Israel bombs Damascus and Gaza in response to rocket fire – 24.2.2020 TV7 Israel News

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Tensions escalated on Israel’s southern front, as Gazan Palestinian launch dozens
of rockets and mortar shells toward the southern communities of the Jewish State. Israel conducted wide-scale retaliatory bombardments
of Palestinian Islamic Jihad installations in both the Gaza Strip and an area outside
of Damascus, Syria. Israeli authorities are seemingly making every
effort to quell fears of a potential local outbreak of the coronavirus, also-known as
COVID-19; after a group of South Korean pilgrims that toured the land were found to be carrying
the deadly virus. Tensions on Israel’s southern front escalated
over the weekend. Palestinian Islamists launched dozens of rockets
and mortar-shells from the Gaza Strip toward the southern communities of the Jewish State. Rocket-alert sirens sounded in numerous towns
and cities, including Ashkelon and Sderot, forcing about 200 thousand Israelis to rush
into bomb shelters within the Home Front Command’s instructed 15 to 30 seconds timeframe, respective
of the community’s distance from the Jihadist controlled territory. Medical teams reportedly transferred a pregnant
lady, in her 7th month, to hospital after she fell while running to a bomb shelter. Thankfully, medical teams confirmed that no
harm was caused to the unborn child. Furthermore, several people were treated for
shock. Meanwhile;
The Iranian-proxy in Gaza, ‘Palestinian Islamic Jihad’, claimed responsibility for
the indiscriminate rocket-fire. The Islamist group highlighted an incident
this morning, in which two of its operatives attempted to plant an Improvised Explosive
Device next to the security barrier with Israel; drawing deadly fire from Israeli forces. Following the incident, the IDF refused to
return their bodies, effectively implementing a new directive from Jerusalem. ‘Unless the bodies of three IDF soldiers
that remain in the custody of the Islamist organizations in Gaza are returned, Israel
will hence force refuse the return of bodies of Jihadist operatives.’ The measure infuriated the Palestinian Islamic
Jihad. In a published video that purported to show
barrage of rockets fired in Israel’s direction, the terror organization vowed to retaliate
– to what it described to be “Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people.” In a retaliatory response to the Palestinian
aggression toward the Jewish State; The IDF launched a wide-scale bombardment
against Islamic Jihad targets in both the Gaza Strip and Syria. According to the IDF spokesperson’s unit,
the multi-front attack inflicted a devastating blow to dozens of the Iranian-backed organization’s
militant installations. In Syria, an Islamic Jihad research and development
compound – located in the Adeliyah region, outside of Damascus – was targeted. The Israeli military revealed that the compound
was being used for the purposes of ‘developing weapons’ and ‘rocket fuel’ – among
others – that are latest smuggled into Gaza. Separately, Israeli fighter aircraft targeted
numerous installations belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad across the Hamas-controlled
Gaza Strip. In addition to the destruction of militant
installations, the Israeli air force targeted several of the Jihadist terror cells that
were preparing to launch rockets toward Israel. Direct hits were confirmed. In light of the escalation, the IDF Home Front
Command instructed Israel’s southern communities to keep schools closed throughout the day. It also barred people from congregating in
open spaces, and limited events of more than 300 people. It is important to note that the Palestinian
rocket-fire toward Israel is still ongoing, and Israeli retaliatory strikes against the
Islamic Jihad were reported throughout the day. Since the start of the escalation, more than
35 projectiles were fired indiscriminately from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. And while no major injuries were reported,
damage was caused to public areas, including a children’s playground. Turning now to Israel’s capital, where;
A terror attack was averted in Jerusalem’s old city on Saturday, when an Arab Islamist
attempted to perpetrate a stabbing attack near the Temple Mount. “Today, close to 11:00 O’clock, Border
Guards and Temple Mount Police, identified a terrorist that ran with a drawn knife in
hand, from the area of Mota Gur toward the Lion’s Gate, into the Tribes Gate. After they (police) called upon him (terrorist)
to halt, and he refused, they (police) were forced to neutralize him (terrorist) by opening
fire.” Sadly, a female pedestrian sustained light
injuries from shrapnel, and was transferred to a Jerusalem hospital for further treatment. While the terrorist’s identity is still
being investigated, the police assessment indicates that the assailant acted alone. Now in other News;
Israeli authorities are seemingly making every effort to quell fears of a potential local
outbreak of the coronavirus, also-known as COVID-19; after a group of South Korean pilgrims
that toured the land were found to be carrying the deadly virus. “We found out that the group of 39 pilgrims
from South Korea that visited Israel from February 8 to February 15, nine of them found
positive to COVID-19. They’ve probably been in a contact with hundreds
or even more Israelis during their stay in Israel and therefore we started an epidemiological
research to find out about their location.” The Israeli Health Ministry’s Director General
confirmed that during the days mentioned, the nine tourists, who tested positive for
coronavirus after returning to South Korea, visited numerous holy sites, including Jerusalem’s
Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of
Hebron. In light of the concerning revelation, Hundreds
of people (including school children) were immediately instructed to remain at home,
under quarantine. “So far there is not confirmed case in Israel
but we assume the potential of confirmed case during the event, since we had the event of
the Korean pilgrims, is going up, the chances are going up now.” In light of the latest developments pertaining
to the coronavirus, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an emergency consultation,
alongside Israel’s top health and public security officials. The Israeli leader revealed, that in addition
to the countries that were already barred from entering Israel in recent days – which,
among others, includes South Korea; a decision was made to bar the entry of non-Israelis
flying directly from Australia and Italy. “First, we are becoming stricter vis-à-vis
entry into Israel from additional countries. Today, we are adding Australia and Italy and
will add other countries as may be necessary. I have said that over-preparation is preferable
to under-preparation. Until now, Israel has been stricter than any
other country and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to prevent the spread of the
virus in Israel.” While Jerusalem makes every effort to thwart
the virus from plaguing the Jewish State; its arch enemy – the Islamic Republic of
Iran – apparently failed to control the spread of the disease. “There are (infected) in Iran, we suspect
a large number (of infected), which may have implications for Turkey. We will also investigate this throughout the
day.” The growing number of Iranians infected with
the coronavirus prompted several countries that maintain ties with the Islamic Republic,
including Turkey, to close their borders – forcing Tehran into further isolation. “We have decided to close the border gates
with neighboring Iran temporarily as the situation [the spread of coronavirus] got more serious
in the country.” Meanwhile in Tehran;
The regime’s Health Ministry confirmed that out of 43 confirmed cases, eight Iranians
fell victim to the deadly virus. “More than 80 people, suspected of COVID-19
were examined and finally today (February 23), 43 people were confirmed to have coronavirus
and eight of them have died.” When asked whether Iranian authorities were
able to contain the deadly virus from spreading further, the Islamic Republic’s health ministry
spokesman confirmed that they do not have the tools required to mitigate the sickness
from spreading further. “There are some difficulties in this matter,
but the necessary medicines and equipment for
treating coronavirus are not totally available.” For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

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    2nd stage((psych symptoms)
    3rd stage(death)
    how to prevent & stop the spreading of Virus.

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    Try to do what coping mechanism works for you.

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    Praying for peace, safety & security of all Israeli & Jews fr. around the World.

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    to stop the spread of Corona,
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    🙏 for safety border check & entry in Israel & May their be a cure or antidote for Corona virus!

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