Grandpa! Grandpa,
see what I have got for you. Here. Give it,
I will put it in your legs. No, it will become muddy When I go to Zamindar’s house,
I will wear it for style. Ok, wear this shawl at least.
-Ok, put this. Hai, my grandpa is
looking like a groom today. You are right, Chumki. If we roam with you,
people will consider him as a groom.. ..and me as a servant. -That is true You make me a fool.. .. You are simply flattering me. No.. Grandpa. – Well said. Oh, Chotu.. Enjoy yourselves,
as this is dad’s rule. Get down. Chotu, enjoy yourselves.. ..but tell me
how much you spent here.. ..out of the 1000
rupees given by us. See Shera.. don’t harass me.
I remember everything. I won’t deceive you.
Give me some more time. I will give you the whole
loan amount along with interest. Sir, what does he have? He is the pauper grandson
of Bansiram.. ..where will he give the money? He has a huge wealth of
a fair beauty like a tomato.. Chotu.. I will finish you.
Get me down, I tell you! You dared to hit me.
I will finish you. Make me get down..
Let me see how you escape. Please take away Bansiram, Mother! Please take away Bansiram, Mother! Please finish Bansiram. Queen mother, your work is over. Queen, I am very tired.
Let me have a drink. By that time, you arrange
for giving me donations & fees. And that Bansiram..
-He has died.. He is dead. My “havan” for death has never
failed. I’ve killed 20 before this You make arrangement of his funeral. Salutations, Zamindar sir. I heard that you have
arranged for a great worship. The greed for having “prasad’
made me come till here. Satyanarayan Pooja is very great Who is this?-You have killed 20.
This is the 21st person Immortal and endless.. ..Bansiram. The fire in my “Havan”
has not become cold and your.. ..pyre should have
been burnt by now. Everyone’s pyre
has to burn some day. But master, how did you
get deceived by this fraud? He is Chidku. I know him
from the time he was this small. He had craze to become
a Tantrik even then. He used to go to the funeral
ground and used to put.. ..ashes all over his
body and used to dance naked. Watchman,
kick this fraud out of this village Till now the death “Havan”
I have done has never failed. I don’t know, how this could happen I have been struggling
hard for the last 4 hours. Give me some “Dakshini”
(donation) at least. Watchman, for his 4 hours of work,
give him 40 kicks of shoe Forty kicks, Salutations, Master! Bansi! You know that.. ..some human used
to be sacrificed after a yagna.. our family race
for many generations. Yes, sir. This was stopped
by our British Rule by a law. Now only sheep or buffalo
can be sacrificed. I also feel ashamed
to see this weak animal. You should go for a fat..
-Stop this.. I need you for human sacrifice. How many times you have falsely
satisfied me by acting dead? You have swallowed so many
thousands of money from me. Now I won’t ask you, sir.
That legal agreement is cancelled. What? -Yes, that day junior
master said that you have.. ..torn and thrown your
copy of the agreement He told me to put my copy
in fire which I have already done. Can it be cancelled by putting
it in fire? You loose character I have the true copy
of that agreement. He has come with a shawl thinking that
the agreement has been cancelled.. ..that too a Kashmiri one. Madam Queen, all this.. due to the
sympathy of our master. I wished this for many years.
My daughter-in-law fulfilled it See this..
They also bought shoes for me. It is called Pump shoes.
It has cost 12 Rupees and 75 paise. I have worn this for
the first time in my life. It bites a little just
like a pet dog bites at times. Stop this nonsense!.. Your life is my death, Bansi. No.. No.., Master.
You have done lot of favours to me. I can sacrifice even
my next birth for you. This birth is enough..
How much more will you torture us? How much blood will
you suck from us? What are you saying, queen mother? I did not know that you
both are so sad because of me or.. ..else I would have died long back. It is a sin.. .. but I would have committed
suicide for your sake. Will you do it? It is not late even now. How can it be done, master?.. You come with me. Come. Wait.. Queen mother,
I have heard that you donate.. old things among the poor. I really used to like
the silver pipe.. ..that Senior master had. Do you have “Tobacco” with you?
-My Chotu will bring that. You need fire to ignite “Tambakoo” Take this. Loose character.. No.. Come with me.. carefully.. carefully.. Come Bansiram. Come and sit down. No.. How can I sit before you? Don’t hesitate in any way today.
You relax and sit. If I can die and give salvation
to my father’s departed soul.. ..will you call this
as a good deed or a sin. It is a very good deed.
But why should you commit suicide. Your father has become
a ghost due to me. He wants salvation and
I am waiting for my death. As soon as you commit suicide,
you will directly go to heaven. This is the easiest
method for doing good deeds. You won’t have any
problem or any difficulty. You won’t even come
to know when you died. Master, I promise to you
that I will commit suicide but.. tell me the way. You drink this when
you sleep at night. How much? Half bottle is more than enough. You will get sleep just after
5 minutes after drinking this After that you will
never open your eyes. No.. No..
I will drink the whole bottle. I won’t take any chance
as I have promised you. I will fulfill my
promise tonight only. But.. -But what? I don’t want to become a ghost. A man has some wishes
before he dies. All your wishes will be fulfilled. My pyre should be lit
with sandalwood. -Ok! My pyre should be
lit with pure cow ghee Ok, it will be done. My last journey that is
my corpse should be lifted on a.. ..cot with soft beds and pillows I accept that too. Instead of saying “Ram Ram Satya”,
one devotional troop.. ..should keep singing devotional
songs and come along with that At this time? How will we get a Devotional
song troop at such late night? That is your problem. I am
fulfilling your long lasting wish.. ..of many years. You have to fulfill
my last wish or bye.. Ok.. One buffalo
-What? Master, if you don’t
donate to a Brahmin.. .. you don’t get salvation. Ok, I accept this too.
Was this your last wish? Yes.. Yes, sir. Ok, bye. Ok, bye. But sir, I heard that if
we commit suicide, the doctor .. ..will cut open our
hearts for post-mortem. Save me from that torture. This old man’s body will suffer a
lot if it is torn. Ok Bansiram. You don’t fear. I will finish your last rites
before the sun rises. You are very clever. Bansiram
salutes you for the last time. A son should be like you, Devraj. Today Bansiram will
die by eating poison. And then .. ..this garden will become ours. Grandpa, I am not able to
bear this pain. It is killing me. I am going to die, grandpa
-My life is going to go. Don’t get scared,
Chumki and have patience. Grandpa, I am not able to
bear this pain. If you shout or scream,
will this pain reduce? Where has that useless Chotu
gone when you’re in this condition Some friends have
taken him forcibly. They are celebrating somewhere. Such friends should
be given poison. -What? Nothing.. -You go near Chumki. There is still time.
-Still this is her first delivery Mother.. Go near Chumki.. Go.. Quiet. Mother.. I will die Are you the first
girl to become a mother? I have used these hands of
mine for delivering many children I have no more wishes
left in my life now I have given promise to Zamindar sir. Let me think that
I died before only. May be it is not in my
fate to see my grandson’s son. Let us go.. as per Lord Ram’s wish. Your death has come at last,
Bansiram The poison will make you a ghost
like me in another half an hour. You have tortured
my soul for many years. Now I will take
revenge for everything. See, he is drinking it. He is drinking poison. Come on, drink it. Grandpa.. Hail of Hari-Ram. Hail of Hari-Ram. Hail of Hari-Ram. Hail of Hari-Ram. Enough! I can’t bear it any more. Keep this cot in
front of Chotu’s door Here. and tie the
buffalo in the house. Munimji, the pyre should.. ..burn a little away
from the funeral ground. All the work should be
completed very fast. -Ok. Nobody else should know
anything except our men. -Ok. Dad, I scared them
and brought them till here. But this work won’t get
completed without drinks. It is very cold.
Please give me 50 rupees. Loose character Son, not fifty..
but you take hundred rupees today Today is one of the happiest
days in my life.. Go now.. I will make them hot
in 15 minutes and come back. Hail of Hari-Ram. Don’t shout.. Hey.. Chotu’s wife.. Chotu.. Loose character. Where have you all died?
Listen to me.. You should not keep it
for a long time in the house. Bansiram’s last
rites should be done. You.. Haven’t you died? Wicked fellow, promised and then deceived me. You can give me any punishment
you wish to, Master. I did not die,
so I have surely deceived.. ..but not you or my death
but I deceived my own self. As per my promise, I opened
that bottle of poison.. gave me and also
kept it in my mouth and.. ..thought that I will
drink it in one gulp. But I got such a shock at
that time and the bottle fell.. ..out of my hands and broke down. You are telling lies
-No.. Loose character I take oath on Chotu’s
son which is yet to be born.. That child is born What?
-Chotu’s son.. Yes, Sarkar. As soon as I heard
his cries of the baby,.. ..I heard auspicious
sounds in my ears. I could not stay
without seeing him. After I saw him, I forgot to die. I got the greed to live
and there went my promise too I will play with my great grandson I feel that I have
become young again. I remembered the incidents
of the past many years back.. ..when I used to play hide
and seek with my Chotu here only. Now I will play
with my Chotu’s son. I will run behind
him and fall down. Then he will bring
the stick to lift me. Oh God! This earth is very rough. Babuah’s delicate
legs will get torn. I will get this ground
cleaned up completely. Then Babuah will hide
somewhere here and call me.. “Grandpa”, where are you? What is the name I said. “Babuah” It is a very good name.
I will keep this name only for.. ..Chotu’s son. Hey, Zamindar is
sitting like a statue He must be very angry and I
will get beaten up with shoes now. Chotu, come here..
Bring Babuah here Bring Babuah.. Yes, grandpa.
-Come Chotu.. Zamindar sir Zamindar is like God who
gives food to all the citizens. Put Babuah at his feet
and take his blessings. Don’t touch..
Take the child inside. Child should not
be kept near the corpse. Don’t come out again.
What are you seeing, go inside? Bansiram’s last salutations
at your feet, master. God name is truth. God name is truth. Where has father gone?
-He must be distributing.. ..sweets in the bungalow
in his great happiness. Loose character
-Yes, very much.. Come on, lift the corpse
-Come on.. quickly We will lit the pyre
fast and enjoy ourselves God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. God name is truth. Useless son, how did you come
without fulfilling my wishes? Forgive me, dad.
There was nothing in my control. Now you will also
roam as a ghost like me. Father, nothing is
in anybody’s control. Loose character.. Father,
this is what is called life. “Let me meet someone unknown
who looks very much known..” “..and heart says that
you make her yours ..” “..even if you completely
lose yourself.”

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