Jon Stewart Changes Fox News 9/11 Responders Bill Opinion

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99 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Changes Fox News 9/11 Responders Bill Opinion

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  3. And then Flocks News turned it around and said if it wasn't for Shep Smith it would have never come up. Shep needs to get out of there. I think he's a decent news guy it's just his hands are tide.

  4. It is a shame and it is a disgrace. Just ask any veteran of any war the U.S. has been in. They always at first deny veterans support. They say it's a mental problem or it's a minor thing with just a few complainers causing the problem. Remember agent orange and the multiple problems with Iraqi veterans. All denied and then later proven legit. The chicken hawks and others love to send your sons to war for oil and other corporate interests and talk about patriotism when it benefits them.

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  6. Jon Stewart is awesome but this is not about him but about Fox News' extremely low standards of agreeing with everyone and everything that fits their drama 'du jour'.

  7. you forgot the most impressive thing…..after watching his show for 2 weeks, I gained 4 inches on my penis and broccoli takes great!

  8. i don't like your show. You are sooo fucken self grandstanding to the point where you are just talking about your self that i lose interest before the story starts.

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  11. As someone of Hispanic blood, it's always baffled me how often Spanish (or a derivative) is thrown into a statement made in English.

    I've never heard a German or Korean person make a statement in English, and then dive into a short diatribe in their native tongue.

    Regardless, it seems unnecessary as it gives the (usually mistaken) impression that the speaker may have something to hide, when invariably it's a redundant, possible more profane, rehash of whatever was just said in English.

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  14. 2:00 "and then that's going to spread to other parts of Fox news"

    Of course it is.
    They only have one brain between them.
    On the rare occasion an idea gets in, it automatically gets distributed to the entire Borg…uhhh…Fox Collective

  15. I'm not sure what loopholes the US have but in sweden its not uncommon for foreign companies/investors to set up one company in sweden and one in a low tax country and let the swedish company borrow money at high interest from the one in the low tax country, moving all or most of the profits. (this is why we keep our corporate and capital tax at the same level as the US/EU and tax income/sales heavily instead but a few countries have almost no tax on capital or corporations)

  16. Here's a suggestion: you could try taking your fat little finger out of your ass and hit the exit button with your mouse.

  17. Who's the poor bastard that has to watch all these fox shows to know what was covered? I feel really sorry for them, you couldn't pay me enough, my sanity is too valuable.

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  19. I hate this fucking moron that's on the screen right now… Fuck he's annoying. Shut up fat man!!!

    Love Jon Stewart though 🙂

  20. Thank you Jon Stewart for giving the victims of 9/11 a voice. You're a class act. This dude here though is just annoying.

  21. I want to figure out how to have more sex. My buddy has begun seeing a 10 mainly because 2 months ago he registered to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you’d like to know more.) I’m so green with envy since I want to fall madly in love too. I’m going to take a look at this Jake Ayres man’s emails. Surprising point is, he once had NO results with females. How do you improve so swiftly? His girl’s like a model…

  22. Seriously. This guy sucks. He tries to make it interesting, but it's just annoying coming from him. Really did not need to hear him explain things we just heard.
    On another note:
    John Stewart is awesome.

  23. the system is so obviously broken. the entirety of politicians' jobs is to pass as much legislation that serves themselves as possible without drawing too much unwanted media attention for it. and what's worse is, we pay them to do it.

  24. "no one is paying attention to this bill." Well what about the REASON why first responders are dying and getting cancer? The responders are sick because the buildings were brought down by explosives, not planes.

  25. Damn I accidentally clicked on this because it said Jon Stewart but it just TYT. This is so much crap. It's someone talking about someone talking about someone. Moving on before he talks too much.

  26. When will we finally admit that lobbyists are bribing congressman or senators and it's basically legal. Change that "loophole" Problem solved.My guess if Foreign company s were to be taxed to pay for it they were approached to come up with some money to fill the voting politicians pockets.  

  27. Should Al Capone have said that his money was in tax shelters or in tax loopholes?, maybe he would've beat the charge..

  28. What is wrong with everyone at Fox News? These people are morally bankrupt. Republicans are just evil and seem to have only a dollar figure before their eyes over logical humane responses that are no-brainers. Fox News is essentially Renfeld to the Republican party's Dracula and obediently follow their master. But why should we be shocked by anything they do. It is a rich man's party, with a few token blacks and female to give the illusion of diversity. Isn't it also the Republicans squashing the  efforts to get an organized system that would get health benefits to wounded vets, some who have been waiting years. When I saw that story on the Daily Show it brought me to tears that a country can be that petty to not move heaven and earth to solve this situation. We need people like Jon Stewart to shine a light on this shameful behavior—on both sides but mostly the Republicans who seem like spiteful little children nay-saying absolutely everything the president or the Democrates want to do to improve this country. Perhaps there are a few sane Republicans but they probably keep silent so as not to dissent from the prevailing opinions or be called a Democrate. I think this whole Democrate/Republican system should be abolished. Party loyalty seems to cloud the mind and promoted regressive thinking. As Bill Mahr said: If we want to call ourselves Number 1 we should start acting like it.  We seemed to have embraced the Greed Is Good mentality which makes us become crass and petty. Donald Trump is the living embodiment of this ideal. If Ayn Rand were alive she'd be hopelessly in love with Trump. Where the hell did we go astray? Where is the hope?

  29. How much does the govt pay these days for trolls to start arguments that have no purpose but to detract from the subject at hand? Kill yourselves you fucking commies.

  30. Cenk, ur videos are well intentioned, but are very slow paces and tedious. Just get to the point faster and more energetically – after all, in this case, you are coverings somebody elses news story. 

  31. U talk way too fucking much and dont know shit. Your basically a news reporter who sucks. Try naming your show something that would include the word "world" because you never…….ever have any news on turks. Your a sell out you faggit.

  32. Cenk, please go to the middle east and work for Al jazeera. I know this I know that I know I know…..Cenk, you don't know cock. you are the opposite of fox.  A leftist tool.  

  33. leftist pawn of stupidity.  how much are you being funded cause you really don't do your research and fox isnt right on everything either.  Do your home work libslut.

  34. How did I get roped in to clicking on ANOTHER Young Turds video? Oh yeah, misleading title and thumbnail as usual. Not to mention it shows up in my feed even though I almost always hit the "dislike" button. Word to the wise Young Tards: You are exactly the same as FOX news only polarized differently.

  35. Well done Jon Stewart. Interesting that we've arrived at place where it takes a comedian to push something along that should have stood on its own. Amazing when you really think about it, of course there's the fact this country is in fact run by a bunch of clowns. It's going to take a minute for that one to really sink in.
    Perhaps Jon should consider a run at politics, he certainly is smart enough. On a bad day he would outshine the dip sticks in DC.

  36. The first words in your title are 'Jon Stewart'.  Your thumbnail has Stewart, Cenk.  Neither were in this clip. 
    Do you want to be taken seriously?

  37. I'm trying to find the actual Daily Show clip, and I have to skip Cenk's commentary to get to the good stuff. People don't need him to 'explain' what Stewart did.

  38. The main reason no one in government wants to help the first responders is because they witnessed the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and building number 7 on 911 and so they want them dead before this all comes out. 

  39.    When It Comes To The US 21st Century These Republicans Priorities Are Misguided & Against The Pubic Interest.
       FYI The US Spends $2Billion Dollars A Day Or $84Million Dollars An Hour On The Pentagon/Military (NOT Including WAR Spending) & Just Like The GOP Cars So Much About Fetuses & Abortions But Don't Care On The Children Or Adults That Were Children Needs. They Also Care About Pretending To Be A Patriot, Caring About US Solders When Starting WARS & Sending (Other PPL's Children) Off To Fight & Die. But Don't Care & Wont Spend On The When They Return Including The Thousand Injured & Sadly Those Who Continue To Commit Suicide Daily…

  40. I would give credit to Shet.  Who else from Fox would actually ally with Stewart.  Shet gets big Kudos in my book for this

  41. Maybe the Jewish Atheist banking family, the Rothschilds, will have a change of heart and then everything will be okay.

  42. The people who need to be paying for the health care needs of the first responders are the people who were behind this evil deed.  In fact, those people need to be identified, imprisoned, and all their wealth taken and redistributed to the 9/11 first responders and all the families who lost loved ones that day.  The first step in this would be to have a REAL investigation (the "investigation" by the 9/11 Commission, where the outcome was predetermined, doesn't count, by the way).

  43. But they were willing to send soldiers to get killed. For the ones who died in 9/11. And spend trillions of dollars. But not giving any help to the survivors from 9/11.
    Fuck Fox news. Everyone who works for that network FUCK YOU. from the bottom of my heart fuck you. And they call themselves Christians closer than anyone to Heaven's doors. The Angels of truth. Fuckers hypocrites.

    ^ This link may strike a nerve.

  45. wtf is wrong with Sheph Smith! "tax cuts to billionares who don't need it"? what does he think he is doing in FOX? journalism? sheesh.

  46. We need Jon Stewart to RETURN! I hope he gets bored and comes back. I'm sorry…but I'd argue HE'S BETTER THAN MARK TWAIN.

  47. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ says:

    Common guys, you have a dependable viewer base. You don't need obnoxious click bate annotations that cover the whole screen.

  48. Not surprising the government have abandoned the emergency personal of 9/11 when our first responders were also the first to expose the demolition of the towers to the world, the government is controlled by pure evil.

  49. Can we all just stop with the labels-democrats,republicans, left right whatever? Can we just be "human" and help each other?! Is that so hard to do

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