Jordan conducts massive military exercise along Israel’s border – TV7 Israel News 03.12.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 broadcast
to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz warns that unless Israelis remember that they are
all brothers; the unyielding political discourse may denigrate into a struggle between brothers,
or even – God forbid – a civil war. The Jordanian Armed Forces held a wide-scale
military drill along its Western border with the Jewish State, in which the Hashemite Kingdom
simulated an attack on its territory from the West. Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit
formally submitted the indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Jerusalem’s
Parliament Speaker Yuli Edelstein, marking the beginning of a 30-day period in which
the Israeli Premier is entitled to request immunity from prosecution. Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit
formally submitted the indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Jerusalem’s
Parliament Speaker Yuli Edelstein, marking the beginning of a 30-day period in which
the Israeli Premier is entitled to request of the Parliament, or Knesset in Hebrew, to
grant him immunity from prosecution. Prime Minister Netanyahu has not indicated
whether he intends to seek immunity, and it remains unclear whether he will be able to
muster a legally required majority of at least 61 Knesset Members to do so. Meanwhile, in the Attorney General’s indictment
letter to the Knesset Speaker, Mandelblit submitted an extraordinarily long-list of
no less than 333 prosecution witnesses, which effectively ensures a extremely long trial
against the Israeli leader, even if the court in Jerusalem decides to summon only a number
of them to provide testimony on the Witness stand. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
is also facing mounting pressure from within his own Likud party, as an increased number
of Likud branch directors, mayors and deputy mayors have openly sided with Netanyahu’s
own faction rival, Gideon Saar. Supporters of Saar have openly demanded that
the issue of a party primary – which will decided the fate of Netanyahu’s leadership
over the Likud – be added to the agenda of the faction’s Central Committee meeting
that is scheduled to be held later this week, on Thursday. Turning to the growing prospects of Israel
heading to a third-unprecedented-round of national elections;
Jerusalem’s Central Elections Committee announced that it would be able to complete
its preparations for elections by the 25th of February. According to the Committee’s Director-General
Orly Ades ‘the nation-wide parliamentary elections can be held three weeks earlier
than the date that was originally anticipated – initially scheduled for March the 17th – if
the Knesset were to be dissolved as early as next week.’ It is important to note that only eight days
remain before the deadline for any Knesset Member to garner majority-support to try and
form a viable coalition, after which no option exists other than holding a third round of
elections in under a year. Meanwhile;
Former IDF Chief of Staff and Blue and White Chairperson Benny Gantz urged his rival Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a compromising proposal that would spare Israel of yet another
undesirable nation-wide elections. “I understand we will have to accept compromise
proposals but not compromise charades. In order to pass compromise proposals, there
is no need to leak conversations with associates or “closed” conversations. You can talk openly. So here I call on Netanyahu, there are compromises
in life. Blue and White won the election, but we are
ready to compromise and allow us to rotate within a unity government. I will serve a two-year term while you will
be able to remain in the Likud leadership and take care of your business. I guarantee we will find a position that suits
your unique situation. One that will allow you to function and allow
you to return if you clear your name.” General Gantz further underscored, in a statement
directed toward Netanyahu, that he too understands the importance of annexing the Jordan Valley
– indicating for the first time that Blue and White considers favorably asserting Israel’s
sovereignty over the disputed territory; the most-eastern part of the so-called West Bank,
which consists out of the Jordan Valley, and the Biblical districts of Judea and Samaria. “We really face significant security challenges. Iran is based on the northern border. International Policy opportunities are evident
in our ways. The residents of the south are under fire
almost every week and it is clear that the person leading the country should be one who
can unite it from within and face an outside challenge, rather than an illegitimate transitional
government headed by a criminal suspect.” / “Our commitment to the Jordan Valley as
the security wall on the eastern border of the State of Israel has nothing to do with
the seating arrangements around the government table, but rather the security of the State
of Israel, forever and ever. Netanyahu, we both understand that. There are a few more days, stop the hourglass
and let’s talk, not about unclear suggestions, let’s talk about the outline I have presented
here clearly today.” It is important to mention that Gantz opened
his speech in a call for unity, amid a dangerous domestic discourse that even culminated in
acts of violence against groups within the country’s ethnically diverse society over
the course of the past several weeks. Gantz laid the blame for the dangerous phenomenon
on Netanyahu, and subsequently warned that unless Israelis remember that they are all
brothers; the unyielding political discourse may denigrate into a struggle between brothers,
or even – God forbid – a civil war. “The prime minister’s legal-political situation,
with three indictments, and a lack of necessary political compromises on his part, has sadly
degenerated us into a heated and violent discourse. Since entering politics, I have emphasized
that Israel is above all others, and we must not treat the resurrection of Israel as a
given. We are strong and united against our external
enemies, but the real challenge, the most crucial challenge we have to deal with is
the [internal] division and great fear – that is not baseless- of a struggle between brothers,
or God forbid a [civil] war between brothers.” There was no immediate response from Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau to TV7’s request for comment. Turning now to Israel’s Eastern neighbor,
where; The Jordanian Armed Forces held a wide-scale
military drill along its Western border with the Jewish State, in which the Hashemite Kingdom
simulated an attack on its territory from the West. While the military drill, codenamed “Swords
of Karama,” did not specify who its so-called “enemy from the West” may be; the entire
Western border with Jordan stretches entirely along the state of Israel. King Abdullah the Second, alongside Prime
Minister Omar Razza among other senior officials, oversaw the military’s drill – during
which the Elite Royal Guard’s first Mechanized Battalion of the Jordanian Central Command
simulated maneuvers that included a defensive battle with the participation of numerous
fighter aircraft, with the aim of destroying the enemy’s vanguard and bridges along the
Jordan river, which could be used as crossing-points from Israel’s West Bank into the Hashemite
Kingdom’s East Bank. It is important to mention that Jordan’s
wide-scale military exercise came just two weeks after Jerusalem returned two border-enclaves
to Amman – twenty years after the historic peace treaty was signed between the two neighboring
countries. After the somewhat unexpected move, Jordan’s
King Abdullah reportedly revealed that his Kingdom’s bilateral relations with Israel
have sunk to their “worst state” in years, because of the ongoing political turmoil that
is perceived by its neighbors as essentially paralyzing Jerusalem. Nevertheless, the Jordanian monarch underscored
in an address to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in New York, that he
is not ready to relinquish the peace treaty that his father, the late King Hussein and
Israeli late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin achieved, “as a symbol of hope and opportunity
for Palestinians, Jordanians and Israelis.” For more information on Israel and its region
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100 thoughts on “Jordan conducts massive military exercise along Israel’s border – TV7 Israel News 03.12.19

  1. I am not a fan of politics but they are necessary for free government to succeed. The more I read about Yitzak Rabin the more I think it might be well if he were still alive. Either way I think Netanyahu deserves more respect from the citizens. Is this truly all over some suspicion of bribe??? Because if so it's not worth it. If he had been charged with murdering his whole family or murdering someone then my eyebrows will raise but money is not worth all this. Forgiveness sets me free not my enemy. And the safety of Israel is far more important than focusing on some perceived bribe whether it be true or not. All I know is I love Israel very much and I do not wish to see fights between brothers. We cannot afford this at this time. I do not say that Israel should let down it's guard by any means but I do think we ourselves should forgive each other. Because it sets us free. As small geographically as Israel is what happens in Israel determines the history of the world as well. So the significance of Israel is enormous. So it is important for many that Israel succeed now. Israel is freedom in the midst of slavery and as such it is hated severely by its neighbors. The hatred is handed down as should not ever be from father to son. Why teach our children hate??? That I refuse to do. It is not right by any means. To do so is putting chains around our children's necks making them slaves of hate. All men suffer therefore I must teach my children to suffer well with joy and not become bitter but let God strengthen them in the midst of the inevitable storms of life that will come. Love from America to Israel! Truly I do not know Israeli politics well enough to choose a side but I will be reading more. We love you Israel and no matter what happens we will stand with you publicly and without shame! Because our Love, Joy, and Peace came out from you! Yeshua Messiah rose from the grave 2,000 years ago then in 70 AD Rome destroyed Jerusalem and scattered them abroad as exiles just as He predicted! But now Israel has come back to life as well 2,000 years later! Prophecy has been fulfilled in the return of Israel on May 14th 1948! The Torah the Tanakh and yes the Bible is TRUE. It would be very well now if Israel came back to God now. And I mean truly come back to God. Traditions are not enough. We must seek God while He may be found all the time. Yeshua is the long foretold Jewish Messiah. Yeshua was NOT catholic. Yeshua was Jewish through and through. We are not catholic either. The pope is an evil politician who wants a one world government. We are not of that group we do not want that. But the Lord God of Israel is who we serve. Many large churches from every denomination have fallen into darkness now. But there still remains a group of real Holy Spirit filled Christians in the earth. I will continue to pray for the peace of Israel daily no matter what. Love from America to Israel! 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱

  2. God bless Benjamin Netanyahu, he is being railroaded like our great president Trump. Please pray for both great leaders and please support both of these wonderful leaders.

  3. What is he talking about? Brothers don't stab you in the back. I don't believe everything Gant or whatever he likes to call himself says. He's just like the Democrats. Dividing the people of Israel.
    Now talking about a war. Brother against Brother. Sounds like he's not one to trust. Unless you're a fool. Blessings to Israel forever and ever.

  4. A proverb for those who oppose Bibi (and their supporters): 16:1 The prepertations of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD. In other words, you may have your divise plans opponents of Bibi, but the LORD has the final say. He reads your true intentions of your heart. So sad to see how ungrateful many have become of who God put in as Prime Minister. It is all a dstraction from the enemy as the preperations of the Gog and Magog war; and to divide you all. Just as well the LORD is in control and not man, or else Satan would defeat you. May He bless you, give peace, and bring you to repentence.

  5. Keep your mouth shut Gantz! Why keep on hinting of a civil war? Are you planning to take the position by force? Wait for your turn within the bound of your law! Netanyahu's doing it.

  6. Take land from Syria and give it to the Palestinians. Syria doesn't need it. Heck, all it's people left or have been killed.
    Then, build the Third Temple so we can get things moving here.

  7. God bless you israel God bless benjamin netanyahu,May the Lord of Spirits bless and protect Israel.from Nepal

  8. The longer that the elections go on the more fragile the security of Israel. Israel will be invaded in the future, it's only a guestion of when.
    Israel future is in Jesus hands.

  9. You fight Israel the same you are fighting God too. God will bless those whose bless Israel but those who curse Israel will be cursed.

  10. 17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. 18 He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21 But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”

  11. Bibi nataniyahu only prime minister of ISRAEL 🇮🇱 ganz a man can't save his phone that was stolen from him want to be prime minister of israel 🇮🇱 duffer you need to take tuition from nataniyahu.

  12. Gantz reminds me of Joe Biden, a obvious looser and enemy of the people. Even in Israel, I believe the election was rigged in favor of the left. Which was able to created a stalemate! Unfortunately in Israel, there are those, who have been placed in powerful positions, to bring the true nature of Israel’s destiny down? Isn’t it interesting, to see the parallels between PM Netanyahu and President Trump?
    As Jews, we’ve had our history full of these buffoons. In modern times, from Attorney General, PM, Judges and Courts and everyday people; to Kings and Queens. Don’t forget we wrote the Bible! As King Solomon, so appropriately wrote, “There’s Nothing New Under the Sun!”
    As it may be, I believe, this is all leading to “the time of reckoning!” Those haters of GOD and GOD’s people, wishing to destroy GOD’s Israel and it’s rightful people; is leading us to Armageddon… PM Netanyahu might be a 33rd degree mason, but he would realize, GOD is using him, just like President Trump for a purpose…
    They’re very smart and talented people! Both, I assume, PM Netanyahu and President Trump would know, who the almighty is. And it’s not the mad evil fool with the horns AKA “the devil!” Who’s playing GOD. I believe that they both know, what is involved with who they are and what role they play. And are willing, to go the distance. Eventually to usher in our Messiah’s coming… He is not too far away, I hope and pray. I feel that a great many people in the world, are waking up to the, sinister plot of those, working for the NWO. The people in the world are, looking for that something, they heard about, called freedom. Not only material freedom, but real spiritual freedom! These people need the knowledge of the
    right honest Bible and about our Creator. Amen!

  13. Everyone Love's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and We are praying for Israel keep Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is A very good friend of. Our Beloved President Donald Trump.

    Benny Gantz is a Tratior of ISRAEL'S and All of ISRAEL'S Holy Land's Territory's.
    Especially Giving RIght to Hamas Arab Palestinians Muslim's Inside Israel's Holy Land's that God gave To The Jewish People Only.

    I don't trust Benny Gantz and the Palestinian Arabs Hamas Who have No Business In Side of Israel Especially if they Create a Civil War Inside ISRAEL .

    This only shows that Benny Gantz and Hamas Palestinians Arabs want Power Over ISRAEL, They have No Business In ISRAEL Holy Land's Territory's To Begin with any way.

    Benny Gantz and His Hamas Palestinians Arabs Supporters Should be thrown out of ISRAEL, Instead of Wanting Power Over ISRAEL and The Jewish People.

    ISRAEL be aware of Benny Gantz and His Hamas Palestinians Arabs Supporters , Especially if they want to Create a Civil War Inside ISRAEL and Are Against The Jewish People In Their Own Country ISRAEL.

    These Palestinians Arabs Hamas People are very demanding and deceiving and should never be allowed in ISRAEL.
    Especially after Benny Gantz said " The Palestinian Hamas Arabs want a Civil War Inside ISRAEL.

    Benny Gantz will only give the Arabs Hamas Palestinians Their Own way, That will only open the door for Hamas Arab Palestinians Terrorists to Come in ISRAEL to Terrorize ISRAEL and Murder Innocent Jewish Civilian's Families.

    Pay Attention to what Benny Gantz is Saying because Out of the Abundance of The Heart does the mouth speak.

    Be Wise ISRAEL and don't allow Benny Gantz be your Prime Minister .
    Benny Gantz is a Tratior to ISRAEL, and The Jewish People need to stay Focused Especially Now Before Elections .

    We in America know what we're talking about after having to deal with Tratior Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
    Don't let this happen to ISRAEL , Especially with Benny Gantz as Prime Minister.

    We in America don't want Democrat Politicians, Especially After the Democrats have Destroyed their own States In America. The only States Who are doing well Now Are Only the Republican State's.
    So If Iran's Regime Islamic Republic Terrorists Are waiting for the Democrat Politicians to Win?
    Iran's Regime Islamic Republic Terrorists will wait for A very long time. Our American Citizen's don't forget easily .
    After the Democrat Politicians State's Are Biggest and Largest Homeless Population, America Won't want Democrat Politicians who almost Destroyed Our Own Country America.
    So Iran's Regime can wait for the next 10-20 Year's and I don't think Iran's Regime Islamic Republic Terrorists will last that long.

  14. Eu,Russia and us must stop saleing guns,aeroplanes and war stuf to the Arabs ,,and war in the world is finish ….why Eu contrys don’t fight and we can live together??

  15. Israel has a deep state also. Get people divided by whatever means necessary, create/manufacture a problem, use emotional gaffs to sway the masses, offer suggestive solution repeatedly to impart care and concern for people, create side events that bolster proposed solution, activate groups/organizations/individuals to begin protests/marches/movements, activate media puppets to misinform and redirect attention of sheeple, cause chaos when possible, play victim when being confronted. It begins.

  16. Those who come against Yisrael take note …. Isaiah /Yesha ‘Yahu 37:22 -23 : “ the virgin daughter of Tziyon despises you; she laughs you to scorn. The daughter of Yerushalayim shakes her head at you. Whom have you taunted and insulted? Against whom have you raised your voice and haughtily lifted your eyes? THE HOLY ONE OF YISRAEL !

  17. King kong's days are numbered. Try to attack ISRAEL and consider you are king kong no more, but only a normal citizen of Jordan.

  18. Jordan better watch their asses or Israel might get pissed off and give them a sever ass kicking as they Have Done before !

  19. I love TV7 News never missed it from Eritrea.

    Jonatan please visit to Telaviv and see what's wrong with Eritreans there! There is a bad News this week that I've never seen or experience in my life.
    Thanks in advace I'll be waiting for the news

  20. West Bank, Gaza strip, Sinai Peninsula, Eastern Egypt (East of river Nile), Jordan and Northern Saudi Arabia belongs to Israel.

    Southern Saudi Arabia belongs to Desi-Arab Khalistan.

    Gulf states belongs to Irani-Arab Twelver Shiite muslims.

    Kazakhstan (Buddhist), Uzbekistan (Buddhist), Kyrgyzstan (Buddhist), Turkmenistan (Buddhist), Northern Iran (Buddhist), Azerbaijan (Alevi), Armenia (Alevi and Kurdish Sufi), Georgia (Alevi), Caucasus (Alevi) and Crimea (Alevi), Türkiye (Alevi and Kurdish Sufi), Iraq (Ismaili and Kurdish Sufi), Syria (Alawite and Kurdish Sufi), Lebanon (Zayidi), Cyprus (Alevi), Greece (Alevi), Macedonia (Alevi), Bulgaria (Alevi), Kosovo (Alevi), Serbia (Alevi), Albania (Alevi), Montenegro (Alevi), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Alevi) and Croatia (Alevi) = Türkia/Türk Khaganate.

    Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros, Réunion, Yemen, Oman, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Mauritius belongs to Hindu India.

  21. It's time to end the Islamic regime and bring back the Shah! Deport all Shia Muslim Iranian men to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE to create Shia children with Arab women. Then Iran can get rid off Islam and return to their Vedic roots that they share with India!

  22. Yeah right Muslims are getting beat up everywhere, even whites in Europe are fighting back. Isn’t it funny ,if Muslims had a real god he wouldn’t have to try n take over the world he would run it already.

  23. It seems more likely that King Abdullah was putting on a show for his own people and military. Nobody should think of these Arab countries as ancient. They're all only about 20 years older than modern Israel. Jordan's monarchy has been on thin ice since its creation.

  24. All these exercises have done is to give Israel the chance to evaluate Jordan’s military capabilities and strategies. Thanks.

  25. Israel's time for war is over and the Muslims will be victorious in this war and it will happen and Israel will die again for their greed because of its claim to the palistine land of Jerusalem and its killing civilians would be the way to their death

  26. Part of Israel also turned against king David in those days. Now they do the same to Bibi Netanyahu! They might pay the same price! GOD is surely actively involved in Israel and are testing the hearts of men.

  27. Dude, Jesus is coming!!! How can anyone not see this!!! Holy moly!!! WOW!!! By the way, Hi Jonathan!! I hope you're doing well!

  28. Iam jordanian and belevie me when i tell you we exercise on the border is because of the strong threats we get from the iranians in Syria and BELEVIE me we would never make moves like that unless the United States of America tells us what to do and isrealis alike we need to stay on top of things we will never know what iran has up its sleeve rohani threatened isreal and it's arab allies and belevie me once again we are training with u s military and France pur king is a very smart educated man we realized what happened in the 60s 70s wars never rewards anybody but waste of lifes and grieving families we are a forward thinking GOVERNMENT we all know that we do what america tells us what to do we all know it just like the 50s we made sure that the plo will never enter the west BANK we would lise aid and money rhat keeps the plo camps HAPPY we can't afford an uprise from those camps and isreal knows that king abdallah and all the HASHMITES family are very intelligent people we all saw what happens in Syria and Iraq wr and isreal could never afford to tolerate terror we all saw how the plo and syria tried to invade our country and it was a black month for them we have to stay to to together on this we never know when iran strikes especially when iran threatend us. Shalom

  29. Jeremiah 23:16-20 KJV
    Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the Lord. [17] They say still unto them that despise me, The Lord hath said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto every one that walketh after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you. [18] For who hath stood in the counsel of the Lord, and hath perceived and heard his word? who hath marked his word, and heard it ? [19] Behold, a whirlwind of the Lord is gone forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind: it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked. [20] The anger of the Lord shall not return, until he have executed, and till he have performed the thoughts of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly.

  30. It will be history if civil war will happen in Jewish state. But am sure some people will be taken to prison afterwards. America can't jail you so long as you as an Israeli can't kill a fellow Jew

  31. 😂😂😂 could not have fight Jewish state when it was 2 days old. Imagine now fighting 70 year-old nuclear power country. It will be a suicide to Jordan. I better not lie to you in the name of " being brothers"

  32. It is the will of GOD for Israel to have again all of the land that he gave Israel's founding Fathers and there is no power on earth that can stop that from happening. Those that fight against that process do so in vain and to their own detriment.
    David, Man of God

  33. The comments of the Jews and their supporters are funny, they still live in illusion 67 at the time of wars now changed If there is a war with Jordan, Israel will be destroyed, as the King of Jordanians, Mesha, did with the Hebrews two thousand years ago. There is a prediction of one thousand and 400 years that predicts the destruction of Israel from the east of the Jordan River.So Israel and its clients should not mess with millions of Jordanians

  34. Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu didn't do anything wrong. It's all about politics. He had been as a PM of Israel for long time and is doing a magnificent job to protect the Small Jewish State, its citizens, the IDF and IAF.
    About Iran, let them kill each other. They always blame either Israel or the United States. They never take any credit for anything that they do.
    Jordan must no that the Israelis are not as the Jews were back in 1948. Israel can attack them as they don't in 1982. The Jordanian must know also that the Jewish military got improve. DON'T MESS WITH ISRAEL BECAUSE THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

  35. Jordan did not lose with all wars with Israel except in one battle in 67 and whoever bears responsibility is Egypt and its stupid president

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